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Ottawa Indian Cemetery

Ottawa County, Oklahoma
Partial Survey

Location:  Miami, Oklahoma

If you have family buried in Ottawa Indian Cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the county coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
NOTE: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

I do not live in Ottawa County and I do not have access to any records other than those presented here. Therefore, I am sorry that I am unable to answer any questions about specific people. I will however, gladly help, IF there is anything I can look up for you.

ABLEDewey192217 Apr 1936Son of Jake & Marie 
AKERSBurl02 Nov 191307 Dec 1995  
AKERSElura12 Dec 189115 Nov 1969Wife of Franklin H. 
AKERSFrank H.10 Mar 189026 Feb 1976  
AKERSGary Dean22 Jul 194315 Jul 1965Son of Burl & Dora 
ALBROCharles A.14 Feb 185119 Jan 1928  
ALBRODoval A.16 Apr 191113 Apr 1963  
ALBROEmma M.07 Feb 185607 Jan 1899Wife of Charles A. 
ALBROErnest H.12 Apr 188407 May 1967  
ALBROFannie19 Sep 187620 Sep 1876Daughter of Charles A. & Emma 
ALBROFrances F.14 May 188919 Dec 1967Wife of Ernest H. 
ALBROGlendois Nadine20 Apr 190828 May 1908Daughter of Ernest H & Frances F. 
ALBROJennie L.24 Jan 189617 Nov 1959Wife of Samuel D. 
ALBROSamuel D.06 Apr 189326 Jun 1969  
ALBROWalter Gene09 Apr 194604 Mar 1978image Vietnam 
ALEXANDERWalter Lee29 Jun 194319 Mar 1983image  Vietnam 
ALLBRITTENHaskell L.24 May 193121 Jul 1996  
ALLBRITTENMary05 Feb 193312 Apr 1994Wife of Haskell L. 
ALLENRobert C.29 May 185911 Jul 1882  
ALLGOODHarold Lee 14 May 1935Son of Thomas 
ANDERSONCharles "Buddy"13 May 193229 Oct 1941Son of Earl & Ina Belle 
ANDREWSF. A.05 Apr 186909 Feb 1927Husband of Florence 
ANDREWSJames Benjamin20 Sep 190321 Nov 1972  
ANDREWSNaevene04 Aug 191228 Jul 1994Wife of James Benjamin
ANGELOMary Ann192128 Oct 1992Wife of Harry F. 
ANGELORobin Michelle06 Feb 198702 Apr 1987Daughter of Larry & Loretta 
ANGELOTyrone G.10 Oct 194825 Apr 1975image  Vietnam 
ARMSTRONGBerthaOct 189702 Apr 1898Daughter of George & Eliza 
ASHJohn L., Jr.20 Nov 191821 Dec 1981image  WW II 
ASHJohn L., Sr.29 Sep 188109 Jun 1973  
ASHRosetta24 Feb 188913 Nov 1955Wife of John L. 
ASHRudock W.04 Oct 192425 Nov 1994  
BAILEYEdna 08 Oct 1898Daughter of J. H. & Sarah J. 
BAKEROma Violet Sween189228 Jun 1971Wife of Winton Miles 
BAKERWinton Miles188704 Sep 1959  
BALDRIDGECharles Rex16 Nov 193729 Jul 1941Son of Lee M. & Mary L. 
BALDRIDGEDavid Lee07 Jul 193408 Jul 1934Son of Lee M. & Mary L. 
BALDRIDGEJoseph Morris27 Oct 194401 Dec 1967Son of Lee M. & Mary L. 
BALDRIDGELee M.18 Dec 191227 Feb 1994  
BALDRIDGEMary Laura28 Jun 191621 Mar 1971Wife of Lee M. 
BALDWINAnnas Darnell07 Aug 188808 Sep 1934Wife of Fred W. 
BALDWINBud23 May 189603 Jul 1948image  WWII 
BALDWINDelphina A.29 Oct 186120 Sep 1918Wife of John A. 
BALDWINDollie M.16 Oct 188528 May 1909Wife of Fred W. 
BALDWINDora186910 Apr 1953  
BALDWINEverette Miles16-Dec-192109-Nov-1999 
BALDWINFred W.24-Mar-188415-Dec-1961 
BALDWINGeorge Washington188918-Aug-1964 
