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Shirley Cemetery
Cherokee County, Oklahoma

© Annajo Limore

A full survey, photos, and driving directions are needed for this cemetery.
If you have family buried in Shirley Cemetery have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
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Note: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

BAILEYEleanor24 Mar 184826 Sep 1924 See More
BLYFrances Carol07 Feb 194711 Feb 1947 See More
BLYMary A.01 Feb 191620 Jan 1992In Loving MemorySee More
BLYNora19 Apr 189304 Mar 1952 See More
BLYVan02 Dec 188906 Apr 1971 See More
BLYWilliam A.28 Mar 191829 Dec 1989In Loving Memory
US Navy World War II
See More
BRANNONHenrietta23 Sep 1944 Always In Our HeartsSee More
BRANNONShearill Ray13 Aug 194018 Jun 2007Beloved Husband & Father
SP6 US Army
See More
BRIGGSClarence13 Jun 190118 May 1956 See More
BRIGGSGeorge Wesley05 Jan 189017 Oct 1961FatherSee More
BRIGGSMaggie L.20 Mar 189417 Oct 1982 See More
BRIGGSOpal Elizabeth12 Apr 187504 Apr 1953 See More
BRIGGSWalton W.01 Feb 188810 Jan 1978 See More
BROWNBiva Maudean18 May 193207 Jul 2003Thy Life Was Beauty, Truth, Goodness & LoveSee More
BROWNCharley F.18731937 See More
BROWNGeraldine "Jerrie" L.1964 Resting In The Arms Of GodSee More
BROWNHaskell L. 19 Sep 1927 Thy Life Was Beauty, Truth, Goodness & LoveSee More
BROWNKnon Van04 Nov 190609 Jan 1966 See More
BROWNMarvin Lee27 Apr 196305 Aug 1989US ArmySee More
BROWNMicheal "Mike" L.19542005Resting In The Arms Of GodSee More
BROWNNorman Van02 Apr 194619 Nov 1993 See More
BURNSBernice L.30 Dec 192202 Feb 1983 See More
BURNSBobby Lynn 29 Jan 1986Son of John & SarahSee More
BURNSGarland W.29 Jul 190524 Dec 1980 See More
BURNSJohn L.08 May 191629 Jan 2004PFC US Army Word War II
Company B 807th Engr Bn
See More
BURNSJosie03 Feb 187908 Mar 1961 See More
BURNSPeggy24 Oct 191330 Dec 2004 See More
BURNSTom23 May 187427 Apr 1963 See More
CAMPBELLCressie E.20 Mar 1951  See More
CAMPBELLHurchell Nathan22 Dec 190608 Aug 1984 See More
CAMPBELLJarome M.21 Jul 191303 Mar 2005Married June 1, 1940See More
CAMPBELLMartha Ellen05 Jun 188508 Mar 1962 See More
CAMPBELLMelvin23 Jan 187730 Jul 1950 See More
CAMPBELLMelvon J.13 Nov 195122 Oct 2012 See More
CAMPBELLMildred D.12 Jan 1923 Married June 1, 1940See More
CLEMONSIsaac E.07 Apr 187826 Mar 1913 See More
CRABTREEEva May05 May 189910 Jan 1914 See More
CRABTREEGeorge W.06 Jul 189422 Oct 1939 See More
CRABTREEJames H.25 May 190029 Feb 1940 See More
CRABTREEJohn T.09 Jun 186516 Dec 1929 See More
CRAIGAnnie Mary18921972 See More
CRAIGArthur18821949 See More
CRAIGArtie26 Jul 190131 Aug 1925 See More
CRAIGBaby Boy 1913Brother of George And Sidney
Son of Eliza and Sam
See More
CRAIGBen19111982 See More
CRAIGBert19 Jan 192227 Nov 1981 See More
CRAIGBurl26 Sep 190228 May 1967 See More
CRAIGClona10 May 189506 Oct 1970Mother
Precious Memories
See More
CRAIGClona Lee16 May 193027 Jun 1946 See More
CRAIGCoy C.22 Oct 192125 Dec 1944Oklahoma SGT 264 Inf 66 Inf Div World War IISee More
CRAIGEarlene "Sammie" Doss14 Sep 1937 I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You
Married March 20, 1960
Together Forever
See More
CRAIGEdward T.06 Jun 187707 Oct 1895 See More
