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Green Lawn Cemetery
aka Selby-Hall Cemetery

Checotah, McIntosh County, Oklahoma
Partial Survey
Updates by Judy Burnett (2016) & Area Coordinators

All photos © 2013 Jennifer Williams and Ron Burnett unless noted otherwise.
If you have family buried in the Greenlawn Cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact Area Coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
NOTE: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

I do not live in McIntosh County and I do not have access to any records other than those presented here. Therefore, I am sorry that I am unable to answer any questions about specific people.

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PackAaron O 3/30/18902/12/1950 
PackBessie O 1/26/189111/24/1985 
PackLuella Mildred (Herndon) 9/6/19204/10/2002 W of Oran
PackOran O 7/6/19181/17/1997 H of Luella
PackTaylor C 10/29/19117/22/1940 
PAGEAnna Mae 9/28/19371/9/1938 D of James & Dovie
PAGEArra 1/10/18935/3/1903 
PAGEWilliam A. 19191920 S of Tonia & Lula
Delma Otho, Jr "Del" 7/13/19473/14/2000Sgt US Air Force  Vietnam
Delma Otho, Sr 11/21/192112/13/1971 OK TEC5 HqBtry 14thFldArtyBn
PalmerRichard E 9/25/194910/14/1965 
PalmerSue N 9/24/19294/1/2007 
ParkAlice Lee (Olive) 9/25/19332/24/2002 Wed C Harold 5/19/1951
ParkBobby George "Bob" 4/30/193811/15/2016 
ParkBolly Bee 10/20/187211/13/1959 H of Martha
ParkC Harold 12/15/19269/24/1998 Wed Alice 5/19/1951
ParkEdna J 4/1/193410/29/2007 
ParkFrank 5/23/18954/8/1948 
ParkGeorge B 2/12/19044/27/1954 H of Nellie   Photo
ParkHelen Carol (Fisher) 2/18/19386/1/2009 
ParkJackie Ray 1/8/19556/19/2014 
ParkMartha Ann (Rodgers) 11/12/18714/16/1958 W of Bolly
ParkNellie M (Kindred) 2/23/19097/17/1994 W of George   Photo
ParkOla (Graves) 6/28/19021/15/1985 W of Willie
ParkRay B 9/13/19327/16/2000 
Thomas Edgar "Tom" 8/12/19291/23/2017 US Army
Willie Andrew "Bill" 1/17/18971/3/1984 H of Ola
US Army
ParkerAlfred Francis 11/7/19162/6/1954 
ParkerGayla Jean 10/29/19568/12/1957 D of Lowell & Faye
Harvey L 4/28/19152/10/1981 H of Islarae
Sgt US Army  WW II
ParkerIslarae (Farmer) 8/21/19177/23/2013 W of Harvey
ParkerJames Alfred 2/27/19214/2/2009 H of Viola
ParkerKate (Morley) 18831960 
ParkerKenneth R 6/19/19465/10/2000 
ParkerLaura Myrtle (Jackson) 2/11/18884/21/1980 W of Pete
ParkerMartha Lou 3/11/194412/2/1944 
ParkerPete 3/8/18883/18/1957 H of Laura
ParkerTony Tim 8/22/194910/5/1983 
ParkerViola Mae (Taylor) 3/1/191911/1/1983 W of James
Arthur 3/16/18907/19/1951 H of Bertie
OK Pvt 1st Development BN
ParksBertie Mae 18981971 W of Arthur
Charles W 8/24/189012/5/1971 PFC 30th CO CAC
H of Myrtle
James H 10/15/19171/31/1983 H of Olive
Cpl US Army  WW II
ParksMyrtle L (Porter) (Stone) 1/10/18996/11/1988 W of Carlton Stone
W of Charles Parks
ParksOlive Viola (Whelan) 12/6/19188/27/2002 W of James
ParrottPaul 18901915 
ParsonsIva Mae 11/11/19081/9/1985 
ParsonsKasey Nicole 2/26/19912/26/1991 
Lennie Alvin 7/18/189810/27/1980 PFC US Army WW II
Benjamin F 5/1/19335/22/2001 PFC US Marine Corps Korea
PatonBonnie Ruth 5/6/19353/23/2007 
PattersonBeatrice Marie (Baker) (Jacobs)5/6/1919 9/9/2003W of Virgil  Photo
PattersonBertha Mae (West) 10/18/19016/23/1987 W of John W  Photo
PattersonBilly Gene 12/6/19358/10/1985 Photo
PattersonCharles 4/10/19141/27/1970 Photo
PattersonCora L 2/9/18912/5/1982 Photo
PattersonElla C 11/15/188012/14/1970 W of John G Photo
Jerry Leroy3/1/1948 7/30/1968OK PFC Co G BLT 2, 4thMar 9thMAB
KIA Vietnam 
Photo & Info
PattersonJohn G 3/23/18738/2/1957 H of Ella   Photo
John Wesley10/30/1894 11/17/1981H of Bertha  
US Army  Photo
PattersonTed Renshaw 5/10/192712/2/1997 
PattersonVirgil "Bud" 6/13/191212/19/1973 H of Beatrice  Photo
PaulMargie Lee (Adams) 4/21/19413/29/2011 
PaxtonArthur Walter 9/2/19055/25/1973 H of Mina
PaxtonElla Lee (Weldon) 2/8/18771/28/1939 Wed Ezekiel 12/26/1897
PaxtonElla Louise 8/6/19458/11/1945 
PaxtonElsie Ann (Waller) 10/24/19026/2/1987 W of Omer
PaxtonEzekiel Woodfin "Zeke" 3/14/18746/1/1974 Wed Ella Lee 12/26/1897
PaxtonMina Janiece (Williams) 2/16/19114/13/1995 W of Arthur
PaxtonOmer Ezekiel 10/25/189812/6/1977 H of Elsie
PaynDollie 11/24/18784/2/1916 W of W L
PaynHerman H 8/28/19145/27/1915 S of Dollie
PayneAmsiah 18451912 H of Lucy
PayneAnnabelle   Wed Clyde 7/12/1952
Clyde Melton 5/10/192912/9/1984 Wed Annabelle 7/12/1952
Pvt US Army
PayneEdward S 1/8/18482/12/1920 
PayneFrank 5/15/18736/21/1960 H of Lydia
Joseph William 2/11/19359/12/1995 H of Ramona
US Marine Corps  Korea
PayneLouisa (Pulliam) 11/10/18704/22/1953 W of William
PayneLucy M (Burros) 18451932 W of Amsiah
PayneLydia 1/2/18755/23/1955 W of Frank
PayneDr. Maurice W 5/31/19349/28/2012 
PayneRamona Loree (Bledsoe) 6/8/19392/8/2016 W of Joseph
PayneRay Elmore 12/27/19195/27/2003 
PayneWilliam Rielly 9/1/18674/3/1948 H of Louisa
Andrew Loren 4/10/19324/9/1990 US Army
Billy Gene 4/25/19534/26/2017 US Coast Guard
PaytonJeremy 7/10/19816/11/2003 
Charlie Jr 10/22/19143/1/2001 US Army  WW II
Wed LeVelvia 3/21/1936

Photos & Obit
PEALLaVerne 2/16/19398/9/2008  
PEALLeVelvia (Farar) 2/12/191912/23/1989 Wed Charlie Jr 3/21/1936   Photo
PEALLouise 1/25/194011/27/1990  
PEALLula Belle 195211/9/2001  
PEALSarah (Roberts) 1/2/19171/23/1983  
PearsonAlonzo No dates  
PearsonAnna L (McIntosh) 1/24/19036/3/1987 Wed Paul 6/9/1934
PearsonJ C No dates  
PearsonJohn Ed No dates  
PearsonLon 5/6/18789/16/1937 
PearsonOla 18921946 
PearsonPaul Ernest 9/4/18952/8/1978 Wed Anna 6/9/1934
PearsonRobert M 9/1/19409/1/1940 S of Paul & Anna
PeckhamJanice Fay (Jewell) 3/30/19493/30/2013 Wed Ray 10/28/1967
John A 4/29/19119/26/1984 US Army  WW II
PeckhamRay E 8/2/1948 Wed Janice 10/28/1967
Donald Marion 12/23/19214/13/1992 H of Dorothy
US Navy  WW II
PedrowDorothy M (Davis) 4/4/19243/27/2002 W of Donald
PembertonDavid 5/17/19547/3/1961 S of Frances
PembertonDeanna Gail 7/16/19404/4/2004 Wed Donald 5/29/1992
PembertonDonald Gene    Wed Deanna 5/29/1992
PembertonEllen P 4/15/188912/3/1972 W of Jack
PembertonFrances Elizabeth "Shug" (Herron) 12/18/19346/12/2017  
PembertonJack J 3/17/18844/15/1966 H of Ellen
PembertonJennifer Sue 3/17/19853/17/1985 Photo
Lee Burleson 9/23/19201/9/1992 TEC5 US Army
PembertonMaria A 5/8/19244/30/1983  
PembertonNaomi 12/30/18799/9/1964  
PembertonOrpha P (Collins) 2/20/191310/23/1985 W of Ray
PembertonRay 2/28/19102/14/2000 H of Orpha
Vernie J 1/24/19081/16/1983 US Army  WW II
PenningtonBoyd Marion 11/26/19151/29/1988 
PenningtonRosa Della (Pennington) 10/24/18901/22/1974 Wed William 8/7/1905
PenningtonWilliam Monroe 1/18/18828/24/1978 Wed Rosa 8/7/1905
PenroseCharles Omar 10/7/19071/16/1998 H of Minnie
PenroseMary Ann 9/11/19369/11/2011 
PenroseMinnie Agnes (Wright) 9/27/19123/10/1991 W of Charles
PermenterJoseph 18811955 
PerryLucinda Jane (White) 2/19/18853/16/1955 H of Mitchell
PerryMitchell Dean 9/26/18779/6/1957 W of Lucinda
PetersJames Henry 9/18/188311/21/1948 H of Louise
PetersLouise Lilly (Baird) 12/27/18892/8/1941 W of James
PetersonAndrew "Pete" 4/19/19076/10/1979 H of Katie
PetersonDorothy Lee (Martin) 1/25/19253/13/1996 
Earnest 1/28/18889/11/1969 OK Pvt US Army
H of Elizabeth
PetersonElizabeth (Satterwhite) 1/9/190210/21/1987 W of Earnest
W of Hubert
PetersonHubert L 3/2/19188/13/1997 H of Elizabeth
PetersonKatie Esther (Carr) 11/30/19112/18/2010 W of Andrew
PetersonMack L 18861967 H of Mary
PetersonMartin C 11/25/19105/22/1986 
PetersonMary J 18991982 W of Mack
PetersonNelson J 1/8/19202/28/1998 
PetersonRobert J "Bob" 10/7/19406/2/2009 
PettyRussell Dale "Rusty" 8/9/19603/4/2018 
PevehouseTheo Henry 11/10/19112/11/1972 
PhillipsAllen 3/21/18802/3/1972 H of Jennie
PhillipsRev. Barney 9/11/19214/22/1990 Wed Irene 11/25/1939
PhillipsBilly Joe 7/31/19826/7/2004 
Clarence W 7/24/19096/23/1944 OK PFC 22nd INF
