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Indian Territory - Checotah Cemetery
Also known as: Old Checotah Cemetery

Checotah, Mcintosh County, Oklahoma
Partial Survey

Information:   A special thank you to Luke Faires, funeral director for Garrett Family Funeral Home in Checotah. He is in the process of digitizing all of the old funeral records, including those from Smith Funeral Home and Koch and Thompson Hardware and Undertakers. "The funeral home started keeping records around August of 1913, many of them are woefully incomplete. Many of the records donít record which cemetery at all. As with your records, these are subject to some inaccuracies (especially spelling)." Some partial records from Koch and Thompson Undertaking are kept by Garrett Family Funeral Home in Checotah. They also have some of the early Greenlawn, Triplett, and Brush Hill Cemetery records. 06-Mar-2014
Information:  The following is from the Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly - Vol 35 # 4 1990 pg 136-141, (unless noted otherwise). Permission granted (by: Jim Slade) to okcemeteries.net to use this information on February 19, 2013.

Abstract of Deed Date Written: 22nd day of March 1902; Date Executed: September 19, 1908.

Grantor: Moty Tiger, Principal Chief of the Muskogee (Creek) Nation.

Grantee: The Town of Checotah Oklahoma formerly Indian Territory.

Consideration: One Hundred and no/100 ($100.00)

Description: The SE/4 of the NE/4 of the NE/4 of the SW/4, and the NE/4 of the SE/4 of the NE/4 of the SW/4 of Section 32, T-12-N, R-17-E of the I.B.M. in McIntosh County, Oklahoma, containing 5 acres more or less, for cemetery purposes according to the provisions of Dec 13 of an act of congress approved June 30, 1902 Pub 200.

An article was written about the cemetery, by Mrs. Blackburn for the McIntosh County Democrat on July 26, 1990. A fund has been established at Peoples National Bank in Checotah, OK, to raise money for the preservation of the cemetery. The 5-acre tract has been surveyed, and an arch for the entrance has been created by Raymond Carey, retired vocational-agriculture teacher of Checotah High School, assisted by several students and Clint Colburn. Contributions to the fund have come from as far away as California and can still be made to the Old Checotah Cemetery Fund at the bank. The money will be used for up-keep on the cemetery.

If you have family buried in Indian Territory - Checotah Cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact Area Coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
NOTE: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

I do not live in McIntosh County and I do not have access to any records other than those presented here. Therefore, I am sorry that I am unable to answer any questions about specific people.