CRAIGEliza Jane Harlin23 Feb 189304 May 1916 See More
CRAIGErmina 11 Apr 1912A precious one from us has gone. A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home, which never can be filled.See More
CRAIGErmina08 Feb 191206 Sep 1944 See More
CRAIGG. W.09 Mar 183503 Jun 1909 See More
CRAIGGeorge Wm.10 Jun 191218 Jul 1978 See More
CRAIGGoldie Leona Camp03 Jan 191831 Mar 1961 See More
CRAIGJarome02 Jan 191311 Sep 1915Son of Arthur & AnneSee More
CRAIGJohnnie19251975Si US NavyWorld War IISee More
CRAIGKenneth02 Apr 193322 Nov 1981 See More
CRAIGL. A.12 Feb 193503 Jul 2010I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You
Married March 20, 1960
Together Forever
See More
CRAIGLeoma27 Jan 192527 Jan 1925 See More
CRAIGPeggie Spade19111980 See More
CRAIGSam15 May 188425 Nov 1954 See More
CRAIGSammie03 May 192820 Apr 1984In Loving Memory
PFC US Army Korea
See More
CRAIGSidney 21 Jun 19143 Months of Age
Son of Eliza and Sam
See More
DANIELSEarl J.30 Dec 192022 May 1989Minister
SGT US Army World War II
See More
DAUGHERTYErnestine19222003 See More
DAVIDSONAddie17 Feb 189504 Jul 1989Mother
In Loving Memory
See More
DAVIDSONEdith Margaret05 Nov 191811 Mar 1998 See More
DAVIDSONJohnie Haskell28 Jun 191407 Apr 1995 See More
DAVIDSONJohnnie Lee26 Dec 194102 Mar 2007Gone To Catch The Big OneSee More
DAVISRyan Blake08 Dec 199610 Apr 1997 See More
DELAMATERFrancis G.27 May 191531 Jan 1979 See More
DORRISAder09 Dec 188128 Jul 1948 See More
DORRISC.W.18741961 See More
DOSSMargaret Josephine Tudor30 Dec 192720 Apr 2001 See More
DUGGERLaura Parsons09 Dec 187727 Feb 1989 See More
EASTERB. Frank18751937 See More
EASTERJames Heber05 Jul 188624 Jun 1973Oklahoma
PVT US Army World War I
See More
EASTERJesse B.18471936Married Oct 6, 1874See More
EASTERMary E.18541938Married Oct 6, 1874See More
FARNAMBetty Townsend22 Aug 194119 Aug 2001 See More
FERGUSONFloyd Lee30 Apr 193029 Jun 2007PFC US ArmySee More
FOREMANRichard 29 Dec 1886Aged 24 YearsSee More
FORRESTAlger C.18981980 See More
FORRESTAnnie B.18771954 See More
FORRESTBirdie Lee29 Mar 191913 Apr 2007For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. - John 3:16See More
FORRESTHollis28 Mar 1933 2nd Lt. Army Signal Corps
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. - John 3:16
See More
FORRESTSimeon S.18741966 See More
FORRESTStanley S.20 Sep 190730 Nov 2001 See More
FULTSA. Dean "Craig"24 Mar 190830 Dec 1995 See More
GIESLERFreda18 Dec 192128 Jan 1925 See More
GIESLERGirtrude16 Mar 192803 Jul 1929 See More
GLENNJane24 Jul 181612 Jun 1881 See More
GOODRICHAnnie Pearl14 Feb 190028 May 1926 See More
GRAVESBetty J.03 Feb 192408 Apr 1995 See More
GRAVESEdward F.23 Nov 192018 Feb 2002 See More
GRUBERJames D.   See More
GUINNCatherine Salina07 Nov 187525 Sep 1923 See More
GUINNJ. A.20 Sep 187208 Apr 1921 See More
HILLSarah Frances18521929 See More
HINESArtus L.14 Jan 190905 Apr 1983Married Nov 17, 1928See More
HINESCallie C.10 Mar 190528 Dec 1993Married Nov 17, 1928See More
HITCHCOCKCharles D.01 May 188201 Nov 1965 See More
HITCHCOCKF. Josephine (Craig)19021924 See More
HITCHCOCKGlynnis L.19141916 See More
HITCHCOCKRaymond L. 02 Jul 192931 Jul 1989CPL US Marine Corps KoreaSee More
HITCHCOCKRoberta L.18911983 See More
HITCHCOCKRussell Dwight02 Jul 192929 Sep 1995 See More
