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St Joseph Cemetery
Woodward County, Oklahoma

gate photo
© Paul Shaw

St. Joseph and Mooreland Cemeteries share a common gate.

St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery
A Division of the Mooreland, Oklahoma Cemetrey
Canvassed by Wanda Thomas of the Northwest Oklahoma Genealogy Society

Location: The following description is taken from the original document.

State of Oklahoma}S. S

County of Woodward}

I hereby certify that I am the owner of the herein described real estate and premises lying and situated in Woodward Co., Okla. and that I have caused the same to be surveyed into lots, block, streets, and alleys, and hereby dedicate the streets and alleys as surveyed for public use and the plat hereto attaches is a true and correct representation of said survey and is to be know as St. Joseph Cemetery


State of Oklahoma}S. S

County of Woodward}

I J. A. Innis County Surveyor of Woodward Co., Oklahoma

Do hereby certify that above plot is a true and correct representation of tract of land as surveyed by me on the 19th day of Jan. 1908


To be used for cemetery purposes and to be known as St. Joseph Cemetery Described as follows to wit: Beginning at a point 33' north of the S. E. corner of the S. W. 1/4 Sec 23. T. 23. N. R. 18 W. I. M. thence West 167' thence N. 197' thence e. 167' thence s. 197' to place of beginnning containing 70/100 acres. Situated in the S. E. 1/4 of the S. W. 1/4 of Sec. 23. T. 23. N. R. 19 W. I. M. I caused a brick to be set at each and every lot corner.

Witness my hand and official seal this 8th day of February 1908 /s/ J. A. Innis (Seal)


Note from canvasser: The above includes 4 rows West side of East Cemetery road and the land East of the East Cemetery road to fence. North border is even with main East and West Cemetery road.