ABBOTT Ben23-May-1902 06-Jan-1904 
ACKER A. O.08-Sep-1882 13-Feb-1904 
ACKER Jessie Mae (Durham)Nov 28, 1881 Oct 5, 1907 Photo
ALEXANDER M. C.28-Nov-1849 Sep-1905 
ALLISON M. A. Aged 52 Years 06-Mar-1909 Photo  
ASBILL Samuel G.14-Sep-1848 14-Aug-1891 
ATKINSON Keith Gray10-Mar-1899 21-Aug-1899S of Thomas C & Mary Madeline
ATKINS Lee20-Dec-1860 12-Nov-1894 
AUD Jodie E03-May-1880 13-Dec-1899D of John & Martha
Bair Rozella Bell Edwards (Maitland) 7/11/1854 5/2/1903 W of Isaac Maitland
W of John Bair
BAKER Columbus Winfield "Sam"24-Jan-1859 07-Oct-1911 H of Frances
BAKER Frances "Fannie" (Brooks)12-Dec-1863 2_-Jun-1899W of Columbus
BAKER Homer Boyd09-Oct-1897 20-Apr-1912 
BAKERMary Ann "Polly" (Long)1833 1892 W of Thomas
Burial UNK
BAKERThomas Winfield1828 1898 H of Mary
BAUGHMAN Burris23-Apr-1877 31-Dec-1948 
BAUGHMAN Deviree Paradine1858 1896 W of Isaac
Wed 2/9/1873
BAUGHMAN Gay Linard 10 yrs 04-Jul-1914 Bert Baughman next of kin; funeral held next
day at 2 pm at home
BAUGHMAN Isaac Nicholas19-Oct-1854 17-Apr-1895 H of Deviree
Wed 2/9/1873
BEALE Ivy N.14-Oct-1908 __-17-____ Photo  D of J. F. & M. E.
BELL Annie 03-Apr-1889 02-Oct-1905 Photo
D of J P & Mary
BERRY Arthur H.28-Dec-1883 05-Jan-1914farmer; next of kin - S. F. Berry; funeral held
next day at home
BIAS Mary15-Sep-1861 02-Nov-1907 Photo
W of John
BICKEL Harold07-Sep-1911 21-Jan-1912 Photo
BLACKBURN Mozelle28-Aug-1896 07-Apr-1912D of R. T. & Martha
BLAIR Infant Son    Photo
S of M & M
BLAIR J. L.11-Apr-1901 12-Jun-1907 Photo
S of M & M
BLAIR Nona Elsie18-Dec-1908 31-Jan-1911 Photo
D of M & A
BOATMURI Eva01-Jan-1914 08-Oct-1914passed in Texanna; funeral held next day
in Texanna with Rick Hynes presiding
BorumF D Jul 18, 1888Aug 8,1899  
BRADY Mary Ann (Gray)12-Feb-1842
Arlington, VA
W of Frank E
BRAGG Daughter09-Feb-1898 11-Aug-1900Dau of Rev. N. E. & Emma
BRANDON Hiram18-Oct-1818 28-Nov-1894 
BROOKS Clifton01-Oct-1879 22-Sep-1902 Photo
BROOKS Thomas J.25-Mar-1877 24-Apr-1896 Photo
BROOKS Willis Jr03-Apr-1854 22-Sep-1902 Photo
BROWN _abl_05-Mar-1900 25-Mar-1905 Photo
BROWN Francis E.Age 66 21-May-1904 Photo
BUELL  16-Nov-1851Mar-1899  
ByarsMary A Aug 20, 1854Jul 25, 1902 W of Thomas
CALDWELL David R.29-May-1846 14-Dec-1913carpenter; funeral held next day at
home - 3:30 with Rev. Rogers presiding
CANNON Carrie26-Jan-1875 03-Mar-1909W of J. A.
CAPPS Julia M.28-Apr-1866 23-Apr-1900 Photo
CappsMary J Feb 28, 1900Jan 29, 1910  
CHENAULT George S. C., Jr.26-Dec-1900 27-Feb-1905 
CLAMET M. Tacet    
COLE Lawrence James "Larrie"02-Mar-1865 09-Sep-1907 Photo  WOW
CollinsJennie LeeMay 10,1903 Jan 3, 1905 Photo
COLLINS Zellie16-Jun-1903 19-Jun-1903dbl w/ Zelma; Children of A. D. & M. A.
COLLINS Zelma Ruth07-Dec-1896 06-Mar-1903dbl w/ Zellie; Children of A. D. & M. A.
CooperLittle DebsSep 30, 1903 Oct 22, 1910 Photo
S of J T & L H
Cowan  Feb 27Apr 4, 1904 S of J W & E L
CowanMildred Mar 9,1900Dec 9, 1906 Photo
COWAN Ruth R.07-Feb-1902 07-Nov-1906 
CRAIG Infant  24-Oct-1906 D of B. N. & Gertrude
CROMWELL D. F., Dr. 77 yr 19-Nov-1913 physician; funeral held next morning
at 10:30 at his home with Rev. Blackfurn presiding
