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Williams Timberhill Cemetery

Craig County, Oklahoma
Partial Survey

P - Z

Location:  Welch, OK    36.88084 -- -95.008349

Driving Directions:  Located off Craig County Rd N4485, North of OK 10/US Hwy 59, on Williams Timberhill Cemetery Road. Craig County Rd S485 is a gravel road that heads north off of OK 10/US Hwy59. Right after you turn on to S485, on your left hand side, there is a sign pointing the direction to William Timberhill Cemetery. You go up the gravel road about a half a mile then turn right, under the arch that says Williams Cemetery. You travel about 100 yards to the entrance of the cemetery on your left.

If you have family buried in Williams Timberhill Cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the county coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
NOTE: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

I do not live in Craig County and I do not have access to any records other than those presented here. Therefore, I am sorry that I am unable to answer any questions about specific people. I will however, gladly help, IF there is anything I can look up for you.

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PARKERNancy Lynn Myers26-Nov-197008-May-1991  
PARKSAlpha R.15-Jun-190216-Oct-1904son of P. M. & M. E. 
PARKSBertha A.18841964  
PARKSBertha F.18961988  
PARKSCharles C.18811956  
PARKSChristopher C.05-Jul-189225-Feb-1948  
PARKSJames Y.24-Jun-188428-Jun-1955  
PARKSKatie M.07-Dec-188230-Nov-1965  
PARKSLydia E.02-Jan-186122-Apr-1929  
PARKSMargaret L.11-Nov-191720-Jul-1919  
PARKSPate M.18751973  
PARKSRichard B.18981940  
PARKSRobert L.18901952  
PARKSSylvia D.19031972  
PARRISHRosa A. N.18751958  
PATTERSONBetty Lou16-Oct-192414-Jan-2004  
PAYTONKathryn Sharp05-Nov-193413-Dec-2003 Obit
PAYTONLloyd Gayle26-Oct-192603-Apr-1995  
PEESBarbara Jeanne27-Aug-192905-Sep-2006  
PEESJames W.17-Aug-192908-Sep-2010US Navy Capt USPHS 
PHELPSJ. W.14-Nov-183216-Dec-1896  
PHELPSMahalia J "Baker"18351904  
PHELPSWilliam W.18971943  
PHILLEBAUMRalph L.13-Jun-191714-Aug-1981TSGT US Army WW II 
PHILLIPSBobby G.02-Aug-193025-Mar-2009  
PHILLIPSM. Olleen25-Nov-192825-Oct-2005  
PITCHERBetty Jane17-Jan-192513-Mar-1999  
PITCHERCharles P.25-Mar-189812-Apr-1978  
PITCHEREarl Todd Payton17-Apr-198125-Apr-1994  
PITCHERGeorge B.28-Jul-189406-Mar-1984  
PITCHERGeorge Payton23-Jan-191931-Dec-2000  
PITCHERH. Greeley08-Feb-190017-Jun-1988  
PITCHERHorace G.Jan-186106-Nov-1899  
PITCHERJessie L.04-May-189714-Jul-1978  
PITCHERM. Gladys23-Feb-190428-Jul-1986  
PITCHERMargaret L.18961961  
POOLBradley A.04-Jun-196516-Jun-1986  
POWELLCharles D.18741950  