May be incorrectly listed in Mooreland Cemetery
Last NameFirst & MiddleBornDiedComments
AMES Douglas Clair 25 Sep 1944 1 Oct 2014 Obit
AVIJohn Jake18 Mar 191618 Oct 1974 Photo
AVILinda08 May 188823 Mar 1950 Photo
AVILouis18811956h/o Mary Photo
AVIMary18911919w/o Louis Photo
BALLIANKatexx xxx 1829xx xxx 1904 
Homemade stone between Lucy Lathan & Charles Fournier
BLEVINS Janet Louise Knitte 12 Dec 1927 09 Sep 2020 ObitW/O Wyman Dean m: 2/1/1947
BOUQUOTAlbert Ramey14 Jan 187225 Nov 1939 h/o Dora Photo
BOUQUOTAnna Estella21 Mar 187610 Jan 1937 Photo
BOUQUOTAnna Josephine {Knittel}28 Sep 186928 Jan 1959 w/o John Photo
BOUQUOTClara Philomena11 Aug 186923 Aug 1936 w/o William Lohberger Photo
BOUQUOTDora V {Hawk}09 Jul 188313 Feb 1972 w/o Albert Photo
BOUQUOTEdna L03 Jun 1898xx Jan 1979 Photo
BOUQUOTEstella M05 Nov 189515 Mar 1991 Photo
BOUQUOTEunice R {Spencer}02 Apr 191725 Dec 1999 w/o Harold Photo
BOUQUOTFrieda Marie {Gire}31 Jan 191230 Mar 2010 w/o John E Photo & Obit
BOUQUOTHarold S 30 Mar 190902 Aug 1934 h/o Eunice Photo
BOUQUOTJames Exx xxx 1941xx xxx 1959 Photo
BOUQUOTJohn E14 Mar 1906xx Mar 1959 Photo
BOUQUOTJohn Joseph27 Aug 187022 Jun 1927 h/o Anna J Photo
BOUQUOT Mary Ellen 4 Aug 1934 20 Feb 2015 Obit
BOUQUOTMary Katherine {Monti/Montys}30 Nov 185102 Feb 1931 Photo
BOUQUOTOmer Clair16 Oct 191118 Apr 1971 h/o Wilda Photo
BOUQUOTRosamond J  w/o Walter Photo
BOUQUOTTheobalt  US FlagCo K 40 IA Inf Photo
BOUQUOTWalter Vanson05 Dec 191508 Oct 1990 h/o Rosamond Photo
BOUQUOTWilda Alice {Ritterhouse}31 Oct 191808 May 1995 w/o Omer Photo
BURDICKAlbert Maynard01 May 190608 Oct 1957 h/o Angelia Photo
BURDICKAngelia Rita {Schnoebelen}11 May 190729 Dec 1999 w/o Albert Photo
BURDICKArthur Lewis16 Feb 190122 Nov 1906 s/o William & Jennie Photo
BURDICKCornelius Joseph24 Jul 193211 Mar 1987US FlagUSAF Photo
BURDICKDorothy Dane Wheeler24 Feb 190820 Dec 1999 w/o James Photo
BURDICKJames Wilbur11 Dec 190821 Dec 1993US FlagWW II US Army Photo
BURDICKJennie {Yeager}24 Oct 187624 Mar 1954 w/o William Photo
BURDICKMaurice Addison16 Jan 185212 Apr 1910 h/o Roena Photo
BURDICKOllie Belle05 Dec 189917 Fev 1943 d/o William & Jennie Photo
BURDICKRoena Iantha {VanGieson}20 Oct 185808 Oct 1944 w/o Maurice Photo
BURDICKWilliam A22 Mar 187823 Dec 1934 h/o Jennie Photo
BURNSGladys Evelyn Lehr07 Oct 190031 Mar 1946w/o Heber
BURNSGordon V24 Oct 188416 Nov 1954 Photo
BURNSHuber Vordan08 Mar 190118 Feb 1966 h/o Gladys & Mabella Photo
BURNSMabella A {Bowen}20 Sep 190118 Aug 1924 Photo & Obit
BUTLERJon Wesley10 Oct 196911 Mar 2013 Obit
CHASTELAmille {Ballain}xx xxx 185024 Nov 1931 w/o Casimir Photo
CHASTELCasimirxx xxx 1848xx xxx 1928 h/o Amille Photo
COLELester Leo28 Jul 190724 Feb 1964 h/o Margaret Photo
COLEMargaret {Marczynski}01 May 191526 May 2009 w/o Lester Photo
DEBOCKDorothy D22 Jan 192131 Jul 2005 w/o Kenneth Earl   Photo
DEBOCKInfant06 Mar 191606 Mar 1916 s/o William & Nellie Photo
DEBOCKKenneth Earl12 Mar 192117 Nov 1977 h/o Dorothy D   Photo
DEBOCKMary Elizabeth {Roedell}13 Apr 189919 Nov 1983 Rebecca Lodge Photo
DEBOCKNellie {Clifton}29 Nov 187218 Jan 1966 w/o William Photo
DEBOCKWilliam Henry20 Dec 187403 Feb 1929 h/o Nellie Photo
DILLIONIla M13 May 191119 Jan 1913 d/o Matt & Lucy Photo
DILLIONLucy Maud26 Jan 189102 Jan 1935 w/o Matt Photo
DILLIONMarciel Louise15 May 193005 Sep 1931 d/o Z J & M I Photo
DILLIONMary Emma {Coniver}xx xxx 1856xx xxx 1942 w/o Pat Photo
DILLONMatthew Michael11 Jan 187913 Mar 1960 h/o Lucy Photo
DILLIONPatrick Michaelxx xxx1842xx xxx 1910 h/o Mary Photo
FOURNIERCharlesxx xxx 1872xx xxx 1947 h/o Mary Photo
FOURNIERMary {Chastel}xx xxx 1881xx xxx 1913 w/o Charles Photo
FOURNIERPaul Jxx xxx 189905 Nov 1924US FlagService h/o Lizzie Photo
FROSTFrancis Brading Jr20 Jun 191024 Jun 1910 s/o Francis Photo
FRYEFranklin C22 Oct 189303 Nov 1968 
FRYEMary Ella165 May 190217 May 1982 Photo
HANEYEliza C30 Sep 184122 Sep 1936 w/o John  Photo
Age 94 years 11 months 22 days
HANEYSamuel W14 Oct 187118 Jul 1928 Photo
HOLLENLorteo06 Oct 190722 May 1909 Photo
HYDEAnna E18 Jul 190320 Feb 1947 Photo
JOHNSSavilla07 Jun 184411 Feb 1923 Photo
JORDANElizabeth12 Mar 184424 Nov 1918 Wife of James Jordan Photo
