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Hulbert Cemetery
AKA: I.O.O.F. Cemetery
AKA: Odd Fellows Cemetery
Cherokee County, Oklahoma

gate photo
gate photo
© 2004-07: Cheryl Travis

If you have any information on this cemetery, please e-mail area coordinator with the information.
If you have family buried in the I. O. O. F. Cemetery or can take a gate photo that I can place on the website or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
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Note: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.
 Alexander 12 Aug 1847 See More
ALLENVernon Dee13 Jan 193617 Jan 1936 See More
AUSTINOrville V.17 Apr 192321 Nov 1981 See More
BAILEYSandra Sue22 Apr 194422 Apr 2004 See More
BATTJefferson13 Apr 192130 Apr 1981CPL US ARMY WORLD WAR IISee More
BATTWanedith02 Jan 192304 Nov 2003 See More
BENTONZelia Darlene08 Jul 191804 May 2005 See More
BLEDSOEWalter18741942 See More
BLEEDSOEGracie F.10 May 190414 May 1929 See More
BLEEDSOEInfant Child10 May 190414 May 1929 See More
BOORIGIEAbdo09 Apr 186323 Feb 1952 See More
BOORIGIEMary05 Jan 187003 Dec 1955 See More
BOORIGIETony A.01 Jun 190914 Nov 1964 See More
BOORIGIEW.M. (Bill)14 May 187315 Nov 1953 See More
BOTTSJanice Kay01 May 196214 Oct 2005 See More
BRAVEPatricia Arlene01 Dec 1938Sep 2011 See More
BREECETheda Leon30 Aug 192521 Dec 2011 See More
BRITTH. R.15 Feb 186107 Jul 1935 See More
BRITTMatison P.31 Jul 188809 Sep 1950OKLAHOMA 3 CO 1 DEV BN WORLD WAR ISee More
BRITTR.A.26 Mar 186506 Dec 1947 See More
BUSBYHenry L.31 Mar 188816 Jun 1964 See More
BUSBYJames William03 Dec 193224 Jul 1969OKLAHOMA AIC US AIR FORCESee More
BUSBYHenry L.31 Mar 188816 Jun 1964 See More
BUSBYMartha26 Oct 188520 Aug 1969 See More
BUTLERBessie Frances14 Mar 188905 Dec 1918 See More
BUTLERCharley19 Sep 187625 Oct 1949 See More
BUTLERGlenn A.15 Mar 191509 Sep 1921 See More
BUTLERNovellar K.27 Feb 188623 Nov 1974 See More
BUTLERRachel16 Sep 188122 Sep 1956 See More
BUTLERVeachel Terry11 Dec 191207 May 1995 See More
CAMPBELLElla   See More
CAYWOODBaby16 Jul 191516 Jul 1915 See More
CHAUDOINPauline (Hart)09 Dec 192028 Oct 2011 See More
CHUCULATERebecca11 Feb 187509 Dec 1942 See More
COLEAlice M.17 Apr 188113 Aug 1964 See More
COLELawrence25 Jul 191814 Feb 1938 See More
COLELinnie08 Jul 191203 Dec 1975 See More
COLEVelma31 Jul 191210 Jan 1941 See More
COLES.P.11 May 188025 Jan 1953 See More
COLLINSVernie18 Nov 191811 Jun 1945 See More
COLLINSWilliam Ira10 Nov 192925 Mar 1974OKLAHOMA US AIR FORCESee More
COOKCarl Dean27 Jun 194028 Aug 1999 See More
COOKNancy Joann28 Aug 1939  See More
CORDREYWillie Ann21 Mar 189803 Apr 1972 See More
COWDENAlice Eudora21 Sep 194108 Jan 1947 See More
COWDENAlice Eudora Oct 1941 See More
COWARTVerba 11 May 1911 See More
CRIDERFrances D.29 Mar 188115 Dec 1965 See More
DEATHERAGEAbner J.18521940 See More
