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Jester Cemetery

Greer County, Oklahoma
Submitted © Rita Collvins Mayfield
Partial Survey

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NOTE: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.







Adams Charley 1875 1937H of Eva
Adams Eva Lena 1877 1914W of Charley
Adams Minnie Idell (Prater)Jun 15, 1903 Jul 31, 1988W of William Sr
Wed 6/30/1923
Adams William Cecil Jr "WC"Mar 24, 1925 Aug 7, 1926Photo
S of William & Minnie
Adams William Cecil Mar 15, 1904 Nov 6, 1974H of Minnie
Wed 6/30/1923
Allen Geraldene     
Allen Infant Jan 1909 Jan 1909 
Allen Nora B (McAlpin) Dec 19, 1889 Jan 10, 1909 
Atha Martin Luther "Lieu" 1883 1961 Photo
Atwood Elbert J 1886 1958H of Ethel
Wed 1/1/1901
Atwood Ethel A 1887 1970W of Elbert
Wed 1/1/1901
Atwood Leb Lee 924 1924 
Atwood Lula A 1861 1938W of Robert W
Atwood Robert Porter 1895 1928 
Atwood Robert W 1854  H of Lula
Austin Dr. David Childers Aug 27, 1928 Feb 7, 2009H of Zuma
Photo & Obit
Austin Dr. Zuma J (Slaton) Jul 17, 1933 Sep 27, 2002W of David
Averyt Clara Lucile (Paxton) Apr 8, 1894 1973W of Ernest
Averyt Earnest L Feb 6, 1922 Feb 23, 1922S of Ernest & Clara
Averyt Ernest T 1890 1964H of Clara
Balthrope Harvey W 1839 1914 Photo
Balthrope Robert D "Boby" Mar 11, 1896 Aug 15, 1907 Photo
Balthrope William PattersonDec 1861 1932 Photo
Barnes D S Aug 27, 1852 May 10, 1905 Photo
Bartee Jessie Maude Jun 29, 1888 May 28, 1908 Photo
Bartee Louise (Kyle) Mar 25, 1870 Aug 16, 1913W of William
Wed 7/13/1887
Bartee Luther Lowell Dec 18, 1915 May 31, 1916 Photo
Bartee William James Mar 27, 1865 1938H of Louise
Wed 7/13/1887
Beasley Ruby Ethel 1906 1921 
Emerson KDec 16, 1913 Jun 15, 1996H of Maurine
Wed in 1945
TEC5 US Army
Beekly Maurine Agnes (Paxton) Oct 24, 1911 Mar 24, 2014W of Emerson
Wed 1945    Obit
Bell T R Age 47 1913 
Berryman Gary P 1947 1982 
Bonneau Laura Emma (Adams) Oct 26, 1876 Mar 6, 1908 Photo
BRANCH Dean M. "Dee" 13 Aug 1947 16 Feb 2012 obit
Brothers Elizabeth Jane (Sutton)
1860 1936W of Richard
Brothers Mary Elizabeth (Carson)Jul 29, 1875 Feb 22, 1898 Photo
Brothers Richard Hunter 1849 1922H of Elizabeth
Brothers Wessley Oct 13, 1886 Jun 11, 1901 Photo
COLEMAN Carol Lynn 27 Jul 1941 18 Apr 2009 Photo & obit
Cotten Louis ClarkMar 2, 1877 1933H of Zula
Cotten Zula L (Paxton)Nov 9, 1880 Jul 21, 1959W of Louis
Daniel Ulysses S 1882 1964H of Velma
Daniel Velma (Paxton)May 17, 1899 Sep 24, 1998W of Ulysses
Fails Cleburne T 9/25/1906 7/15/1986H of Vivian
Cleon D9/12/1931 8/22/2019US Navy
Fails Daisy Elizabeth Thompson 3/24/1892 10/12/1967W of John    Photo
Fails Jana C9/6/1930 7/14/1933D of Cleburne & Vivian