POWELLDonald Paul 06-Jul-1944  
POWELLElvira E.22-Aug-184027-Mar-1923  
POWELLHarry N.01-Jan-191401-Apr-1981  
POWELLJames Cody29-Aug-195519-Aug-2007 See More
POWELLJessie "Peggy"10-Sep-191831-Aug-1985  
POWELLJoe V.19-Nov-191006-Nov-1981  
POWELLJudy Ann 06-Jul-1944  
POWELLKathryn I.18841945  
POWELLLon M.18981960  
POWELLMinnie M.05-Mar-190215-Jul-1902Daughter of C. D. & K. I. 
POWELLOma H.24-Oct-190802-Feb-1910  
POWELLOscar E.19241983PFC US Army WW II 
POWELLR. S.09-Dec-183711-Apr-1909Age 71 Yrs 4 Mo 2D 
POWELLRoland Paul19-Jul-194919-Aug-1949  
POWELLSandra Lou30-Dec-195830-Dec-1958  
POWELLSim W.10-Jun-186926-Jul-1930  
PRAYTORBonnie Sue McGhee16-Feb-194209-Oct-2010  
PRITCHETTMaude M.09-Jun-190110-Mar-2003  
PUGHGracie M.    
REYNOLDSHester J.18951986  
REYNOLDSJoe A.19081970  
REYNOLDSJoseph A.30-Aug-187215-Dec-1924  
REYNOLDSNora B.20-Aug-187315-Apr-1938  
RILEYBeatrice P.04-Dec-191111-Jul-2013 See More
ROBBINSHenry W.Oct-189522-Feb-1968Arkansas PVT Evacuation Hosp 16 WW I 
ROBBINSI. W.18581933  
ROBBINSMinnie I.18681934  
ROBBINSMyrtle M.27-Jun-190210-Sep-2001  
ROCHELLEWilliam "Bill" J.03-Sep-194112-Oct-2009 See More
ROGERSEarl Dean17-Jul-195109-May-2013 See More
ROSEROrpha L.07-Apr-190301-Sep-1984  
RUGGLESFrank E.18611922  
RUGGLESSarah L.18721944  
RUPERollie R.18-Feb-190503-May-1966OKLA PVT 1866 SVC
RYANAnna Sue14 Jan 193704 Nov 2018 See More
SHELTONSarah J.28-Feb-1859   
SHERRICKEldora L.09-Apr-191018-Jan-1976  
SHERRICKElgin L.20-Dec-191026-Apr-1984  
SIMKINSFrank R.18671930  
SIMKINSFrank Royal17-Jun-190522-Dec-1997  
SIMMONSHerman H.21-Jan-190824-Aug-1978  
SIMMONSJames M.18921968  
SKAGGSCharles F. 02-Dec-1942MO PVT 1CL 342 Field Arty 89 Div 
SKAGGSDelia I.27-Apr-190222-May-1984  
SKAGGSGertrude I.19301937  
SMARTCurtis Edwin07-Jun-190001-Feb-1979  
SMITHElizabeth B.18851942  
SMITHJames A.18851971dbl w/ Viola Dean
SMITHLeon A.05-Jul-191027-Feb-1990  
SMITHViola Dean18911969  
SNYDERJames L.28-May-191328-Jun-1967  
STAFFORDBobbie Carolyn08 Nov 193406 Feb 2017 See More
STAFFORDIrene E.20-Jul-191826-Jul-1989  
STAFFORDJ. D. (Deb)25-Nov-189520-Jun-1952  
STAFFORDJames H.25-Apr-192029-Sep-2001  
STAFFORDJ. H. (Hub)20-Jul-189807-Feb-1973  
STAFFORDLawrence Lee30-Dec-195930-Dec-1959  
STAFFORDMartha C.18711936  
STAFFORDMyrtle L.29-Jun-190129-Dec-1972  
STAFFORDOrval Ralph, Sr.Jul-201204-May-1934 See More
STAFFORDWilliam A.18681945  
STEPPAndrew J.03-Mar-185703-Dec-1948  
STEPPEverett Franklin10-Jul-190625-Jan-1994  
STEPPMary E.12-Sep-185902-Jan-1906  
STEPPNora Mae18881933  
STEPPRosa Lee14-Nov-193404-Feb-2013 See More
STONERCletis E.17-Mar-191330-Aug-2001  
STONERGertie D.18931989  
STONERMarie N.04-Jul-191318-Nov-2005  
