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Woodward County, Oklahoma

Elmwood Cemetery
Woodwardh, Oklahoma


Marvin Loren Knight

February 12, 1942 ~ June 7, 2020

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Submitted by: Terry Dudley

Marvin Loren Knight almost finished his final list of fun. Play tennis. Play golf. Box on Friday. Convertible mustang: BUY IT. Never give up. His mission in life; to make someone laugh or smile.

Marvin went home on Sunday, June 7, 2020, and spent Saturday seeing visitors and taking calls, making his loved ones laugh and smile one more time. He was born not of privilege. He came into this world on February 12, 1942, and was just five years old when the Woodward, OK, tornado took the life of his father, Louis Knight, leaving his mother Birdie to raise nine children alone.

Marvin always said his young life was a hardship, and an honor. Before he headed off to Oklahoma University to study drama, he found his stage at home. At age 14, he honed his natural talent to entertain on the department store floor at CR Anthony’s in Woodward. He stayed with the company and had a booming career during his young married life with Becky Knight, the mother of his three daughters, Michelle, Annie and Lauren.

Destined to be a success in business, he first served in the US Army where he traveled through Europe and joined the boxing team. “Better to box than shoot,” he would say of that era that he described as good times and hard times.

Marvin was never driven by material needs and knew life was more than work. He called careers unimaginative. “Surround yourself with good people and watch them work! They will be happy to take you on their ride; all you have to do is let them.” That principle guided him when he cofounded the company, Top of the World Apparel in Norman, OK, in 1986. His talent in sales led to great success and provided great jobs for his colleagues whom he considered true friends and members of his family.

Marvin and TOW have been tailgating for decades, supporting both OU and OSU as the company continues to thrive in the ball cap and apparel business. He believed in making people happy and led by example of being kind and accepting of everyone.

Marvin enjoyed traveling, along with his gal Donna Rowland, of Oklahoma City. They explored much of the United States and traveled internationally, making friends along the way in China, and many countries in South America and Europe. Marvin would tell you to go places when you are young and save those lazy relaxing beach things for the old days of life when your body cannot take you any further.

He was a man of steel as long as his body let him. He was competitive but the social aspect of the games he played was his real joy. Marvin’s tennis skills are of considerable achievement, having traveled and played all over the states for numerous years. He amassed a substantial collection of tennis racquets and trophies to reflect that success.

Marvin was a winner. Among those he leaves behind is a group of men that he mentored who had all conquered alcohol. Together they laughed, loved, and stayed sober with smiles. They are his true friends and Marvin’s girls thank them.

He is survived by his three daughters, two sons-in-law and seven fabulous grandchildren, all of Edmond, OK. They are Michelle and David Rolle and their sons Sam and Peter; Annie and Brian Jones, son Ryan and daughter Alyse; and Lauren Owen and her sons Nick and Jack, and daughter Ella.

Marvin is also survived by his sisters, Joyce Alexander, of Woodward, OK; Ina Richardson, of Rochester, IN; and Martha Hancock, Springfield, MO; and many nieces, nephews and friends. He was preceded in death by three brothers, two sisters and a son-in-law. They are Bob and Ron Knight, and his best friend and little brother John; Mary Kornele and Betty Pendergraft and John Owen.

He would often say, “I have a lot of friends, as a matter of fact everyone likes me! Because I know you can make a life full of joy, a life worth living or maybe you can make their life worth living!”

That’s why he was here. Marvin’s life will be celebrated at 10 am on Thursday in a service at Matthews Funeral Home, 601 S Kelly, Edmond. A graveside service will be at Elmwood Cemetery, Woodward, OK at 4:00 pm.

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