PhillipsClyde Kenneth 1/25/19206/13/1976 H of Ina
PhillipsCordelia (Ross) 1/8/188012/18/1912 
PhillipsDaly Alexander 8/5/20036/7/2004 
PhillipsDanny Ray 12/11/19575/6/1967 
PhillipsDavid Clyde 7/4/19629/26/2006 
PhillipsEd 2/14/18807/23/1967 H of May
PhillipsEliza Jane (Ross) 18721902 
PhillipsErnest 10/17/19171/22/1918 
PhillipsEva (Roberts) 8/29/19186/5/2007 Wed Floyd 8/21/1939
PhillipsFloyd 12/3/19116/30/2007 Wed Eva 8/21/1939
PhillipsFloyd 9/4/19093/4/1915 S of Allen & Jennie
PhillipsFrankie Ann 2/13/19519/10/1970 
Garland B 9/11/19214/22/1990 US Navy  WW II
PhillipsGlenn A 7/6/19558/2/2009  
PhillipsHarold Gene 12/28/19425/20/1982 Wed Mary 11/25/1963
PhillipsHomer Samuel No dates  
PhillipsIna Jean (Rhodes) 3/26/19328/31/2011 W of Clyde
PhillipsIrene (Gamble) 7/15/19219/27/2010 Wed Barney 11/25/1939
Jack E Sr 19281988 Sgt US Army  Korea
PhillipsJennie (Hale) 12/18/18906/28/1967 W of Allen
PhillipsJon Paul 6/28/19919/30/1991 
Leroy 18901979 PFC US Army WW I
PhillipsLevi 19031946 
PhillipsLucy Ann (Frisbie) 2/24/18684/20/1951 W of Samuel
PhillipsMary Ann (Davis) 5/11/19452/27/2007 Wed Harold 11/25/1963
PhillipsMay (McFarland) 5/28/18903/22/1969 W of Ed
PhillipsOda Oscar 3/3/18932/18/1910 
Pete 12/25/192510/25/1984 US Army  WW II
PhillipsSamuel Davis 1/9/18627/29/1930 H of Lucy
PhillipsSusie (Moore) 6/16/19033/18/1996 Wed Walter 11/19/1925
PhillipsTyler Lee "Tyler Bug" 1/5/19911/19/1997 
Walter 12/10/18964/18/1978 Wed Susie 11/19/1925
PFC US Army 
PhippsRuth 2/13/1904Dec 1974 
PickettEarl Hester (Boynton) 18927/18/1965W of John
PickettJohn O 18921968 H of Earl
PierceAbbie Marie (Moss) 3/19/19027/5/1970 W of George
PierceAmanda (Collins) (Blair) 10/6/18738/14/1941 Wed George Blair 12/23/1887
W of Andrew Pierce
PierceBonnie B (Rhodes) 8/8/19091/1/2003 W of William
PierceCharles C 6/27/18845/11/1963 H of Laura
Charles C 6/26/19255/6/1950 OK TEC5 508th ParachuteInf
PierceCyril Clea 3/11/19104/28/1986 H of Wilmertine
PierceDavid F 8/29/19512/21/2014 
PierceElla Ernestine (Cathey) 9/15/192212/29/2008 W of John L
PierceEllen Louise 5/21/192112/19/1933 D of George & Abbie
PierceGeorge Henry 11/23/18995/25/1963 H of Abbie
PierceHarold Ray 6/5/19259/18/1927 
PierceJohn Louis   H of Ella
PierceJohn R 3/28/19658/10/2007 
PierceJosie 18721950 W of T P
PierceLaura Ella (Tilley) 10/16/18887/20/1953 W of Charles Sr
PiercePearl Alva 12/3/19166/29/1917 
PierceT P 18651942 H of Josie
William Claud 12/31/19079/23/1983 H of Bonnie
US Navy  WW II
PierceWilmertine H 5/11/19137/20/2001 W of Cyril
PINKSTONJudy Marie 11/12/195012/29/1982 Photo
PINKSTONMary Louise (Cain) 7/17/192711/2/2008 W of William
PINKSTONWilliam Robert "Bill" 3/1/19235/6/2007 H of Mary
William Robert, Jr. "Billy" 2/18/194610/11/1986 Photo
PiotrowskiHelen J (Clark) 3/26/19192/27/1995 
PipeThomas A 1/24/19607/2/1987 
PittmanGladys L (Smith) 19211979 W of Vergil Smith
PittsFrances Jane (Osborn) 4/21/18923/31/1959 
Joseph William "Joe" Nov 191711/30/1970 Avn Cadet 1045BU
US Army Air Forces WW II
PittsMinnie (Burk) 11/4/18906/23/1987 
PittsPeyton T 18713/21/1941 
PittsWilliam N 11/7/186910/3/1908 
PlantDale Montgomery 9/12/192010/6/1998 
PLATOJessie M. 1/6/19109/10/1997 Photo
PledgerBaby 19311931 Photo
PledgerElla Dosia 3/26/18732/10/1943 
PledgerIda 6/14/19031/19/1948 
PledgerIva (Blair) 19111931 Photo
PledgerWilliam I 12/29/18769/3/1958 
PlemonsGrover Cleveland 3/14/189210/8/1936 
PlemonsJohn M 3/28/186412/31/1950 Wed Sara 4/13/1884
PlemonsSarah Arizona "Zona" (Winton)1/3/1863 10/8/1947Wed John 4/13/1884
PolkBruce Emmett Sr 12/20/19088/17/1979 
PolkColumbus McBride "CM" 11/22/18819/18/1962 H of Stella
PolkStella Elvira (Cape) 6/12/18926/6/1995 W of Columbus
Archie3/20/1933 12/2/2001PFC US Army  Korea
PollardDonald Ray 11/1/19389/10/2009 
PollardEzell 9/26/19194/8/1983 Wed Jewell 9/26/1939
PollardHazel 1/7/19284/1/2006 W of Lawrence
PollardJewell (Anson) 5/25/19233/26/2009 Wed Ezell 9/26/1939
PollardLawrence 5/6/19248/8/1978 H of Hazel
PollardLeona Christine (Breshears) 4/18/19352/21/2011 Wed Odis 9/18/1953
Odis Daniel11/19/1928 11/11/2003Wed Leona 9/18/1953
RCT US Army Korea
PollardTimothy James  7/4/1980 
PoolErma E 6/21/19102/17/1998 W of John
PoolJames Elvis 9/5/19375/14/2013 H of Rexie
PoolJohn M 11/24/190712/25/1989 H of Erma
PoolJohn Robert 12/25/19593/9/2012  
PoolRexana "Rexie" (Boehme) 7/18/19403/24/2013 W of James
PoormanAlicia Dawn 9/26/19849/29/1984 
PopeCharles A 4/10/192312/11/2010 Wed Jessie 6/6/1945
PopeJessie J (Jamison) 9/10/19271/1/2002 Wed Charles 6/6/1945
PorterClarence R 3/11/18877/21/1975 H of Ora
PorterJames P 12/11/18656/1/1955 
PorterLillian 7/7/18963/10/1929 
PorterOra M 9/17/18889/9/1971 W of Clarence
PorterWilliam Randolph 9/8/18853/14/1920 
PowellAndrew Jackson 10/15/18546/9/1941 H of Susannah
PowellJames Claud 4/22/19191/29/1920 
PowellJames O 188012/2/1954 H of Mary J
PowellMary Elizabeth 1/21/19181/21/1918 
PowellMary Jewell (Grimes) 19011972 W of James O
PowellMildred Elizabeth 8/22/192212/5/1999 
Robert W3/14/1923 8/15/1983SSgt US Army 
PowellSusannah (Sinclair) 10/4/185610/28/1940 W of Andrew
PowersAnabel K 8/3/18885/6/1972 W of John
PowersJohn P 5/11/18782/18/1962 H of Anabel
PRATERBetty Lee (Etchison) 3/8/1931 Wed Homer 11/1/1947
PRATERGrace Lee (Killingsworth) 5/20/19153/11/2013 W of Johnie
PRATERGrace Opal (Hamm) (Kirby) 10/23/192910/14/1999 W of Olen Kirby
Wed Jimmie Prater 4/12/1948
PRATERHester Elizabeth "Betty" (Brandon) (Killingsworth) 1/4/18907/1/1962 W of Hughy Killingsworth
W of ?? Prater
Homer Lee 9/27/19203/15/2009 Wed Betty 11/1/1947
SSgt US Army Air Forces  WW II
PRATERJimmie Dewayne Jr 12/25/199412/25/1994 
PRATERJimmie Lee 5/7/19266/8/1967 H of Grace O
PRATERJohnie 5/3/19127/27/1987 H of Grace L
PressonDorthy Lou 1/31/19222/20/1922 
PressonMargaret Anne 2/24/18894/16/1976 
Frank Louis4/12/1894 7/7/1959OK Pvt HqCo 43rdInf  WW I
H of Whig L
PrestonWhig Lee (Murray) 18871962 W of Frank
Harold Glenn8/6/1930 3/6/2000H of Leavinna
US Army
PrewittLeavinna 10/6/1933  W of Harold
PriceAlice A (Smith) 18591948 Wed John L 12/11/1881
PriceBenjamin Sterling "Ben"6/14/1885 9/7/1935 
PriceBessie Delilah (Wheadon) 5/30/19202/6/2003 W of Joe
PriceEsther A (Blair) 3/10/18968/23/1973 W of Glenn
PriceGlenn Pruette 7/28/188812/8/1945 H of Esther
PriceInfant Daughter 19211921 D of Benjamin
Joe Woodrow6/12/1915 7/20/1958H of Bessie
OK TEC5 Btry C 18thFldArtyBn
PriceJohn Lewis 5/25/186112/2/1928 Wed Alice 12/11/1881
PriceJohn R No Dates  
PriceMartin McKinney 5/8/19159/7/1917 S of Sadie
PricePaul 3/6/19151/20/1916 S of W D & O
PriceSadie C (McKinney) 18961986 
PriceSallie No dates  
Sam Vance12/22/1917 7/8/1983PFC US Army WW II
PriceWilladean (Hart) 2/2/19341/9/2012 
PridemoreElsie 5/13/19089/5/1992 
PriestGeorge Preston Sr 7/18/19308/3/2002 Wed Mildred 6/24/1951
PriestMildred I (Deckard) 8/26/193112/19/2008 Wed George Sr 6/24/1951
PrimHattie L 10/9/18698/28/1966 W of Hugh
PrimHugh S 1/9/186110/18/1949 H of Hattie
Bristow3/10/1927 3/7/2012Wed Laura K 5/4/1948
US Army
PrinceLaura Denise 1/28/197111/10/1995 
PrinceLaura Katherine (Warren)1/27/1932 7/25/2004Wed Bristow 5/4/1948
PrincePatricia R (Wells) 11/5/194310/9/2006 
Archie3/16/1929 6/27/2014US Army
PruittBetty   W of Dale
PruittDale 10/3/19258/2/1979 H of Betty
Delmer1925 1979Y3 US Navy  WW II
PruittHarold Glenn 8/6/19303/6/2000  
PsalmondGladys 7/27/19232/13/2001 
PuckettGeorge W 2/28/19257/23/1995 H of Opal
PuckettOpal Mae 5/2/192312/5/1991 W of George
James Franklin12/2/1912 7/23/1988H of Virginia
US Army Air Corps WW II
PughVirginia Elizabeth (Welborn) 3/28/19151/28/2006 W of James
PurdomCecil W 3/17/19065/13/1986 H of Irma
PurdomCharles William "Charlie"6/3/1881 10/8/1963H of Della
PurdomDella AnnaBelle (Buffington)1/13/1896 4/27/1976W of Charles
PurdomIrma (Casey) 5/28/19061/29/1988 W of Cecil
