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Hillside Mission Cemetery
aka Hillside Cemetery

186th North & Hillside
Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma
Photo © Kristy Fox

Photos © Harvey Fields

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Partial Survey
Located in the Northwest 1/4 of Sect 1, Township 22, Range 12, just across section line road from the SW corner of Washington Co.

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Note: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.






AbbottRoxanna R Bennett2/8/1879 5/2/1972 W of Sol  Photo
AdairEnoch Marvin7/27/1879 12/30/1972 Wed Jarvan 8/31/1903
Gerry 4/11/1932 5/30/2018 PFC US Women's Army Corp  Photo
AdairJarvan B Bennett1884 1969 Wed Enoch 8/31/1903
AdamsSusie B Sears1898 1902 D of Henry & Frances
AdamsVera Alice Maxey10/24/1884 2/16/1920 Photo
AddingtonLydia S Quinton4/2/1869 5/9/1900  
William Jackson 10/1/1891 4/21/1975 US Army  WW I
George E   1/8/1923 US Navy
AlkireBeula N8/31/1893 4/19/1901 D of A P & M E
AllemanMartha Caroline Castle Sep 1861 1928 W of Oliver   Photo
AllemanOliver Eugene4/12/1864 3/13/1934 H of Martha  Photo
AllenAnna Ruth8/16/1919 10/14/1927 D of Walter
AllenEllen Spurgeon5/27/1924 10/17/2015 W of Jack N Photo
AllenJack M2/17/1917 12/23/1923  
Jack N Sr 2/17/1917 8/10/1983 H of Ellen
Sgt US Army  Photo
AllenWalter Larkin2/10/1891 3/6/1967 Photo
AllsupHenry Pulliam1/18/1852 4/2/1940  
AlspachDaniel Clyde12/18/1887 9/3/1949 Wed Laura 10/29/1910 Photo
AlspachLaura Evelyn "Eva" Beekman 9/15/1892 1/10/1933Wed Daniel 10/29/1910
AlspachLena Elnora8/3/1916 7/12/1930D of Daniel & Laura
AndersallSaphrona3/6/1854 6/30/1919  
AndersonAndrew E1907 1967 H of Iva  Photo
AndersonIva4/13/1911 Oct 1972 W of Andrew  Photo
AndersonJohan1875 6/3/1945 Photo
AntireAnnie1862 1898 Photo
ArnoldCorrine M Bailey7/23/1912 4/28/1957  
ArthurRev Charles M1853 1927 H of Lucy
ArthurLucy C1868 1926 W of Charles
AustinCharles1875 1953  
AustinMary C1855 1939 Photo
AversBertha Francis Ann11/20/1916 3/21/1918 D of Arthur & Leola
B L C2/1/1900   Photo
BaileyBlanch Fobair1889 1965 W of John  Photo
BaileyDoris6/2/1926   Wed Thomas 11/3/1945   Photo
BaileyJohn W1883 1957 H of Blanch  Photo
BaileyMichael E8/18/1954 3/19/2017 Photo
Thomas Jefferson "TJ" 10/14/1922 4/29/2000 MM3 US Navy
WW II   Photos
Wed Doris 11/3/1945
BakerInfant9/22/1935 9/22/1935 Child of Elva & Jimmie
BakerLeroy1932 Sep 1932 S of Elva & Jimmie
BandelDr J W1853 1915  
BarbeeJames Leonard "Jimmy" 3/26/1937 6/17/1938 S of James & Evelyn
BarbeeLucy Ann12/15/1941 9/6/1945 D of James & Evelyn
BarbeeRuby Fern9/18/1922 9/10/1936 D of Clarence & Carrie
BarhanCaroline10/18/1847 6/11/1920 Photo
BarlowFlora Bell Metzger11/3/1875 4/1/1962 W of Julius
Gene F 7/2/1941 2/5/2018 Wed Joyce 5/25/1963
US National Guard
BarlowGeorge L1864 1934 H of Ina
BarlowIna M1883 1973 W of George
BarlowJohn D1870 1938  
BarlowJoyce Lynn Shelton3/29/1945 2019 Wed Gene 5/25/1963 Photo
BarlowJulius Douglas6/12/1870 11/8/1938 H of Flora
H of Maggie E
BarlowMaggie1878 1936  
BarlowMaggie E Briscoe6/30/1873 2/19/1896 W of Julius
BarlowRichard Lee10/23/1943 11/5/1943 S of Ben & Lillian
BarnesAda Mae6/26/1930 8/11/1930  
BarnesBilly J10/30/1933 2015 Wed Sylven  6/16/1956   Photo
BarnesEmma Viola Smith8/18/1886 10/14/1959 W of Joseph  Photo
BarnesIvy Nell Metzger1/25/1895 9/22/1962 W of Simon
BarnesJohn8/3/1880 12/16/1949  
BarnesJoseph Marion1/25/1877 1/4/1976 H of Emma  Photo
BarnesLester T11/19/1910 9/4/1957 Photo
BarnesLevina Marie2/1/1938 2/1/1938 Photo
BarnesLuke William10/22/1873 8/15/1962 H of Mary  Photo
BarnesMary Ellen Metzger6/2/1874 6/18/1945 W of Luke  Photo
BarnesNorman Ralph3/13/1913 11/11/1918 Photo
BarnesSammie1/18/1903 Dec 1917 Photo
BarnesSimon Peter4/4/1884 7/16/1976 H of Ivy   Photo
BarnesSylven M3/11/1939   Wed Billy 6/16/1956   Photo
William Wilson 8/15/1834 1/5/1904 Co G 5thTN Inf  Photo
BarnhartJoAnn9/22/1965 9/22/1965 Photo
BarthelEmily Josephine Lloyd 1856 1928 W of Joseph Photo
BarthelEugene Lee12/25/1887 12/13/1972 H of Violet   Photo
BarthelJoseph8/1/1849 1/11/1902 H of Emily   Photo
Joseph Lee 1/11/1894 7/23/1976 BM1 US Navy
WW I   Photos
BarthelNaomi A9/3/1892 12/10/1978 Photo
BarthelViolet May Randolph 11/26/1899 10/7/1983 W of Eugene  Photo
BartonAnna McLaughlin1878 1/14/1962 W of Frederick
BartonFrederick Low8/17/1878 11/23/1959 H of Anna
BartonIksaFeb 1873 6/3/1914  
BartonRoy Leslie6/14/1932 9/3/1996  
BascomLoy3/3/1913 4/15/1922  
BaslerJo Ellen Sears8/8/1933 9/24/2015 Photo
BeanAmos Leon1/3/1916 4/17/2009 Wed Frances Sneed 9/7/1941
Wed Evelyn Hunt 6/4/1962  Photo
BeanBenny Gene3/6/1934 7/30/1934 S of John & Elnora Photo 
BeanBlanche Beatrice Massie 6/6/1892 12/13/1918 Wed John 12/28/1910 Photo
BeanCarel June8/22/1935 4/4/1936 D of John & Elnora   Photo
BeanErnest Brown9/26/1924 9/25/1924 S of John & Elnora Photo
BeanEvelyn Marie Hunt5/15/1939   Wed Amos 6/4/1962  Photo
BeanGary Alan10/14/1964 11/29/2006  
BeanInez Lewees4/24/1927 4/24/1927 D of John & Elnora  Photo
BeanJohn Brown11/23/1893 9/11/1987 Wed Blanche Massie 12/28/1910 
Wed Elnora Starr 8/30/1923   Photo
BeardDarrell G1/27/1951 7/27/1974  
BeardElla J "Jackie"12/21/1929 4/22/2005 W of John
BeardJohn Patrick "Pat" 11/24/1926 4/26/2001 H of Ella
BeldonC Aabt 70 10/1/1924  
BellBillie10/22/1942 10/22/1942 Child of W H & Edith
BellGordon7/31/1909 4/17/1967  
BellInfant5/15/1936 5/15/1936  
BellRobert10/12/1912 12/24/1965  
BennettClyde M12/4/1893 5/28/1926 Photo
BennettJoseph Elmer Jr10/28/1946 10/28/1946 S of Joseph E & Edith
Joseph Hardin 9/28/1837 9/29/1901 Co E 4th FL Inf CSA
Marion 3/25/1889 9/25/1956 OK Cook Co M 358th Inf WW I
BerkleyBillie Jean3/4/1931 10/1/1931  
BerkleyJames Robert5/2/1857 12/19/1923 Wed Virginia 6/29/1879
BerkleyJoseph Lee  "Joe" 9/30/1910 11/17/2002 Photo
BerkleyThomas Ray1/6/1933 3/4/1949  
BerkleyVirginia Eulan Patillo 11/22/1861 1/2/1925 Wed James 6/29/1879
BibleGeorge Preston8/17/1890 5/23/1923 H of Rosa   Photo
BibleHarold7/3/1914 11/10/1919 Photo
BibleHuldah Elizabeth Cordell 10/25/1867 2/8/1926 W of James