DAVENPORT Ella A10-Jul-1876 03-Jul-1905W of F. E.
DOBBS C. A.30-Mar-1874 10-Sep-1898 
DobbsMillie F Age 34Mar 1895  
DUGGINS Payton S.29-Oct-1878 15-Mar-1909 
John RandolphApr 3,1843 06-Jul-1908 Photo
Pvt Co F 27th LA INF CSA
FARMER Leaty Elizabeth12-Jul-1890 13-Sep-1903 Photo
D of F & B
FIELDS Benjamin Toliver "Toll"24Dec-1853 21-Feb-1910 
FIELDS Haston28-May-1872 03-Jul-1907 Photo
FINLEY Emma D. 64 yrs 23-Jun-1914 William A. Vuryear next of kin; funeral
held next day at 4 pm at home
FREEMAN Leroy Alexander24-Nov-1907 08-Feb-1909 Photo
FRY Mattie A. Age 44 yrs 01-Apr-1905 W of D. W
Isaac W.   Co H 5thTN Vols. Mex. War
GAMBLIN Edward Eldo1869 1909 H of Malissa
GAMBLIN Infant03-Apr-1900 15-Jun-1900D of Davie L. & E.
GAMBLIN Lizzie B.17-Oct-1909 11-Jan-1910 D of William & Sarah
GAMBLIN Malissa H (Hughes)19-Aug-1874 14-Feb-1908W of Edward
GLADDEN Carrie26-Jan-1875 03-Mar-1909W of J. A.
GLADDEN EffieAge 29 yrs  W of G. W.
GRAHAM Bond Silas17-Aug-1857 23-Mar-1901 
GRAHAM Toy03-Mar-1886 03-Mar-1901 
GRIMES James E.31-Jan-1908 12-Apr-1908 Photo
S of CC & Lucy
GrimesThomas WinfordJan 27, 1909 Jun 28, 1910 S of CC & Lucy
GUINN Arch10-Sep-1876 23-Jul-1899 Photo
GUINN James K.17-Sep-1850 14-Jan-1907 
GUINN OliverJul 16, 1873 Oct 9, 1906 
HALE Edith05-Sep-1892 29-Aug-1905D of A. J. & R. B.
HALTER Mathias20-Oct-1856 09-May-1908H of Rosa; 51 yrs 6 mo 19 ds
HARRIS William D.18-Mar-1865 17-Sep-1901 
HARRISON Annie M.27-Jul-1882 15-Nov-1898 
HARRISON Arthur S.27-Jan-1896 29-Sep-1899 
HARRISON Hattie A.28-Mar-1891 29-Oct-1899 
HARRISON John J.01-Apr-1886 25-Oct-1897 
HATCHER Stephen Scott05-Oct-1871 04-Oct-1906 
HERMAN Robert02-Feb-1888 17-Mar-1909 
HICKS Hettie M.10-Nov-1861 02-Apr-1905 W of Thomas
HICKS John W.12-Jan-1890 03-Sep-1904 
HICKS Minnie B15-Nov-1894 05-Jan-1895D of Thomas & Hettie
HICKS Thomas R.10-Sep-1857 12-Sep-1898 H of Hettie
HigginsMilton SOct 29, 1873 Mar 6, 1909  
HILL Hanah1863 1903 Photo
HILL J. F.19-May-1855 04-Aug-1904 
HINKLE Infant Son03-Oct-1901 05-Oct-1901 Photo
S of H S & M A
HobbsMartin 18631908  
HodgesAddie Mar 31, 1875Mar 7, 1898  
HodgesMaybell Mar 25, 1898Jun 30, 1898 D of Charles & Mollie
HodgesMollie A Nov 14, 1870Feb 12, 1899 W of Charles
HONGER P H25-May-1854 02-Jan-1902WOW
HowardGeorge D Nov 6, 1850Aug 24, 1902  
HOWSE Ella M.17-Sep-1887 11-Jul-1906 
HUGHES Infant   S of E. W. & E.
HUGHES Joseph30-Mar-1851 25-Aug-1908 
HULLEY Frankline25-May-1906 19-Jun-1906 
HULLEY Margaret11-Dec-1848 04-Oct-1905 
HUNT Lillian B.25-Dec-1888 08-Dec-1905W of J.
HUNTER Annie    
HunterCenna Dec 27, 1873Dec 29, 1907 D of W H
HUNTER Jessie J. Age 17y 9m 18d 18-Nov-1905 S of E. M. & Hatcher
INGRAM G. W. Age 39y 7m 22d 24-Feb-1909 Photo
IVEY Cecil H.06-Dec-1894 15-May-1899S of T E & M D
JOHNSON Laura A.15-Mar-1857 28-Mar-1903W of L. A.
JOHNSON Wellington Lott18-Jan-1872 15-Mar-1898 Photo
JONES Bay07-Apr-1903 31-Oct-1904 Photo
D of W F & C L
JONES Beulah27-Jul-1891 09-Oct-1897D of L C & R E
KnottH M Jun 7, 1850Dec 6, 1898 Photo
LAMB Infant Male21-Jan-1903 05-Aug-1905 Photo  his name appears to be
on top of the stone - unreadable in photo

