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Peoria Tribal Cemetery

Ottawa County, Oklahoma
Partial Survey

Location:  Sec. 17, R24E, T28N

The Cemetery was not set aside for burial of tribal leaders. It was originally my uncle Thomas Skye's allotment and was our Skye family cemetery. Descendants of Thomas Skye later deeded the property to the Tribe for continued interment of tribal members. Under Chief Rodney Arnette, the cemetery, along with the Peoria schoolhouse, was placed on the National Register of Historic Places (March 21, 1983).   LeAnne Reeves

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NOTE: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

I do not live in Ottawa County and I do not have access to any records other than those presented here. Therefore, I am sorry that I am unable to answer any questions about specific people. I will however, gladly help, IF there is anything I can look up for you.

ABNEREdith05-Jul-186606-Apr-1890Dau of D. W. & A.
ABNERSadie E. 17-Sep-1888Dau of D. W. & Ann; Aged 19 Years
ALLENHoward Lee   
ALLENOtis11-Oct-190019-Oct-1904Age 4 yrs. 8 da.
BAPTISTEAmanda 18-Apr-1886Dau of Louisa; Aged 15 years
BAPTISTEPeoria Chief Sep-187880 years
BEETSKatherine M.31-Dec-196406-Apr-1966 
BIGKNIFEJoseph 22-Oct-1895Aged about 48 years
BIGKNIFEMary 22-Sep-1898Aged about 42 years
BIGLEGKish Eco O Quah181823-Mar-1882Aged 65 yr.
BLAKESLEEJ. T.17-Jan-18381873 
BLALOCKCharles E.07-Jul-192421-Jul-1985dbl w/ Sally A.
BLALOCKCharles W. "Joe"06-Nov-191003-Sep-1971MOS IA WA SIK KA; dbl w/ Lucy Sadie
BLALOCKLucy Sadie Parks14-Jun-190611-Feb-2000AH WOU POU AQUAH; dbl w/ Charles W.
BLALOCKSally A.18-Apr-193205-Jun-2004dbl w/ Charles E.
BLALOCKWilliam Henry20-Jul-190210-Jul-1971image  OK PVT Btry A
BOYERFrancis T. 05-Apr-1877Aged 26 Ys 4 M's
BRYANTRalph Clifton   
CHARLEYEliza J.16-Jun-186406-Apr-1885Dau of ___ & Louisa
CHARLEYMary Josephine02-Jan-188103-___188_Dau of J. C. & A. E. Charley, Jr.
CRAWFORDGarnett A.30-Nov-190401-Feb-1994 
EDDYArthur 17-Sep-1891Son of Henry & Frances; Aged 3 months
EDDYHenry12-Nov-186621-Feb-1894Husband of Francis
EDDYSarah, Mrs. 31-Mar-1899Aged 52 years
ELLISEldora C. Niece04-Nov-190610-Sep-1996dbl w/ Emmett Nathaniel, Jr.
ELLISEmmett Nathaniel, Jr.12-May-190328-Jan-2001dbl w/ Eldora C. Niece
ENSWORTHWarren E. 19-Feb-1877Infant son of J. & E.; Aged 3 days
FARRISJ. M.29-Jul-186325-Feb-1907 
FINLEYKill Jo Quah 07-Oct-1871Wife of Jon; Aged 25 Yrs
FISHFrank 20-Sep-1890Aged 40 years
FROMANAsa John29-Jan-189509-Jan-1984image  OK PVT 142 Inf
CO E 36 Division A E F
FROMANClara Root18941925 
FROMANCora M.18931894 
FROMANGertrude09-Feb-190824-Jul-1995dbl w/ Guy Willis
FROMANGuy Willis, Chief04-Feb-190203-Mar-1994Chief of Peoria Tribe 1947-1972
GEBOSimmion F. 24-Apr-1882 
GILESJohn Donald22-May-192501-Jan-2009 image  US Army World War II
GILESMariom A.20-Aug-192227-Oct-1998 image  US Marine Corps
GLOVEREddie W. 16-Dec-1955 
GREENAnnabelle J.29-Dec-191906-Oct-1999 
HEAVINSCharles Berthell18951916 
HEAVINSLorena (Rene)Jul-1893Apr-1914 
HEAVINSRichard B.18341914 
HILLElsie10-Apr-190910-Apr-1909Dau of Mr. & Mrs. Jay
HILLWalter05-Jul-190524-Aug-1907Son of Mr. & Mrs. Jay
HOLMESJennifer Elaine08-Feb-197628-Feb-1995 
IRWINJabez W.15-May-184516-Feb-1910dbl w/ Lucindy C.
IRWINLucindy C.23-Mar-185711-Apr-1901dbl w/ Jabez W.
KILLOUGHClaude H.02-Dec-191818-Oct-1990image  SGT US Army WW II
KINDERBilly Quinn17-Feb-192311-Apr-1999image  US Army Air Corp, WWII
Info by: LeAnne Reeves