DEATHERAGEAlice John M.09 Jan 188404 Dec 1946 See More
DENTISTristian Lewis William16 Apr 199204 May 1992 See More
DOBSONWillie28 Dec 189425 May 1956OKLAHOMA PVT CO F 5 WORLD WARSee More
DOYLEThomas E.27 Jun 187907 Sep 1953 See More
DUGGINSMandie (Darrow) Moore15 Sep 192728 Jan 2012 See More
FANNINGAlice Nellie16 Jun 191217 Feb 1996 See More
FANNINGRev. Archie22 Apr 190929 Jun 1972 See More
FANNINGAronald (Arnoald) L.   See More
FANNINGCarl Gene03 Aug 195123 Jul 2001 See More
FANNINGJosie Faye02 Oct 195228 Mar 2003 See More
FANNINGFlossie E.   See More
FANNINGTheodore R.01 May 191416 Jun 1973OKLAHOMA PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR IISee More
FARROWDoris A.13 Aug 194101 Dec 2004 See More
FREEMANDeloris Ann27 Aug 193324 May 1981 See More
FOSTERLloyd James13 Aug 193401 Oct 2003 See More
FOSTERNancy Ellen05 Jul 1946  See More
FORDJoe E.10 Jul 191619 Feb 2001 See More
FORDLennie D.23 Mar 19223 May 2004 See More
FREEMANDeloris Ann27 Aug 193325 May 1981 See More
GARNERAlta Stacy28 Mar 193604 Apr 1936 See More
GASSAWAYAnderson I.   See More
GASSAWAYDaisy03 Jun 1886Jul 1916 See More
GASSAWAYDeloris J.20 Dec 1952  See More
GASSAWAYGertrude A.   See More
GASSAWAYRonald J.17 Jun 1941  See More
GISBONBarbara J.02 Feb 1949  See More
GISBONV. Glenn05 Apr 195211 May 2004 See More
GLASSMarcella Marie11 Jul 193301 May 1999 See More
HAGANPearlie Bailey02 Jul 190202 Jun 1980 See More
HAGANWilliam H.16 May 1927  See More
HAGANWilliam Lyman26 May 190213 May 1994 See More
HALLVernie T. Skilley19 Dec 190705 Jan 1972 See More
HARRISJohn P.   See More
HATHCOCKCharles "Jack" Jr.13 Feb 192416 Dec 1989 See More
HATHCOCKCharles M.29 Sep 189822 Jul 1981 See More
HATHCOCKDora R.07 May 190023 Dec 1983 See More
HATHCOCKJaulice22 Sep 191831 May 1994 See More
HATHCOCKJuda C.17 Dec 190417 Nov 2004 See More
HATHCOCKMaude B.   See More
HATHCOCKMaude B.May 25,188009 Apr 1970 See More
HATHCOCKNorma J.25 Dec 1932  See More
HATHCOCKOwen23 Sep 191912 Dec 1991 See More
HATHCOCKRoy J.16 Feb 193328 Mar 2005 See More
HATHCOCKT. A.28 Jul 187230 Oct 1941 See More
HATHCOCKThomas Roy25 Nov 189510 May 1980PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR ISee More
HINTONClarence Jean17 Sep 193318 May 1976SP03 US ARMYSee More
HINTONDollie06 Jul 190917 Dec 1985 See More
HINTONOdell05 Jan 190324 Jan 1983 See More
HONEYCUTTAl22 Jun 1949  See More
HONEYCUTTBrenda K.11 Mar 195613 Apr 2003 See More
HORRYErnest Lane20 Dec 191326 Jan 1971 See More
HOWARDFay L.05 Sep 191006 Jan 1999MM1 US NAVY WORLD WAR IISee More
HUBBSLillie B.19322006 See More
HULBERTBetty Jane10 Nov 192325 Mar 1984 See More
HULBERTClarence Elwood Jr.20 Jul 192120 Nov 2010 See More
HUTCHISONDorothy "Jackson"08 Sep 1946  See More
HUTCHISONWesley Leroy17 Jun 194029 Aug 2004 See More
JACKSONIsaac A.16 Oct 187718 Apr 1945 See More
JANACJennie L.26 Feb 192430 Aug 2005 See More