S of C D & Sudie
LEE Exie1899 1909 Photo
D of N P & L B
LewisJames Z Jan 8, 1850Feb 19, 1906  
LightOllie J Jun 4, 1902Nov 20, 1907 S of J C & D V
LONG John A. Aged 56 Yrs 05-Jul-1901  
LYNCH Bennie14-Oct-1895 07-Jan-1896S of O. H. & Dollie
LYNCH Kate (Drew)Jan 1, 1862 Jan 30, 1894 
MackeyGeorge J Age 46Feb 1, 1904 H of Cherokee
MALONE Walde30-Jun-1884 06-Feb-1902 
MarkhamFrancis LorineOct 9, 1901 Oct 14, 1904 D of A C & Lorine
Josiah H.27-Nov-1820 04-Dec-1901 AR Cav CSA  
McCaughanMamie Feb 17, 1895Oct 12, 1898 D of J & I E
McCLAIN Mattie May09-May-1891 29-Jul-1892D of R. A. & M.
McCuneInfant SonAug 9, 1910 Sep 14, 1910 S of J N
McCUNE Jual09-Nov-1902 21-Nov-1908 
McCurdyMary R Mar 21, 1923Aug 22, 1899 Photo
McDANIEL John Grover01-Oct-1897 07-Feb-1908 
McNEELEY JaneDec 19, 1822 Feb 27, 1908 
McNulty Cherokee (Watt) (Mackey)Mar 21,1866 Sep 23, 1904 W of George Mackey
MIDDLETON Nancy Adline (Reed)06-Feb-1835 29-Jun-1901W of Richard
Wed 6/14/1853
MintonFrank Jun 29, 1894Sep 1894 S of Chanie & Ida
MintonJarret O Dec 28, 1899Apr 23, 1901 S of Chanie & Ida
MINTON Samuel C. "Sammie"1895 1895 S of Chanie & Ida
MohonLuther L Dec 4,1903Jul 28, 1904  
MohonRobert L Mar 5, 1903Jun 16, 1904  
MOORE Lieuvenia Age 38 Yrs 16-Jan-1907 W of David F.
MullenMeda Dec 12, 1894Oct 20,1 907  
NARON Lera B. Age 13y 11m 1d 22-Apr-1903 D of A C & P V
NeedhamIda Odel (Yount)Feb 24, 1870 Jul 1, 1904  
NewmyerNolin Mar 24, 1896Aug 29, 1902  
NicholsInfant    S of J L & Laura
OBELL Annie03-Apr-1887 02-Oct-1905D J. & Annie
OdomRobert HermanFeb 2, 1883 Mar 27, 1909 Photo
OMAN Carl Bartow06-Sep-1898 19-Aug-1899 Photo
S of G O & Nellie
ORSBORN Infant Son  28-Jan-1905 Photo
S of F R & A J
ORSBORN Infant Son  23-Feb-1909 Photo
S of F R & A J
OSBORN Babe24-Nov-1852 14-Feb-1902W of T J
PARSONS Unknown  30-Aug-1913 5 mon; funeral held same day at home
PATE Cynthia19-Mar-1828 02-Oct-1897Wife of J. E.
PAYTON  29-Oct-187305-Mar-1909  
PAYTON Lizzie08-Mar-1875 15-May-1903W of J. M.
PEARSON Thomas Newton 1866Jun 18, 1909 
PEIRCE Martha10-Sep-1883 07-Dec-1904W of Imple
PITTS Cynthia Sereptha (Davis) (Snelson) Apr 17, 1841 Aug 5, 1907 W of John Snelson
Wed 12/4/1860
Wed Lawrence Pitts  8/3/1865
PITTS W. N.07-Nov-1869 03-Oct-1908WOW
PORTER Mrs. J. F.   Age 29 years
PRICE Mary Opel04-Aug-1898 07-Aug-1898 
PRICE Unknown  07-Jul-1914 67 yrs; next of kin listed as I.O.O.F. home
RANDALL Ralph M.Feb 18, 1900 14y 6m 6d Photo
RankinHarriett DeliaMay 6, 1929 Jan 31, 1907  
REED Infant Daughter   D of J. W. & R.; stone unreadable
REED Johnnie ViolaAug 25, 18?? Dec 21, 18?? 
REID Alice03-Mar-1881 01-Nov-1903W of W. A.
REID Infant Son  Nov 1, 1903 S of W A & Alice
RICHARDSON Charles A.Dec 11, 1874 Feb 5, 1907 
RINNERT  28-Oct-181324-Nov-1894  
RINNERT Karl02-May-1904 03-Jul-1904 Photo
RUCKER J. F.10-Jan-1854 02-Mar-1895 
SALTS Joseph E07-Jun-1872 27-Feb-1912 Photo