KINDERHelen Skye15-Nov-192413-May-1995LeAnne Reeves
KINDERKenneth Skye15-May-196512-Jan-2008Nah'gahmo Weh'nehneh (Man Singer)
Info by: LeAnne Reeves
LANDERSBobby 1927 
LANDERSEmma C.19-Dec-189902-Oct-1912Dau of J. W. & L. B.
LANDERSHarvey L.26-Mar-189517-May-1920Son of J. W. & L. B.
LANDERSJ. W.18671923dbl w/ Luly B.
LANDERSJames B.05-Feb-190722-Oct-1907Son of J. W. & L. B.
LANDERSLeona P.Apr-1909May-1909Dau of J. W. & L. B.
LANDERSLuly B.18711940dbl w/ J. W.
LANDERSRuth I.14-Sep-189908-Dec-1991 
LEWISJerry O.02-Dec-192322-Jan-2004 image  US Navy FC3 World War II
McGILLDorothy Marie19251965 
McNAUGHTONWallis O.15-Mar-192225-Jun-2006image  WOJG US Army WW II Korea
MYERSLouis E.18-Jan-191507-Apr-1994image  US Navy WW II
OLSENJoseph John18-Apr-192027-Feb-1990image  SGT US Marine Corps
US Air Force WW II
OLSENMary Blalock17-May-191810-May-2008Obit
PASCHALLLewis T. 08-Sep-1897Aged 28 years
PEERYElizabeth 04-May-1870Aged 28 Y. 1 M. 22 D.
Wife of D. L.
PLILERBessie Pearl12-Oct-188630-Dec-1907Aged 21 Y. 2 M. 18 D.
Beloved wife of James C.
Dau of S. T. & C. L. Dawson
PLILERClarence M.16-Feb-190709-Feb-1909Son of J. H. & E. J.
PLILERDora Ellen01-Nov-190105-Jan-1909Dau of J. F. & M. J.
PLILERLucinda C.17-Mar-190117-Sep-1903Dau of F. M. & R. E.
PLILERRichard H.21-Apr-190401-May-1904Son of F. M. & R. E.
PLILERRosa C.24-Feb-185105-Mar-1893 
ROGES. Feb-187123 years old
ROGERSHarold "Brooks"19081971 
ROGERSLillie M.25-Jun-190202-Jul-1999"MA"
RUNYONTillman07-Sep-191619-Mar-1995image  PFC US Army WW II
SARGENTPercie Alva Scott31-Jan-190520-Sep-1906Son of Perl & Mina
SATTERFIELDIsabel M.19101980dbl w/ Roy
SATTERFIELDRoy1912 dbl w/ Isabel M.
SAYERSWiley J.24-Aug-194204-Jan-2007 image  PFC US Army Vietnam
SHOOKCarrie25-Mar-188923-Oct-1910Wife of G. W.
SHORESOzetta Willene03-Jul-192813-Jan-2003Obit
SKYElsie M.02-Jul-186911-Apr-1895Wife of G. W.
SKYEFrances R.04-Jul-191820-Jul-2013Obit
SKYEGeorge Edward1-Nov-19418-Nov-1969image  Obit
OK PFC CO A 31 Inf (US Army)
Info by: LeAnne Reeves
SKYEGeorge Eri11-Sep-191607-Mar-1997image  T SGT US Army Air Corps WW II
SKYEHarriet31-Dec-190421-Dec-1899LeAnne Reeves
SKYELester29-Dec-190616-Nov-1951image  OK S2 USNR WW II
Info by: LeAnne Reeves
SKYEMargaret 24-Feb-1899Aged 72 years
SKYEWilliamFeb-186820-Feb-1923Nah-Go-To-Cop-Wah, Peoria Chief 1908
Info by: LeAnne Reeves
SMITHMarcella W.18-Jan-192620-Jul-1983 
STANDCornelius (Chief)09-Sep-193209-Oct-1998image  PFC US Army Korea
STANDJohn03-Feb-193507-Dec-1999image  Obit  SP3 US Army
STANDMary T.18-Jun-195916-Jun-1995 
STANDRaymond, Jr.19361991 
STANDW. C. "Froggie"19021986 
SWEEMBeulah M.26-Oct-189221-Oct-1918dbl w/ Violet M.
SWEEMViolet M.15-Aug-191817-Oct-1918dbl w/ Beulah M.
TYNERRoy A.12-Jan-192612-Aug-2001image  CPL US Army WW II Korea
TYNERWasa Lee05-Jan-192921-Jun-2012 Obit  Submitted by: Jo Aguirre
VALLEYElizabeth 01-Feb-1899Aged 85 years
VALLEYFrank Feb-1871Aged 44 years
VALLEYJoesphine25-Dec-184825-Feb-1901Age 52 Yrs. 2 Ms
VALLEYLovely 02-Nov-1889Aged 35 Yrs.
WADLEFelix 30-Sep-1883Aged 38 years
WALKERAnthony07-Apr-185830-Sep-1918"PIMYOATAMAH", dbl w/ Rebecca
WALKERCyril Everett19041905 
WALKERFreeman T.18-Oct-190228-Mar-1981  dbl w/ Mildred V.
WALKERHarry Grover18881910 
WALKERJohn B.29-Jan-188526-Jan-1919 
WALKERJohn Virgil19421942 
WALKERMildred V.09-Oct-1913   dbl w/ Freeman T.
WALKEROra Edith18971928 
WALKERPeggy Joe19351936 
WALKERPhillip Roy18911904 
WALKERRebecca31-Oct-186308-May-1941dbl w/ Anthony


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