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Choska Cemetery
Wagoner County, Oklahoma
Submitted & © 2002-Present by: Cheryl Travis & Area Coordinator

From 51B go 3 miles South on Hwy 104, turn East on E. 231 st St S. go about 1 mile up the hill on the North side on the road and there are you, a very small sign on fence post that simply says "Cemetery".
This cemetery was also called Chooska/Choska Bottoms Cemetery by many of our Ancesters. These are not all the stone pictures as far as I know as you can see from the pictures here it is very HARD to see all the stones. There are a lot of just stones marking the final resting places.
A BIG THANK YOU to my hubby and son for waiding through the stickers to help me find the stones we were able to get so that I am able to put online for others.
Names with no stone pictures were names that I got off a transcription done by James W. Tyner and Alice Tyner Timmon was published in Our People and Where They Rest Volume 3, 1970, pgs 87-88. And another survey was done by Donald A. Wise on 6-9-1988.

If you have family buried in the Choska Cemetery or can take a gate photo or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
NOTICE. If you submit information to this website and change your e-mail address please notify the area coordinator with the county/cemetery and new e-mail address so we can keep our pages as up to date as possible.
Acree, George Henley b.4-22-1844 d.3-23-1909 See photo
not lost blest thought but gone before where we shall meet to part no more
Acru, Unnamed baby Unk-Jul 29,1923  
Allen, Doyl3 Unk- Jun 19, 1917  
Arnold, Ellen Melissa (Banning) b.2-10-1872 d.5-8-1930 See photo
W of James
Arnold, Hoy Walter b.8-2-1914 d.2-5-2000 See photo
Arnold, James E. b.1-14-1873 d.10-7-1953 See photo
H of Ellen
Arnold, Jesse Wilson b.6-30-1930 d.9-9-1936 See photo
Arnold, Lucy Francis b.1914 d.4-24-1967 See photo
Arnold, Noma Darlene b.1949 d.2-22-1968 See photo
Bailey, Eveyln Nov 19, 1925 - Jan 9, 1926  
Ball, W. L. b.1897 d.1897  
Banning, J. C. b.2-27-1850 d.4-11-1903 See photo
Bean, Elizabeth b.6-27-1865 d.10-6-1907 See photo
Bell, W. F. d.1897  
Boatman, H.R.    
Bobnett, M. L. Jul 2, 1892- 1897  
Boles, Jennie P. b.12-24-1872 d.4-2-1899 W of F. C. Boles
See photo
Booth, William Jasper Feb 29, 1884-Apr 1, 1934  
Bradford, d.1901 Born in Holland
Brandon, Charles W.
  Co. A. 40 Iowa inf. Civil War Vet
See photo
Browning, Jessie b.10-29-1898 d.12-28-1898  
Browning, Robert R. b.3-13-1894 d.6-8-1894 Photo 
Bryant, Josiah b.1-11-1865 d.2-22-1905  
Bryant, Patta C. Jan 2, 1891 - Mar 27,1891  
Bryant, Infant Son Sep 19, 1891-Sep 19, 1891 Photo
Burnett, J. C. M. b.10-16-1859 d.3-4-1925 See photo
Carden, Martha (Casey)(Acord) 1837 - 1899  
Carter, Charles L. b.2-14-1879 d.1-16-1899 Son of C.& E.J. Carter
See photo
Chapman, Blueford L. b.10-31-1898 d.11-28-1900 Son of L.W. & T. B. Chapman
Chapman, Leonard W. b.1-28-1900 d.11-14-1900 Son of L.W. & T. B. Chapman
Cole, Cassie Unk-Oct 27,1918  
Cole, Charley Aug 5, 1918 - Oct 6, 1918  
Cole, Donnie Jul 5, 1917 -Apr 25, 1918  
Cole, Fred Unk - Jul11, 19917  
Cole, Hoy Jun 9 - Oct 28, 1918  
Cole, Leonnia Jul 2, 1917 - Sep 20, 1917  
Cole, Sena b.6-20-1894 d.6-15-1917 Wife of E. C. Cole
Darr, Walter N. b.3-16-1884 d. 4-2-1898 Son of W.H. & M.C. Darr
Davis, Arthur E. Feb 2,1890- 12-23-1941 Age 51 years
Davis, Carl D. b.1920 d.1966  
Davis, Mary F. d.2-1956 Age 72 years
Dawson?,   See photo
Dilbeck, Gracie b.7-16-1898 d. Aug 5,1899 Daughter of W.H. & N. Dilbeck
See photo
Drake, Joanna b.7-19-1864 d.2-12-1903 Wife of W.J. Drake
Etched Stone    
Etched Stone   See photo
Etched Stone   See photo
Etched Stone   See photo
Etched Stone   See photo
Eubanks, Louise   See photo
Evans, Earney    
Fleetwood, Ader b.1900 d.1901  
Ford, Charles Randolph 1848-1920  
Foutch, Nola Zola May 2, 1933-Feb 12,1945  
Foutch, Wyndal Jan 16, 1924 - Jun 21, 1947  
Gaines ,Josiah B. b.5-3-1897 d.12-22-1899 Son of F. W. & E. D. Gaines
Glazier, John B. Aug 26, 1926 - Jun 13, 1927  
Goodrich, Charley M. b.10-11-1900 d.4-25-1902 Son of J.M. & N.V. Goodrich
Grabeel, Isaac b.9-20-1879 d.10-15-1898 Son of T. E. & Susan J. Grabeel
See photo
Green, M. C.    
