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Hungry Mountain Cemetery
Cherokee County, Oklahoma

Submitted & © by: Ron Burnett

© Ron Burnett

Directions: Hungry Mountain Cemetery is on Highway 100 West about 1/2 a mile west of the Adair and Cherokee County lines on the south side of the highway next to the old Turner Refridgeration building.
If you have family buried in the Hungry Mountain Cemetery or can take a gate photo that I can place on the website or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
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Note: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.
ALLENJuanita Faye06 Sep 195423 Apr 2016 See More
ANDREWSJoseph Ray 08 Sep 193518 Jul 2011  
BALLARDBonnie Laveta (Girdner)26 Sep 194814 Jan 2005  
BROWNFIELDGale27 Jul 194508 Apr 1997Mother
Forever In Our Hearts
See More
BUTLERUnknown   See More
BUTLERDora Mae "Ben" (Nofire)03 Mar 192704 Apr 1992  
BUTLERRobert Wayne29 Aug 193621 Mar 2001  
CALDWELLMary Elizabeth "Betty" (Christie)24 Dec 192317 Jan 2015  
CENTERSharon Kay (Cone)22 Sep 194927 Feb 2011In God's Care
Mother of Sheila, Jack, Kahlan
See More
CHRISTIEBaby   See More
CHRISTIEBaby Boy   See More
CHRISTIEBaby Girl   See More
CHRISTIECharlie "Coonie"   See More
CHRISTIEDonald Dewayne "Duck"24 Jul 194928 Aug 2009 See More
CHRISTIEJackson183526 Jul 1900Aged 65 YearsSee More
CHRISTIEJess W.18861912  
CHRISTIEJohn13 May 189607 Mar 1975DadSee More
CHRISTIELevi J25 Dec 185914 Apr 1887  
CHRISTIEMildred "Jessie"02 Jul 192703 Dec 1980 See More
CHRISTIENellie185313 Aug 1980  
CHRISTIEWilliam J.22 Aug 185528 Jul 1889  
CHRISTYHaskell C29 Mar 194216 Mar 2005  
CONECarl "Son"23 Aug 191625 Nov 2003Parents of Carley, Judy, Fonda, Gale, Dennis, SharonSee More
CONEMary "Polly"16 Jan 191407 Mar 2004Parents of Carley, Judy, Fonda, Gale, Dennis, SharonSee More
CONECarl "Son"23 Aug 191625 Nov 2003Parents of Carley, Judy, Fonda, Gale, Dennis, SharonSee More
DAVISHarley James12 Mar 193823 Jul 2015 See More
GARNERDavid19 Jul 195711 Jun 2008  
GARNERDavid Hayes "George"16 Jan 197621 Mar 2005Beloved Father, Son, & Brother
Father of River Cobain
See More
GARNERShannon David19 Jul 195711 Jun 2008Beloved Father, Grandfather, Son, Soul Mate, Brother,& Uncle
Gone Fishin'
See More
GIRDNERBilly Ray "Herbie"21 Aug 196022 Jan 2010Married 18 Oct 1981See More
GIRDNERBrandon Wayne18 Jul 198018 Jul 1980 See More
GIRDNERDorothy Mae (Coles)13 Oct 192522 Jan 2000Married 25 Mar 1947
Parents of Jug, Wanda, Shirley, Gail, Claretta, Tub, Jimmy, Herbie, Roger, and Ricky
See More
GIRDNERElsie Sue27 May 194510 Apr 2012 See More
GIRDNERGabe E. "Simon"14 Sep 193218 Nov 1956 See More
GIRDNERGerald L.04 Aug 194505 Aug 1945 See More
GIRDNERHarold Dee04 Aug 194528 Nov 2005 See More