JORDANEmma E 20 Jan 1914Inf dtr of William and Dolly Jordan Photo
JORDANJames  US Flag Co E 157 NY Infantry Photo
KAMMERLOCHEREmerentia22 Jun 189827 Apr 1984 George Kammerlocher Photo
KAMMERLOCHERGeorge16 Jul 188425 Nov 1964 Photo
KAMMERLOCHERPaul23 Dec 193509 Mar 1936 Photo
KNITTELAlberta Margret00 000 191700 000 1918 Photo
KNITTELBarbara Kaye {Bostick}31 Aug 193607 May 2007 William S Knittel Photo
KNITTELCarrie L10 Oct 191417 Aug 1984 Hubert L Knittel Photo
KNITTELEtta K02 Jul 188506 Jun 1974 William L Knittel Photo
KNITTELEva Anna00 000 190400 000 1908 Photo
KNITTELFlossie Ann {Hamilton}24 Mar 189430 Aug 1968 Photo
KNITTELFrancis00 000 190200 000 1915 Photo
KNITTELFrancis Joseph08 Mar 185202 Dec 1933 Louisa E Knittel Photo
KNITTELHubert Leo11 Aug 190922 Mar 1983  MM2 US Navy WWII Photo
KNITTELJoseph J21 Feb 191231 Oct 2000 Mildred L Knittel Photo
KNITTELLouisa Mary E {Kortzenborn}18 Nov 185718 Feb 1948 Francis J Knittel Photo
KNITTELMildred Louise {Youngberg}04 Jan 191719 Mar 1960 Joseph J Knittel Photo
KNITTELOmer Francis00 000 192300 000 1923 Photo
KNITTELRamey Joseph03 Apr 189307 Aug 1981US FlagWW II SGT US Army  Photo
KNITTELVincent10 Feb 192107 Aug 1921 Photo
KNITTELWilliam L04 Oct 187915 Sep 1964 Etta K Knittel Photo
KNITTELWilliam Samuel "Bill"11 Nov 193425 Sep 1992  US Army Korea Photo
KREKERPaul E00 000 190500 000 1980 Photo
LARRICKOpal K00 000 190000 000 1963 Photo
LATHAMLucy00 000 190800 000 1944 Photo
LIERMANBertha L15 Jul 190726 Sep 1999 Walter L Lierman Photo
LIERMANCarol Kay21 Nov 194125 Mar 1942 Dtr of Walter and Bertha Lierman Photo
LIERMANLaura Tomiska24 Oct 187610 Aug 1947 Louis Lierman Photo
LIERMANLouis14 Nov 186119 Jun 1928 Laura Lierman Photo
LIERMANWalter L01 Nov 190601 Jan 1987 Bertha L Lierman Photo
LOHBERGERClara P {Bouquot}00 000 186900 000 1936 Wife of William Lohberger Photo
LOHBERGERMaurice C11 Nov 191617 Aug 1968 Photo
LOHBERGERWilliam "Bill"26 Jul 187623 Nov 1972 Photo
LYDENAgnes  Died in infancy Dtr of M H and Anna Lyden Photo
LYDENAnne M11 May 188215 Nov 1952 Michael H Lyden Photo
LYDENMichael H17 Jul 186903 Dec 1933 Anne M Lyden Photo
MADDANEthel A00 000 189500 000 1930 Photo
MARTIN Mary Anita Schnoebelen 3 Apr 1923 30 Aug 2016 Obit
McWILLIAMSHorace A30 Dec 191014 Feb 1983US FlagWW II Pfc US Army Photo
Husband of Margaret
NOELAnna Mary {Stanley}28 Oct 186623 Jul 1932 George A Noel Photo
NOELCarol {Hepner}16 Mar 193312 Oct 2006 Photo
NOELGeorge Adam06 Mar 186409 Nov 1918 Anna M Noel Photo
PANTALONE Ralph Joseph Jr. 31 Jan 1928 10 Jul 2015 Obit
PARKSCynthia Joe Ann24 Sep 195130 Mar 1953 Photo
PARKSDennis Roy04 Jan 195910 May 1959 Photo
PARKSJoan {Bouquot}09 Mar 193105 Jun 2012 w/o Claude A Obit
PARKSSandra J {Maddux} Morgan27 Jun 196025 Dec 1989 d/o Dean & Ava Photo
SCHNOEBELENEda Elizabeth {Knittel}19 Nov 186120 Apr 1977 Omer F Schnoebelen Photo
SCHNOEBELENHugh L13 Dec 191426 Apr 1998 Photo
SCHNOEBELENJames Omer10 Sep 1936 Vada J Schnoebelen
SCHNOEBELENMarguerite Gwendolyn26 Mar 191111 Jan 2008 Omer N Schnoebelen Photo
SCHNOEBELENOmer Fermer10 Feb 188413 Feb 1972 Eda E Schnoebelen Photo
SCHNOEBELENOmer N05 Nov 191216 Oct 2005 Married 29 Dec 1932 Photo
SCHNOEBELENVada Zo09 Apr 193813 May 2009 James O Schnoebelen Photo
SIMPSONNova05 Feb 189321 Sep 1909 Photo
SPANGLERRosetta Marie {Knittel}28 Jul 192024 Jun 1986 Photo
STEWARTJohnnie00 000 190300 000 1915 Beloved son of J L and Margaret B Photo
STOTTMANNLucy Elizabeth {Noel}19 Feb 190104 May 1993 Theodore B Stottmann Photo
STOTTMANNTheodore Bernard13 Dec 189618 Jul 1969 Photo
STOTTMANNTheodore Bernard Jr01 Aug 192517 Feb 2009 Photon & Obit
VOGTMartha Jane {Elias}00 000 185800 000 1952 Peter J Vogt Photo
VOGTPeter Joseph 00 000 186000 000 1924 Martha J Vogt Photo
WYCKOFFAgnes M21 Jan 182915 Jun 1943 Jesse A Wyckoff Photo
WYCKOFFBessie Lou00 000 194200 000 1943 Photo
WYCKOFFByron A20 Aug 191706 Mar 1982 M 28 Aug 1936 Photo
WYCKOFFCatherine Lucille 25 Dec 1944 Inf dtr of Mr and Mrs Simon Wyckoff Photo
WYCKOFFClaylian Millie20 Nov 190104 Oct 1938 Photo
WYCKOFFJesse Almon21 Jun 187531 Dec 1936 Agnes M Wyckoff Photo
WYCKOFFMary Agnes {Bouquot}21 Jan 187914 Jun 1943 

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