PurdomMary Lou "Luke" (Holdren) 6/30/19342/14/2015 Wed Ray 11/13/1951
PurdomRay 4/2/192511/22/2005 Wed Mary 11/13/1951
PutnamAmanda H (Magahey) 4/18/18803/20/1931 W of Stonewall
PutnamStonewall J 11/27/18748/3/1963 H of Amanda
QuallsAlvin B 11/3/19107/23/1972 Hof Mona
QuallsJeanene (Trout) 8/22/19304/12/2016 Wed Levi 12/9/1948
Levi Wesley "Wes" 12/28/192610/23/2014 Wed Jeanene 12/9/1948
US Navy
QuallsMona Wilma 8/6/19129/12/2006 W of Alvin
QuisenberryJames B 9/18/18507/9/1917 H of Harriet
Edgar James 1/25/19211/26/1988 H of Sybil
US Army  WW II
RadarSybil L (Hardin) 3/11/192311/28/1990  
RainboltJames Howard "Jim" 1/7/194512/30/2011  
RainesGeorge R 1/21/18873/14/1956  
Milton Wayne 8/26/19264/17/1992 H of Pearl
RainesPearl (Ashley) 2/12/19337/18/2012  
RamerWilma Jean (Vandiver) 8/13/19261/13/1986  
RameyAlton Lee 9/27/19103/17/2001 H of Grace
H of Violet
RameyGrace Ellen (Johnson) 10/2/190710/23/1977 W of Alton
RameyViolet Renora (Helter) (Lewis) 2/6/191712/20/2003 W of Zearl Lewis
W of Alton Ramey
Carl A9/5/1906 3/1/1968WW II Veteran
RamseyChester Leon "Chuck" 6/15/1949 1/31/2012 Obit
RamseyChris Gordon 9/3/1947 4/4/1973 
Davis Wilson9/17/1924 4/16/1980H of Veneta
US Marine Corps  WW  II
RamseyEldon Eugene 4/16/1933 8/5/2010Wed Ruth  6/4/1953
RamseyMary M 12/21/1911 12/8/1975W of Townie
RamseyMax T 11/16/1949 11/19/1987 
RamseyRuth F (Barber)    Wed Eldon 6/4/1953
RamseyTownie Council 8/26/188410/6/1973H of Mary
RandallRalph M Oct 18911905  
RandallRaymond Reeves "Ray" 7/30/18813/14/1956  
RandallDr. Thomas Clark 4/18/184710/1/1916  
RankinAmzi Alexander 3/14/18536/23/1914  
RankinJames Alexander Jr 7/29/18627/12/1929 Wed Mary E 7/6/1882
RankinJames Alexander Sr 12/27/183711/13/1913 Wed Mary T 3/28/1861
RankinJohn Earl 7/17/189912/22/1927  
RankinMary Elizabeth (Smith) 10/27/18628/2/1926 Wed James Jr 7/6/1882
RankinMary Tennessee (Brumbelow) 1/5/184610/11/1925 Wed James Sr 3/28/1861
RankinRaymond C 7/2/19182/4/1921  
RappClyde Terpening "Pete" 11/7/18917/9/1975 Wed Margaret 7/11/1942
RappMargaret Isabel (Wilson) (Boyer) 6/12/189412/30/1985 Wed Eddie Boyer 2/24/1914
Wed Clyde Rapp 7/11/1942
RayAnna Belle Oct 18607/19/1939  
RayDella (Hensley) 1/31/190210/8/1987 W of Jess
RayHazel Lavaughn 2/27/19393/5/1997  
RayJess 7/9/18971/27/1962 H of Della
RayLillie May 10/31/192112/14/1946  
RayWilliam Allie 19141998  
RaeOpal I 7/27/192912/25/1993 W of Robert
RaePaul Dean 9/21/19371/13/1981  
RaeRobert B 5/22/18997/22/1986 H of Opal
ReavesMichael O'Neal 7/14/19407/17/1988  
ReeceSarah E 10/8/19152/5/2006 W of Thomas
ReeceThomas E 3/18/1911Jun 1982 H of Sarah
ReedEffie L 8/27/188012/3/1973 W of George
ReedGalveston E 2/2/186410/17/1934 H of Martha
ReedGeorge C 1/9/187710/26/1947 H of Effie
ReedGrace Irene (Leeper) 11/22/19188/30/2001 Wed Robert F 6/2/1956
REEDMadolyne E. 11/19/19102/15/1999 Photo
ReedMaggie (Shepherd) 19041993 W of Robert M
ReedMartha E 6/11/18662/11/1947 W of Galveston
ReedMyra D 9/20/19313/19/1994 W of William
ReedPaul W 4/28/19357/13/1988  
Robert F 1/27/19308/4/2010 Wed Grace 6/2/1956
US Navy
ReedRobert Morris "Bob" 7/4/190410/26/1958 H of Maggie
ReedWade Manford 11/20/193011/6/2003  
ReedWilliam E 4/12/19315/28/1987 H of Myra
ReevesCharlie 18801965 H of Lula
ReevesLula 1904  W of Charlie
RewRosa 2/2/18995/26/1974  
ReynoldsAnna Lee (Roork) 7/27/19016/2/1994 Wed William G 10/8/1926
ReynoldsAnty 18852/28/1949 
Berry J 7/30/188011/21/1936 Co. B 2nd ARK. INF.
Spanish Amer. War
H of Minnie
H of Pearl A
ReynoldsCharles Joe "Chuck" 6/21/19352/17/2010 Wed Hazel 5/18/1955
ReynoldsClarence A 9/11/190311/11/1987 H of Pearl R
ReynoldsDebbie Ann 4/1/19568/30/2010 
ReynoldsDena (Castleberry) 6/13/19103/9/1989 W of Fred
ReynoldsEllis 3/9/18877/7/1918 
ReynoldsEstep No dates  
ReynoldsFrank Stanley 6/13/193912/19/2016 
ReynoldsFred 3/18/190710/17/1973 H of Dena
ReynoldsGlynn M 10/15/19274/2/1975 H of Mary R
ReynoldsHazel Mary (Aday) 5/8/193610/21/2015 Wed Charles 5/18/1955
ReynoldsHelen Louise 6/9/19238/28/1980 
Herman Dale 10/12/19517/31/1992 US Navy  Vietnam
ReynoldsHerman Gene 10/17/19301/15/1992 
ReynoldsLava Lee (Doshier) (Roberts) 7/31/19245/19/2011 W of Lavern Roberts
Wed Buford Reynolds 9/12/1975
ReynoldsMary R (Jones) 8/19/19274/1/2003 W of Glynn
ReynoldsMinnie E (Collins) 12/18/188610/21/1918 W of Berry
ReynoldsPearl Ann (Bevan) 6/20/18984/16/1978 W of Berry
ReynoldsPearl R (Castleberry) 8/14/19073/9/1987 W of Clarence
Roy J 3/29/19099/28/1977 TEC4 US Army
ReynoldsMrs. Tiney  1921 
ReynoldsWilliam Green "Bill" 6/11/18976/3/1950 Wed Anna 10/8/1926
RhineLola Mae (Bullard) 4/1/190510/21/2001 Wed Otto 8/28/1922
RhineOtto W 4/24/19005/9/1990 Wed Lola 8/28/1922
James D 10/21/19165/16/1980 US Air Force  WW II
RhoadesJames D Sr 18701959 H of Nora
James Harold Jr "Jim" 4/7/19492/25/2015 US Army National Guard
RhoadesNora 18801964 W of James Sr
Billy Lee 7/25/193611/25/2008 H of Joyce
MGySgt US Marine Corps  Vietnam
RiceDanny L 9/5/19531/23/1986  
RiceDonald Andrew 1/31/19042/1/1904 S of John & Sara
RiceEdith 12/13/19107/29/1911  
RiceHoward Gordon 11/21/19022/8/1906 S of John & Sara
RiceJosie (Davis) 18881978  
RiceJoyce Annette (Brewer) 8/18/19384/3/2015 W of Billy
RiceOscar 4/12/19033/22/1920  
RICHARDSAlbert (1903)1920 Obit
Arnold Vaughn 7/24/193512/10/1993 US Navy
Leslie 6/30/190611/2/1979 US Army Air Corps  WW II
RichardsShirley Ruth (Smith    Wed Leslie 9/27/1966
RichardsWesley Lee "Little Beaver" 5/17/19349/2/2006 Wed Shirley 9/27/1966
RichardsonGeorgia A 3/12/18948/12/1987 W of Isaac
RichardsonIsaac L 10/7/18898/13/1974 H of Georgia
RicheyConnie L 9/18/19392/7/1993 W of Jack
Jack E 9/4/19201/3/2010 H of Connie
RichisonMargie Ruth (McCollough) 4/13/19384/13/2015  
RiddleEureka James "Chick" 18941963  
RiddleKathryn P (Parker) 19001982  
RidleyBill Hendrix Jr 10/5/195410/5/1954  
RidleyLizzie (Lerblance) 18881915  
RigneyA Jasper 11/30/19094/22/1991 H of Edith
RigneyBertha E 8/8/189311/20/1977 W of George
RigneyDorotha L (Williams) 192410/3/2014 Wed Lawrence 6/14/1941
RigneyEdith 1/17/19103/10/1977 W of A Jasper
RigneyRev. George F 9/11/18907/3/1948 H of Bertha
RileyJosie "Jo" (Naron) 190211/8/1947  
Otis 11/30/19065/18/1951 OK PFC 151st Port Co TC   WW II
RineheartDewey Ray 9/3/193610/21/1998  
RineheartOla "Sis" (Arnold) 4/12/19175/3/2008 W of William
RineheartWilliam Everett "Whitie" 10/10/19021/18/1973 H of Ola
RinnertElizabeth (Pulley) 3/1/18766/25/1956 Wed Lewis 7/3/1889
RinnertJuanita (North) 9/9/191310/22/1997 Wed Lawrence 6/12/1937
RinnertLawrence E 10/10/19059/25/1974 Wed Juanita 6/12/1937
RinnertLewis G 9/17/18625/13/1946 Wed Elizabeth 7/3/1889
Bobby Lee "Bob" 8/13/193710/31/2012 US Marine Corps
RitchieAddie M (Plemons) 11/15/189811/12/1987  
RitchieFinley Brooksher 11/5/191910/21/1976 Wed Anne Guffey 11/5/1938
Wed Mary Rogers 8/12/1946
RitchieHester L (Brown) 7/26/19187/30/2005 W of John
RitchieJohn Thomas "Tom" 3/16/19188/10/2005 H of Hester
H of Vivian
RitchieMary Ruby (Rogers) 3/27/191511/29/2001 Wed Finley 8/12/1946
Russell 11/18/192410/29/2015 US Navy  WW II & Korea
RitchieVivian (Brewer) (Rogers) 1/29/19245/3/2015 W of Arthur Rogers
W of John Ritchie
RitterBenjamin Franklin "Ben" 6/13/18867/20/1979 H of Maude Long
H of Edna Sturdivant
RitterCharles Ervin 9/8/19121/23/1980  
RitterEdna (Sturdivant) (Pierce) 10/1/18986/20/1991 W of Charles Pierce
W of Benjamin Ritter
RoarkBenjamin Franklin "Ben" 12/7/19012/28/1978 H of Ola
RoarkHubert C "Sonny" 12/27/193812/4/2009 Wed Patsy 10/1/1960
Jimmy Lee 1/30/19401/14/1966 OK SP4 US Army
Joe Mattick Jr 10/4/19222/10/1948 OK PFC US Army  WW II
RoarkOla Katherine (Emberson) 6/15/191311/17/2007 W of Benjamin
RoarkPatsy Joann (Stacy) 5/3/1942  Wed Hubert 10/1/1960
RoarkRena Belle (Powell) 5/21/19007/15/1982 W of Troy
Troy Arby 1/7/18962/19/1968 H of Rena
OK Pvt US army ServCorps   WW I