Fails John Tolbert "Tol" 12/4/1887 6/30/1979H of Daisy  Photo
Fails Thomas Jefferson 2/18/1857 5/30/1936 Photo
Fails Vivian Pugh 9/6/1910 9/24/1994W of Cleburne
Gammill Everett Elsworth May 25, 1909 Mar 27, 1973H of Frankie
Gammill Frankie Elizabeth Paxton Dec 20,1900 Feb 9, 2006W of Everett
Grubbs Alcy C Jun 17, 1885 Oct 4, 1947H of Fannie
Grubbs Fannie Leenora Paxton 1886 1967W of Alcy
Marvin Lee Oct 17, 1922 Dec 23, 1963H of Wanda
OK TSgt US Air Force
Hall Wanda Paxton Jul 19, 1922 Apr 18, 1992W of Marvin
Haygood Edward Lee "Sonny" 10/31/1933 3/17/2006Wed Gladys 11/14/1953  Photos
Haygood Edward O "Ike" 3/19/1910 10/20/1994Wed Hazel 1/7/1933  Photos
Haygood Edwin Lydell 2/6/1961 12/30/2008 Photo
Haygood Emma Nelson Paxton 1889 1974W of Othar
Haygood Francis LaNell 7/31/1940 12/12/1940 Child of Leonard & Vera Photo
Haygood Gladys Irene Roden 11/16/1936 12/25/2018Wed Edward L 11/14/1953 Photos & Obit
Haygood Hazel Beatrice Cunningham 9/15/1911 3/15/2003Wed Edward O 1/7/1933  Photos
Haygood Infant Son 1924 1924S of John & Annie
Haygood John H 1851 1927H of Sarah
Haygood Leonard P "Bud" 9/2/1911 8/23/2003Wed Vera 1/28/1933
Haygood Lottie A Paxton 4/26/1882 3/14/1978Wed Oscar   4/11/1909
Haygood Oscar Samuel "Sam" 9/10/1893 1/ 22/1966Wed Lottie 4/11/1909
Haygood Othar H 1886 1917H of Emma
Haygood Sarah Jane Davis 11/8/1854 3/1/1940W of John
Haygood Vera Lorene Turbeville 1/12/1914 11/25/1994Wed Leonard  1/28/1933
Henderson Hester Maudean Paxton 11/17/1909 10/28/2000 Photo
Hooper Adda Mable Cross (Adams)Aug 30, 1885 Jan 9, 1973W of Joseph Adams
W of Charles Hooper
Hooper Charles E 1875 1958H of Adda
Jackson Annie Ross 18711893 
Jackson Etta Eliza Smith Jul 18, 1880 Sep 22, 1964 
Jackson James Alvin 19241925 S of C A & J M
Jackson Lillian Inez (Knox) 19081992 W of William
Jackson Margaret (Boyles) 1821Feb 23, 1899 W of Tryal
Jackson Tryal Evan 1820Apr 8, 1891 H of Margaret
Jackson William Earl Apr 9, 1910Apr 6, 1973 H of Lillian
McDonald Florence (Paxton) 3/29/1902 12/21/1990W of Joe   Photo
McDonald Joe Wester 5/13/1900 1/28/1974H of Florence   Photo
Paxton Annie Malissa Shields 5/2/1846 2/27/1926W of William Marion   Photo
Paxton Arlington Andrew 10/13/1855 5/16/1926Wed Mary J  11/7/1876  Photos
Paxton Bettie Alberta 1/4/1892 9/6/1934 Photo
Paxton Blaine Cornell 8/16/1880 11/8/1962Wed Mary M 7/24/1907
Paxton Charlie Henry Arlington 8/27/1896 8/26/1908S of Arlington & Mary  Photo
Paxton Edna Earle Williams 3/31/1909 11/23/1990W of William Morse  Photo
Paxton Emily Pearl Moore 12/15/1880 8/26/1964W of Guyde B   Photo
Paxton Fannie Jane McMillan 10/13/1870 1951Wed Lehoma 1/31/1894   Photo
Paxton Florence Geneva 11/6/1930 7/13/1932 D of Edward & Lou Photo