BALDWINHenry19-Jul-187814-Jul-1918Husband of Maggie
BALDWINInfant19221922dau of C. W. & Martha
BALDWINJ. W.23-Sep-192807-Oct-1928son of John M. & Sara 
BALDWINJohn A.14-Jan-183219-Jul-1913  
BALDWINJohn M.187316-Sep-1927  
BALDWINJohn S.01-Aug-192431-Jan-1991  
BALDWINLeavia26-Nov-192024-Feb-1993Wife of Everette M. 
BALDWINMary Jeanette189216-Apr-1922Wife of Geo. W. 
BALDWINSeymour 11-Mar-1894son of John A. & Delphina 
BALDWINWilliam H.04-Mar-191030-Dec-1979  
BALLBobby Gene192701-Apr-1945  
BALLCharley W.186706-Dec-1935  
BALLKatheleen N.12-Feb-192401-Feb-1992  
BALLMarjorie29-May-190607-May-1992Wife of Ray 
BALLMartha Jane06-Jun-188921-Dec-1854Wife of Charley 
BALLRay, Rev.13-Apr-190111-Apr-1988  
BALLWilbur L.04-Nov-1920   
BANISTERGenevieve19-Jun-190822-Feb-1910dau of J. M. & Alice 
BARKERClifton L. R.30-Jul-191009-Apr-1980  
BARKERJewel Stella17-Feb-192525-Oct-2000Wife of Clifton R. 
BARLOWAmos Farrell27-Aug-190923-Feb-2000Info provided by:
William Joseph Barlow
BARLOWEdith Thankful07-Jul-188504-Aug-1961Wife of Titus W. 
BARLOWLeonard Bell09-Feb-191216-Nov-1964  
BARLOWLewis Homer09-Mar-190504-Apr-1996Dad was a chief of the Ottawa Indian Tribe
Addition info
provided by:
William Joseph Barlow
Son of Lewis Homer Davis.
BARLOWMary09-Sep-190522-Jan-2009Info provided by:
William Joseph Barlow
BARLOWTitus William10-Jan-188022-Apr-1943Info provided by:
William Joseph Barlow
BARLOWZelma M.08-Nov-191027-Oct-1995Wife of Lewis Homer 
BARNESEddie Joe11-Jul-193811-Mar-1989  
BARNETTDavid "Was-so"182820-Dec-1878Chief of Ottawa Indian 
BARNETTJoshua 22-Feb-1879son of David & Sophia 
BATEMANFanny 27-Mar-1903Wife of Jack 
BATEMANJack 03-Apr-1903  
BIDDLEEmma Lou190919-Jul-1928dau of Louis O. & Mary B. 
BIDDLEEthel M.29-Mar-190012-Jan-1962Wife of Walter J. 
BIDDLEEvelyn G.22-Jan-191328-Jul-1913dau of Louis O. & Mary B. 
BIDDLELeonard O.12-Jul-192405-Jan-1971image  WW II 
BIDDLELouis O.187425-Dec-1929  
BIDDLEMary B.188230-Oct-1946Wife of Louis O. 
BIDDLEWalter J.29-Apr-190410-Jun-1960  
BLAIKIEMaria Elena07-Oct-194323-Nov-1966Wife of Charles 
BLAIRHarold Eugene18-Mar-192712-Aug-2001Husband of Matilda Lou 
BLAIRIra Griggs30-Jul-192127-May-1941dau of William & Leona 
BLAIRLeona M.22-Jun-190104-Mar-1969Wife of William E. 
BLAIRMary J.01-Oct-191512-Feb-1982Wife of Virgil W. 
BLAIRVirgil W.29-May-191711-Jul-1982  
BLAIRWilliam E.25-May-189513-Dec-1975  
BLAKECatherine02-Feb-190204-May-1984Wife of William H. 
BLAKEWilliam Henry08-Mar-188921-Oct-1960image  WW I 
BLEVINSGeorge W.04-Mar-187903-Dec-1943  
BLEVINSIda Mae08-Jun-188203-Jan-1943Wife of George W. 
BLEVINSPleasant, Mrs.14-Feb-189818-Nov-1933  
BLEVINSViolet06-Mar-190216-Jun-1997Wife of Burl 
BONBRAKESteven Ray03-Mar-195817-Nov-1987  
BONDSusan "O-zah-wat"186515-Jan-1891  
BOWERSGracy Kathery19-Aug-190915-Jan-1984Wife of Robert L. 
BRADLEYJames Henry05-Sep-188213-May-1934  
BRADLEYMary Angeline18871964Wife of Burl 
BRADLEYMaude Isabel02-Jul-188005-May-1952Wife of James H. 
BREWERCarmel H.13-Jun-189207-May-1977image  WW I 
BREWEREva r.02-Aug-1906 Wife of Carmel H. 
BREWERJessie21-Jan-188912-Jan-1911Wife of H. D. 