RoarkWilliam A "Lonnie" 4/17/188610/24/1956  
RobbTimothy Eldon 7/27/19742/9/1991  
RobbinsJudy (Baker) 9/29/19271/3/1977  
RobertsAgnes H 9/6/19071/11/1997 W of Jesse
Albert Elgin 8/26/19261/25/2002 Pvt US Marine Corps WW II
RobertsCalvin 9/28/19136/29/2002 H of Gladys
ROBERTSCharles Lavern 4/15/19233/22/2001 
RobertsDarrin Keith "Levi" 7/4/19657/22/2011 
RobertsGeorge G 4/24/18802/24/1958 H of Stella
RobertsGladys Mildred (Phillips) 1/1/191710/13/2010 H of Calvin
James Frank 10/9/19339/18/1998 US Navy  Korea
Wed Rachel 6/5/1956
RobertsJesse O 6/2/19043/14/1999 H of Agnes
RobertsLee Jay 6/27/19454/15/1984 
RobertsLeonard 4/27/19514/12/2008 
RobertsStella (Porter) 10/20/18801/10/1963 W of George
RobertsWesley 2/11/19021/23/1988 
RobertsonApril Dawn (Turner) 6/17/19807/17/2009 Photo
RobertsonEmma 9/15/192610/29/1982 W of James E
RobertsonGoldie Tennessee (Dickey) 10/6/19053/28/1974 Wed William O 1/14/1923
RobertsonIda C 18731915 W of James R
Jack R 3/16/19227/26/1922 MSgt US Air Force WW II
James E 12/29/191712/9/2004 H of Emma
CMSgt US Air Force WW II
RobertsonJames R 18651917 H of Ida
RobertsonJimmy A 11/15/195611/16/1956 S of John Jr & Joan
RobertsonJoan (Vandiver) 2/7/193111/29/2006 W of John Jr
RobertsonJohn Franklin Jr 6/8/19239/19/1987 H of Joan
RobertsonKenneth "Waldo" 6/22/192510/8/2012  
RobertsonRuth R 8/23/18973/29/1978 W of William E
RobertsonWilliam Emmett 8/15/18937/18/1973 H of Ruth
RobertsonWilliam Ott 2/19/18993/8/1991 Wed Goldie 1/14/1923
RobinsonFrank H Jr 9/18/192511/22/1998 H of Mary
RobinsonLaura Lyn 3/29/196510/18/1969  
RobinsonMary Martha 5/12/192612/23/1990 W of Frank Jr
RobinsonRoyle B 10/28/188310/25/1943  
RobisonDorthy (Peterson) 7/23/19178/6/1994 Wed L C 8/1/1937
RobisonJanet (Jennings) 12/12/19569/19/2008  
RobisonKris Elaine 10/21/19658/21/1966 D of Lonnie
L C "Mack" 1/20/19164/28/1979 Wed Dorthy 8/1/1937
PFC US Army 
RobisonLevi Colter 9/2/19989/9/1998  
RockBernice Valene (Luke) 1/17/19382/23/2016 Wed Charlie Jr 1/16/1960
Charles Jr "Charley" 2/5/193910/20/1998 Wed Bernice 1/16/1960
National Guard
RockPolly 6/5/19116/25/1987  
RockowJohnnie Ruth (Kindred) (Sisemore) 1/25/19388/11/2016 W of Bill Sisemore
W of Brian Rockow
RodgersDove 11/16/19001/6/1980 W of J M
RodgersJ M "Shorty" 12/9/18946/12/1963 H of Dove
RodgersW M 4/6/18452/15/1923 H of Winnie
RodgersWinnie 1/12/18498/14/1933 W of WM
RodriguezChristine "Chris" (Thompson) 12/29/1919 9/25/2004 Wed Joe 4/16/1945
Joe3/1/19154/4/2011 Wed Chris 4/16/1945
Pvt  45th Inf  US Army WW II   Obit
RogersAlonzo Higgins "Lon" 8/6/1847Feb 1925 Wed Louisa 3/9/1871
RogersBertie Lester "Bert" 4/7/18859/17/1905  
RogersCaleb H 18901956 H of Mildy
Carl Edward 5/29/19165/26/1995 US Army  WW II
RogersCharlie Bryant 3/29/191812/11/1998 H of Dorotha
RogersDonna Christine "Christy" (Nowell) 5/8/19708/2/2006  
RogersDorotha Bell 9/16/19197/10/1999 W of Charlie
Earl Edward 3/11/19191/22/1969 OK GM3 USNR
RogersEddie Dean 1/28/19615/19/2009  
RogersErnest Lee Andrew 5/1/18913/9/1966 H of Maudie
RogersFannie Mae 5/13/19119/29/1999  
RogersJimmy Harold 3/12/19389/3/2013  
RogersKate (Drew) 10/13/18492/20/1926 Wed Woods 3/4/1869
RogersLouisa (Adams) 9/9/1851 2/8/1918 Wed Alonzo 3/9/1871
RogersMartin Jr No dates   
RogersMaudie Maybell (Clemens) 3/27/189812/27/1961 W of Ernest
RogersMildy L (Martin) 9/26/18953/18/1980 W of Caleb
RogersNellie 7/2/18787/18/1954 W of Pete
RogersPete 5/30/18675/15/1952 H of Nellie
RogersWalter W 2/18/185211/1/1919  
RogersWilliam Penn 2/13/187112/26/1908  
Woods Buckner "Buck" 1/9/18389/25/1913 Wed Kate 3/4/1869
Co K 2ndCav Civil War
Earl Clinton 8/26/19006/6/1991 Maj US Army WW II
RomansJohn Whittier 8/29/187210/6/1941 H of Mary
RomansMary A 6/14/18699/13/1938 W of John
RomineClifford L 12/31/18944/11/1957  
Herman S 7/14/189211/19/1951 TX Pvt 19thInf 18thDiv  WW I
RoorkCharlie E 1/14/18884/13/1965 H of Myrtle
RoorkErma O (Wafford) (Hopper) 5/8/1892  Wed Henry Roork 12/29/1938
RoorkFred L 4/3/18847/12/1958 H of Lula
George W 3/18/18921960 US Army  WW I
H of Gladys
RoorkGladys Belle 8/20/19001/10/1989 W of George
RoorkGordon S 19211928 S of Joe & Ganeath
RoorkHenima "Emma" (Slape) (Jernigan) 12/12/19004/30/1972 W of Bob Jernigan
W of Ira Roork
Henry Clarence 10/1/18963/3/1973 H of Faye Evens
Wed Erma 12/29/1938
WW I Veteran
RoorkIda Zelma (Spears) 1/1/18939/9/1980 W of Weakly
RoorkIra W 4/6/18851/21/1975 H of Henima
H of Roxie
RoorkJ D 11/11/18619/4/1930 H of Sallie
RoorkLula 4/30/188710/6/1981 W of Fred
RoorkMyrtle L 1/14/18919/3/1981 W of Charlie
RoorkRoxie E 12/9/18853/28/1953 W of Ira
RoorkSallie 10/27/18619/1/1935 W of J D
RoorkWeakly Mead 1/31/18837/6/1966 H od Ida
RoperMaud 18731927  
RorexClyde Cleveland 9/26/191312/4/1994 Wed Lillie 4/23/1938
RorexLillie Anna (Wright) 5/3/191111/15/2002 Wed Clyde 4/23/1938
Bert William 2/20/19156/30/1978 Pvt US Army  WW II
RoseJames T "Jim" 7/19/19053/9/1970  
RoseLouis May  3/18/1905  
RoseMartha  3/18/1905 Infant
RoseMary  3/18/1905 Infant
RoseMattie Elizabeth (Jackson) 3/1/187911/8/1942 W of William
RoseVonda Fern (Creekmore) 2/27/19549/4/2007  
RoseWilliam Daniel 4/20/187410/13/1952 H of Mattie
RosendahlBen E 18831936 Wed Minnie 11/27/1910
Rosendahl Minnie M (Walts) 18811964 Wed Ben 11/27/1910
RossBaby No Dates   
RossBob 10/12/188410/27/1909  
RossCallie L 3/29/18877/25/1969 W of Kit
RossCarrie Mae (Jacobs) May 18881927 W of Stephen
RossHerman 1/20/19161/28/1916  
RossInfants (2) No Info   
RossJames McMarion 2/2/18604/16/1934  
RossJohn Wesley Jr 9/10/18536/25/1926 H of Martha
Kit C 7/15/18924/18/1966 H of Callie
OK Pvt Co L 6thBn IRTC  WW I
RossMarie 4/14/19155/15/1999 Wed Robert 2/22/1934
RossMartha Jane 12/25/185312/28/1915 W of John Jr
RossMary No Dates   
RossRobert A 8/27/191212/12/1993 Wed Marie 2/22/1934
RossShirley Sue 6/13/19487/26/2001  
RossStephen "Steve" 11/12/1883Sep 1961 H of Carrie
RossToy 9/27/191710/16/1970  
RossonBobbie Joyce (McCullar) 5/6/19397/23/2008  
RouellAlfred Leeland 7/17/18457/9/1910 H of Tennesse
RouellAlvie Jasper 7/21/18824/19/1964 H of Winnie
RouellChester Doyle 4/10/19434/11/1943  
RouellJohn Leland 18808/1/1939  
RouellRoy Doil 9/17/19142/24/1974 H of Velma Chronister
Wed Georgia 11/4/1964
RouellWinnie Velva (Lasiter) 5/7/18951/1/1962 W of Alvie
Rouell-LoneyGeorgia V (Borum) (Ward) 10/12/19218/2/2010 Wed George Ward 10/14/1939
Wed Roy Rouell 11/4/1964
Wed Bythel Loney 11/6/1976
RoundtreeJames N 6/2/18674/6/1910  
RoundtreePhill A Age 447/24/1912  
RoundtreeSarah 18991913  
RoweGeorge W 18751964 H of Mary
RoweMary Ellen (Plymale) 7/4/18766/10/1944 W of George
RoweNorah B 4/20/190812/29/1980 W of William
RoweShirley (Jackson) 4/27/19108/24/1992 
Wilburn Dennis 3/16/19164/13/1987 US Army
RoweWilliam A "Bill" 11/8/19106/8/1982 H of Norah
RowlandFannie M (Monroe) 9/7/18786/30/1961 
RoyallMary Lee (Spindle) 8/4/19176/23/2010  
RuizRonald Paul Jr "Ruizie" 5/17/196810/12/1997 
David Marrs 2/19/19312/19/2005 Wed Wilma 4/2/1951
US Navy
RushWilma Juanita (Carr)   Wed David 4/2/1951
RussellJennie (??) (McMillan) 18651941 W of Samuel McMillan
W of William Russell
RussellLela Ann (McAden) 18705/24/1941 W of Robert
RussellMarindia C 8/3/18343/14/1901 
RussellRobert H "Bob" 18704/28/1951 H of Lela
William H   H of Marindia
H of Jennie
Co E 29thNC Inf
Civil War Veteran
RustayJean L (Cochran) 8/9/19531/9/1988 
RyanBetty Sue (Martin) 7/18/192410/21/1994 W of Carl
RyanCarl A   H of Betty
RyanFannie E 3/5/18844/1/1926 W of Henry
RyanHenry J 12/6/18808/21/1939 H of Fannie
SackDonna G    W of Richard
Richard Lee 3/1/1950 9/25/2007 H of Donna
US Army
SageAnnie R 8/25/18662/24/1935 
SageGeorge O 18731946 
SageMaude Mae 2/15/18844/12/1981 W of Andrew McCaslin
SageRebecca J 18721950 
SampsonAndrew Brice 11/17/18952/25/1954 
SampsonAnna Lathee 9/26/19157/2/1917 D of Nesby & Neppie