Paxton Frances Lillian Williams 10/5/1897 7/8/1982W of Julius  Photo
Paxton Frank Temple 9/26/1888 6/22/1963Wed Sarah 11/29/1908 Photo
Gerald 10/28/1924 6/21/2000Wed Gladys 12/3/1943  Photos
Paxton Gladys Juanita Moss 11/27/1919 2/21/2014Wed Gerald 12/3/1943  Photos
Paxton Guyde Beaumont 1881 1951H of Emily  Photo
Paxton Guyde Carroll 11/8/1924 6/27/1933S of Guyde B & Emily  Photo
Paxton Henry 3/12/1818 9/8/1905H of Martha   Photo
Paxton Henry Nelson 6/10/1921 9/28/1928 S of Edward & Lou Photo
Paxton Infant Son 12/2/894 12/2/1894S of Lehoma & Fannie   Photo
Paxton Iona Goar 1877 1857W of Wheeler   Photo
Paxton Joseph Hazel "Joe" 7/20/1905 11/14/1957H of Nora    Photo
Paxton Julius Bernard 2/2/1896 12/4/1981H of Frances   Photo
Paxton Lawrence 1899 1926S of Wheeler & Iona
Paxton Lehoma D 4/1/1866 4/1/1955Wed Fannie 1/31/1894   Photo
Paxton Marshall G 1870 1958H of Minnie  Photo
Marshall Henry 2/21/1906 4/3/1989US Army Air Corps
Paxton Martha 8/14/1828 4/30/1929W of Henry    Photo
Paxton Martha Armead 12/21/1897 Jul 1898D of Lehoma & Fannie    Photo
Paxton Mary Jane Coleman 1/5/1857 8/15/1935Wed Arlington 11/7/1876   Photo
Paxton Mary May Moffeitt 5/10/1886 2/13/1976Wed Blaine 7/24/1907
Paxton Minnie Grace Lehman 3/14/1873 3/12/1938W of  Marshall G   Photo
Paxton Norada Wenzola "Nora" McDonald 1/5/1911 3/15/2000W of Joseph   Photo
Paxton Russell James 1/2/1920 4/7/1999 H of Wanda   Photo
Paxton Sarah Mae Heatly 9/25/1889 9/27/1967Wed Frank  11/29/1908  Photo
Paxton Stanhope C 1856 1943 Photo
Paxton Susan Arminda Heatly 2/20/1882 3/13/1913W of E C   Photo
Paxton Wanda Jane Carpenter 3/29/1926 3/31/2003W of Russell    Photo
Paxton Wheeler W 1877 1951H of Iona   Photo
Paxton William Marion 8/17/1845 10/17/1918H of Annie   Photo
Paxton William Morse 5/15/1908 12/17/1983H of Edna   Photo
Peevey Alvah H 19/3/1894 5/21/1972Wed Evelyn 1/17/1915  Photo
Peevey Evelyn P Paxton 11/6/1897 2/4/1986Wed Alvah 1/17/1915  Photo
Sears James G 1887 1947H of Maudie   Photo
Sears Maudie F Atwood May 8, 1891  W of James   Photo
Simmons Bettie Bess Nov 1856 Dec 1932W of John A
Simmons John Alexander Oct 4,1 846 Nov 9,1908H of Mary Ann
H of Bettie (Bess)  Photo
Smith Brandand Feb 20, 1829 Jun 26, 1896H of Virginia
Smith Virginia Ammie Barnes Aug 4,1853 Jul 19, 1921W of Brandand
StockflethPatricia Ann Sevier11/5/1939 3/13/2022W of Willis  Obit
Stockfleth Willis Gene8/2/1937 12/20/1989TSgt US Air Force
H of Patricia
Winters Clifford LFeb 5, 1927 Mar 2, 1927 Photo
Winters Mary Margaret HeatlySep 8, 1917 Feb 8, 2016 Photo & Obit
W of Wilbur
Wed 9/8/1935
Winters Wilbur HarryJul 5, 1913 Aug 7, 1986 Photo
H of Mary
Wed 9/8/1935

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