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Forehand Cemetery
Canadian County, Oklahoma

Submitted by Mahlon Erickson
Surveyed © 2002-07 by: C. M. Wright
(See below)
Additions by Area Coordinators

Located 4 miles west on State Highway 66 and 2 miles south on Gregory Road from Yukon, OK, the cemetery sits on the east side of the road. This cemetery has been vandalized through the years with many stones gone and only bases left with no identification.

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AllenHillard B19121917Photo   
BaldwinJoel Azeriah1/17/18089/3/1891Photo 
BaldwinMary Isabel "Mollie" Brace9/11/187111/19/1898Photo
BallInfant19058/19/1905S of C E
BarnesBessie Winifred1/24/188211/4/1892D of Charles & Ella  Photo
BarnesCharles Whittington18522/5/1916Photo 
BarnesEarnest Vaughn9/4/188911/7/1892S of Charles & Ella  Photo
BarnesMarion Jinnett3/12/188311/27/1892D of Charles & Ella  Photo
BellBertha G18756/2/1895D of Thomas & Sarah
BellMrs Thomas  Jan 1903 
BenderMahalia W Ballard8/10/18327/31/1905W of A.C.  Photo
Charles Chamblin18261915H of Frances    Photo
Co B 140th IL Inf
BrownFrances Permelia Rhodes18361898W of Charles  Photo
CasselJohn E9/12/18614/2/1909H of Mary  Photo
CasselMary8/30/18698/25/1901W of John  Photo
ConnorRalph Stacy18957/17/1897Photo
CrabbElsie M19021921W of Z W  Photo
DanaBessie Luella11/19/19111/17/1913D of O.L. & I.   Photo
DeardorffJoshua Bosley4/18/18554/3/1928Wed Melissa  11/13/1873 Photo
DeardorffMelissa Ann Riley10/17/185212/15/1911Wed Joshua  11/13/1873 Photo
James K3/18/18409/24/1916Co F 101st IL    Photo
FindleyRuben E11/28/18802/25/1899S of Joseph & Binty   Photo
FindleyThomas J12/10/18974/16/1899S of Joseph & Binty   Photo
FronkMarie Urban4/13/186710/7/1909W of Peter  Photo 
FronkRobert J6/4/18994/8/1905S of Marie & Peter  Photo 
FyalaAnna5/26/18366/26/1895W of John    Photo 
FyalaJohn8/11/18339/16/1892H of Anna     Photo 
HarrisFrances R6/14/18745/30/1901W of A.J.     Photo 
HowardClarence A3/24/188512/8/1907Photo  
HowardDelgia E4/19/18623/12/1898W of G.R.    Photo 
HurstCharles Ralph9/8/189911/5/1901S of F. & A.    Photo 
HurstThomas Newton12/8/190111/21/1902S of Robert & Mattie  Photo 
LawsonJessie Alma18771965Photo
MillerJames Roy10/10/19031/12/1904Phot
MuirHarry W8/5/18923/24/1912Photo  
MuirInfant Son6/30/19396/30/1939S of Russell   Photo 
MuirRuby B Harris19051931Photo  
NesporAdela 9/25/18997/8/1900Photo
NewtonAlma Ann Patch9/26/18635/17/1897Photo 
NewtonInfant Son  S of Alma Photo
NorcomDr Henderson Standin12/18/18295/5/1895Photo 


NorthropJesse M29da12/9/1891S of H.C. & L.V.   Photo
PatchInfant Son  S of C R & Rosa   Photo 
RadcliffAlta L8/12/19182/29/1920Photo  
RadcliffFloyd F3/2/19135/9/1913Photo  
RadcliffLeota M5/8/19142/10/1915Photo  
RileyCynthia A Wilson18201894Photo 
RubesJulia Pribyl2/10/186812/27/1941W of Vaclav   Photo
RubesVaclav Wenceslaus18531936H of Julia    Photo
RukesHarry Claud "HC"8/16/18794/2/1938H of Otis   Photo
RukesOtis Lucinda Lewis12/31/18864/28/1966W of Harry   Photo
SmithEmmitt Nathan6/5/18894/15/1894Photo 
StagRalph2y7/17/1897S of H.& T.
WaltherEliza Von Asch18641892W of Friedrich  Photo
WaltherFriedrich "Fritz"18591932H of Eliza   Photo
WilliamsLouisa18661921W of S B   Photo
WilliamsS B1866  H of Louisa   Photo
Survey © 2002-07 by: C. M. Wright


Located 4 miles west on State Highway 66 and 2 miles south on Gregory Road
from Yukon, OK, the cemetery sits on the east side of the road. This cemetery
has been vandalized through the years with many stones gone and only bases
left with no identification.