BibleJames Thomas7/11/1858 11/7/1912 H of Huldah
BibleMyrtle E1915 1915  
BibleRosa9/4/1893 9/4/1916 W of George   Photo
BillupsNettie C Wiley1884 1945 W of Noah  Photo
BillupsNoah1875 1934 H of Nettie    Photo
BillupsNoah6/3/1875 7/10/1902  
Enoch Leonard 12/13/1893 5/4/1973 Wed Loda 11/11/1922
Colorado S2 US Navy
WW I   Photos
BlackLaurinda Rush1/13/1838 4/24/1919 Photo
BlackLoda Myrtle Upshaw11/19/1896 2/12/1991 Wed Enoch 11/11/1922 Photo
BlackMarguerete A Pittman 11/19/1864 6/28/1950 W of Samuel
BlackSamuel Milton1856 1928 H of Marguerete
BlakemanCharles Larry7/9/1931 3/24/2018 Photo
BlakemanElmerAge 23 2/12/1901 Photos
BlakemanElmer B12/28/1877 3/12/1904 Photo
BlakemanGeorge Walter1869 1960 H of Sarah M
BlakemanJewel Louise10/19/1924 10/27/1924 D of George & Sarah M     Photo
Jimmy Lee 12/2/1932 2/6/2011 Sgt US Army  Photo
Wed Kathleen 11/17/1956
BlakemanKathleen Corena "Katy" Smith 4/24/1936 4/11/2001 Wed Jimmy 11/17/1956
BlakemanNannabelle Jewell Keeth 4/7/1903 6/11/993 Wed Richard 11/11/1923
BlakemanRichard Junius "June" 8/26/1901 9/26/1971 Wed Nannabelle 11/11/1923
BlakemanSarah9/11/1838 9/14/1897  
BlakemanSarah A10/26/1896 1/9/1904 D of George & Sara M
BlakemanSarah Margaret "Maggie" Lawrence 1873 1960 W of George
BleakleyLaura Maxwell5/3/1905 8/1/1992 Photo
William E 6/16/1895 9/14/1981 Col US Air Force
WW I, WW II & Korea Photo
BlissJoella S Sanders6/19/1932 10/14/2004 W of Richard  Photo
BlissRichard Clark Jr9/30/1929 1/14/2018 H of Joella  Photo
Leroy E 6/29/1926 5/11/1975 Pvt US Army  WW II
H of Mary  Photo
BlowerMary Louise Barnes3/23/1928 6/3/1999 W of Leroy  Photo
BoiceMaoma Beatrice1/7/1917 10/25/2004  
Edward Havington "Ed"6/1/1843 8/24/1900 Pvt 22nd Regt 1st Indian TX Cav
H of George
BooneGeorge Ann Basye1850 1915 W of Edward
BooneOra Cherokee Nicholson 7/6/1880 9/20/1924  
BooneRaymond Alexander3/9/1902 9/11/1921 Photo
BowdenInfant8/15/1928 8/15/1928 S of Leonard & Byrdman
BowersJohn Edward11/28/1850 10/1/1930 H of Paulina
BowersPaulina Williams1860 8/12/1936 W of John
BowlineAlvin Eugene8/8/1924 3/12/1931 
BowlineBonnie Wilma Howard10/17/1919 1/27/2011Wed Kenneth 12/17/1965
BowlineCarrie Jane Driver1/26/1872 1/21/1947W of Pleasant  Photo
BowlineCurtis Leon6/15/1917 3/11/1919 
BowlineElva Florence Bradshaw11/25/1902 12/2/1995W of Wallace  Photo
BowlineKenneth B7/21/1920  Wed Bonnie 12/17/1965
BowlineLorene Tootie9/24/1916 9/4/1974 D of Carrie & Pleasant   Photo
BowlineOnas Vernon1/18/1919 3/3/1919 
BowlinePleasant L "Pleas"9/19/1867 1/12/1937 H of Carrie  Photo
BowlineWallace12/20/1888 7/15/1966H of Elva   Photo
BoyceClint12/4/1962 1/20/2008 Photo
BoydRobert Adam4/28/1894 11/11/1975  
BradshawAmos10/10/1863 1/18/1939 Photo
BradshawC B    
BradshawCourtlan A12/18/1908 1/26/1909 S of George & Rose
BradshawGeorge 1868 1949H of Rose  Photo
BradshawGeorge Warren8/22/1906 4/24/1983 H of Margaret
BradshawHarry A9/11/1893 4/28/1944 
BradshawInfant Son  1929S of Scott
BradshawIrene Agnis1904 1977 Mother   Photo
BradshawIvan Francis "Deacon" 7/31/1910 8/12/1982 
James W   9/14/1934 Veteran from Michigan
Pvt 32nd US Vol Inf  Photos
BradshawLarry Leon7/26/1941 7/26/1941 Photo
BradshawMargaret Deloris Easton 2/4/1913 9/19/1974W of George W Photo
BradshawRose Ella Mosier1874 1961 W of George   Photo
BradshawSarah E Habbershaw 2/7/1838 10/2/1888W of William
BradshawThomas W10/1/1865 4/13/1938 Photo
BradshawW R8/6/1884 9/2/1918 
BradyGeorge W10/29/1881 8/26/1912  
BradyJohn G9/28/1857 4/17/1892 Photo
BrandWilliam R2/16/1840 4/8/1925 Photo
BransetterMarcella9/9/1914 8/27/1915 D of Mr & Mrs Ray
BrantleyBillie Delores7/20/1933 7/20/1933 Photo
BrantleyInfant7/20/1934 7/20/1934  
BrantleyIota Eva2/21/1905 6/4/1970  
BrantleyJohn8/29/1874 2/5/1951 Photo
BrantleyMyrtle Louise Willis (Chambers) 1/1/1911 2/22/1996 W of Ernest Chambers     Photo
W of George Brantley
BrantleyRena Victoria Actkinson 11/28/1901 5/3/1929  
BrantleyVernon Estel2/22/1922 3/1/1924  
BrantleyZannie1880 1965  
BreedingPatsy Amber Chandler 8/16/1984 2/23/2015  
BrennanSusan Fox8/22/1926 9/1/2012 Photo
BriggsElizabeth J Harris10/1/1870 5/11/1934  
Briggs-ChearyV E1905 1929 Photo
BrilesElwood E1/15/1861 12/17/1940 Photo
BrilesJasper9/30/1858 12/31/1933 H of Sarah
BrilesSarah E1875 1944 W of Jasper
BriscoDeloris June8/29/1932 2/25/1933  
BriscoeIsabella6/23/1848 4/21/1914 W of Joel    Photo
BriscoeJoel W11/4/1840 10/17/1906 H of Isabella  Photo
BrittWinchester C4/24/1883 12/17/1951 H of Maggie Coker
BrooksL S11/28/1864 7/26/1945  
BrownAlvin Wallace1868 1958H of Viola
BrownBradford Charles5/20/1951 5/20/1951 Photo
BrownCharles Richard1/31/1895 10/7/1967 H of Verna  Photo  
BrownClifford10/16/1908 9/1/1930 Photo
BrownClinton John1/26/1909 7/3/1996H of Mary
BrownCora M1872 1935 
BrownCora Violet3/9/1907 6/27/1919D of Gideon & Cora Photo
BrownDonald L4/9/1931 12/20/1932 Photo
BrownDorothy Velda Olson3/24/1913 10/30/1946Photo
BrownEliza Jane MeeksAge 86 4/20/1946 W of George
BrownEva May Whallon11/1/1888 8/9/1967 W of William  Photo
Francis M 2/22/19033/19/1963OK Pvt US Army
WW II   Photo
BrownGeorge Martin8/10/1865 11/17/1949 H of Eliza
BrownGideon Leper1854 1952 Photo
BrownIsaac Washington8/5/1888 4/17/1902 S of George & Eliza
BrownJane A3/1/1900 3/16/1900D of C M & M J
BrownJane Ann Rose1845 1927 W of Richard  Photo
Johnny Lee 1/15/19417/6/2002US Navy   Photos
Leslie 11/21/189610/19/1971OK Pvt Co S 1st Inf ReplRegt  WW I   Photo
BrownMary M Gaylor9/18/1908 7/20/1981 W of Clinton
BrownMyrtle Robards (Foster) (Runyan) (Dickirson) 2/3/188512/27/1961Wed Elias Foster 4/27/1902
Wed Courtland Runyan 9/22/1907
Wed Joseph Dickirson 3/5/1917
W of Luther Brown
BrownNoble1834 1889 
BrownNora L12/17/1876 11/13/1892D of Richard & Jane
BrownRichard Franklin "Rich" 18481937 H of Jane Ann  Photo
BrownRowena L1883 5/14/1944 Photo
BrownVerna Vember Herring 11/7/1897 12/15/1988W of Charles   Photo
BrownViola Blackwell1881 1976W of Alvin
BrownWilliam Franklin11/24/1883 2/24/1964 H of Eva   Photo
Arthur E "Tom" 12/5/1929 8/19/1989 Wed Barbara 10/2/1948     Photo
Sgt US Army  Korea