JANACJohn T.11 Sep 191911 Sep 1995CPL US ARMY WORLD WAR IISee More
JENKINSCharles V. "Bussy"12 Jul 192614 May 2010 See More
JOHNSONRetha Marie05 Nov 193108 Feb 2008 See More
JONESElizabeth11 Mar 1880Aug 1949 See More
JONESWilliam R.30 Apr 187018 Feb 1940 See More
KEYNSBaby   See More
KILEBaby 1925 See More
KILEBaby 1929 See More
KILEBaby 1932 See More
KILEJack Hoyt Sr.26 May 190228 Dec 1955 See More
KILEJack Hoyt Jr.28 Apr 192510 Jun 1971 See More
KILEMary C.18 Feb 186722 Mar 1960 See More
KILEW. Lee17 Oct 186931 Jul 1941 See More
KILLJackie Ann10 Jun 194710 Jun 1947 See More
KNIGHTClyde H.23 Jan 1946  See More
KNIGHTShirley J.04 Oct 1940  See More
LEEHearl L.01 Oct 191315 Jul 2004 See More
LOFTINEula Pauline20 Oct 1929  See More
LOFTINTom Charles Sr.10 Aug 190525 Apr 1997 See More
LOONEYHugh Lee31 Aug 193110 Feb 1997 See More
LOONEYRoscoe C.01 Feb 188603 May 1937 See More
MALLOYMaria Allyce23 Sep 194013 Nov 1978  See More
MARSHAlice25 Jun 193020 Sep 1985 See More
MARSHDave Jr.Jul 192912 Jan 2006 See More
MARSHGlenda Kay (Weeden)30 Jun 1952  See More
MARSHWilliam Austin28 Aug 195122 Mar 2004 See More
MAYFIELDBobby "Lee"17 Jun 198610 Nov 2002 See More
MCDANIELMildred06 Dec 192520 Dec 1941 See More
MCGOWANBurdett28 Aug 190917 Dec 1909 See More
MCGOWANCharles Ernest14 Feb 194718 Feb 1947 See More
MCGOWANE. O.06 Apr 193707 Apr 1937 See More
MCNEILBillie C.16 Jun 192508 Apr 2005 See More
MCNEILEarl16 Jun 192508 Apr 2005US ARMY WORLD WAR IISee More
MCNEILTommy Dale05 Dec 195304 Aug 1985 See More
MERRYBessie Jun 1960 See More
MITCHELLBarney M.26 Jan 192804 Jan 1998 See More
MITCHELLBarney Sr.28 Dec 190020 Dec 1985 See More
MITCHELLNorma (Hagan)15 Jan 190716 Jan 1997 See More
MOOREFrankie M. (Patterson)29 Jan 1948  See More
MOOREWilliam L.01 Oct 1943  See More
MORENVirgil E.01 Nov 191620 Dec 1991 See More
MORENVirgil "Ellis"30 Mar 194028 May 2003 See More
MORGANMonty Edward26 Dec 196520 May 2010 See More
MORGANNolan "Jud"01 May 191623 Feb 1981 See More
MORGANSylvia Marie03 Dec 191519 Jun 1982 See More
MORRISONAubrey J. "A.J."18 Feb 194323 Sep 2011 See More
MOSSLibbie Dianne29 May 199631 Oct 1996 See More
MOSSPaul Allen Peeks31 Jul 198719 Jul 2002 See More
NORWOODB.T.20 Dec 186918 Dec 1915 See More
NORWOODVirgie G.15 Apr 187401 Oct 1950 See More
PARKERDorathy17 Jan 1903  See More
PARKERLee F.29 Mar 188614 Feb 1958TEXAS PVT 144 INFANTRY 36 DIV WORLD WAR ISee More
PATTERSONCharles G.04 Jun 195505 Mar 1997 See More
PATTERSONDarrell E. Sr.20 Nov 195006 Jun 2003 See More
PATTERSONJames C.21 Jun 197731 Mar 1996 See More
PATTERSONMillie Jewell26 Jan 192326 Dec 2005 See More
PATTERSONThelma Gertrude24 Feb 193001 Jan 2012 See More
PATTERSONWill Lee21 Sep 191828 Jun 1999 See More
PETERSONChris28 Feb 198628 May 1986 See More
POINDEXTERHarme R.25 Aug 192302 Oct 2002TEC 4 US ARMY WORLD WAR IISee More