Enumerated from north to south, front to back.

About the first one half of the cemetery, west to east has no visible stones,
many sunken places, curbing, Daffodils and Flags adorn the front half.

The row before the marked stones have several native rocks for head and
footstones., many flowers.

About row 7 or 8 begins the stones as follows:
(b.=born/m=married/d=died/info=anything else/?? questionable/NONE=blank).

RUKES- Otis L.- b. 31/Dec/1886-d. 28/Apr/1966.
RUKES- Harry C.-b. 1879-1938.
HARRIS- Frances R.-b. 14/Jun/1874-d. 30/May/1901-info- Wife of A.J.
-aged 26yrs. 11mo. 16days- Blessed are those who die in the Lord.
?? Curbing for about 6 graves unknown, (broken up funeral home marker).

Next row:
BENDER- Mahalia W.-b. 10/Aug.1832-d. 31/Jul/1905-info-Wife of A.C. Bender-She Sleepeth.
GRABB- Elsie M.-b.1902-d. 1921-info- Wife of Z.W.Grabb- At Rest.
HOWARD-Clarence A.-b.24/Mar/1885-d.08/Dec/1907.
HOWARD- Delcia E.-b. 19/Apr/1862-d. 12/Mar/1898-info Wife of C.R. Howard.
ALLEN- Hillard B.-b.1912-d. 1917.

Next row:
MILLER-James Roy- b. 10/Oct/1903-d. 12/Jan/1904.
PATCH-Stephen-b. 07/Jul/1809-d. 17/Aug/1895.
PATCH- Infant son of  C.R.& Rosa Patch.
NEWTON- Infant son of Alma Newton.
NEWTON- Alma-b. 26/Sep/1863-d. 17/May/1897.
DEARDORFF-(Father) b.1855-d. 1928.
DEARDORFF-(Mother) b. 1852-d. 1911.
RILEY- Cynthia A.-b. 1820-d. 1894-info-Blessed are they who die in the Lord.

Next row:
HURST- Charles R.-b. 08/Sep/1899-d.05/Nov/1901-info-Son of F.&A. Hurst.
SMITH- Emmitt N.-d. 15/Apr/1894-info- aged 11 yrs. 11mo. 15days
-Tho lost to sight, to memory dear.

Next row:
??Base- no name, no top.
HURST-Thomas Newton-b. 08/Dec/1901-d. 21/Nov/1902-info- Son of Robert & Mattie Hurst.
MUIR- Ruby B. Harris-b. 1905-d. 1931.
MUIR- Infant son of Mr.&Mrs. Russell Muir-b. or d. 30/jun/1939?
MUIR- Harry W.-b.05/Aug/1892-d. 24/Mar/1912.

Next row:
STEEL-Harry-d. 26/Oct/1901-aged 5 yrs. 6mo. 27days-info- Asleep in Jesus.
Curbing for two children or infants reads: G.C.R.?

Next row:
DANA-Bessie Luella-b. 19/Nov/1911-d. 17/Jan/1913-info-
Infant dau. of O.L. & I. Dana-Gone but not forgotten.
BROWN- Frances Pamelia-b. 1836-d. 1898.
BROWN- Charles Chamberlin- b. 1826-d. 1915-info- Co B, 140th IL INF. G.A.R.
?? Base no name, no top.
MASTERSON- Blanche-b. 1874-d. 1961.
LAWSON- Jessie A.-b. 1877-d. 1965.

Next row:
RADCLIFF-Alta L.-b. 12/Aug/1918-d. 29/Feb/1920.
RADCLIFF-Leota M. -b. 18/May1914-d. 10/Feb/1915.
RADCLIFF-Floyd F.-b. 02/Mar/1913-d. 09/May/1913.