BREWERNewatha13-Aug-191020-Aug-1912dau of H. D. & Jessie 
BRIDGEFORDJosephine Mary15-Nov-190221-Aug-1993Wife of J. Everett 
BRIGGSFred Cecil20-Feb-190329-Dec-1973  
BRIGGSHelen Nadine Brooks191509-Sep-1962Wife of Fred C. 
BRIGGSOlive Jane11-Nov-1903 dau of J. W. 
BRIGGSRoy Earl    
BRISCOELarry Dale25-Nov-196503-Feb-1990  
BROWNEdith May26-Mar-191529-Mar-1915dau of John A. 
BROWNMargaret E.25-Sep-183926-Jul-1919Wife of S. Anderson 
BROWNNancy A.30-Jan-195328-Jul-1905  
BROWNS. AndersonFeb-1836   
BROWNZelpha Hope19081908  
BRUMLEYBonnie Jean19-Apr-191627-Jul-1983Wife of Dale H. 
BRUMLEYDale Horace, Sr.11-Dec-191421-Sep-1964  
BRUMLEYDale, Jr.11-Jul-195424-Jul-1954son of Dale H. & Bonnie J. 
BRUMLEYGuy A. 11-Sep-193722-Feb-2005 image  See More
BRUMLEYSandi Jo15-Sep-196828-Sep-1968dau of Danny & Phillis 
BUCHANANHelen16-Feb-1925 Wife of "Bill" 
BUCHANANWilliam H. "Bill"13-Dec-191121-Oct-1979  
BUFFALOAlberta E.25-May-191325-Nov-1913  
BUFFALOHarris J.17-Jun-191801-Jan-1919son of John & Ruth 
BUFFALOJ. A.31-Dec-189529-Mar-1919  
BUMPMyrtle May McBrien188120-May-1951Wife of Theodore 
BUNCEKathy Irene195020-Apr-1991Wife of Larry 
BUNCELarry W.1946   
BURGANPatricia192907-Nov-1959Wife of Thomas 
BURGINAlbert T.31-Oct-193105-Dec-1931son of Virgil A. & Ruth 
BURGINAlfonzo F.188311-Jan-1959  
BURGINAmelia188513-Jun-1951Wife of Alfonzo F. 
BURGINClarence Otto17-Dec-190522-Jan-1972  
BURGINMaude Ellen188511-Nov-1945Wife of Alonzo 
BURGINMorgan09-Jun-191510-Dec-1992image  WW II 
BURGINRuby I.14-Mar-190910-Oct-1992  
BURGINRuth15-Jul-191221-Feb-2002Wife of Virgle Albert 
BURGINRuth Marie07-Apr-191318-Nov-1988Wife of Morgan 
BURKENancy A.05-Nov-186501-Dec-1939Wife of William W. 
BURKERegina M. Blackwell19-Oct-190917-Jun-1943Wife of George W. 
BURKEWilliam W.09-Mar-184907-Jul-1921image  Indian War 
BURKSC. R. "Ray"19-Jan-191720-May-1986  
BURKSNora F.09-Mar-1922 Wife of C. R. 
BURKYBILEBetty J.31-Jul-193520-Oct-1990Wife of Charles J. 
BURKYBILECharles J.22-Jul-193414-Feb-1995  
BURKYBILEJoe Lee28-Feb-191019-Jan-1984image  WW II 
BURKYBILERobert Lee, Jr.11-Jul-196218-Aug-1987  
BURTONCloyd H.09-Jan-190201-Jul-1969  
BURTONDelmar K.11-May-191108-Jun-1934  
BURTONEffie Hall187607-Sep-1927Wife of Virgil Anderson 
BURTONGary Neil17-Jul-192929-Jul-1936  
BURTONOrlin E.01-May-190010-Nov-1953  
BURTONVernon Nicks13-Jan-192109-Oct-1931son of Orlin E. & Rose 
BURTONVirgil Anderson22-Apr-186928-Nov-1938  
BURTONW. Ruth22-Oct-19071983Wife of Cloyd H. 
BUTLERGladys12-Jul-1913 Wife of Frank 
BUTTERFIELDRoy Edward06-Aug-188919-Jun-1970image  WW II 
BUTTERFIELDSadie J.31-Dec-187415-Jul-1968Wife of Roy Edward 
BUTTERWORTHGertrude Wall18781956Wife of Henry A. 
BUTTERWORTHHenry A.187120-Jul-1928  
BUTTERWORTHMary B.28-Feb-183312-Feb-1915  
BUTTRAMA. R.18781956  
BUTTRAMMary E.23-Mar-186020-May-1946Wife of Bishop P. 
BYNUMQuinten21-Mar-191912-Sep-1919son of Rev. J. & Martha 
DUMASLonnie Eugene01 Oct 194929 Dec 1970 See More
HOUSEMANGerald Leon "Jerry"19 Dec 192608 Jan 2015 See More
MIDKIFFGary Bruce07 Jun 194504 Feb 1968 See More


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