Griffin, Baby 1901 Baby of Twainie Griffin
See photo
Griffin, Twvinie Unk-1896  
Griffin, W. F. 1896 See photo
Hard To Read   See photo
Harris, Hubert J. b.1907 d.1915  
Harris, Hugh G. b.1907 d.1907  
Hart, Albert    
Hensley, Hunter Blaine b.8-5-1897 d.10-14-1898 Son of J.W. & G. Hensley
Hoover, Margaret A. (Barber) b.1-24-1838 d.10-7-1906  
Hoover, William C. b.10-14-1873 d.10-6-1906  
Hughes, Baby    
Hughes, U. E.    
Hughes, Baby    
Infant   See photo
Johnson, Charley M. b.9-2-1879 d.7-14-1897 See photo
Johnson, Louise Aug 4, 1914 - Jul 26, 1918  
Johnson, Matthew b.5-8-1877 d.1-2-?  
J.W.   See photo
Key, K. H. Unk-1898  
Kilgore, Allen Unk - Sep 15, 1917  
Kimes, Besy(sic) 11-20-1911 d.12-28-1911  
Laswell, Mandy (ss)    
Laudet, Elsworth b.11-27-1876 d.1-5-1899  
Laudet, Joseph E. b.1-16-1879 d.11-4-1900  
Lawrence, John b.1900 d.1906  
Ledbetter, Addie b.5-6-1900 d.1-17-1906 Daughter of C.W. & S.A. Ledbetter
Ledbetter, L. L. Feb 15, 1886- Aug 30,1904  
Lemons, Joe A. b.1890 d.1900 See photo
Lindley, John Unk - May 9, 1924  
Lowren, W. M.   See photo
Man, R. T.    
McBurnett, A. M. May 16, 1895 - Jun 9, 1898  
McBurnett, E. A. Mar 3, 1901 - Unk  
McBurnett, E. A. Unk - Nov 2, 1897  
McBurnette, Jessie C Oct 1858 - Mar 4, 1926  
McCain, J. R. Unk - Jun 25, 1917  
McCall, Cleo W. b.6-13-1903 d.12-26-1903 Son of Abe & Z. McCall
McCall, Verney Addie b.12-5-1902 d.2-23-1906 See photo
McIntosh, Willie Unk - Jul 26, 1926  
Morgan, Bonnie M. b.1-11-1911 d.2-13-1911  
Morgan, Edith A. b.1879 d.1926  
Morgan, Oral E. b.1912 d.1916 Daughter of J.C. & S.C. Morgan
Morgan, Willie b.10-25-1889 d.7-23-1890 Son of C. W. & L. B. Morgan
Morrison, Rosell b.8-13-1881 d.1-30-1905 Wife of J. M.