HITCHCOCKW. I. "Rene"18841959 See More
HITCHCOCKWilma L. 13 Jan 1937  See More
HOODDeLois Tudor01 Mar 192109 Nov 1997Wife of EarlSee More
HUDSONAmanda Bessie07 Dec 189612 Dec 1984 See More
JOHNSONPeggie01 Apr 187911 Apr 1949 See More
JOYCEVivian19111994Daughter of Simeon and Annie ForrestSee More
KEARNEYRuth Brown01 Sep 191324 Oct 1985 See More
KRANKRev. Hugh M.1883
Pineville, KY
1915 See More
KRANKHugh M.10 Mar 192407 Jul 1984 See More
KRANKMargaret E.31 Aug 1933Oct 1933 See More
LAFOONSusan13 Sep 186927 Jan 1949 See More
LANEAnnie L.18651930 See More
LANEM. J. "Jack"10 Feb 186321 Feb 1952I Want TO Shake Hands With You In HeavenSee More
LITTLEFIELDJ. C. 22 Sep 193011 Oct 2010ENFN US Navy KoreaSee More
LITTLEFIELDPatsy30 Jul 1932  See More
MCCELLANJames19752010 See More
MCCLELLANJohnie Jack10 Apr 192502 Jul 1962W 2 US Navy World War IISee More
MCCELLANROY19302003 See More
MYERSConstance S.27 Aug 194202 Sep 1982 See More
MYRESJames Comadore28 Jan 188602 Feb 1972 See More
MYRESJames W.10 Mar 1932  Married Forever Sept. 1 1959See More
MYRESThelma C.10 Aug 193907 Dec 2011 Married Forever Sept. 1 1959See More
NICHOLSDale05 Apr 19321999PapaSee More
OXFORDStella21 Dec 190003 Jan 1940Wife of Toy OxfordSee More
PARKEffie Briggs06 Feb 190618 Aug 1953 See More
PARSONSJames J.16 Sep 184331 May 1915 See More
PARSONSMary09 Jan 184914 Feb 1945 See More
PRESLEYAnnie L.11 Jan 190829 Nov 2001 See More
PRESLEYDoyle A.08 Jun 190511 May 1973 See More
PRESLEYDoyle J.20 Aug 192902 Dec 2000Married May 19, 1951See More
PRESLEYInfant Daughter12 Dec 195112 Dec 1951Infant Daughter of D.J. & JoanSee More
PRESLEYPhillip H.21 Jun 195927 Jul 2011"Pops"See More
PRESLEYWanda J. "Joan"30 Oct 1931 Married May 19, 1951See More
PRIMMLaura18701943At RestSee More
PRITCHETTBeulah31 Mar 190501 Nov 1997GrannySee More
PRITCHETTJ. E.30 Sep 187317 May 1934God gave. He Took. He Will Restore. He doeth all things well.See More
PRITCHETTNoah "Joe"31 Jan 191212 Mar 1987For the love of the gameSee More
PRUETTJohn W.06 May 189703 Jun 1984 See More
PRUETTLaura Francis11 Mar 189719 Nov 1961 See More
PRUETTLeonard W.19 Jan 191909 Jun 2000US Navy World War IISee More
RHOADSBill   See More
RHOADSCarol   See More
ROBBINSHenry "Bud"16 Apr 188215 Feb 1974 See More
ROBERTSGeorge A.Apr 1935  See More
ROBERTSWilma D.Jan 1938Oct 2009 See More
ROBINSONVivian19472009 See More
ROGERSJames Elmer15 Jan 188513 Apr 1922Married Ada Melton 4 - 27 - 1905See More
ROSEHershel Lee12 Jan 193327 Nov 1967Oklahoma SGT CO 1 145 Inf DivSee More
ROSELarry W.27 Feb 195708 Aug 2010Father of Amanda & Victoria
Grandfather of Gary, Mandy, BreAnna, & Hidie
See More
SHARPArvell14 Jun 190617 May 1995 See More
SHARPLuther05 Sep 193309 Apr 1999SP3 US ArmySee More
SHARPWiley20 Apr 190213 Sep 1969 See More
SHERLEYAmanda14 Jan 186816 May 1906 See More
SHERLEYAnnie Laura Foreman17 Mar 182713 Feb 1897 See More
SHERLEYEdward L.07 Aug 190028 Dec 1900 See More
SHERLEYWellington11 Jul 186213 Nov 1900 See More
SHERLYL. W.22 May 182509 Jun 1894Aged 69 Ys & 17 Ds.See More
SHIRLEYAddie18571886 See More
SHIRLEYJohn L.06 Mar 185420 Mar 1940 See More
SMITHJessie L.09 Jun 194513 Mar 1970 See More
SULLIVANBertha Ella08 Jul 189311 Jul 1976 See More
SULLIVANEllis20 May 188824 Nov 1925 See More