GIRDNERJaney Yavon00 Dec 195106 Dec 1951Angel of GodSee More
GIRDNERJimmy Leon "Jim"23 Oct 195703 Apr 2011 See More
GIRDNERJohn18 Nov 1921 05 Jan 1999S1 US Navy World War IISee More
GIRDNERKendra19771995 See More
GIRDNERLeroy12 May 192701 Mar 2005Married 25 Mar 1947
Parents of Jug, Wanda, Shirley, Gail, Claretta, Tub, Jimmy, Herbie, Roger, and Ricky
See More
GIRDNERMolly Ann18 Aug 195923 Aug 1959Angel of GodSee More
GIRDNERNevell Lee "Jug"01 Sep 194622 May 2014 See More
GIRDNERNevell Lee "Pee-Wee"14 Oct 196825 Dec 1998Loving Father, Husband, & BrotherSee More
GIRDNERPauline L. (Coles)24 Aug 192406 Jul 1986Married June 26, 1943See More
GIRDNERRachel E. (Cricket)25 Aug 192213 Aug 1983 See More
GIRDNERRachel E.18 Aug 195318 Nov 1953Angel of GodSee More
GIRDNERRalph Jake27 Mar 193012 may 1995SGT US ARMY KoreaSee More
GIRDNERRicky Lee12 Jun 196729 Jul 2013Angel of GodSee More
GIRDNERRobert Dean10 Dec 196014 Dec 1960 See More
GIRDNERRosa Lee17 Aug 190022 Aug 1964 See More
GIRDNERSteven Lee19661966 See More
GIRDNERTheresa18 Feb 1963 Married 18 Oct 1981See More
GIRDNERWanda17 Jan 194830 May 1965 See More
GIRDNERWilliam T.21 Sep 189627 Sep 1976Farrier US ARMY World War ISee More
GIRDNERWoodrow "Punk"08 Feb 192529 Nov 2001Married June 26, 1943
US ARMY World War II
See More
GIRDNER GARNEREmily Laura19862013 See More
GIRDNER GARNERGracie Rose30 Nov 200530 Nov 2005God's Little Angel
Sister of Gabe Wayne
Beloved Daughter, Granddaughter, Sister, Neice
See More
GIRDNER THOMPSONPatty Dorene23 Feb 196118 Aug 2012 See More
HANDLECartayah "Aggie"01 Apr 189920 Jan 1990  
HOLTSusie (Scott)19251925  
KIMBLEKevin M.18 Oct 198223 Aug 1992  
MCCLAINCharlie C.30 Jan 193017 Jun 2004  
MCCLAINCharlie06 Sep 195510 Jun 2015 See More
NOFIREBud11 Dec 192510 Oct 1991  
NOFIREDan05 Sep 194123 Jul 1990  
NOFIREOtter19 Jan 189415 Aug 1950  
NOFIREPhillip Jr.20 Jul 198421 Jul 1984  
NOFIRESteve19 Feb 193120 Dec 2010  
SCOTTCecil22 Dec 191607 Jul 1992  
SCOTTD.O.19 Jun 198404 Jan 2004  
SCOTTHerman Earl01 Aug 194206 Mar 2018 See More
SCOTTJustin Ray21 Jun 198418 Jul 2007  
SCOTTNellie May (Thurman)27 May 191803 May 2009 See More
SCOTTOlen Ray27 Oct 194305 Oct 2009 See More
SCOTTRandy R09 Feb 196203 Feb 2004  
SKITTBird 28 Jan 1899  
TAILSallie02 Oct 189801 Aug 1957 See More
TAILThomas185009 Sep 1886  
TAYLORLetha A. (Collins)13 Sep 193804 Dec 2013  
TAYLORRoy Don05 Jul 193522 Jan 1994  
THIRSTYWatie Ray Jr.16 Jun 198215 Nov 2009 See More
THOMPSONPatty Dorene (Girdner)23 Feb 196118 Aug 2012 See More
TURNERHelen Sue (Miller)09 Jul 194110 Dec 2015 See More
UNKNOWN    See More
UNKNOWN    See More
WEELEYSusan Arch 1939  
WISDOMA. Harrold15 Dec 195202 Jun 2007 See More

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