BryanBarbara A Killion2/28/1929 3/20/2015 Wed Arthur 10/2/1948
BryantMaggie Recilla Coker (Britt) 6/3/1883 6/8/1963 W of Winchester Britt
W of Charles Bryant
BuceWilliam Riley11/2/1840 10/9/1927 Photo
BuckClarence J7/27/1911 1/5/1913  
BuckDollie Corene8/29/1875 4/17/1964 W of Louis Sr
BuckLouis Perry Jr7/11/1899 4/12/1922 Photo
BuckLouis Perry Sr3/31/1875 12/22/1958 H of Dollie
BucknerOpal Bertha Barnes 6/10/1916 9/12/1997 W of William
BucknerWilliam Reid Jr "WR" 11/24/1908 7/11/1989 H of Opal
BuffingtonFreddie10/19/1911 9/30/1960  
BuffingtonJess Lewis7/21/1905 6/11/1962  
BuffingtonJohn L9/13/1869 9/1/1932 H of Laura  Photo
BuffingtonLaura Frances Severs 9/21/1875 7/24/1963 W of John  Photo
BuffingtonLeonard L12/23/1914 7/1/1934  
BurchettDonna SueDec 1940 1/16/1941  
BurchettElizabeth Spears9/26/1855 12/18/1933 Photo
BurdickJames Carr3/6/1869 10/30/1929 Photo
BurgessRev Charles S12/31/1871 2/20/1935 Photo
BurseMabel Edna8/15/1907 10/15/1907  
BusbyDorothy L8/13/1963 12/22/1963  
Larry L 8/27/1941 10/30/2011 US Army  Vietnam   Photo
BusbyMary Lou Brisco (Embry) 12/23/1935 11/16/2011 W of ?? Embry
W of Larry Busby
BusbyRoy Evans11/10/1903 7/26/1966  
BushJohn Thomas "Tom"3/1/1861 12/2/1928  
BushWilliam H7/20/1860 2/22/1923  
ButtsAmelia Ann8/14/1879 1/7/1909  
Edgar 12/18/1891 7/18/1936 OK Pvt 208th P of W ESCOPT Co
ButtsEmery "Dick"5/8/1903 12/21/1913  
ButtsJames H11/9/1856 11/28/1899 H of Seneth
ButtsMary E8/4/1897 5/30/1898 D of D W & M E
ButtsNanci Elizabeth Ozbun 3/12/1893 2/21/1919 Wed Walter 2/15/1909 Photo
ButtsSeneth Emma Scott1859 1941 W of James
ButtsWalter12/24/1886 9/28/1918 Wed Nanci 2/15/1909 Photo
BykerkCody Joseph10/18/1998 1/25/2008 Photo
ByrnesJohn J1/13/1852 6/25/1939  
ByrnesRiley OMar 1875 3/16/1911  
ByrnesThomas Alexander10/13/1878 3/27/1960  
CL S    Photo
CainAlice Beulah Cooper12/15/1894 4/4/1988 Wed John 7/23/1915
CainBeluah Alice11/24/1925 11/26/1925 D of John & Alice Photo
CainJohn Perviance6/29/1887 3/21/1963 Wed Alice 7/23/1915
CalvertElmer Earl8/20/1901 4/16/1929  
CalvertHarry Dale1/15/1925 7/9/1939 Photo
CalvertMary Jane1/15/1925 2/8/1925 Photo
CampbellAgness E "Teddy"1914 1924 Photo
CampbellWilliam Oscar5/8/1860 5/14/1931  
CarrElizabeth E "Eliza" 6/25/1866 5/18/1892 W of William B  Photo
CarrJohn A2/21/1889 4/25/1891 S of William & Eliza  Photo
CarrLenora M1/27/1898 8/15/1899 D of E & R    Photo
CarrWilliam B1859 1943 H of Eliza  Photo
CarrWilliam E10/10/1888 11/15/1888 S of William & Eliza   Photo
CarrierJ Lawson10/13/1894 11/19/1897  
CarrierMadaline1896 1898  
CarsonJames "Uncle Jim" 7/31/1848 1/20/1925  
CarterCharles3/27/1848 3/17/1915  
CarterLoyd Jr8/20/1921 12/20/1921 Photo
CarterMary Elizabeth Richardson 7/7/1893 8/15/1931 Wed Loyd 11/10/1910 Photo
CaseInfant Aug 1915 Sep 1915 Child of Grover & Della
Claty John 8/24/1921 12/15/1993 Wed Mary 4/17/1943
TEC4 US Army  WW II Photo
CatlettMary Ellen Pickering 10/29/1925 10/27/2011 Wed Claty 4/17/1943
CatlettMichael David3/21/1950 10/24/1977 Photo
CatoCharles A     
CaudettHattie Hughes10/21/1895 3/21/1926  
ChambersArtia Nichols7/30/1907 8/30/1999 W of Donald
David Ray 7/7/1943 12/30/1994 SP4 US Army
ChambersDonald Smith "Don" 10/24/1905 10/26/1947 H of Artia   Photo
ChambersEdgar C1876 1940  
ChambersErnest L1903 1946  
Kay Don 11/6/1935 2/15/2006 A2C US Air Force  Photo
ChambersLulu B4/29/1883 12/12/1967  
ChandlerEliza J Reed10/7/1829 7/12/1914 W of J H      Photo
ChandlerJ H9/6/1828 9/1/1905 H of Eliza   Photo
ChandlerJohn W1856 1/26/1933 H of Mary
ChandlerMary J Clark11/3/1858 6/6/1940 W of John
ChandlerRalph Edgar12/23/1899 7/7/1901 Photos
ChapmanEtta May5/11/1910 11/15/1918  
ChapmanInfant  11/27/1913 Child of Guy
ChapmanInfant  11/25/1916 D of Guy
ChapmanLaverne10/16/1912 11/17/1913 Photo
ChapmanMarion Lucille4/25/1937 7/27/2005 Photo
ChapmanNina E Ward9/6/1917 11/3/1988 W of Roy   Photo
ChapmanRoy Raymond1/3/1915 12/8/1978 H of Nina   Photo
CharlesInfant8/11/1927 8/11/1927 D of John & Esther
ChevalleyLouis Henri6/18/1889 6/29/1952  
CinottoCharles Matthew8/6/1969 8/6/1969 Photo
CircleJohn1822 1896 Photos
CircleMary7/7/1822 2/10/1896 Photos
Bennett McFarland 7/9/1825 4/12/1899 3rdSgt Co K 31st IN Regt & Co H 150th IN Inf    Photos
ClarkEmma Elizabeth Hassell 6/3/1877 5/27/1941 Wed Walter  3/11/1896  Photo
ClarkLeon D8/24/1870 3/31/1952 Photo
ClarkMalinda E "Lynn" Cullison 1857   Wed Thomas 6/16/1872 Photo
ClarkThomas Franklin "Frank"     Wed Malinda 6/16/1872 Photo
ClarkWalter Thomas4/1/1873 11/22/1931 Wed Emma  3/11/1896  Photo
Willard 8/28/1913 4/12/159 OK CM3 US Naval Reserve  WW II     Photo
ClemMary Hunt6/10/1842 1/4/1905 Photo
ClemonsEdna1905 1937  
Thomas E 5/23/1893 6/17/1955 MO PFC Med Dept
WW I   Photo
ClydeDaniel12/18/1887 9/3/1949 Photo
CoaleThomas Smiley "Tod" 1851 11/17/1923  
CoastWallace A1/5/1902 8/4/1902 S of Benjamin & Alice
CoffeeMargaret J Bailey3/17/1929 12/6/1979  
CollierElizabeth Texas Waller 3/30/1870 11/21/1916 Photo
CollinsAlexander1886 1915  
CollinsWilliam M "Will" Jun 1850 11/28/1904  
CollinsworthIngrid W 7/17/1947 9/3/2005 Wed Russell 9/4/1970  Photo
CollinsworthRussell W2/12/1949   Wed Ingrid 9/4/1970  Photo
CombsBonnie Michelle6/10/1980 12/27/2014  
CookNona M12/6/1902 7/19/1975 W of Peter
CookPeter E3/7/1901 7/24/1977 H of Nona
CooperArlena Belle Mines8/30/1886 11/28/1946 W of Arthur  Photo
CooperArthur Petty1/15/1874 8/31/1948 H of Arlena   Photo
CooperBarbara J Abel2/8/1936 12/20/2008 Wed Clarence  11/22/2006   Photo
CooperCharles W1862 2/15/1948 H of Rena   Photo
CooperClarence Leroy1/20/1931 8/5/2011 Wed Barbara   11/22/2006   Photo
Eugene Shelton 2/26/1910 4/24/1965 OK SFC 160th FA Bn 45thInfDiv   WW II
Henry Harold 8/23/1912 Jun 1974 TEC5 US Army
CooperIrene Belle12/29/1922 12/29/1922 D of Arthur & Arlena
CooperKenneth Dee3/23/1919 6/16/1920 S of Arthur & Arlena  Photo
CooperRena Angeline Ellis 10/26/1862 1/18/1943 W of Charles   Photo
CoppengerJoyce R     
Jesse Newton 4/12/18303/12/1911 H of Josephine
Co F 18thAR Inf  Photo
CordellJosephine Christine Pace 5/25/1844 9/3/1922 W of Jesse  Photo