SULLIVANSarah Roach Townsend18561917 See More
SWEETAnnie B.18921958 See More
TANNERHarry 24 Mar 1919Age 36See More
TANNERLouJun 1867Jun 1945 See More
TAYLORLucille M.16 Mar 190320 Jul 1984 See More
THOMASNettie Mae28 May 189402 Jul 1932 See More
TOWNSENDDora L.25 Jul 190201 Jan 1992Married Mar 15 1924See More
TOWNSENDEula Estes08 Apr 190214 Mar 1988Together ForeverSee More
TOWNSENDGeorge02 Mar 187331 Aug 1959 See More
TOWNSENDGeorge "Buster" Jr.17 Mar 191304 Mar 1964DadSee More
TOWNSENDInfant 17 Mar 1926 See More
TOWNSENDInfant 07 Jun 1927 See More
TOWNSENDJesse Burns11 Jul 192424 Feb 1999US Navy World War IISee More
TOWNSENDJesse "Red"31 Aug 190207 Jul 1976Married Mar 15 1924See More
TOWNSENDJulia Ann24 Sep 191125 Aug 1992MotherSee More
TOWNSENDLaura01 Apr 187723 Jan 1952 See More
TOWNSENDLeta B.27 Nov 192416 Jun 1989 See More
TOWNSENDMary Gayle20 Nov 1939 Vola amp; T
Until We Meet Again
See More
TOWNSENDR. Lowell13 Apr 193721 Jun 2000Vola amp; T
Until We Meet Again
See More
TOWNSENDRamona07 Mar 193514 Mar 1935 See More
TOWNSENDRussell L.07 Jul 192829 Jul 1996PFC US Army KoreaSee More
TOWNSENDTwins 1936 See More
TOWNSENDThomas "Tom" Riley11 Feb 190510 Feb 1991 See More
TOWNSENDWalter "Buck"12 Oct 189814 Mar 1988Together Forever
SGT US Army World War I
See More
TUDORAddie30 Apr 189602 Apr 1957 See More
TUDORBertha M06 Apr 191415 Apr 1988 See More
TUDORCarol Y.25 Aug 193804 Jun 1992Mom
In Loving Memory
See More
TUDORCharles D.   See More
TUDORCharles M.06 Sep 189126 Sep 1963 See More
TUDORClyde D.17 May 190512 Mar 1968Married Apr 08 1925See More
TUDOREarl L.17 Feb 190409 Apr 1966ASleep In JesusSee More
TUDORGerald Leo16 Nov 194027 Dec 2002 See More
TUDORHerbert Leon30 Jul 194212 Dec 2002A2C US Air ForceSee More
TUDORIreva H.17 Oct 1939 Peace In The ValleySee More
TUDORJace C.   See More
TUDORJames Raymond23 Sep 191529 Jan 1990Capt US Army Air Corps World War IISee More
TUDORJohn A.19 Mar 192116 Mar 1979Peace In The ValleySee More
TUDORJohn M.18 Sep 186519 Oct 1918 See More
TUDORJohn Raymond19 Nov 192628 Oct 1996MM2 US Army World War II KoreaSee More
TUDORJossie16 Jun 187418 Dec 1959 See More
TUDORKarada D.   See More
TUDORLester Kenneth06 Apr 193220 Dec 2000Brother
SGT US Army Korea
See More
TUDORLuther S.10 Mar 191126 Dec 1984 See More
TUDORMargaret24 Jan 192311 Nov 1925Gone to RestSee More
TUDORMiranda J.26 Apr 190409 Aug 1995Married Apr 08 1925See More
TUDORMonroe Charles27 May 191524 Oct 1993PVT US Army World War IISee More
TUDORRuby E.18 Aug 192109 Jun 1999 See More
TUDORTerri L.   See More
TUDORTressie P.06 Oct 191421 Sep 1964Oklahoma Lieutenant (NC) USNR World War IISee More
UNKNOWN    See More
WALLACEViola Krank30 May 190122 Oct 1984Our Beloved MotherSee More
WEBBJohn H.186621 Jun 1930 See More
WEBBMartha Ann (Graham)09 Jun 186617 Jun 1934 See More
WOLFELelah Dean19371958MotherSee More
WOODJames Quincy Jr.26 Sep 195224 Dec 1997 See More
WOODJames Quincy Sr.10 Aug 191327 Mar 1979In Heaven, We'll Meet To Sing Praises To Our Lord, Savior, and King
PFC US Army World War II
See More
WOODLaVonna27 Apr 194825 Feb 1970Precious MemoriesSee More
WOODMargie Bell13 Feb 192512 Apr 1986In Heaven, We'll Meet To Sing Praises To Our Lord, Savior, and KingSee More

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