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gate photo
gate photo
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Hendricks Cemetery
Cherokee County, Oklahoma

If you have any information on this cemetery, please e-mail area coordinator with the information.
If you have family buried in the Hendricks Cemetery or can take a gate photo that I can place on the website or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
NOTICE. If you submit information to this website and change your e-mail address please notify the area coordinator with the county/cemetery and new e-mail address so we can keep our pages as up to date as possible.
Note: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.
ADKISSONIrene29 Aug 192214 Nov 1935 See More
ADKISSONLorene29 Aug 192226 Jun 2001 See More
BATTIESallie05 May 184810 Sep 1878 See More
BERNARDRoberta Julyea28 Jun 193620 Sep 1936 See More
BERNARDRobert James23 Jun 193617 Sep 1939 See More
BLACKMANIssaac M.30 Jul 189121 Jul 1936 See More
BLACKMANNannie D.20 Jan 189607 Apr 1970 See More
BLACKMANOmer Leroy02 Dec 193317 Jul 1995  See More
BLEDSAWBessie M.14 Mar 190818 Jan 1985 See More
BLEDSAWCecil Lee23 Apr 192725 Jan 1992 See More
BLEDSAWErvin G.12 Sep 190330 Aug 1975 See More
BLEDSAWGeorge W.16 Feb 187519 Apr 1953  See More
BOLDINGAlice E.02 Dec 189920 May 1981 See More
BOLDINGAlley12 Aug 186620 Dec 1942 See More
BOLDINGAndrew W.03 May 189211 Apr 1957 See More
BOLDINGDorotha Fern10 May 02 Feb 1971 See More
BOLDINGW. H.24 Aug 186009 Mar 1937 See More
BROWNMary28 Mar 191708 Sep 1938 See More
BROWNMaudie01 Nov 192514 Mar 1946 See More
BROWNSherri Lynn03 Aug 195713 Nov 1957 See More
BROWNWill D.14 Mar 193606 Aug 1996 See More
BROWNLacinda Ruth09 Nov 1953  See More
CALLAWAYAndrew J.23 Sep 192704 Jun 1966OKLAHOMA TEC 5 US ARMY WORLD WAR IISee More
CALLAWAYBilly Dean12 Mar 195812 Mar 1958 See More
CALLAWAYJames Earl12 Apr 197923 Jan 2005 See More
CARTERKatherine Jennifer07 Jun 194916 Jun 2007 See More
CASTEELEdith L.20 Jan 190620 May 1984 See More
CASTEELWalter Frank30 Jan 189906 Oct 1971 See More
CAUDREYEliza14 Sep 186802 Jul 1929 See More
CAUDREYLewis25 Dec 184628 Aug 1905 See More
CHEARYOda L.16 Jan 190518 Feb 1920 See More
CORDRAYEugean16 Jun 190718 Mar 1909Son af Mr. and Mrs. H. C. CordarySee More
CORDRAYAndy A.10 May 186229 Mar 1954 See More
CORDRAYSusie B.19 Aug 188126 Jan 1962  See More
CORDREYEliza27 Apr 189627 Dec 1896Daughter of W. L. and J. CordreySee More
CORDRAYM.L. Apr 1898 See More
CORDREYRucksey29 Aug 187908 Sep 1892Daughter of Lewis and Eliza CordreySee More
CORDREYWilliam Apr 1899 See More
COYMartha M. Patten27 Mar 185425 Jan 1921 See More
CROWGeneva B.11 May 191804 Nov 1984 See More
CROWLeslie Diane16 Mar 197112 Jul 1971 See More
CROWThomas J.06 Apr 191612 Jan 1999 See More
DAVISPaul J.09 Dec 191109 Nov 1970CALIFORNIA EM1 USNR WORLD WAR IISee More
DAVISSue Parris31 Dec 194105 Oct 2003 See More
EASTHAMGrace J.04 Mar 190505 Jan 1980 See More
EASTHAMMarvin J.08 May 190414 Sep 2000 See More
EASTHAMTommy24 Mar 193808 Mar 1953 See More
EDENDan W.21 May 190731 May 1987 See More
EDENEtta06 Apr 188323 Dec 1949Wife fo John A. EdenSee More
EDENJohn A.25 Jan 187912 Jul 1962 See More
EDENJohn P.18791943 See More
EDENDan W.18811942 See More