CordellRobert Henry5/22/1866 10/27/1952 Photo
CorleyAlice Fae Killion8/19/1927 12/21/2004 W of Francis
Francis Luther 3/17/19275/6/1997 Pvt US Army WW II
H of Alice   Photo
CorleyOtis1911 1961  
CoxBaby Girl     
CoxEmmett Tyler6/21/1917 3/10/1956 H of Thelma    Photos
CoxF (Fred?)    Photo
Cox-RillThelma Louise Haddock 2/10/1921 8/20/2009 W of Emmett Cox  Photo
W of Orville Rill
Jacob Leonard "Jake"6/16/1920 1/22/1993 H of Kathryn
US Navy  WW II  Photos
CroslinKathryn Bernice Davis (Head) 5/12/1922 3/21/2012 W of Kenneth Head
W of Jacob Croslin    Photo
CrossClay5/18/1871 8/20/1932 H of Grace
CrossGrace R Rhoads7/3/1879 7/30/1932 W of Clay
CrumeNannie Bell Miller (Shuler) 1888 1960 W of Alonza Shuler
W of ??? Crume
CrungletonFrank C1/5/1840 5/7/1898 Photo
CunninghamGeorge Jackson7/1/1863 May 1931  
CurryLula Davis11/18/1884 1/29/1964 Photo
DaleA T9/25/1905 8/10/1918  
DaleArizona Drucella Johnson 7/13/1874 3/2/1956 W of Rolla  Photo
Chester Willis 9/4/1925 3/9/2013 Wed Emma 1/16/1949
Sgt US Army  WW II  Photos
DaleClayton Ellis9/7/1922 12/29/1922  
DaleEliza Jane Richison (Charter) 11/21/1870 9/10/1929 W of John Charter
DaleEmma Jean Bennett12/19/1925 5/7/2012 Wed Chester 1/16/1949  Photo
DaleEula Frances Brown2/20/1901 1/10/1983 W of Ora
DaleHarley Bodkins 3/9/1876 5/16/1949  
Harley Ernest 5/16/1883 6/28/1938 OK Chief Comsy Steward
US Navy   Photo
DaleMary Catherine McNally 1837 1926  
DaleOra Boone4/13/1895 6/15/1948 H of Eula
DaleRolla 3/15/1862 11/12/1940 H of Arizona  Photo
DaleW R  1938  
DaleyPatricia Johnson11/9/1926 7/6/2004  
DaleyPatrick Gerard7/25/1947 12/7/2005  
DaltonEthel Ann Unroe1/20/1925 7/31/1999 Wed William Sr 9/27/1960
William H Sr 12/18/1926 3/11/2010 PFC US Army  WW II & Korea
Wed Ethel 9/27/1960    Photo
DanforthPearl/Perl Richmond7/4/1878 6/9/1925 Photos
DanielArdina Cleta B Harp 1842    
DanielDalton11/17/1898 5/25/1899 S of Frank & Anne
DanielEllen M3/13/1897 9/7/1982  
DanielJoe E4/13/1866 6/29/1942  
DanielJohn Henry2/26/1871 11/26/1940 H of Sophia
DanielJohnie Verbal1/20/1897 11/18/1897 Photo
DanielSarah A5/10/1898 5/27/1917 Photo
DanielSophia P Perrier1/22/1876 1/23/1953 W of John   Photo
DanielVern9/16/1895 2/19/1976  
DanielVirgil A 10/4/1892 3/4/1915  
Alfred Harold 4/23/1915 2/26/1986 Sgt US Army  WW II
DanielsAndrew1864 1922 H of Eliza
DanielsBert Manford3/18/1876   H of Cleta   Photo
DanielsCleta B1889   W of Bert    Photo
DanielsEliza E8/11/1867 12/24/1931 W of Andrew
DanielsEva J Jenkins7/20/1923 9/25/2004 Photo
DanielsInfant5/15/1937 5/15/1937  
DanielsJames Walter1880 1934  
DanielsKaren Ruth3/14/1952 3/14/1952 D of Floyd & Edith
DanielsMyrtle2/22/1885 12/31/1939 Photo
DanielsVirgil John9/20/1908 1964  
DanyeurJamie Teress3/6/1996 3/6/1996 Photo
DarnellJ E  5/17/1933  
DarnellJohn D2/15/1868 8/18/1948  
DarnellRebecca Jane Stevens (Vadney) 12/22/1862 8/2/1953 W of Charles Vadney
W of William Darnell
DarnellSarah E12/18/1862 1/24/1945  
DarnellWilliam Henry3/20/1861 2/23/1937 H of Rebecca   Photo
DavisAlice May1915 6/16/1916  
DavisAlma Ruth Hansen9/19/1913 4/30/2002 Wed Roy 5/4/1927   Photo 
DavisAlma Ruth8/28/1940 10/3/1940 D of Roy & Alma  Photo
DavisCena Ann "Nannie" Henderson 1879 2/2/1962 W of Thomas
Donald Peter "Pete" 5/6/1924 1/28/1984 MM3  US Navy   Photo
DavisDonald1/11/1944 6/7/1962 Photo
DavisEverett Raymond11/11/1898 8/13/1971  
DavisHenry Harber6/5/1880 6/17/1962  
DavisInfant9/28/1956 9/28/1956 Child of Dallas & Wilma
DavisJanice Ann2/13/1947 2/14/1947 D of Alma & Roy  Photo
DavisJulia E1884 1935  
DavisLeona Mae4/7/1919 4/9/1919 Photo 
DavisMary3/8/1849 6/8/1935 Photo
DavisRoy Wayne12/9/1905 5/15/1963 Wed Alma 5/4/1927   Photo
DavisShelley Dawn6/15/1963 6/17/1963 D of Dallas & Wilma
DavisThomas J1875 1962 H of Cena
DavisVivian Parlee12/7/1904 2/3/1935 Photo
DawsonBuel4/21/1911 9/21/1933  
DawsonInfant Daughter7/12/1909 7/24/1909 D of R B    Photo
DawsonLelam2/2/1915 11/30/1915 Photo
DeaverHoward E7/7/1915 2/1/1988 Wed Mabel 5/13/1936
DeaverMabel Louise Huey12/22/1918 10/25/2010 Wed Howard 5/13/1936
DeaverStella Ices5/24/1887 3/26/1950 Photo
DeboElmer A  2/27/1891 Photo
DeHartElisha3/18/1869 9/25/1932 Photo
DeHartOscar H1904 1918 Photo
DeitemeyerAugust W F5/11/1883 4/10/1956 H of Lulu Photo
DeitemeyerEdwin L10/10/1918 8/15/1919 Photo
DeitemeyerGrace Louise Forth 5/22/1921 4/13/1987  
DeitemeyerLulu Dell1882 1932 W of August   Photo
DelahoydeMabel Edith Goins 11/5/1914 1/5/1970 W of William Jr  Photo
DelahoydeNovella Nevada York 2/12/1888 4/28/1928 W of William Sr
DelahoydeWilliam Henry Jr5/10/1915 1/10/1994 H of Mabel
DelahoydeWilliam Henry Sr1/26/1867 9/18/1944 H of Novella
DeMastersBeatrice Alberta Herring 3/27/1904 6/10/1993 W of Dorance
DeMastersDorance Daniel2/16/1902 8/27/1964 H of Beatrice
DeMastersIvy May6/20/1877 5/15/1955 W of William   Photo
DeMastersWilliam F2/23/1863 9/22/1919 H of Ivy    Photo
DennisonGeorge A1854 1944 Photo
DennisonRichard W10/1/1925 9/1/1926 Photo
DePriestVirgie Lee5/6/1934 9/22/1935  
DeShazerAlfred "Fred"6/30/1857 5/17/1941 H of Mary
DeShazerAlfred Burgest
"Curly Bert"
10/12/188912/23/1933 Wed Daisy 12/22/1916
DeShazerClarence L "Shorty" 10/5/1916 6/5/2002 H of Doris
DeShazerDaisy Dell Cook12/28/1896 5/25/1999 Wed Alfred B 12/22/1916
DeShazerDoris Warner8/28/1928 4/11/2001 W of Clarence
DeShazerElmer H1904 1932 H of Oneta
DeShazerEthel5/13/1889 9/24/1906 W of William E  Photo
DeShazerEthel Anna MacMillan 4/3/18933/25/1949 W of William E
DeShazerFrank Goodwill12/28/1892 2/2/1977 H of Jessie Photo
DeShazerJ D1926 1926 S of Oneta & Elmer Photo
DeShazerJames Douglas12/28/1925 1/19/1927  
DeShazerJessie Metzger12/27/1897 3/19/1986 W of Frank   Photo
DeShazerLena B Sprague9/15/1869 1/28/1901 W of William H
DeShazerLouis Guy4/29/1898 9/4/1913 Photo
DeShazerMary E Jones10/16/1860 1/6/1920 W of Alfred  Photo
DeShazerOneta1906 1926 W of Elmer
DeShazerRosetta Elizabeth "Rose" Kerns 7/1/18652/19/1949 Wed Willis Bergus 7/15/1884   Photo
DeShazerSarah A Austin11/23/1879 5/24/1971 W of William H
DeShazerSarah Adeline Bradshaw11/2/1898 3/17/1986 W of Willis Bert Photo