SampsonCynthia Belle (Clements) 11/14/18758/25/1958 W of James W
Darrell Smith 19251977 US Navy WW II
Dewey H 5/10/18997/17/1943 OK Sgt 180thInf 45thInfDiv  WW II
Ellis C 1/30/19049/5/1964 OK Sgt US Marine Corps Res  WW II
SampsonJames W "Bill" 8/1/18638/27/1933 H of Cynthia
John C 11/1/19244/7/1945 OK Pvt 290thInf
SampsonJohn Wallace 9/14/1949only date 
SampsonMuriel Jane 12/6/191910/27/1929 D of Nesby & Neppie
SampsonNeppie O Pearl (Cromer) 2/5/18934/18/1991 W of Nesby Creston
SampsonNesby C 2/24/19182/21/1974 
SampsonNesby Creston 11/10/189012/2/1956 H of Neppie
SanbornGracie (Woodward) 8/15/19152/22/1959 W of Harold
SanbornHarold 6/21/188412/30/1963 H of Gracie
SanchezJim 7/25/18687/30/1938 
SandersArchibald Caleb "Arch" 9/9/18626/23/1935 H of Lucy
SandersDaniel Arthur "Jack" 8/3/189812/9/1928 H of Jessie
SandersEarl Winfield 3/10/1912May 1984 
SandersJessie M 3/11/18984/9/1919 W of Daniel
SandersLucy Ann (Hayden) 2/22/18642/13/1954 W of Archibald
SandersMargaret 19172009  
SandersMaudine 12/23/187812/20/1959 W of Nathan
SandersNathan H 5/31/18848/23/1972 H of Maudine
SandersRoy Fennel 6/16/188810/27/1958 H of Vera
SandersVera Ethel (Sparks) 10/17/188612/19/1971 W of Roy
SandersonAllie Etta (Johnson) 8/19/18671955 
Lawrence D 4/14/193111/2/2008 Wed Norma 2/14/1974
US Air Force
SandersonNorma Jean (Green) 11/4/19258/10/1996 Wed Lawrence 2/14/1974
SandsClethal M 5/3/19294/1/1989 
SandsJune Hazel 6/30/19064/4/1989 W of Ralph
SandsRalph Jackson 7/10/19022/8/1946 H of June
SappSamuel James Dec 18501936 
Roy L 4/11/19121/7/2001 TEC4 US Army
SayerHenry Dale 5/26/19092/17/1991 H of Thelma
SayerThelma May (McLean) 12/15/190910/29/1978 W of Henry
SchardtDonald W 9/8/19379/14/1937 
SchardtFred M 12/20/19148/28/2001 Wed Mary 10/15/1935
SchardtGayle Anne   W of James
SchardtJames Doyle 8/13/19407/5/1985 H of Gayle
SchardtMary Thelma (Norwood) 8/3/19179/13/2008 Wed Fred 10/15/1935
SchauerEdward R 7/15/19051/16/1997 H of Sadie
SchauerSadie Mae 10/19/190811/20/2002 W of Edward
Charles Jedidiah "Chuck" 7/10/19291/13/2013 US Air Force  Korea & Vietnam
Jimmie Lee I 1/27/19289/20/1984 H of Pauline
US Army
SchmidtPauline Marie   W of Jimmie
SchneiderEdna K (Kelley) (Gatlin)(Patterson) 4/26/191010/23/1980 Wed Edwin Schneider
W of Brice Gatlin
W of ?? Patterson
SchneiderEdwin "Pappy" "Ed" 11/14/19104/13/1992 Wed Ruth Dickerson 1934
Wed Edna Kelly 1/1/1970
SchulzeNancy Irene (Carr) 3/21/191811/12/2004 Wed Samuel 4/18/1954
SchulzeSamuel Perry 5/18/19269/7/2005 Wed Nancy 4/18/1954
ScottBetty 12/3/19275/12/2014  
ScottBryan Don 8/15/197012/3/2012  
ScottDaniel N "Dan" Jul 1860 11/27/1928 Wed Emma Fisher 1885
ScottFrances Bertha (Reed) 1/14/18916/16/1978 Wed Wiley 12/28/1921
ScottGlenn 1/20/191611/27/1980 H of Ruby
Harvell R 7/8/19194/19/1973 Utah Sgt US Army
ScottHelen 11/8/192711/16/1982 W of Marvin
ScottJames Elford 10/13/19046/3/1970 H of Vela
SCOTTJohn Lee 5/6/19737/17/1985 Photo
ScottJohn W "Crickett) 10/25/18829/21/1973 H of Martha
ScottLouisa M "Lou" (Hawkins) 12/27/18322/2/1921  
ScottLula (Horton) 12/12/19277/21/2003 W of William F
ScottMartha F (Whisenhunt) 9/12/18869/20/1956 W of John W
ScottMarvin Opal 10/27/191412/23/2007 H of Helen
Oscar 3/24/19129/1/1962 OK PFC 446thEngr Base Depot Co
ScottRoger D 11/1/19463/11/2013  
ScottRuby V    W of Glenn
ScottSchuyler Eugene 10/7/188912/31/1939 H of Addie Kirk
Schuyler Eugene Jr "Shindy" 10/1/19237/2/1963 OK PFC 642ndMP Escort GdCo
ScottVela Odell (Roe) 11/13/19116/3/1970 W of James
ScottWiley 7/18/19245/2/2011  
Wiley Early "Squirrel" 3/11/18913/22/1958 Wed Frances 12/28/1921
WW I Veteran
William Francis Sr 10/28/192211/3/1986 H of Lula
US Army  WW II
ScottWilliam Thomas 4/28/18547/19/1929  
ScudderAlfred Filmore "Cotton" 10/22/190810/13/1986 H of Civilla
ScudderAnna Jean (Rogers) 1/6/191112/9/2003  
ScudderCivilla Susanna (Haggard) 5/29/191310/27/1987 W of Alfred
ScudderClifford H 2/27/19058/14/1988  
ScudderEffie (Greer) 6/6/18772/11/1980 W of Jacob
ScudderHerman Greer 8/13/19019/28/1989  
ScudderJacob M 18711960 H of Effie
ScudderPearl B 6/7/19055/19/1998  
SearcyJoe R 11/24/18908/30/1990 H of Willie
SearcyWillie (Moore) 9/19/189311/15/1974 W of Joe
SearlesGary Kent 2/12/19388/15/2003  
SearlesJonathan Kent "Jon" 1/25/197511/27/2010  
SeawellOleta Marie (Stidham) 1/12/189912/18/1949 
SelfGeorge W 18801953 H of Myrtle White
SelfJames Buchanan 9/4/18577/15/1935 H of Martha
SelfMartha Anne (Bean) 18581924 W of James
SelfMavis "Mink" (Shearwood) 1/19/19152/24/1991 W of Otice
SelfOtice "Otu" 9/7/19122/18/1992 H of Mavis
SessionsWillie Mae 7/5/19136/15/1993 
Raymond C2/19/1925 12/2/2007 H of Willene
US Army  WW II
SevierWillene 8/12/1930 7/28/1965 Wof Raymond
SewellFinis Recil 1/9/190912/11/1974 
SewellFlossie Louretta (Ritchie) (Kirby) 4/8/19017/9/2001 W of Andrew Kirby
W of Finis Sewell
SextonDelmar Ador (La Favor) (Roberts)8/8/1905 5/16/1995 W of Wesley Roberts
W of ?? Sexton
SextonF D 9/11/1934 12/7/2016 Wed Nancy 10/6/1956
SextonNancy Lou (Smith) 3/12/1937 5/28/2011 Wed F D 10/6/1956
SeyllerTammy Lee (Holloway) 10/3/19675/29/1999 
ShaddClifford James Sr 9/17/191411/28/2002 
ShahanElijah Jackson 9/20/191210/8/1946 H of Ida
ShahanIda Marie 8/23/19129/26/1981 W of Elijah
ShahanW P 12/22/186011/27/1943 H of Rosa O'Neill
Charles David "Dave" 9/25/19276/12/2012 H of Mary Spadley
H of Jo Walberg
US Army
SharpDallas Lee 2/11/19207/14/1939 
SharpMary Uldean "Deanie"(Spadley) 6/13/192811/15/1964 W of Charles
SharpMinnie M 7/5/18895/7/1957 W of William
SharpWilliam R 9/16/188210/10/1963 H of Minnie
SharpeDoris D 2/28/192710/31/1991 W of Joseph
SharpeJoseph H   H of Doris
Louis Kerre Jr "Bummy" 3/31/18933/1/1964 90thInf Div WW I
H of Mary
Louis Kerre III "Lou" 12/23/19214/7/2005 Capt US Army
SharpeMary Caroline (Paulk) (McCluskey) 9/8/189512/15/1985 W of ?? McCluskey
W of Louis Sharpe Jr
ShastidA J 2/12/1872 8/14/1944  
ShastidArthur Jack 4/5/1936 11/16/2001 Wed Maryann Szvitich  5/13/1983
H of Geraldine Simard
ShastidChester R 9/2/1911 6/11/1992 H of Cosette
ShastidCosette (Emberson) (Irvin) (Smith)6/28/1908 11/28/1976 W of Fount Irvin
W of Gunter Smith
W of Chester Shastid
ShastidGeraldine Marie (Simard)    W of Arthur
William L10/27/1898 12/23/1963 OK Pvt 88thCML Co Air Opr  WW II
ShatswellGeorge R 5/6/187311/25/1965 H of Sarah
ShatswellGladys Faye (Luke) (McFarland) 1/7/19318/13/1999 W of William McFarland
Wed William C Shatswell 4/11/1963
ShatswellHerbert Hoover "Pop" 12/18/192811/27/1998  
ShatswellLesker Andrew 1/16/193711/7/1977  
ShatswellRosie E (Needham)(Hopping) 3/23/19106/28/1981 W of Howard Hopping
W of Lesker B Shatswell
ShatswellSarah E 2/26/18815/25/1962 W of George
ShatswellWilliam Carl 1/30/19271/12/2016 Wed Gladys 4/11/1963
ShattBetty E (Nichols) (Rhynes) 4/4/190512/8/1991 W of Harley Rhynes
Wed Buddie Shatt 5/19/1938
Buddie 3/6/18894/22/1966 Wed Vina Hullum 3/15/1913
Wed Elma Ewin 11/27/1921
Wed Betty Nichols 5/19/1938
OK Pvt Co K 12th Inf WW I
ShaverColton Rae 4/7/1991 only date  
ShawHattie Isabell (McClintock)7/3/1905 4/16/1995 Wed Roy 7/27/1927
ShawRachel 1859 1930  
ShawRoy Lee 1/27/1906 8/13/1992 Wed Hattie 7/27/1927
ShayAlice Wynema 1909 1924  
ShearwoodEthel Cordelia "Delia" (Lacy) (Robinson)8/12/1894 7/7/1967 W of John Robinson
W of Roney
ShearwoodJ Frances    Wed R E 7/26/1956
ShearwoodMark Jeffrey 4/18/1957 4/7/1977  
ShearwoodR E 10/16/1934 4/8/1996 Wed J Frances 7/26/1956
ShearwoodRoney Evert 7/18/1889 11/21/1968 H of Virgie Holt
H of Ethel Lacy
ShearwoodVirgie (Holt) 9/11/1893 6/7/1939 W of Roney
ShehornClyde Floyd 3/4/1907 4/18/1982 H of Lucy
ShehornLucy Mae 2/16/1913 6/7/1992 W of Clyde
SheltonChris Alan 6/15/1974 2/15/2011  
ShepherdEdith M (Fletcher) 10/4/1911 5/20/1980 W of J B
ShepherdElla (McDaniel) 1/25/1925 10/30/2007 W of Ralph
ShepherdFrances 4/3/1907 5/5/2002  
ShepherdGertrude V 8/19/1914 1/25/1995 W of Kelly