STONEROscar E.18871970  
SULLIVANElvin D.19-Jan-190822-Sep-1991US Navy WW II 
SWANGOAlbert A.28-Mar-191309-Feb-1979  
SWANGOEugene L.19041951  
SWANGOJesse Lee10-Oct-187203-Apr-1940  
SWANGOJ. Steve19061962  
SWANGOMuriel F.22-Apr-191917-Jun-2000  
SWANGOMyrtle A.19041991  
SWANGOOliver Kash19111948  
SWANGOPearly Olive20-Feb-189606-Dec-1918Dau of J. L. & Rosa L. 
SWANGORosa L.21-Jun-187826-Nov-1918  
SWANGOThomas Watson18971969  
TEMPLETONGeorge I.20-Jul-187427-Feb-1964  
THOMASIra H.16-Sep-192004-Nov-1995PFC US Army WW II 
THOMASRandy Paul25-Jul-196020-Aug-2003  
THOMASWilliam S.08-Nov-191122-Nov-1989SFC US Army WW II 
TRIECEJohn W.09-Oct-185610-May-1933  
TRIMBLEPaul E.29-Dec-191801-Mar-1978  
UTSLERCharles Phillip03-Jul-192122-Feb-2002  
UTSLEROpal L.28-Jan-192221-Jan-1997  
VAILLenora Faye15-Dec-192723-Jun-2008 See More
VAILMae Etta01-Dec-190423-Sep-1975  
VANATTADavid Allen, Sr.19-Oct-195518-Jun-2013 See More
VANATTAJulia Patricia17-Nov-195805-Jan-2013 See More
WAGNERAnna Mae19-Jan-192123-Aug-2007 See More
WALLSAlice Fern25-Nov-1931Mar-1933  
WALLSFrank F.18961971  
WALLSMyrtle B.19031935  
WALLSPearl L.02-Nov-190922-Oct-1971  
WAYBRIGHTAmelia Isabelle25-Feb-186423-Mar-1927  
WAYBRIGHTEarl E.19-Dec-189217-Mar-1966MO PVT CO E
56 Infantry WW I
WAYBRIGHTP. W.05-Jan-185415-Aug-1910  
WEBBBenjamin F.18581936  
WEBBLouisa C.18641947  
WESTE. Clarence25-Mar-190105-May-1967  
WESTNellie T.04-Sep-190512-Sep-2000  
WHISAMORECharles H. "Dub"22-Oct-191606-Jan-1994  
WHITEFlow B.18971976  
WHITEZ. M.18891967  
WHITLATCHEsther L.03-Apr-189802-Mar-1981  
WHITLATCHF. W.18861934  
WHITLATCHWilliam O.23-Jun-188212-Feb-1965  
WILLIAMSArthur F.02-Aug-190526-Aug-1983  
WILLIAMSBertha B.05-Jun-188218-Jun-1965  
WILLIAMSBessie Mae03-Oct-190501-Oct-1948  
WILLIAMSFred S.07-Nov-189016-Jul-1964  
WILLIAMSFreddie Lee22-May-195612-Apr-2007 See More
WILLIAMSGrace, Rev.12-Oct-188522-Aug-1985  
WILLIAMSJohn B.05-Sep-188210-Jun-1972  
WILLIAMSLewis L.18791917  
WILLIAMSLouis L.16-Feb-187920-Feb-1917  
WILLIAMSMary 1890  
WILLIAMSRose E.28-Oct-188206-Mar-1968  
WILLIAMSTerry Lee06-May-195625-May-2009 See More
WILLIAMSONClarence L.12-Jun-190711-Jul-1948OK CM3 USNR WW II 
WILLIAMSONHubert M.18811966  
WILLIAMSONJ. W.02-Jul-185511-Jan-1922  
WILLIAMSONJames Iredell29-Mar-191830-Jan-1920  
WILLIAMSONRobin M.26-Nov-192430-Mar-1950OKLA CPL General Hosp 
WILLIAMSONWilliam L.02-Dec-190910-May-1990TEC 4 US Army WW II 
WILSONGeorge E. 28-Apr-1937OK 32 US VOL INF 
WILSONLydia V.18801971  
YATESYvona Joan03-Oct-196020-May-2001  
YOUNGAnna R.18911977  
YOUNGJ. Palmer18831958  
YOUNGRobert M.18851976  


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