See photo
Nave, Bessie    
Nave, Isaac N. 1849-Jul 1, 1896  
Neel, Mary Matilda Marie E. (Hodges) b.12-8-1853 d d.3-3-1909 W of W. F. Neel
Neel, Vivian A. b.7-19-1905 d.10-7-1908 Daughter of W.W. & E.A.Neel
Neel, W. F. b.1-1-1852 d.6-30-1906 H of Mary 
Nelson, W. W. b.1-1-1852 d.6-30-1906  
Nelson, Woodrow Wilson b.8-26-1912 d.12-26-1926  
Newman, Ruth Louise b.12-17-1930 d.8-2-1931 See photo
O'Neil, Beatrice b.12-18-1896 d.7-26-1899 Daughter of J.M.& S.A. O'Neil Photo
Parker, John 1850-1937  
Perry, Anthony Pierce Jun 16, 1855 - Jan 25, 1927  
Phillips, Dessie Myrtle Mar 29 - Oct 24,1918  
Phillips, Unnamed Baby Aug 27, 1925-Aug 27, 1925  
Points, Eulus Otto b.5-25-1927 d.11-28-1930 See photo
Potter, Jane    
Reed, Eliza Unk-May 22, 1927  
Reeves, Ollie b.12-28-1916 d.9-24-1917 Son of D.V. & Margaret Reeves
See photo
Richards, P. W. Unk - Sep 21, 1917  
Robertson, Baby No Dates See photo
Robertson, Baby No Dates See photo
Robertson, Lewis C. Nov 27, 1908 - Aug 7, 1909 Photo
Robertson, S. V. Sep 20, 1876 - Nov 1, 1913 Photo
Robison, Pearlie Unk - Aug 15, 1916  
Robnett, Margaret Louise (Bingham) (Nave) b.7-2-1852 d.1897 Info added by:
Ruth McGough Huhes
Rowan, Albert Kyle Jun 15, 1944 - 1945  
Ryan, Ralph Vernon Aug 18, 1930 - Jan 14, 1932  
Sams, Axie 1886 - 1891  
Sams, Lee b.8-17-1893 d.3-30-1894 Son of J.W. & G.Sams
Seals, William Oval 1914 - Jul 31, 1934  
Shaver, W. D. b.3-7-1855 d.3-26-1917 See photo
Sinkler, Arizona b.11-17-1874 d.6-12-1900 Wife of C.A. Sinkler
See photo
Sinkler, Infant b.6-2-1900 d.6-2-19006 Dau of C.A. & A. Sinkler
Sloan, Reathie B. b.9-6-1898 d.8-2--1899 Dau of W. & W.F. Sloan
Smith, Anne Lee Dec 14, 1930 - Dec 14, 1930  
Smith, Dora May b.8-21-1880 d.1-7-1902 Wife of J. W. Smith
Smith, T. E. Dec12, 1891- 1895  
Snow, Hester (Addage) Age 58 - Aug 1,1923 W of Freeman
Sterling, Antoinette Sherman "Nettie" (Guffey) Dec 13, 1864 - Nov 30,1890 Wife of F. L. Sterling
See photo
Stimmel, Georgette b.10-18-1894 d.6-21-1894 Daughterj of I.L. and Belle Stimmel
Stone   See photo
Stone   See photo
Stone   See photo
Stone   See photo
Stone   See photo
Stone   See photo
Tall Stone   See photo
Strout, Bailey P. Nov 20, 1874 - Feb 1, 1935  
Taylor, W. E.    
Taylor, William Oct 28, 1853 - Oct 3, 1929  
Terry, Dora F. b.2-25-1893 d.9-15-1893  
Terry, Ida E. b.10-3-1896 d.5-23-1900  
Terry, James R. b.8-21-1884 d.7-1-1900  
Terry, John F. b.5-23-1886 d.8-22-1902  
Terry, Leo E. b.12-25-1898 d.2-2-1899  
Terry, Naoma F. b.8-28-1861 d.2-9-1900  
Terry, Walter C. b.11-25-1894 d.9-13-1895  
Thomas, Lewis d.8-21-1926 See photo
Tipton, Quincy b.4-21-1873 d.6-9-1899  
Todd, Ethel b.8-1901 d.11-1901  
Todd, Ida b.1861 d.1901  
Trail, Ben b.10-27-1885 d.8-27-1907 See photo
Trail, Infant   Infant of J.M. & Nora Trail
Trail, John M. b.1863 d.1920 See photo
Trail, Lena Oct 27, 1885 - Aug 27, 1907  
Trail, Mary b.1880 d.1968  
Trail, Mary b.1-5-1840 d.7-23-1900 Photo
Trail, Nora b.10-11-1877 d.4-10-1901 Wife of J.M. Trail
Tall Stone   See photo
Tuttle, Alice E. b.1-1902 d.11-1902  
Tuttle, Georgie E. b.1-1-1902 d.11-20-1902 Son of G.C. & Alice Tuttle
Vandermark, David b.9-1-1806 d.11-3-1885  
Vandermark, Julia b.12-16-1808 d.3-1-1886  
Vanmeter, Bert d.8-11-1906 Age 20 years
Wade, Ruth b.1912 d.1943  
Wallins, Huwely b.3-2-1905 d.3-16-1905  
Wilson, Charley b.3-6-1890 d.6-1891 See photo
Wilson, Charley   See photo
Wilson, Infant d.8-12-1891 Baby of A.T. & M.E. Wilson
Wilson, Mary b.3-23-1854 d.4-27-1895 Married 3-19-1871
Wilson, Nevell Nov 2, 1915 - May 2, 1917  
Wilson, W. O.    
Wood, Dora b.4-22-1904 d.8-4-1905  
Woods, Ervie Unk - Oct 29, 1918  

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