Next row:
CASSEL-(Father) John E.-b. 12/Sep/1861-d. 02/Apr/1909.
CASSEL-(Mother) Mary-b. 30/Aug/1869-d. 25/Aug/1901-info
- A happy soul has winged its way, to one pure bright eternal day.
STAG- Ralph-d. 17/Jul/1897-age 2yrs. 2mo.2days-info- Son of H.&T.Conner Stag.
WALTHER- Eliza Von Asch-b. 1864-d. 1892-info-1890 Swiss Immigrant.
WALTHER-Friedrich Fritz-b. 1859-d. 1932-info-1884 Swiss Immigrant.

Next row:
?? Base only name unlegible.
?? Curbing for 6 people.
BELL- Bertha G.-b. 22/Jan/1875-d. 02/Jun/1895-info-Dau.of  Thos & Sarah Bell
- In my Fathers house are many mansions.
NORTHROP- Jesse M.- d. 09/Dec/1891 age 29days-info-Son of H.C.& L.V. Northrop.
BA?? (Baldwin?) Mollie Brace-b.? -d. Nov.??-info-stone face beaten beyond recognition.
BALDWIN-Joel A.-b. 12/Jan/1808-d. 09/Sep/1891-info- He shall rise again in the
resurrection at the last day-John XI,24.

Next row:
WILLIAMS- S.B.- b. 1866-d. NONE.
WILLIAMS-Louisa-b. 1866-d. 1921-info-his wife.
??grave with curbing.
FINDLEY- Thomas J.- b. 10/Dec/1897-d. 16/Apr/1899-info
- Son of J.F.&D.B. Findley-Parents initials in question-deteriorated.
FINDLEY-Ruben E.-b. 28/Nov/1880-d. 25/Feb/1899-info
-Son of J.S.& A.E. Findley-Parents initials in question-deteriorated.
?? Sunk in graves-flowers/flags.

Next row:
KALOUS-Charley-b. 16/Dec/1892-d. 09/Sep/1911.
NESPOR- zAe-odyociva-Adela-dcera-J.a.M.-NAR. 25/Zari/1899-ZES.
08/Cerce/1900-Sgi sladce-info- Not Czech but may be Polish or
FYALA- Anna-b. 26/May/1836-d. 26/Jun/1895.
FYALA- John-b. 11/Aug/1833-d. 16/Sep/1892.

Next row:
BARNES- C.W. b. 1852-d.1916.
BARNES-Marion Jinnett-b. 12/Mar/1883-d.27/Nov/1892-info- "89 Pioneers".
BARNES- Earnest Vaughn- b. 04/Sep/1889-d. 07/Nov/1892.
BARNES- Bessie Winifred- b. 24/Jan/1882-d. 04/Nov/1892.

Next row:
NORCOM- Trimble-b. 02/Apr/1883-(Wilmington,NC)-d. 03/Jan/1891-(El Reno,OK).
NORCOM- Dr. H.S. b. 18/Dec/1829-(Edenton, NC)-d. 05/May/1895-(El Reno,OK).
SHORTHORN/BREEDER-info-stone is 1 foot long and 6 inches wide.
?? Base-nothing else.

Next row:
RUBES- Julia-b. 1868-d. 1941.
RUBES- Vaclav-b. 1853-d. 1936.

Next row:
FANNING- James K.- b. 16/Mar/1840-d. 24/Sep/1916-info- Company F-101 IL.
FRONK- Josef- NAR. 29/Unora/1832-ZEM. 15/Unora 1906-info- This at top of
stone: Zile odpocica-a twisted quotation left to right with a period halfway
up-Panu- zesnuly. After 1906 is v. stari-73 Rokull Mes-15Dni.-odopocivej
-twisted quote and period next to it half way up the line- pokoji.

FRONK-P.J.-NAR. 13/Dubna/1867-ZEM. 07/Runa/1909- info- This at top of
stone: Lead Kindly Light- Zde odpocuav- Panu zesnula-Marie-
manzelka. At bottom: Odpociveju Pokoji.
FRONK- Robert J.- NAR. 04/Cervna/1899-ZEM. 08/Dubua 1905-info- at top:
Zde Odpocivej-v Panu-Zesnuly-Then Robert J next then Syn-Petra a Marie
- then Fronk then date. below 1905-v. stari- 5 Roliu10? Mes-4 Dui-Spi Slade.
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