SAPPINGTON Jessie19-Mar-1901 05-Nov-1901 Photo
SAPPINGTON Laura30-Jun-1904 18-Mar-1906 Photo
Schellsmidt Roxie (Hicks)26-Oct-1897 30-Mar-1989 Photo
SEALE Ivy14-Oct-1908 17-Feb-1911D of J. F. & M. L.
SHAMBLIN Nathanel C22-Jan-1848 07-Feb-1902 Photo
SHARP N. M.06-Apr-1878 18-Mar-1912 
SHASTID Sam02-Dec-1905 19-Jul-1906 
SHOEMAKE  Age 14 yrs 1899 D of G. W. & Mary
SHOEMAKE Allie R. (Hill)27-Sep-1878 18-Mar-1901W of Matthew;
D of J A & L C Hill
Sledg??Francis 18441913  
STATHAM Son30-Sep-1891 22-Jul-1892S of L F & Lena
STRANEY Mattie EJul 12, 1860 Mar 21, 1909 W of J A
STRANEY William F.16-Dec-1910 Age 18 yrs  
TAYLOR BlancheJul 10, 1888 Jun 21, 1899 
TAYLOR Justin H. "Guff"10-Jul-1871 12-Feb-1908 
THOMAS D. L.14-Dec-1878 20-Feb-1906W of G. W.
THOMAS George W13-Nov-1853 16-May-1901 H of Sarah
THOMAS J. L. D.31-Dec-1858 23-Jan-1883 
THOMAS Mary C26-Jan-1854 15-Feb-1908W of G. T.
THOMAS Sadie P.  14-Dec-1913 D. L. Thomas listed as next of kin
THOMAS Sarah J09-Dec-1855 23-Dec-1890 W of George
THOMAS W. D.20-Mar-1888 27-Dec-1902 
ThompsonEdwin HDec 14, 1883 Aug 18, 1907  
Thompson Fieldon EMay 22, 1848 Apr 10, 1906  
TORRANS Perry L.04-May-1900 30-May-1905 
TURNBOW Alice30-Oct-1879  W of J. A.; stone broken at DOD
TurnerHomer B Sep 17, 1997Sep 17, 1998  
UnknownInfant   Unreadable
Unknown???erso  ?? 13, 1900 
VANDIVER Leslie Lee09-Aug-1903 13-Nov-1906D of J. M. & Rosa
VANDIVER Rob A20-Feb-1899 21-Oct-1910 Photo
VAUGHN Infant  06-Oct-1914 S of John F. funeral held
at 2 pm next day at home
Vinson Claudie LeeJun 27, 1902 Feb 10, 1903 
WaldenJohn J Jun 30, 1887 Feb 6, 1902 
WALLACE Anne E.28-Dec-1835 24-Feb-1896 Photo
W of Robert
WALLACE Nina V.12-Jul-1884 30-Jun-1909 Photo
W of Thomas W
WALTON Lucy 26 yr old 30-Nov-1913 W of Sam Walton next of kin;
funeral at church the same day at 2 pm;
Rev. Woods presiding.
WASSON Earnest ArlieSep 1, 1892 Sep 5, 1893 S of W E & L C
WASSON Mammie1879 1909W of J. L.
WASSON MaxineNov 16, 1870 Jan 2, 1899 
WASSON Nancy B17-Aug-1882 07-Sep-1904W of J. L.
WATSON Clarence RAug 29, 1907 Sep 19, 1908 S of R L & Annie
WATSON ClaudeAug 29, 1907 Aug 19, 1908 S of R L & Annie
WATSON Dollie (Turpin)Sep 1891 Dec 25,1908  
WATSON Ellen (Pettit)Dec 1858 10-Jan-1905 W of Thomas 
WATSON Thomas S15-Mar-1884 12-Sep-1907 H of Ellen
WELLS Burford  16-Aug-1913 19 yr old farmer; funeral held the next day
WELLS J H1854 1909  
WHALEY R. M.16-Aug-1860 27-Jan-1901 Photo  WOW
WINFORD Thomas27-Jan-1909 29-Jun-1910S of C C & Lucie
WOLFE Georgia E. Age 7y 8m 16d 31-Aug-1906 D of G. B. & Elenora;
WOOD Sapheoria Una21-Mar-1904 28-Jun-1905D of Mr. & Mrs. J. M.
WOODS Mary14-Aug-1872 31-Oct-1912 Photo
W of B F
WRIGHT Alpheus19-Feb-1826 24-Mar-1900 
WRIGHT John Garvie24-Jul-1884 05-Feb-1903 
YOEMANS Shelton Curtis21-Nov-1906 20-Dec-1908S of Rev. W. & Viola
YountJincey (Lewallen) May 8, 1862Dec 19, 1912 W of A C
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