ShepherdGlynn Douglas 6/1/1938 6/7/1987 H of Nelda
ShepherdJ B 9/20/1905 4/18/1990 H of Edith
ShepherdKelly 2/26/1913 3/21/1975 H of Gertrude
ShepherdLena Musy (Bain) 8/14/1870 1/12/1951 Wed Walter 3/26/1890
ShepherdNelda F 12/27/1934 11/6/1990 W of Glynn
Ralph4/29/1922 12/14/2009 H of Ella
TEC5 US Army
ShepherdRhoda (Hicks) 11/10/1880 10/13/1972  
Robert David6/5/1944 9/17/1990 Lt US Navy  Vietnam
ShepherdWalter Gray 1871 12/24/1930 Wed Lena 3/26/1890
SheppardEarnest Everett 1/7/1889 5/10/1960 H of Willie
SheppardWillie Mae 2/19/1893 11/8/1964 W of Earnest
ShermanBertha E 12/3/189612/13/1961 
ShieldsEula K "Nannie" 10/10/1914 8/29/2001 Wed Lem 5/17/1933
ShieldsCol Lem W "Hipa" 7/17/1913 6/9/2002 Wed Eula 5/17/1933
ShipmanMay Dean (Camp) 7/21/19341/7/2007 
ShirleyHershel Oliver 10/26/19035/12/1990 
ShirleyLillie Iva 12/31/19106/15/1975 
ShoemakeFred M 1885 1962 H of Lillie
ShoemakeLillie D 1894 1971 W of Fred
ShoemakerGladys E (Walker) 7/1/19206/19/2000 
ShoemakerLyle Edward 5/24/190311/22/1989 
ShortPenny Lanet 2/13/1971 11/8/1987  
SiebertBruce Eugene 3/14/1930   H of Letha
SiebertFred Lee 10/4/1942 6/26/1958  
SiebertHilda J 12/6/1908 10/29/2001 W of Theodore
SiebertLetha L (Lincoln)(Palmer) 6/12/1916 5/20/2012 W of Bruce Siebert
SiebertTheodore R 12/6/1907 11/15/1977 H of Hilda
SiedlikRuby Lee (McCage) 11/11/1937 9/9/2013  
SimmonsCorey James 6/11/1989 2/21/1990  
SimpsonDoctor Franklin 10/10/18624/22/1935 H of Tennessee
SimpsonOscar F 3/20/19142/18/1998 
SimpsonRachel Catherine (Lynn) (Duke) (Rowlett) 1/21/1846 9/9/1930 W of James M Duke
W of Joseph Rowlett
W of Joseph Simpson
SimpsonTennessee A (Duke) Jun 18669/7/1933 W of Doctor Franklin
SimsNettie V (Stone) 1/7/1875 2/14/1954  
Donald Cloyd 3/8/19413/25/2011 Wed Jessie 12/23/1965  Photo
Pvt US Army
SiscoDorothy Lillian (Carr) 3/14/19207/12/1988 W of William Sr
Everett Dee 12/6/19155/14/1977 PFC US Army
SiscoGeorge Franklin "Frank" 6/14/188812/16/1971 Wed Margaret 4/4/1909
SiscoJessie Lee "Corkey" (Beach) 5/19/19498/19/2013 Wed Donald 12/23/1965   Photo
SiscoJudith D "Judy"(Gibson)    Wed Kenneth 3/5/1964
Kenneth Lloyd 11/28/193912/20/2003 US Army National Guard
Wed Judith 3/5/1964
SiscoMargaret Ann "Mary" (Frederick) 9/10/18871/6/1987 Wed George 4/4/1909
SiscoWilliam Clarence Jr 1/31/194410/3/1944 
SiscoWilliam Clarence Sr 5/16/19147/8/1978 H of Dorothy
SisemoreAndrew J 6/16/186410/17/1950 H of Effie
SisemoreAnnie Celia (Storm) 2/25/18934/26/1982 W of Benjamin
SisemoreBenjamin Harrison 6/5/18884/11/1955 H of Annie
Bill Ray 2/12/19363/5/1974 OK Sgt US Army Korea & Vietnam
H of Johnnie Kindred
SisemoreDianne Kay (Cates) 4/19/19468/22/2010 Wed Jim 8/16/1968
SisemoreDimple (Slaton) 5/30/191112/17/2001 
SisemoreDyann 19421945 
SisemoreEffie Virginia (Rogers) 10/2/18812/14/1969 W of Andrew
SisemoreEphriam Otto 11/8/19074/1/1960 H of Estelle
SisemoreEstelle (Townsend) 4/27/191212/1/2009 W of Ephriam
SisemoreFern (Strong) (Hill) 12/31/19129/7/2003 W of Dolphus Hill
W of William T Sisemore
SisemoreGeorge 2/22/19197/8/1984 H of Juanita
SisemoreJim Rounzel 12/12/193612/29/2016 Wed Dianne 6/16/1968
SisemoreMyrtle Lee (Jones) 9/9/18955/15/1983 
SisemoreWilliam Taylor 6/10/187212/19/1951 H of Mary Price
H of Fern Strong
Alfred 4/2/193810/15/2007 SP4 US Army
SiskAlice Myrtle (McCullar) 4/18/19072/18/1989 W of Richard
SiskJesse W 5/17/18939/7/1960 H of Minerva
SiskKathy Lynn 7/28/19526/8/1953 D of Jesse B & Kathryn Davis Sisk
SiskLois Evelyn 9/20/193311/29/2013 W of Jesse
SiskMinerva (Jayne) 1/10/18991/2/1956 W of Jesse
SiskPearl Emily (Brown) 3/8/19036/17/1992 
SiskPerry Lee 8/3/19289/3/2016 
SiskRichard T 3/5/190210/30/1969 H of Alice
SivedgeLucy Ellison (Bridges) 12/10/19607/18/1954 
John G 10/22/194511/5/1973 H of Linda
OK SP5 US Army  Vietnam
SixkillerLinda Lou (Nichols) 7/6/19446/24/2010 W of John
SizemoreBessie Lee (Sorrels) 10/31/19347/9/2015 Wed Blaine 5/24/1952
SizemoreBlaine Everett 11/12/19332/16/2015 Wed Bessie 5/24/1952
SizemoreCatherine J   Wed Howard W  8/28/1948
SizemoreDevon Jann 8/19/19832/12/1985 
SizemoreHarry Virgil 2/22/19065/1/1982 H of Pearl
SizemoreHoward Virgil Jr 6/9/19319/8/1977 
Howard Virgil Sr 2/25/18834/27/1981 K Troop 7thCav
Howard Webster 2/21/19245/5/2003 Wed Catherine 8/28/1948
F1 US Navy  WW II
SizemorePearl Elizabeth (Nalley) 7/3/19085/21/1988 W of Harry
SizemoreTaylor Sr 12/12/19007/28/1983 Wed Lavina 9/26/1926
SizemoreLavina Lee "Vinnie" 8/31/190712/15/1999 Wed Taylor Sr 9/26/1926
Millard Ray 12/21/19454/19/2013 US Army
SkinnerRuth Rebecca (Brandon) 2/14/19227/13/1966 
StatenAlbert Jasper 10/23/18857/14/1967 H of Eva
StatenEva Lou (Emerson) 1/24/18917/8/1976 W of Albert
StatenJohnnie W 4/10/19534/11/1953 
SLOANArdella (Forrester) 6/2/187912/14/1942 
SLOANCarl Rogers 8/18/191212/5/1918 
SLOANHugh W 7/14/190211/8/1973 
SLOANWilliam C 10/18/18652/2/1933 
SmallwoodClifton Charles 1/9/19022/1/1976 Wed Zora 1/26/1924
SmallwoodDavid Houston 5/13/18786/21/1953 Wed Isabell 9/24/1897
SmallwoodEdna Mae (Foster) 1/8/19222/19/2012 Wed Vernon 4/17/1947
George W 3/21/19137/28/1986Pvt US Army  WW II
SmallwoodIsabell (Guthrie) 7/26/18825/2/1980 Wed David 9/24/1897
Vernon 10/11/191512/28/1993 Wed Edna 4/17/1947
US Army  WW II
SmallwoodZora Mae Stevens 4/26/19066/6/1999 Wed Clifton 1/26/1924
SmithA Newell 7/13/19188/16/1995 H of Hattie   Photo
SmithAl K 12/27/191711/5/1978 Photo
SmithAleene M 1/5/190511/5/1978 W of Willie   Photo
SmithAlice Evelyn Jernigan 18641951 W of Thomas
SmithAlma Frances Hyatt 19142000 W of James  Photo
Archie Lee 6/13/19468/29/2011 US Army Vietnam
Wed Carolyn 10/25/1968
SmithArchie Leo 9/30/194111/10/2006 H of Ethel
SmithArthur B 7/14/18922/11/1960 H of Ethel Winkle   Photo
SmithBaby No dates  Photo
SmithBarbara L 2/3/19443/16/1996 Photo
SmithBertha 7/30/18883/7/1910 Photo
SmithBessie Mae Chadwick (Edwards) 3/14/19079/13/2007 W of Vollie Edwards
W of Clyde Smith
SMITHBradley Joe 5/28/19753/30/1979 Photo
SmithBrenda 8/3/195012/3/1971 Photo
SmithBruce Allen "Hubba" 11/18/19783/13/2002 Photo
SmithBryan 189819?? H of Vesta  Photo
SmithCallie J 8/30/18957/22/1977 W of Henry   Photo
SmithCarolyn K Williams 12/31/19487/26/2016 Wed Archie 10/25/1968
SmithChester 11/22/189512/25/1912 Photo
SmithClaude A 7/4/18971/2/1990 H of Mary L  Photo
SmithClyde Earle   H of Bessie
Cozell L Jr "Smitty" 2/12/192510/13/1996 WW II Veteran
Dale 11/26/19201/13/2006 US Army WW II
W of Edith 
Photo & Obit
SmithDeloris Ann Luke 4/18/19407/29/2001 W of Euless 
SmithDora Elizabeth Sizemore 7/9/189812/22/1992 W of Richard E
SmithEarnest Loyd 6/6/19047/11/1961 H of Ruby   Photo
SmithEdith L Braxton 8/27/19235/5/1981 H of Dale   Photo
SmithElizabeth Ann "Betty" Roork 1/16/19257/16/2003 Wed Odies 2/28/1943
SmithElsie E 6/29/19028/25/1979 W of Joseph J  Photo
SmithErnie E 11/1/19011/5/2000 Photo
SmithEthel B 12/13/19017/23/1990 Photo
SmithEthel Bryan Winkle 11/14/18968/24/1954 H of Arthur   Photo
SmithEuel Fluter No Dates  Photo
SmithEuel Lee 9/20/19148/29/2005 Wed Xeneadee 8/30/1941 Photo
Euless Henry 5/24/192012/10/2001 H of Deloris   Photo
PFC US Army 
SmithFannie E 1/27/19111/25/2001 W of Grover  Photo
SmithFrances E 9/12/18467/17/1928 W of John X
SmithFreda Hatley 7/13/19349/6/1980 W of Herbert  Photo
SmithG Ray 11/11/1900 H of Sarah  Photo
SmithGarland L 8/22/18849/26/1958 H of Myrtle   Photo
Gary Tom 10/7/19467/24/1998 PFC US Army  Vietnam
SmithGene Lee 2/22/19422/26/1981 Wed Wanda 8/11/1963   Photo
SmithGrover L 4/14/19112/26/1981 H of Fannie  Photo
SmithHattie R Walker 5/22/19216/23/2000 W of A Newell  Photo
SmithHenry Clinton 10/6/18935/19/1980 H of Callie   Photo
SmithHerbert Hoover 11/23/192812/22/2012 H of Freda Hatley
Wed Lura Grant 1/2/1982   Photo
SmithHerndon Julian 6/21/19432/12/2001  
Hoit Lee 9/11/19177/15/2009 S1 US Navy  WW II
SmithRev. James Cullis 4/2/19119/15/1996 H of Alma  Photo