DeShazerSarah Ann Ray11/28/1823 12/20/1895 W of John  Photo
Thomas J 12/28/191711/9/1949 TX TEC4 262nd Inf
WW II   Photo
DeShazerVergal12/5/1900 6/15/1901 S of William H & Lena
DeShazerWilliam Edmond7/15/1881 1950 H of Ethel
H of Ethel A
DeShazerWilliam Henry11/6/1865 5/4/1937 H of Lena Sprague
H of Sara Austin
DeShazerWillis Bergus7/17/1863 6/18/1945 Wed Rosetta 7/15/1884  Photo
Willis Bert 3/12/18896/29/1978 H of Sara Bradshaw Photo
Pvt US Army  WW I
DilleyLewis Dean8/2/1936 10/6/1936 Photo
DouglasHiram Luke10/15/1850 7/24/1937 H of Martha
DouglasMartha Ann Keaton1856   W of Hiram
DudleyRuth A Kersey1869 1916 W of William   Photo
DudleyWilliam Sherman1862 1929 H of Ruth    Photo
DuncanElizabeth L3/28/1910 3/29/1910 Photo
DUNNBilly DeanDec 1942 Dec 1942 Photo
DUNNCyrus C7/4/1914 7/26/1988 H of Thelma    Photo
DUNNDavid Laccard8/15/1869 1/14/1950 H of Vinona   Photo
DUNNKenneth Ray1/2/1932 3/6/1995  
DUNNMarium&/24/1912 5/15/1993 W of Otis Photo
DUNNMaude Ann4/18/1953 4/18/1953 D of Cyrus & Thelma
DUNNOtis Proague1/16/1912 4/21/1958 Photo
DUNNThelma Louise DeShazer 6/10/1923 1/30/2005 W of Cyrus   Photo
DUNNVinona Lovell12/19/1885 6/15/1966 W of David    Photo
DyerWillis1911 1919 Photo
Elmer Ervine 3/3/1892 8/15/1960 MO Cpl Co H 12th INF WW I
H of Mae   Photos
EasterMae E DeShazer10/17/1893 4/18/1975 W of Elmer Photos
EastonChris W3/17/1870 9/6/1949  
EbingElvira A Pool1/22/1876 12/31/1951  
ElderSusan Mary L Greenup 2/15/1839 May 1899 Photo
EldridgeJesse 1881 1940 Photo
EllerOra Viola Cooper2/28/1902 12/3/1930 Photo
EllisBertie L Francis 5/9/1885 6/14/1972 W of Rube  Photo
EllisJohn Bunion1869 4/14/1936  
EllisMary Sandra1/28/1938 1/28/1938  
EllisReid3/13/1914 3/13/1914 S of Rube & Bertie  Photo
EllisRobert E11/30/1871 7/14/1920  
EllisRube1874 1941 H of Bertie
EllisStephen Brian11/24/1958 5/26/2012 Photo
EllisVic10/4/1877 11/18/1931  
EllistonGeorge McClellan 3/31/1869 2/7/1953 Wed Nancy 6/11/1893
EllistonJesse A1/21/1899 1/28/1899 S of George & Nancy  Photo
EllistonNancy Jane Cordell 11/3/1876 3/29/1968 Wed George 6/11/1893
Able Clark 10/22/1921 4/14/2004 Wed Gladys 8/24/1940
US Army WW II   Photo
EmbreyBobby Joe Sr8/1/1941 6/30/2013 Wed Lovena 7/15/1961  Photo
EmbreyCharles Hiram5/6/1876 10/11/1927 H of Mamie
EmbreyGladys Marie Davis 3/18/1923 6/13/2002 Wed Able 8/24/1940
EmbreyLovena Gwen Busby 11/19/1942   Wed Bobby Sr  7/15/1961  Photo
EmbreyMamie Sylvania Freeland 2/8/1884 11/29/1979 W of Charles
ENLOEBonnie Ray Taylor 10/5/19366/17/2007 Photo
ENLOECharles1883 1955 Wed Nancy 12/25/1906  Photo
ENLOECharlotte "Lottie" Watkins 18611924 Photo
Dennis Charles 1/8/19288/21/1992 PFC US Army  WW II  Photo
ENLOEDennis Flyn "Kitch" 6/3/19001/12/1927 H of Irene  Photos
ENLOEGeorge Orville "Bud"11/16/1904 9/28/1978 Photo
ENLOEIrene Agnes Bradshaw 19041977 W of Dennis F   Photo
James Gilbert 1/5/19093/30/1971 OK MM2 US Navy  WW II
John 3/6/18986/21/1959 OK 388th INF  WW I
H of Olive   Photo
ENLOELola Ward5/19/1932 1/2/2018 Photo
ENLOENancy Clementine Worman 3/12/18892/4/1975 Wed Charles 12/25/1906  Photo
ENLOEOlive Gertrude Jackson 18981969 W of John   Photo
ENLOERussell Amos "Boe"9/10/1925 2/3/1993 Photo
ENLOEShannon Dale10/9/1948 10/1/1949 Photos
ENLOETressie Ethel10/1/1919 11/5/1991 Photo
EnyartJuanita Lillian McMurtrie 9/11/1914 5/13/2004 W of Lyle    Photo
EnyartLyle Lahman "Cy" 11/30/1914 2/14/1992 H of Juanita   Photo
EplingJames Francis8/29/1943 7/21/1988 Photo
EquelsFanny C Buck5/25/1896 1/1/1973 W of William 
EquelsWilliam Ezra10/17/1894 1/11/1965 H of Fanny 
EvansCecilia D1870 1958 W of William   Photo
EvansEdith Lloyd1/23/1864 4/3/1934  
EvansInfantJun 1899 Jun 1899 S of C H & E
EvansPercy11/23/1888 12/2/1891 S of W B & E G
EvansWilliam1869 1954 H of Cecilia  Photo
EverhartFloyd4/16/1901 4/29/1966  
EverhartFrancis Morgan5/23/1905 8/12/1916  
EverhartMusetta "Etta" Newland 3/7/1875 8/1/1959 Wed William 12/8/1898
EverhartWilliam Alexander 8/7/1869 7/19/1953 Wed Musetta 12/8/1898
FallinSharleen A9/17/1934 11/23/1934  
FanslerWilliam Franklin 11/8/1857 1/9/1912  
FaylorGeorge Franklin "Jobie" 10/28/1892 10/4/1919 Photo
Hugh Robert 9/8/1894 7/3/1952 OK PFC 1stMechanics Regt AS
WW I   Photo
FeeHulda Fry12/17/1868 11/12/1951 W of John
FeeJohn Johnson11/19/1860 9/12/1936 H of Hulda
FellhauerDoris Janet10/8/1924 12/20/1925 Photo
FenwickMary Elizabeth "Lizzy" Johnson 10/20/1840 7/7/1929 Photo
FenwickMattie1873 1941  
Clarence C 10/25/1893 4/4/1952 OK PFC 111th SN Train
36th Div  WW I    Photo 
FergusonJulia A6/4/1857 12/18/1927 Photo
FergusonLeona1888 1969 Photo
FishLaura1889 1964  
FisherBetty May Allison 2/10/192510/13/2011 Wed Charles E Sr 10/9/1948 Photo
FisherCharles Ernest Sr 12/8/19227/26/1980 Wed Betty 10/9/1948
FisherCharles L3/7/1874 5/31/1897  
FisherClarence E1/12/1907 4/10/1991 H of Thelma   Photo
FisherEstella Hasty 8/8/18871/10/1925 W of Jacob
FisherEugene Louis8/21/1964 11/15/1965  
FISHEREveret1916 1917 S of Jacob & Estella   Photo
FisherFranklin11/1/1881 11/23/1899  
FisherHarrison Jacob11/28/1959 4/23/2017 Photo
FisherInfant1915 1915 Photo
FisherJacob Harrison1/25/1877 8/6/1959 H of Estella
FisherJames E10/13/1870 4/12/1915 H of Nancy
FisherJemima Eddy 7/8/184911/22/1897 W of Mitchell
FisherJohn Owen11/10/1903 10/7/1920  
FisherLewis Calvin3/15/1879 4/25/1964  
FisherLillian Lorene Hubble 8/31/19238/14/2000 W of Virgil
Mitchell Lewis 10/26/184611/9/1898 H of Jemima
Pvt Co A 77th OH Inf
FisherNancy Mildred "Nannie" Gifford 5/12/18701/5/1949 W of James   Photo
FisherOma4/17/1890 7/6/1945  
FisherThelma B Watkins 2/9/19084/13/1972 W of Clarence  Photo
FisherVirgil Otto5/9/1912 4/22/1988 H of Lillian
FlewellingB E1/21/1896 7/27/1898  
FlewellingL M9/15/1897 7/27/1898  
FlodellSusan11/25/1923 7/12/1927 Photo
FobairAugustus1856 1919 H of Lydia   Photo
FobairClarence2/27/1906 11/20/1912  
FobairFrankie12/29/1895 1/1/1896  
FobairLuella2/4/1897 8/15/1915  
FobairLydia Jane Simcox 1863 1950 W of Augustus  Photo
ForbesBartley Lewis "Bart" 3/24/1943 5/23/2021  
ForbesDonna Louise Hale 12/25/1937 5/11/2004 Wed Richard 12/10/1957  Photo