POINDEXTERLaura V.09 Nov 191814 Jun 1996 See More
POINDEXTERWilliam Ben09 Sep 191409 Apr 1996 See More
POLLARDLola   See More
POLLARDL D17 Oct 192010 Jun 1990TEC 5 US ARMY WORLD WAR IISee More
POLLARDLola Pauline Tuttle19221973 See More
POTTSStarlet Y.30 Jun 195611 Nov 2002 See More
RAINBOLTJim Bob (Dail)26 Nov 194810 Jun 2012 See More
REAGANRaymond05 Mar 193123 Nov 2001SN US NAVY KOREASee More
RHODESJames N.15 Apr 192729 Nov 2013 See More
RHODESLloyd M.28 Jul 192907 May 2005 See More
RICESamual Casey Miles20 Dec 198806 Jul 2005 See More
ROBERTSONClemmie Irene15 Jan 192411 Feb 2005 See More
SANDERS"Duchess"14 Oct 197018 May 1981 See More
SANDERSJessie James04 Mar 190230 Oct 1977 See More
SANDERSLeola Kile02 Sep 190812 Jan 1990 See More
SCROGGINSTommy Lee31 Aug 196327 Dec 2000 See More
SCROGGINSTravis Arlow13 Jul 194321 Dec 2002 See More
SHAHANDennis Ralph18 Oct 195224 Sep 1984 See More
SHAHANMary Jane10 Nov 1946  See More
SLAPE-RICHARDSONLisa01 Jun 197215 Oct 2011 See More
SISSONAdam LeeSep 1988Sep 1992 See More
SMITHCleo28 Nov 192429 Nov 2003 See More
SMITHDina 20 Nov 2014 See More
SMITHGloria S.02 Sep 193321 Aug 2004 See More
SMITHHarrett Goodess   See More
SMITHS.W.15 Oct 186703 Oct 1925 See More
SOLLEJulia29 Jul 189023 Oct 1979 See More
SPALDINGMarisa Lyn Hathcock06 Dec 196703 May 1997 See More
STEPHENSRodella Anna29 Dec 194101 Jan 2004 See More
STEPHENSThomas Don19621998 See More
STRATTONLouie D.31 Dec 193822 Feb 2012 See More
SWARTZLANDERDiana Lynn02 Jul 1964  See More
SWARTZLANDERRobert D.03 May 196202 Jun 2000 See More
TALLEYEster May08 Jan 190506 Mar 1906 See More
TALLEYLee Roy28 Sep 190104 Oct 1901 See More
TALLEYWalter H.02 Jul 187403 Apr 1917 See More
TEAGUEBertha Faye27 Apr 193917 Mar 2014 See More
TEAGUELewis Houston19121982SSGT US ARMY WORLD WAR IISee More
TILLISONMozella I.03 Aug 192916 Oct 2011 See More
TRUITTEric Dale15 Oct 198722 Aug 2003 See More
TUTTLEBerna Dene25 Jun 192409 Jul 2012 See More
WAITSBert Franklin22 Feb 189616 Jan 1968ARKANSAS PVT MEDICAL DEPT. WORLD WAR ISee More
WAITSBertha Lee23 Oct 190011 Mar 1976 See More
WAITSClyde Calvin17 Feb 193907 Nov 1991PFC US ARMY KOREASee More
WAITSGeorge D.06 Jul 189709 Aug 1981 See More
WAITSMary E.10 May 186430 Oct 1950 See More
WAITSSam H.20 Jun 186301 Dec 1931 See More
WAITSStanley H.20 Jun 190820 May 1990 See More
WAITSTalmadge B.22 May 192313 Mar 2002 See More
WALKERDaniel Eugene24 Apr 195913 Jun 2010 See More
WALKERJohn L.18521939 See More
WEBBDella Mae18981937 See More
WESTMelvin James11 Aug 192528 Apr 2002 See More
WHITEKILLERPatsy Louise (Crook)04 Feb 195418 Oct 2012 See More
WILLHITEBeulah Henderson Weeden06 Apr 192323 Nov 2004 See More
WOOLARDJames Quinn11 Sep 196825 Sep 2012 See More
WOOLARDKyle Lee Hutchinson19 Feb 198503 Aug 2001 See More
YOUNGBobby Joe24 Jun 196308 Feb 1986 See More

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