SmithJewell 5/22/19223/11/1941 W of John   Photo
John 8/29/18944/13/1964 OK Pvt 3rdBn 165 Depot Brig  WW I  Photo
SmithJohn Edmund 3/26/191010/31/1986 H of Mary Louise Photo
SmithJohn M 18471935 H of Ollie
SmithJohn R 4/6/18851/28/1957 H of Ocie   Photo
SmithJohn X 3/25/18414/21/1915 H of Frances
Lee Roy 3/27/19243/18/1989 PFC US Army WW II
SmithLeo 9/30/194111/10/2006 
SmithLorene 11/9/194412/8/1944 D of Vergil & Gladys Photo
SmithLura Mae Grant (White) 1/7/19252/12/2014 Wed James White 2/4/1946
Wed Herbert Smith 1/2/1982
SmithMalissa 1/20/18482/9/1905 W of William R   Photo
SmithMary "Birdie" 5/31/19731/10/1997 Photo
SmithMary L 12/28/18978/17/1994 W of Claude   Photo
SmithMary Louise Smith 12/25/19232/27/2002 W of John E  Photo
SmithMinnie Moore 3/29/18961/11/1971 Photo
SmithMyrtle Ann Winkle 5/4/18901/8/1968 W of Garland   Photo
SmithOcie G 11/25/18927/16/1979 W of John R  Photo
Odies Herman 12/23/19229/8/1979 Wed Elizabeth 2/28/1943
US Army Air Force WW II
SmithOllie L 18611935 W of John M
SMITHOma Kindred 6/11/1920 3/8/1968 W of Owen
SmithOpal Lee West 2/11/19139/21/1996 Photo
Owen Edward 9/28/1920 4/5/1995 H of Oma
US Army
SmithPatricia Hayes   Wed William C 6/1/1947   Photo
SMITHRalph Horace 10/24/1912 5/12/2000 Wed Ruth 2/18/1933 Photo
SmithRichard Edward 10/5/19006/30/1961 H of Dora
SmithRobert Gene 10/16/19717/2/2011 Wed Wendy 8/9/1989 Photo
SmithRuby A Henshaw 2/9/19088/23/1981 W of Ernest  Photo
SMITHRuth E Ramsey 11/11/19125/13/2011 Wed Ralph 2/18/1933 Photo
SmithSamuel R 18671943 Photo
SmithSarah A Moad (Lively) 12/20/189512/21/1974 W of Mark Lively
W of G Ray   Photo
SmithShannon 2/27/197112/3/1971 D of Brenda  Photo
SmithSherman T 8/9/19207/21/2008 Photo
SmithStacy Lynn Emerson 12/8/19685/29/2011 Wed Ronald Smith 2/9/2011   Photo
SmithTammi Sue 7/2/19587/2/1958 Photo
SmithThelma Lois "Shorty" Perry 1/16/193511/27/2015 Wed Vergil 12/31/1968
SmithThomas B 7/28/186010/28/1933 H of Alice
SmithVelma Mildred Whisenhunt 8/2/19198/30/2014 
SmithVergil Elzie 12/10/1922Jun 1987 H of Gladys Acker
Wed Thelma Perry 2/31/1968   Photo
SmithVesta Mae 19071934 W of Bryan   Photo
SmithWanda Louise Chester   Wed Gene 8/11/1963 Photo
SmithWendy Lee Arion 7/26/19693/22/2009 Wed Robert  8/19/1989   Photo
William A 3/9/19222/24/1972 OK PFC Co D 10thInf  WW II Photo
SmithWilliam Clarence 9/13/19233/10/1996 Wed Patricia 6/1/1947   Photo
SmithWilliam Michael "Mike" 9/13/195011/6/1979 Photo
SmithWilliam R 6/9/18479/15/1904 H of Malissa   Photo
SmithWillie A 8/13/19025/15/1986 H of Aleene   Photo
SmithXeneadee B (Brown) 5/11/1917 8/13/1995 Wed Euel 8/30/1941 Photo
SmithartDonna (Nichols) 5/4/19531/20/2013 
SmootArva (Bettis) 4/5/18649/9/1919 
SmootRobert S 2/28/18644/10/1937 
SneedAlonzo B 12/7/1878 10/8/1973 H of Martha
SneedBaby Boy    Photo
SneedBaby Girl    Photo
SneedCora E 11/24/1916 11/27/2002 W of Elbert
SneedEdward Lafayette Sr 4/19/1887 7/18/1968 H of Fannie
SneedElbert L 4/16/1909 10/13/1978 H of Cora
SneedEllen Lorraine 1/22/1926 4/6/2010  
SneedErnie Roberts 4/26/1898 11/4/1984 H of Jennie
SneedFannie Catherine (Scott)3/30/1892 8/16/1935 W of Edward
SneedJennie Lena "Lee" (Case)12/24/1893 10/12/1935 W of Ernie
Joe Bobb1/5/1923 3/27/1978 H of Nellie
Sgt US Army  WW II
SneedMartha Ann 11/19/1879 7/24/1964 W of Alonzo
Nellie Ann (Lowery)2/11/1927 11/3/1998 W of Joe
S2 US Navy  WW II
SneedOpal 8/11/1909 5/30/2012  
SneedRachel Tennessee "Tennie" (Melton)6/25/1860 2/22/1939 Wed William 6/25/1879
SneedShelley Saddler 9/2/1909 8/11/1969  
SneedWilliam C 1/12/1856 5/13/1923 Wed Rachel 6/25/1879
SnelsonCharles Lane 11/28/1924 11/28/1924 S of Charles H & Mable
SnelsonGrover McKennon 12/2/1891 6/10/1979 Wed Robbie 5/8/1917
SnelsonIna Alice (Dicus) (Fox)1/5/1886 3/10/1972 W of Erie Fox
W of Andrew Snelson
SnelsonRobbie Ruby (Baskin) 1/23/1893 1/28/1979 Wed Grover 5/8/1917
SnowSusie 11/12/1963 10/26/2015  
SommerInfant Son 8/22/1917 8/22/1917 S of H G & N R
SommerOliver 3/8/1914 7/19/1914  
SorberRandall Neal 11/6/1946 3/3/1949  
SparksBenjamin 1870 1951  
SparksBessie Marie (Shepherd)2/12/1903 1/31/1925 Wed WW 6/14/1924
SparksE Lewis 7/21/1904 9/5/1965  
SparksEllen 7/18/1920 8/4/1962  
SparksFrankie Eugene "Gene"11/26/1945 11/4/2008  
SparksJocy Clara (Jamison) 8/20/1912 1/21/2001 Wed Joe 2/5/1933
SparksJoe Ben 4/15/1892 7/29/1976 Wed Jocy 2/5/1933
SparksKelly Doyle 5/2/1984 9/8/1984  
SparksStella V 7/6/1900 7/7/1981 W of William
SparksWilliam Hoil 6/30/1894 8/5/1970 H of Stella
SpauldingClaudie Lee 5/3/1943 4/2/2015  
Cleo Carl 11/15/191912/28/2012 Wed Edna 5/14/1939
SpauldingEdna Pauline (Sisco) 5/11/19217/6/2013 Wed Cleo 5/14/1939
Eugene Clifton2/28/1925 10/13/1976 S1 US Navy WW II
SpauldingJames Wesley 2/2/1906 5/29/1988  
SpauldingJohn    W of Sue
SpauldingJohn Taylor 4/5/1870 12/29/1950 H of Laura
SpauldingLaura Savanna (Lewallen) 2/1/1877 5/3/1968 W of John
SpauldingLeona 1/16/1922 1/23/1982  
SpauldingSue 2/2/1943 2/8/2003 H of John
SpearsAgnes Dyer (Wheadon) 1/3/1915 5/18/1991 W of Carl
SpearsArliss J 11/14/1925 11/30/1982  
SpearsCarl Paul "Doc" 12/18/1909 1/16/1964 H of Agnes
SpearsCarol 6/23/1938 1/2/2017 W of Joseph W
SpearsDean Ellis 9/11/1954 9/5/1994  
SpearsDella Mae (Howard) 5/3/1904 3/5/1992 Wed Luther 5/28/1922
SpearsJoseph M 6/14/1867 9/23/1941 H of Louvica
SpearsJoseph Walter "Joe" 2/6/1936 12/29/2016 H of Carol
SpearsLouvica (Robinson) 1863 1935 W of Joseph M
SpearsLuther Troy 4/25/1900 4/2/1993 Wed Della 5/28/1922
SpearsRoy Glen 12/28/1952 10/24/2014  
SpearsSamuel Boyd 10/15/1907 2/8/1984 H of Thelma
SpearsThelma Lorene (Wheadon) 6/14/1911 7/1/1992 W of Samuel
SpearsTroy Ellis 1927 1997  
SPEIRAlice M 19301935 
SPEIRGladys M 19181919 
SpenceAudrey Mae 3/4/1921 10/12/1978 W of O L
O L1/26/1915 1/7/1984 H of Audrey
Cpl US Army WW II
SperryHazel Bessie 3/22/1900 6/23/1914  
SpindleClarence 7/21/1924 9/22/1999 H of Mildred
SpindleMildred Evelyn (Rhine)7/13/1923 12/24/1976 W of Clarence
SpirlockBarry Wayne 8/5/1975 7/29/2005 Wed LaWanda 8/5/1994
SpirlockLaWanda Kaye (Whisler) 12/7/1975 9/28/2005 Wed Barry 8/5/1994
Calvin Cruce9/8/1907 3/8/1978 LCDR US Navy
SpiveyJosephine  Aug 2016  
SpradleyChloe Agnes (Clayborn) 11/25/1896 10/20/1985 W of David
SpradleyDavid Columbus II 12/15/1893 1/28/1985 H of Chloe
SpradleyGeorgia Y    W of James
SpradleyIla Virginia 12/10/1919 5/5/1995  
James Richard3/18/1922 8/18/1989 SSgt US Army Air Corps WW II
H of Georgia
SpradleyMicah Joseph 5/9/1978 4/28/1999  
Mildred M11/24/1918 3/8/1994 US Navy  WW II
StacyAlfred Harrison 3/24/1895 11/24/1965 Wed Mary 8/13/1911
StacyEual Henry 7/10/1913 8/1/1980  
StacyFaye Maybell "Maye" (Mann)5/15/1921 12/29/2016 Wed Homer 10/12/1935
StacyHaskell Clyde 8/11/1936 11/6/2013  
StacyHomer Harrison 6/15/1915 8/23/1959 Wed Faye 10/12/1935
StacyMary Rosetta Ann (Birge) 11/29/1894 9/30/1978 Wed Alfred 8/13/1911
StacySarah Sophia (Hughey) 2/17/1860 2/18/1937  
StaffordTina L 10/16/1968 9/14/2002  
StaggsGreen Porter 4/7/1848 8/1/1934  
StanphillDonnie Lee (Ritchie) (Crane)2/20/1904 4/22/1985 Wed Arthur Crane 11/20/1921
Wed John Stanphill 2/18/1970
StanphillDorthy 2/2/1919 3/20/1922 D of Elijah & Sarah
StanphillElijah Washington 1/29/1884 4/5/1968 Wed Sarah 11/20/1902
StanphillJames Riley 1/5/1871 10/14/1970 Wed Lassie 8/14/1898
StanphillJohn 1/5/1903 May 1984 Wed Donnie 2/18/1970
StanphillLassie Adeline (Frederick)3/6/1883 4/5/1978 Wed James 8/14/1898
StanphillMamie 6/20/1905 12/13/1945  
StanphillSarah Ellen (Fredrick)11/16/1887 9/16/1976 Wed Elijah 11/20/1902
StantonLorrie Ann (Davis) 6/29/1961 1/26/2006 Wed Randy 1/17/1998
StappBeaulah Ozell 2/17/1926 5/7/2002 Wed Raymond 5/4/1946
Raymond Dale Sr1/4/1923 11/22/2007 Wed Beaulah 5/4/1946
PFC US Army Air Forces WW II
StaussCora Adeline (Wright) (Greer) (Dovelle)1/22/1898 5/26/1965 Wed Loy Greer 4/12/1917