ForbesLewis Sidney1/28/1916 10/24/1983 Wed Sue  1/8/1938   Photo
ForbesRichard Scott9/16/1969 5/1/2008 Photos
ForbesRichard W10/30/1938   Wed Donna 12/10/1957   Photo
ForbesShirley Ruth Shamblin 10/27/1935 11/23/2011 Photos
ForbesSue Elizabeth Haddock 11/22/1916 6/24/2004 Wed Lewis 1/8/1938   Photo
ForbesTodd Lewis4/10/1967 4/3/2021  
Sam 2/5/1910 3/23/1963 OK SSgt 1185th Base Unit
AAF WW II    Photo
ForemanSamie2/3/1906 1/11/1925  
FoulgerEllen1818 1909  
FowlkesFred4/7/1872 9/1/1913 H of Laura
FowlkesFred Matthews  1917  
FowlkesLaura Rider 8/15/1874 2/8/1915  
FoxEdward "Ed"6/7/1854 4/8/1940 H of Susan   Photo
FoxFrances Evelyn2/23/1925 2/7/2008 W of John   Photo
FoxInfant Son5/19/1923 5/19/1923 S of Alex & Nita  Photo
John Edward 7/1/1924 4/6/2012 H of Frances
US Army  WW II   Photo
FoxSusan Bellieu3/9/1860 3/27/1926 W of Edward  Photo
FrancisBessie Edith Foster 10/23/1897 12/19/1980 W of William Sr   Photo
FrancisBetty Jean3/23/1953   W of William II  Photo
FrancisBeulah4/2/1893 7/1/1970 Photo
FrancisDaniel S4/3/1857 3/9/1919 H of Eliza
FrancisEliza Burnette 7/22/1859 2/4/1932 W of Daniel   Photo
FrancisKenneth L2/25/1922 4/30/1926 Photo
FrancisOscar S1887 1975 Photo
FrancisWalter Lawrence "Mutt" 9/18/1896 7/4/1986  
William Clarence Sr 7/9/1891 7/7/1942 OK PFC 141st Inf 36th Div
William Clarence II 8/25/1920 1/11/1997 H of Betty Photos
SSgt US Army Air Corps WW II
FrankZeona Marie6/19/1930 11/30/1997  
FrossRuth Cary Ritter 3/24/1889 12/28/1966  
Alvin 2/28/1916 7/15/1985 WT3 US Navy WW II
H of Eula  Photo
FullerEula Mae Pennington 11/3/1918 1/4/1998 W of Alvin Photo
GaylorElizabeth "Lizzie" Smith 11/2/1899 7/31/1960 Wed James 11/15/1913  Photo
Rev George Reuben 10/13/1895 11/4/1975 H of Jessie
Pvt US Army  WW I  Photo
GaylorIna7/3/1885 10/23/1978  
GaylorJames Allen5/7/1893 3/27/1967 Wed Elizabeth 11/15/1913  Photo
GaylorJessie Peavler 12/21/1905 1/31/1983 W of George
GaylorLouis Henry1/12/1926 5/8/1927 S of James & Elizabeth
GaylorMargaret Celesta6/29/1905 3/4/1932  
GaylorSylvester C9/23/1917 8/11/1996  
GaylorSylvia Ellen6/18/1922 8/30/1931  
GaynorJames "Heath"5/5/1971 7/3/2019 Photo
GibsonInfant7/26/1911 7/26/1911  
GibsonInfant11/5/1946 11/5/1946  
GibsonInfant Daughter 11/5/1941 11/5/1941 D of Thomas  Photo
GibsonRose Ina Butts 3/20/1880 1/10/1912 Photo
GibsonSarah Talitha Yeargain 3/4/1852 2/5/1935 W of William   Photo
GibsonThomas Littleton1/6/1904 12/17/1984 Photo
GibsonWilliam Rufus7/2/1847 11/7/1917 H of Sarah  Photo
GideonAmanda Stephens 1861 1940 W of Lee   Photo
GideonGeorge R1888 1936 H of Trixie
GideonLee Roy1852 1937 H of Amanda  Photo
GideonTrixie Elizabeth Jones 3/29/1889 9/30/1978 W of George   Photo
GiffordDianna Elizabeth Martin Feb 1844 1916 Wed John W 9/26/1865
GiffordIna Florance7/13/1869 4/27/1950  
GiffordJames Wesley7/22/1874 11/29/1938 Wed Susan 12/29/1895 Photo
GiffordJoe J10/10/1903 11/11/1918 S of William H & Nannie
GiffordJohn Osceola11/16/1898 4/12/1929  
John William Granville9/26/1841 1918 Co B 1st KY Light Artillery Regt
Wed Dianna 9/26/1865
GiffordLee M     
GiffordNannie E Raines 1872 1931 W of William H
GiffordRobert M     
GiffordSusan Emma "Susie" Daniel 7/10/1875 12/11/1900 Wed James  12/29/1895
GiffordWilliam Allen9/14/1900 4/15/1901 S of James & Susan
GiffordWilliam H3/26/1879 3/6/1945 H of Nannie
Leo Will 4/28/1897 2/3/1959 OK Pvt US Army  WW I
GillumWilliam4/10/1845 12/18/1888 Photo
GlasscockThomas W1885 1973  
GoinsAxie Partin1894 1929 W of John   Photo
GoinsClinton6/10/1899 7/18/1956 H of Clydie   Photo
GoinsClydie Holloway 5/17/1899 8/15/1995 W of Clinton
GoinsEli3/28/1859 1/10/1932 H of Nancy  Photo
GoinsJohn Franklin "Frank" 8/20/1892 6/29/1947 H of Axie
Lee Roy 7/24/1911 8/2/1963 OK PFC US Army  WW II
Mike 4/15/1940 6/19/2000 Cpl US Marine Corps  Photo
GoinsNancy Hannah Cox 1/9/1867 5/23/1960 W of Eli    Photo
GoinsStratton1/15/1897 11/24/1972 Photo
GoodmanLaura Viola Sutton 1/31/1896 5/6/1936  
GraceInfant1927 1927  
GraceInfant 1932 1932  
GrammerLeonard Forest Jr 9/12/1929 9/17/1929 Photo
GrammerLeonard Forest Sr 4/14/1902 1/25/1940 Photo
GrammerRuben Berry4/23/1875 6/14/1948 H of Sophronia   Photo
GrammerSophronia A "Sophia" Dunn 10/17/1880 Dec 1939 W of Ruben   Photo
GrantPatsey11/12/1826 9/17/1900  
GrayumHazel Billups1903 1936  
GreeceJessie Elizabeth Buck (Spurgeon) 12/3/1903 1/25/1996 W of Moses Spurgeon
W of Odis Greece
Floyd Walton 8/4/1914 12/18/1888 TSgt US Army  WW II  Photo
H of Ruth
GreenGeorge Robert Franklin 8/26/1859 12/15/1924  
GreenRuth T Taylor 8/6/1918 10/17/1992 W of Floyd 
GreenWalter Jr2/13/1966 Nov 2019 Photo
GreenleafJ J  7/16/1929 Photo
GriffithJohn Wesley1876 1942 Photos
GriggsElla V Gaylor 10/13/1901 12/2/1966  
GrubbNettie Lee4/13/1914 1/20/1996 Photo
GuessFloyd A3/26/1910 Jun 1978 H of Jessie   Photo
GuessJessie A Batchelor 2/21/1909 7/13/2001 W of Floyd   Photo
GuessOscar L1876 1964 Photo
Mary L Lombard 1/24/1907 11/13/1949 OK 1stLt 76th GenHosp
WW II  Photo jt
HacklemanGeorge W2/18/1857 5/1/1925 H of Julia   Photo
HacklemanJulia Ann Stratton 2/18/1844 10/10/1918 W of George  Photo
Alexander Lee12/25/1835 12/28/1913 Wed Frances Loveall 8/29/1855
Cpl Co K 8th MO Cav
Wed Mary Birkes 9/23/1860
HaddockBarney R5/10/1892 4/9/1975 Wed Elizabeth 3/5/1916
HaddockElizabeth Emma "Lizzie" Gifford 10/3/1896 8/27/1990 Wed Barney 3/5/1916
HaddockEstella M Barnard 1896 May 1918 W of Rube
Floyd 1895 1941 Pvt Med Dept US Army
HaddockHenry B Sr9/17/1865 8/10/1934 H of Mary E
HaddockJoyce Wollaston 4/22/1928 12/11/1978 Photo
HaddockMargaret B "Maggie" Gifford 12/13/1878 1/29/1906  

Mary "Polly" Birkes

1/30/1837 4/12/1912 Wed Alexander 9/23/1860
HaddockMary Elizabeth "Bett" Rhamy 8/12/1870 8/2/1943 W of Henry
Oscar C "Clab" 10/4/1910 1/20/1972 OK PFC Co F 38thInf WW II & Korea
Rube 10/3/1893 2/7/1975 Pvt US Army
H of Estella
HadleyMary W5/7/1871 11/24/1891 Photo
HairgroveLewis James1/15/1856 1/17/1941 H of Sarah  Photo ff
HairgroveSarah Ann1866 1939 W of Lewis   Photo ff
HallFred L1873 1953 H of Kate  Photo
HallInfant2/7/1914 3/3/1914 S of Fred & Kate
HallInfant12/9/1898 12/9/1898 D of T N & A B   Photo