FORESTERC.E. (Gene)20 Jul 190516 Jan 1988 See More
FORESTERThelma24 Jun 192222 Dec 1983 See More
GUINNFred M.01 Nov 193508 Sep 2001 See More
GUINNHelen Duvall18 Aug 192428 Nov 2004 See More
GUINNJ. L.27 May 192627 Feb 1995 See More
GUINNMargaret (Maher)22 Jul 1928  See More
GUINNRuby P.08 May 1936  See More
HAGGARDDollie&nbps;  See More
HAGGARDJess19031978 See More
HALLCalvin Ray16 Aug 1938Jan. 6,1995BT 3 US NAVYSee More
HALLGary Don18 Feb 197013 Apr 1972 See More
HALLJohn Calvin03 Nov 190709 Jan 1996 See More
HALLMelvin Don15 Feb 194310 Nov 2002"Donnie"See More
HALLMolile Ann13 May 188105 Jul 1963 See More
HALLSharon Gail (Powell)19 May 19441978 See More
HALLWillie Mae24 Sep 1948 "Indian"See More
HAVINIrene M.12 Sep 1924 "Stacy"See More
HEATHLouis O.27 Aug 192224 Dec 1994PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR IISee More
HENDRICKSHerbert H.19101960  See More
HENDRICKSHerchell13 Jul 190805 Jan 1950 See More
HENDRICKSMargaret11 Dec 180109 Jan 1876 See More
HENDRICKSMary A.19261995 See More
HENDRICKSNancy J.10 Jul 182905 Apr 1873 See More
HENDRICKSRichard E. 05 Dec 1924 See More
HENDRICKSThomas 29 Aug 187912 Aug 19108 INDIAN HOME GUARD KANS. INFSee More
HENDRICKSThomas Jr.14 Jan 187724 Aug 1930 See More
HENDRICKSWirt F.04 Apr 190607 Feb 1963 See More
HENDRICKSWilliam G.11 Oct 192204 Sep 2001TEC 5 US ARMY WORLD WAR IISee More
HICKSDella Mae16 Jul 1932  See More
HICKSJames F.10 Jun 192825 Jul 2002TEC 5 US ARMY WORLD WAR IISee More
HICKSJimmy Ray20 Jun 196219 Mar 2003Beloved SonSee More
HOLLARJohn R.01 Jan 188002 Mar 1902 See More
HOLLARSavelon11 Dec 187817 Dec 1878 See More
HOPKINSClarence18 Oct 192403 Feb 1988 See More
HUSTONSusie E.23 Jul 191516 Jun 2003 See More
JACOBSBeverly Ann18 Nov 193730 Sep 1984 See More
JONESJohn T.26 Mar 190617 Feb 1983PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR IISee More
JONESEmma E.18761967 See More
JONESVance E.18741955 See More
KILPATRICKMary J.30 Jan 183601 May 1921 See More
LATTYHazel A.   See More
LATTYHenry19131978 See More
LOOMESLizzie18781908 See More
LOWERYGeorge H.19 Dec 1898Oct.18,1967 See More
LOWERYMarie L.25 Sep 1906  See More
LOWERYParalee03 Jan 1900Oct.30,1968 See More
LOWERYSilas C.30 Nov 1905  See More
MAGEEFaye Mamie03 Apr 193209 Sep 2004 See More
MAGEEPaula Faye19 May 196217 Feb 1967 See More
MAHERClyde A.17 Dec 19071983 See More
MAHERMattie E.20 Jun 190715 May ???? See More
MCCOLLUMBetty Ruth Hilton11 Jul 193016 Sep 2004 See More
MULLINSJames H.27 Dec 192409 Nov 1990PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR IISee More
MURPHYCanary09 Dec 190114 Aug 1903 See More
MURPHYWilliam10 Jun 189625 Sep 1899 See More
PALMERAnthony "Tony"13 Oct 195913 Feb 1986 See More
PARRISNell Ellen06 Dec 190606 Sep 1989 See More
PETERSFred Lee01 May 194005 Jan 2002 See More
PETERSJoseph 11 Nov 196302 Mar 1994 See More
PETERSLari A.  Daughter of Larry and Kay BurkeSee More
PHILLIPSLeo10 Dec 192220 Sep 1944OKLAHOMA PFC 22 INF 4 DIV. WORLD WAR IISee More
POTEETEmma Wilson16 Apr 190727 Apr 1985 See More
PRICEAnnieMay 1819Aug 1879 See More
RICHARDSONLouis McKnightMar 189517 Feb 1978 See More
ROBERTSONJonathan Lee03 Feb 198206 Feb 1982 See More
ROOKSShenna Louise08 Jun 195614 Jul 1996 See More
ROSSMattew Cody18 Jun 198526 Sep 2005 See More