Wed John Dovell 5/9/1945
Wed Albertus Stauss 6/11/1955
SteeleBaby  1921  
SteeleBetty (Henshaw) 5/22/1930 8/27/1999 Wed George 8/13/1949
George Bryant10/18/1923 8/22/1997 Wed Betty 8/13/1949
SSgt US Army Air Corps  WW II
SteenHattie 10/14/1908 7/6/1962 W of Jess
James B11/14/1895 3/1/1970 H of Virgie
OK Cpl Btry B 53rd FldArty  WW I
SteenJess 9/20/1899 5/19/1965 H of Hattie
SteenVirgie N (Henshaw) 11/23/1902 8/10/1974 W of James
Clarence H9/3/1916 7/15/1993 Wed Margaret 6/1/1944
Cpl US Army Air Corps WW II
SteinmanMargaret Francis (Shinn)6/25/1923 11/10/2012 Wed Calrence 6/1/1944
StephensArtie Mae (Chandler)6/19/1941 11/17/2007 Wed Roy 7/6/1959
StephensBetty Carol (Ware) 1/27/1944 6/19/2015 W of Manuel
Herman R5/25/1916 10/22/1970 OK Pvt Co D 176th Bn IRTC  WW II
Manuel Ray10/24/1941 1/31/1986 H of Betty
SP4 US Army  Vietnam
StephensRoy Eugene 9/3/1939 11/17/2011 Wed Artie 7/6/1959
Thomas Craig12/30/1925 10/19/2002 S1 US Navy  WW II
StermerLeland Ross 3/23/1937 3/10/1999 H of Margie
StermerMargie Lee    W of Leland
StevensClarence Edward 12/17/1914 6/2/1993 H of Grace
StevensGertha DeOma (Lynn) 1/10/1884 1/11/1973 W of Robert
StevensGrace Viola (Slape) 4/9/1918 11/16/2010 W of Clarence
StevensLorena (Kidd) 2/26/1908 8/27/1977  
StevensMadeline (Hobson) (Houston)9/12/1912 9/21/1943 Wed David Houston 12/24/1931
Wed David Stevens 12/20/1940
StevensMary E 10/29/1887 4/5/1959  
StevensRobert Lee 9/20/1883 5/9/1964 H of Gertha
StewardMarlin A Age 1yr 11mo 8da    
StewartArvel E (Whisenhunt) 11/25/19175/1/2001 Wed Monroe 11/3/1934
StewartBertie Lorene (Marshall) 7/29/19243/12/2008 W of Claude
StewartCharles  6/23/1923 
StewartClaude Samuel 6/19/19192/8/1999 H of Bertie
Curtis Ray Jr 1/20/19536/24/2011 Sgt US Air Force
Sgt US Army  Vietnam
StewartCurtis Ray Sr 6/16/19347/11/2008 Wed Lorene 10/31/1951
StewartDebra L 12/6/195912/7/1959 
StewartDessie L 10/25/19151/9/1995 Wed Ray 7/10/1931
StewartEarl A 11/14/191111/3/2011 
StewartElizabeth Fay (Sampson) 12/2/19137/27/1969 
Homer Holmes 1/15/19071/19/1999 TEC5 US Army
StewartJimmy R   Wed Margaret 8/7/1964
StewartL E Jr 8/30/191511/3/1925 
StewartLee Roy 3/9/189610/23/1967 Wed Nora 12/16/1919
StewartLee Roy Jr 4/24/193111/26/2005 
StewartLillie M "MD" 10/4/190911/18/1990 Photo
StewartLorene (Underhill)   Wed Curtis Sr 10/31/1951
StewartMargaret H 1/5/19454/24/1983 Wed Jimmy 8/7/1964
StewartMonroe M 12/2/19141/1/1992 Wed Arvel 11/3/1934
StewartNora Angeline (Jamison) 1/10/19016/1/1987 Wed Lee 12/16/1919
StewartRay M 7/2/19052/20/1995 Wed Dessie 7/10/1931
StewartRussell Lee 4/9/191911/12/1987 
StidhamAnnaleen (Ritchie) 7/25/193912/16/2007 W of Donal
StidhamBob G 9/16/193012/18/2012 
StidhamDiana (Ellis) 6/10/193012/20/2014 
Donal Evan 1/31/19265/5/2007 H of Annaleen
Cpl US Army  WW II
George Lee 4/21/192911/21/2016 Capt US Army  Korea
StidhamGeorge Washington II 3/17/185911/3/1926 H of Jennie
George Washington III 3/4/18959/24/1978 US Army Air Corps
H of Irene
StidhamGeorgia Elizabeth (Hallman) 10/5/19074/2/1993 W of Thomas
StidhamIrene Marie (Staley) 12/30/1894Sep 1979 W of George III
StidhamJennie M (Lacey) 12/31/18748/31/1944 W of George II
StidhamThomas Edmond "Tom" 3/29/19051/29/1964 H of Georgia
StocktonDail 11/16/191211/25/1995 H of Dorothy
StocktonDorothy (Lynch) 3/9/19182/22/2005 W of Dail
StocktonRoger Dale 4/4/19395/24/2004 
StoneAdam 8/22/18995/29/1923 
StoneB W 3/8/18704/1/1891 
StoneBessie Leona (Hogan) 1/9/18985/7/1968 W of William
Carlton L 12/22/18952/7/1928 Co C 37thINF
StoneDillard Bloomfield 6/26/18738/9/1942 H of Esther
StoneEsther Mary 8/7/18847/27/1967 W of Dillard
StoneJessie Irene (Humphrey) 7/22/19132/16/1973 W of Loyd
StoneJimmy Lee 7/12/19451/9/1981 
StoneLoyd Benjamin 5/24/19122/15/1979 H of Jessie
StoneSandra Dean 8/7/19341/9/1939 
StoneT C 8/20/18621/12/1916 
StoneWilliam David 12/22/18936/9/1985 H of Bessie
StonerArka (Anderson) (Darks) 11/13/190210/7/1989 Wed Eugene Darks 1/17/1924
Wed Raymond 7/20/1937
Dr. Raymond Ward 5/15/189912/30/1949 W of Aurella Tonini
Wed Arka 7/20/1937
Intel Corps WW II
StormAllen 5/10/1911 11/18/1982 Wed Lee 12/29/1929
StormElveta (Harris) (Houseley) 11/25/1924 3/1/2008  
StormFoy 12/30/1908 8/16/2001 H of Sara
StormGary 1948 2015 FHM
StormGeorge Alexander 9/25/1889 3/2/1980 H of Ida
StormIda (Phillips) 9/3/1890 7/17/1965 W of George
StormKieffer Allen 8/18/1930 5/19/2001  
StormLee Ella (Howard) 10/5/1907 5/1/2010 Wed Allen 12/29/1929
StormLou Ann (Winkle) 3/18/1944 12/31/2013 Wed Clarence 12/9/1963
StormLois Geraldine (Walls)9/12/1930 2/13/2005  
StormMattie M 5/19/1891 11/4/1984  
StormSara 12/9/1911 11/15/1989 W of Foy
StormVena Ethel (Dixon) 1/1/1916 6/7/1991 W of William
StormWilliam B 12/9/1916 12/17/1982 H of Vena
StottsMaude (Marlin) 1884 6/7/1947  
StoutAnnie M "Fannie" 1875 3/2/1932 W of Thomas
StoutBeatrice H (Vandiver) 8/19/1906 6/12/1982 W of Harold
StoutHarold C "Lefty" 12/6/1904 6/21/1997 H of Beatrice
Jerry Lee6/30/1937 9/16/2011 Sgt US Marine Corps Korea
Wed Margaret 3/8/1956
StoutMargaret Fay (Bushyhead) 4/9/1936 11/9/2013 Wed Jerry 3/8/1956
Robert WSep 1891 8/12/1934 H of Virginia
OK PFC Base Hosp IOS
StoutThomas J 1872 1936 H of Annie
StoutVirginia May (Henshaw) 8/3/1898 10/14/1984 W of Robert
StowersEdith (Cowan) 4/27/1919 7/9/2001  
StradleyTena Marie 10/9/19632/13/2007 
StrahlOrlando J 1867 1953 H of Susie
StrahlSusie S 1883 1965 W of Orlando
StrangeCrystal Lynn 7/25/1990 4/18/2008  
StrayhornJudith M 1/2/19502/20/2013 W of Samuel
Samuel L 7/29/19235/30/2002 H of Judith
TEC5 US Army 
StroupMissouri A (Jones) 5/20/1853 7/19/1929  
SullinsDanny 10/29/1950 5/18/2003 Wed Jeanine 10/5/1973   Photo
SullinsJeanine    Wed Danny 10/5/1973     Photo
SullivanInfant 12/25/1910 1/1/1911  
SullivanJohn Rutherford 12/17/1883 8/30/1954  
SulphurSharkey 10/30/19306/13/2008 
SummersBeaulah's Baby 11/14/192011/14/1920 Baby of Beulah & Lemuel
SummersBerniece M (Martin) 10/4/19066/1/1998 W of H L
SummersBeulah (Curnutt) 8/25/18909/23/1923 W of Lemuel
SummersD E "Short" 5/29/19125/14/1957 H of Quentin
SummersEthel F (Simmons) 9/26/19011/16/1921 Wed 12/25/1919
SummersH L "Mun" 12/10/19044/28/1962 H of Berniece
SummersHomer Edward 5/15/190912/30/1995 
SummersLemuel Harrison 9/27/18811/26/1962 H of Beulah
SummersMary A (Roark) 5/24/185712/30/1943 
SummersNotie Gail 5/4/191512/10/1918 
SummersOla Mae 3/10/18947/24/1929 
SummersSamuel C 5/5/187612/9/1952 
Summers-BookerQuentin (Toon) 19181/21/2010 W of De Summers
W of Clyde Booker
SurberDavid M 11/14/1919 7/7/1987 H of Mary
SurberEliza Jane (Bullard) 10/8/1900 1/30/1974 W of Roy
SurberMary Frances (Jacobs)9/19/1923 9/23/1999 W of David
SurberRandall Neal "Randy" 11/6/1946 3/3/1949  
SurberRoy 9/16/1900 9/10/1962 H of Eliza
SuttonCharles Curtis 9/11/1942 10/26/1914  
Aaron Harding9/10/1920 7/21/2012 US Army  WW II
Wed Lessie 6/10/1948
SwadleyClifford Ross 8/25/1916 11/26/1977 H of Norma
SwadleyGrace (North) 12/23/1897 10/15/1994 Wed Rufus 11/19/1919
SwadleyJames R    H of Opal
SwadleyLessie Marie (Ferguson)4/29/1919 1/4/2004 Wed Aaron 6/10/1948
SwadleyNorma L (Weeks) 4/23/1922 3/7/1983 W of Clifford
SwadleyOpal L 7/3/1922 10/10/1971 W of James
SwadleyRufus Guy 4/12/1898 3/8/1977 Wed Grace 11/19/1919
SwaffordDella Lester 11/28/1878 9/1/1962 W of James
SwaffordJames Oscar 9/14/1874 4/20/1929 H of Della
SweaneyDorothy Cleo (Wilcox)10/4/1918 7/16/2015 W of Riley
SweaneyRiley N 9/28/1919 3/3/1997 H of Dorothy
James Merlyn 3/18/19268/20/2007 H of Rachel
US Navy  WW II
Photo & Obit
SweetRachel Kindred   W of James
SweetenMary Lee Clement (Jamison)6/20/1925 9/25/2014 W of Benjamin Jamison
W of ?? Sweeten
SwopeJohn Edwin 3/4/1948 6/24/2007  
SwopeStella Margaret (Vandegraft) 1/28/1879 10/22/1963  
Woodrow Wilson1/1/1918 2/9/1985 SSgt US Army
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