HallJames H4/13/1843 12/24/1927  
HallKate E Burgins1878 1925 W of Fred   Photo
HallKatie Lucinda "Sinda" Hamilton 6/18/1892 9/21/1953 W of Austin Sampson
W of Fred Hall   Photo ff
HallWilliam Newton 2/10/1899 2/8/1914 S of Fred & Kate
HamillClovis L12/26/1912 5/12/1990 Photo ff
HammockBertha Blanch DeShazer 4/9/1902 8/21/1923 Photo
HammondJ J8/15/1845 3/4/1937  
HardestyEddie Eaton1896 1918  
HardestySusan Flodell "Susy" Johnson (Reed) 11/19/1935 1/24/2020  
HargroveL H1/15/1856 1/17/1941  
HarkeyMary Frances Kimbrow 12/9/1853 9/24/1932 Photo
HarlowDorothy Ellen Williams 6/13/1925 5/7/1999 W of Paul
Eugene Edward "Gene"10/9/1918 1/16/1993 TEC5 US Army  WW II
Photos + jt
HarlowHenry Edward1880 1971 H of Mamie   Photo
HarlowJohn Newton Sr6/27/1865 11/8/1932 H of Josephine
HarlowJosephine James 2/2/1879 12/16/1913 W of John Sr
Kenneth Cleo 1/30/1939 3/6/2016 US Navy
HarlowMamie Ethel10/9/1890 Jun 1980 W of Henry   Photo
Paul Otis 3/20/1921 1/4/2010 H of Dorothy
HarlowRhodillah P2/19/1921 3/26/2005 W of Riley   Photo
HarlowRiley F1913 1975 H of Rhodillah  Photo
HarpAbsolom Apse1822 7/3/1896  
HarpGeorge H4/3/1889 11/13/1901 S of John & Mary
HarpJohn Calvin12/9/1848 12/15/1931 H of Mary
HarpMary J7/19/1859 12/22/1939 W of John
HarperSamuel Harvey Alfred1862 1915  
HarrisArthur1/11/1898 9/18/1898 S of Joseph & Eliza   Photo
HarrisJoseph W6/20/1854 9/12/1929 Photo
HarrisLawrence W Sr9/6/1936 5/18/2009  
HarrisLuvina DeShazer 3/22/1891 1/25/1919  
HarrisMary E6/6/1914 6/27/2009  
HarrisMelvin Kenneth10/26/1934 11/8/2004  
HarrisNorman L2/16/1933 3/11/2004  
HarrisWard B5/12/1916 1/25/1919 S of Lacy & Luvina
HarrisWatson E5/6/1910 2/20/1992  
HartKathryn  4/16/1924 Photo ff
HarvilleEvis Zeke3/6/1929 6/25/1988 H of Shirley   Photo
HarvilleShirley Ann Ridenour 3/28/1936 12/23/2007 W of Evis     Photo
Benjamin 12/27/1825 12/31/1895 Pvt Co K 3rdTN Inf
Mexican War   Photo ff
HastingGayle Elliff 9/9/1937 8/7/1977 Wed Herbert 3/10/1955
HastingKevin Ray1/23/1963 1983 S of Herbert & Gayle
HastingLee R6/28/1909 2/25/1965  
HastingLinda May4/25/1942 4/20/1950 Photo
HastingValerie Gayle1/3/1975 1/5/1976 D of Herbert & Gayle   Photo
HastingsHerbert Ray1/4/1932 7/28/1997 Wed Gayle 3/10/1955
Larry Joe 10/15/1940 3/30/1981 SP4 US Army  Photos
Cecil Eugene 12/18/1926 8/25/1997 H of Ruth  Photo tc
PFC US Army  WW II  Photo jt
HawkinsGoldeona "Goldie" Curry 8/8/1885 5/9/1948  
Harlon Milmo 8/5/1924 8/18/2018 Wed Maerene 10/25/1952
US Army
HawkinsMaerene11/3/1931 1/28/2018 Wed Harlon 10/25/1952
HawkinsRuth Allene Tyner 9/14/1926 11/21/1983 W of Cecil  Photo tc
HaynieAnnie E Clem 9/12/1868 3/19/1899 W of Samuel   Photo
HaynieFerold Marie12/18/1897 3/20/1898 Photos
HaynieThomas C1/4/1894 1/8/1894 S of Samuel & Annie  Photos
HaynieWilliam Charles2/27/1895 12/13/1937  
Kenneth Niel 10/26/1926 3/30/1970 OK S1 US Navy  WW II
HEADYMarian Imogene10/26/1921 8/24/1938 Photo
HeathAddie Leona1/19/1880 3/28/1951 W of Euna   Photo
Euna Evans 5/9/1889 2/23/1966 H of Addie
OK Pvt Oct Auto Repl Draft
WW I      Photo jt
HeindselmanLeon E11/15/1904 5/13/1967  
HeindselmanLola B9/24/1895 6/25/1898 D of William & Sarah
HeindselmanSarah Ellen1873 1956  
HelmickAllison6/25/1875 6/20/1892 Photo ff
HendersonAlbert E2/8/1873 2/26/1947  
Allen Garrett 6/29/1937 11/15/2006 US Air Force  Photo jt
HendersonAlonzo9/13/1886 11/7/1907 Photo
HendersonDelbert E2/8/1873 9/12/1939  
HendersonDona7/28/1907 9/12/1909 D of Thomas & Edna Photo
HendersonEddie Thomas3/29/1906 12/31/1986 H of Velma  Photo
HendersonElizabeth A Koffendecker Jul 1851   W of William
HendersonFranklin M3/26/1875 9/22/1952  
HendersonJerry Ray6/5/1931 8/12/2001 Photo ff
HendersonLucy EMar 1877    
HendersonVelma Jane Pixley 3/26/1908 6/10/1992 W of Eddie   Photo
HendersonWilliam A3/2/1845 5/30/1913 H of Elizabeth
HendricksCharles C "Baby" 6/24/1912 10/20/1912 S of Herman & Katie  Photo tc
HendricksFrederick3/17/1911 7/15/1914 S of Herman & Katie   Photo
HendricksGela4/20/1909 9/29/1915 Child of Herman & Katie  Photo
HendryxGordon4/13/1904 6/1/1971 H of Ruby   Photo ff
HendryxInfant Son1/8/1939 1/8/1939 S of Gordon & Ruby  Photo ff
HendryxOrd Elmer2/2/1900 12/14/1961  
HendryxRobert L9/22/1928 2/11/1929 S of Gordon & Ruby  Photo ff
HendryxRuby Mae Akin 8/22/1904 3/6/1982 W of Gordon   Photo ff
HendryxVirginia Fay  12/17/1936  
HenleyGracie M10/25/1897 6/12/1898 D of William & Carrie
HenryGeorge W1874 9/6/1934 H of Mary   Photo
HenryMary Elizabeth Taylor 11/29/1876 10/26/1958 W of George   Photo
HensleyMary Magdalene Fogle (Milliron) 1900 2/9/1958 W of Raymond Milliron
W of Geroge Hensley   Photo
HerringBetty L4/27/1930   W of Jack  Photo ff
HerringJack W8/13/1924 12/20/1995 H of Betty  Photo ff
HerringLucy Davis (Cross) 11/22/1916 8/29/2003 W of Joe Cross
W of Earl Herring  Photo
Benjamin 12/27/1825 12/31/1895 Pvt Co K 3rdTN Inf
Mexican War
HiattElwood Dean9/13/1882 2/13/1973 H of Martha   Photo ff
HiattMartha A10/30/1883 Dec 1979 W  of Elwood   Photo ff
HighfieldEva Irene Alspach10/5/1912 8/24/1954 Photo
HillViretta McClarney 12/14/1888 3/3/1910  
HobbsAudrey6/16/1915 2/12/1938  
HobbsJessie Clifford8/22/1897 6/19/1966 H of Rebecca
HobbsLola Sufronia5 mo 1920 D of Jessie & Rebecca  Photo
HobbsRebecca Jane Ratliff 12/20/1892 12/14/1952 W of Jessie
Thomas LaGreer 6/21/1915 6/28/1995 PFC US Army  WW II
Photo jt
William H 1912 1970 Pvt US Army  WW II
Photo jt
HolemanAlice Marie Morris 5/9/1939 9/4/1990 W of George   Photo
HolemanBertha Jane Bigley 12/9/1900 1/29/1981 W of Logan
Charles Alexander 9/17/1888 8/9/1934 OK Pvt 37thInf   Photo
HolemanGeorge Rodgers9/21/1935 11/26/2003 H of Alice    Photo
HolemanLeonard Louis1/23/1914 8/17/1970 Photo
HolemanLogan Augustus "Gus" 2/5/1898 11/13/1988 H of Bertha 
HollingsworthClarence H 3/30/1898 10/12/1898 C of O & E  Photo ff
HollingsworthEva Wicks 1864 1933 W of Otis
HollingsworthOtis1861 1934 H of Eva  Photo
HollingsworthRoy1884 1932 S of E   Photo ff
HollingsworthSonny  1921  
HollingsworthWalter E8/6/1891 5/11/1901 C of O & E    Photo ff
HollisterWilliam H11/15/1872 9/28/1928 Photo ff
HolstonSunny  1921  