RUCKERDelores A.10 Feb 1944  See More
RUCKERJackie G.18 Jul 193204 Apr 2004 See More
SETTLEMYREBarry C.16 Feb 194524 Apr 2000 See More
SETTLEMYREGladys03 Feb 192625 Jan 2001 See More
SETTLEMYREPaul R.09 Nov 193213 Jan 1980 See More
SETTLEMYREPearl05 Apr 189720 Oct 1972 See More
SETTLEMYRERichard D.12 Nov 197812 Jul 1988 See More
SETTLEMYRERobert Lee23 Jul 192610 Jan 1995PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR IISee More
SMITHM. Louise Phillips26 Apr 191804 Dec 2003 See More
STACYBelle18761917 See More
STACYL.M.18691941 See More
STACYEffie M.12 Dec 191812 Dec 1918 See More
STACYEmma Caudrery   See More
STACYEthel M.27 Nov 190104 May 1984 See More
STACYJames E.23 Oct 193808 Dec 1938 See More
STACYJohn E.16 Apr 189906 Feb 1987 See More
STACYLewis18971986 See More
STACYMelinda Charlene24 May 193106 Dec 2008 See More
STACYSamuel E.26 Dec 189106 Feb 1950 See More
STACYViola J.08 Dec 191009 Aug 1989 See More
STACYWanda L.22 Jul 193313 May 1934 See More
STARRRalph Dee19231987 See More
STRATTONJodie13 Mar 192022 May 1993 See More
STRATTONJunior20 Nov 192722 Feb 2003PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR IISee More
TALLEYClint29 Apr 1888?? Apr 1966 See More
TALLEYIra Mae05 Dec 188610 Feb 1975 See More
TAYLORBobby Ray19661981 See More
TAYLORPeggy Ann20 May 193820 Mar 1992 See More
TEEHEEAnnie Post15 Nov 191901 Oct 2001 See More
TEEHEEKittie Viola09 Dec 189810 Jul 1949 See More
TEEHEELucian B.04 Apr 191724 Jan 1995 See More
TEEHEELucian Duane24 Apr 194223 Apr 1988 See More
TEEHEEMarvin E.12 Sep 192326 Nov 1996CPL US ARMY WORLD WAR IISee More
TEEHEEMonroe Buster10 Apr 189510 Feb 1979 See More
TERRELLShelia Kay19532002 See More
THOMPSONMartha J.Nov 1857May 1942 See More
THORNTONLonnie08 May 1931  See More
THORNTONLorene Hall19 Sep 1934 Married Dec. 15,1951See More
TINDELLLucy14 Jan 188103 Oct 1933 See More
TOOMBSElizabethDec 1907Nov 1908 See More
TUCKERAbbie W.19051933 See More
TUCKERMary A.19352001 See More
TUCKERRalph C.02 Nov 193120 May 1982PFC US ARMY KOREASee More
VASQUEZMary Ann27 Jul 193721 Nov 1998 See More
WEBSTERKaren Sue09 Dec 195002 Apr 2000 See More
WHITECora Bell10 Jul 1880Feb 1957 See More
WHITEHenry D.26 Jun 189722 Jan 1931 See More
WHITEHenry Lafaye19241978 See More
WHITEIrvin David19231976US ARMY WORLD WAR IISee More
WHITEJ. F.24 Dec 187520 Jan 1936 See More
WHITEMary Lu19261989 See More
WHITEVernie C.19091981 See More
WHITTMORELoula13 Sep 191030 Jan 1931 See More
WILCOXRaymond P.04 Oct 191002 Jul 2000 See More
WILLISThelma08 Jan 192123 Feb 1964 See More
WILSONAlfred E.19021960 See More
WILSONCrystal Faye13 Dec 197913 Apr 1980 See More
WILSONEmery (Joe)16 Apr 190707 Jan 1972 See More
WILSONEdward J.17 Apr 193309 Jun 1934 See More
WILSONElla Faye19 Sep 191514 Feb 1999 See More
WILSONEvert H. "Bucky"29 May 194512 Oct 1997 See More
WILSONGoldie V.05 Jun 190528 Dec 1940 See More
WILSONJames Thomas18771934 See More
WILSONNancy Susan18701962 See More
WILSONNicholas Graham03 Jun 200303 Jun 2003 See More
WILSONRosalee Jones15 Feb 190217 Jul 1985 See More
WILSON? Cleveland10 Jun 190306 Mar 1996 See More
WILSONThomas Henry05 Aug 189008 Jun 1938 See More
WILSONWillie L. Wilson10 Sep 193410 Aug 2001CPL US ARMY KOREASee More

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