HorsnellJennie Myrtle Warren 12/19/1888 5/11/1962  
HouseIrma Ruth Stout 2/20/1926 9/22/2015 W of John
HouseJohn Emanuel2/7/1921 1/2/2022 H of Irma
H of Kathryn
HouseKathryn I9/29/1915 6/9/1996 W of John 
HowardSam H1867 1919  
HowardWilliam1876 1922  
HowellAlbert E1882 1953 H of Jessie
HowellElla B1880 1953 Photo
HOWELLJames F1880 1946 Photo
HowellJessie N1887 1965 W of Albert
HowellLibbie R1866 1948 W of William   Photo
HOWELLLilly Bell Shuler 10/12/1918 7/9/1940 Photo
Richard Leon 5/15/19398/13/1985 MSgt US Air Force
HowellVera M 12/21/1910 12/21/1910 Photo
HowellVerna M1/1/1907 3/25/1907  
HowellWilliam M1870 1944 H of Libbie  Photo
HowellWillie4/28/1903 1/13/1913 Photo
HubbardKarl Richard1/29/1933 1/29/1933 S of Russell Sr & Kittie
Russell Buford Jr 10/23/1916 8/31/1937 Pvt US Army
HugginsAlice Lee1909 1935  
HughartWanda Record 9/6/1930 8/5/1992 Photo
HughesErwin11/19/1856 10/8/1930 H of Sarah   Photo
HughesSarah J1857 1919 W of Erwin   Photo
HumphreyAda Catherine Woodward 11/22/1869 2/7/1947 W of Thomas   Photo
HumphreyBessie E Howell8/11/1897 9/22/1968 W of Mabry
HumphreyEleanor A8/16/1915 12/10/1986 W of Max   Photo
HumphreyEllis Isaac9/11/1891 12/4/1962 H of Lillian   Photo
HumphreyInfant Son11/21/1923 11/21/1923 S of Mabry & Bessie  Photo 
HumphreyInfant Son10/15/1919 10/15/1919 S of Mabry & Bessie  Photo
HumphreyLillian M6/29/1894 9/24/1948 W of Ellis    Photo
HumphreyMabry J1/14/1897 10/25/1967 H of Bessie  
HumphreyMax H9/13/1921 8/26/1993 H of Eleanor  Photo
HumphreyThomas Jasper8/14/1862 8/2/1918 H of Ada    Photo
HumphreyVirgil LinnMay 1900 3/12/1952 Photo
HumphreyVirginia Ellen2/21/1918 4/1/1919 Photo
HuntLeonard Charles7/7/1952 8/17/1952  
HurdDoris Imogene "Jean" Bohannon 5/28/1929 1/21/1996 W of Jimmie
Jimmie Lee "Jim" 1/31/1932 11/15/1992 H of Doris
US Navy Korea
HurdMarion1870 1921 H of Minnie
HurdMinnie Crider1883 1917 W of Marion
IrbyBlythe Lee6/8/2018 6/8/2018  
Claude Jack Jr 12/10/1914 6/25/1985 TEC4 US Army  WW II
H of Virginia Photos ff & jt
IvyClaude Jack Sr1/8/1878 12/30/1967 H of Rosa   Photo ff
IvyInfant Daughter8/22/1913 8/22/1913 D of Claude Sr & Rosa   Photo
IvyInfant Son5/15/1922 5/15/1922 S of Claude Sr & Rosa   Photo
IvyRosa L Rogers 11/18/1894 5/27/1922 W of Claude Sr
IvyVirginia6/15/1915 7/19/2001 W of Claude Jr   Photo ff
Jack Andrew 6/7/1909 5/7/1959 OK Pvt 12thBn Armd Force RTC
WW II   Photo tc
JamesMary Olive Crispin 1868 1923  
JanuaryJohnny Ray1952 1967  
JavineEmma Hope Haynie 10/13/1860 2/13/1896 W of John  Photo ff
JavineJohn Baptiste10/18/1855 3/6/1940 H of Emma    Photo ff
Joseph W 2/7/1897 8/9/1962 OK Bugler Btry E 29th Fld Arty
WW I    Photo jt
JeffreyBessie1870 1961  
JeffreyDaniel L1858 1942  
Lewis 5/29/1892 5/18/1970 OK PFC 10th Ballon Co Air Svc
JeffreyMary M11/16/1894 8/28/1975  
JenkinsAlbert Fredrick 12/30/1924 6/27/2002  
JenkinsCharles Wesley6/7/1881    
JenkinsDavid B6/18/2932 9/2/1932 Photo
JenkinsLevi Amos2/10/1920 2/15/2003  
JenkinsMaude A Barnes 10/30/1896 10/18/1992 W of William
JenkinsN W  1921 Photo
JenkinsRichard S6/26/1929 Aug 1991  
JenkinsV I8/27/1896 5/26/1980  
JenkinsWanneta M11/28/1911 10/7/1912  
William N 3/17/1891 4/25/1970 H of Maude
OK PFC Base Hosp 82
WW I     Photo
JesterLewis O "Lou"5/27/1858 6/27/1949  
JewellD H2/25/1839 1/1/1896 Photo
JewettG C1/12/1840 8/26/1907  
JewittLittle Howard1909 11/5/1914 Photos
JohnsonCharles E1890 1969 H of Roxie
Charles E    Co C 31st OH Inf   Photo
Ernest Lee Jr 2/8/1916 11/7/2015 Wed Kathleen 10/1/1939
US Navy  WW II
JohnsonErnest Lee Sr11/27/1883 5/4/1958 Photo
JohnsonEtta Pearl1880 1925 Photo ff
JohnsonEvelyn Francis Poor 2/19/1924 11/3/1969 W of Will   Photo kf
JohnsonFred W O10/29/1878 11/26/1968  
Johnson-GriggsGrace Bonnie Black 11/11/1903 2/22/1991 W of Leo Johnson   Photo
W of ??? Griggs
JohnsonInfant Robert3/6/1914 6/7/1914  
JohnsonJohn Javine5/22/1913 1/26/2008 Wed Veta 3/29/1932  Photo kf
JohnsonJohn Scott1851 1928 Photo ff
JohnsonJohnny Rodgers9/11/1953 8/8/2016  
JohnsonKathleen Lucille Tooley 1/27/1921 12/26/2015 Wed Ernest Jr 10/1/1939  Photo
Leo Dale 12/5/1891 5/10/1963 OK Wagoner Sup Co 27thInf
H of Grace  Photos +jt
JohnsonLouise Francis McCurtain 9/7/1918 7/29/2004 W of Will   Photo ff
JohnsonMilton William8/8/1887 8/29/1971 H of Ocal   Photo ff
JohnsonNancy Catherine Houston 2/26/1850 12/22/1907  
JohnsonOcal B Weddle 1/5/1889 10/10/1981 W of Milton  Photo ff
JohnsonOlive Ree "Ollie" Javine 2/27/1890 12/22/1972 Photo
JohnsonRobert Leroy 7/20/1918 7/20/1918  
JohnsonRoxie L1893   W of Charles
JohnsonSusan Flodell11/25/1923 7/12/1927  
JohnsonTandy R1909 1968 Photo
JohnsonVeta Florine1/4/1915 7/12/2004 Wed John J 3/29/1932   Photo kf
JohnsonVirginia H Burnett 4/17/1862 11/6/1945 Photo ff
Will R "Bill" 2/10/1920 12/28/2000 H of Evelyn  Poor
H of Louise McCurtain
US Army Air Force WW II  Photo jt
William D 1/23/1952 9/15/1972 OK Sgt US Army  Vietnam
Photo tc
JonesAnnie Gertrude Riffe 1/28/1869 7/26/1962 W of Dr Edgar
JonesArlie Joseph1/20/1893 9/3/1976 H of Mary
JonesArlie Joseph Jr "Roy" 3/22/1928 4/11/1929 Photo
JonesCharles Elbert12/16/1932 12/24/1932  
JonesEdgar Augustus Jr5/30/1899 7/13/1964 Photo
JonesDr Edgar Augustus1860 7/14/1943 H of Annie
JonesElwood W  9/12/1966  
JonesEva Lee Herndon 12/28/1878 8/18/1952 W of William C  Photo
JonesJohneva6/29/1926 3/16/1928 D of Arlie & Mary  Photo
JonesMary Ann "Doll" "Dollie" Peters 3/9/1896 12/16/1987 W of Arlie
JonesMildred D9/21/1918 3/7/1940 Photo
JonesMinnie Myers (Sutton) 10/9/1886 4/13/1930 W of John Sutton
W of John Jones  Photo
JonesRalph1916 1916  
JonesTed1902 2/7/1930  
JonesTroy Everett10/8/1923 3/17/1941 Photo
JonesW F1/18/1851 5/13/1937  
JonesW A "Will"1876 1934  
JonesWilliam Clayborn4/30/1870 4/13/1932 H of Eva   Photo ff
JordanHattie1872 1904 W of R E
JordanR E Lee1872 1942  
JordanRichard R1/8/1897 5/28/1902 S of Hattie & R E
JungerJ A1857 1925 Photos kf
Joseph Fred 4/7/1890 11/7/1938 OK Sgt QMC WW I   Photo
JungerRobert F1895 1935 Photos kf
JungerRosalia M1863 1934 Photos kf

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