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Submitted by: Jim Woodruff

Worley Cemetery
Midwest City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma

SE 1/4, Sec. 25, T11N, R2W, I.M.

Submitted & © 2002-Present by: Jim Woodruff

Worley Cemetery is located in Midwest City at the corner of Post Road and S.E. 74th Street. From I-40 in Midwest City, take Douglas south almost three. Turn left on S.E. 74th and go east for one mile to Post Road. The cemetery is on the northwest corner of the intersection. I have listed the graves by row starting from the west end of the cemetery with plots proceeding from north to south. Examples: R2-4 would be the fourth grave in from the north end of row 2. R4-3 would be the third grave in from the north end of the fourth row from the west end of the cemetery.

This cemetery is on the original 1889 Oklahoma Land Run homestead of Julius M. Worley and his wife, Susan Worley. They deeded two acres of land to Benjamine Worley and Henry Hall for $1.00. The land was to be surveyed in a square plat and was to be used as a cemetery and a site for a Baptist church benefiting of the surrounding neighborhood for all time to come. The deed was witnessed on January 4, 1901 by L. J. Worley and Alice Brasnlett {her mark}. Recorded in Book 25, page 220 in Oklahoma County. A 1960 canvass of the cemetery listed 32 names. The cemetery is still two acres in size and only occasional burials are being made. {Information obtained from OK County Cemetery Index - compiled by OK County HCE Genealogy Group, page 139.}

If you have family buried in this cemetery and would like to add their information, an obit, tombstone photo, funeral home record or memorial card to this website, please send area coordinator an e-mail.

UNK AMES Amanda K. 19 Feb 1981 25 Jun 2008 See photo
UNK BASHUM Rod no dates   lived 62 years
See photo
UNK BRIDGES Dee Anna Oct 7 1974 15 Feb 2006 See photo
UNK BRIONES Andres 04 Feb 1940 04 Dec 2007 See photo
UNK BRUMFIELD Roger Dale 27 Jul /1965 Sep 9 2005 See photo
R8-1 BURGER Jim D. 24 Feb 1938 16 Jul 2000 Husband of Katherine
See photo
UNK CAZARES Roldolfo Jesus Jr. 1982 2006 Caskets Inc FH - See photo
UNK CHANCE Jack M. 29 Apr 1983 98 Feb 2008 See photo
UNKCHOATEKriz03 Oct 200503 Oct 2005See photo
R1-4DAVISRuby Pearl29 Mar 190024 Jul 1991See photo
R7-4DAVISSilas Benson08 Sep 185817 Apr 1932See photo
R7-5DAVISTelman R.189616 Jan 1919See photo
R7-6DAVISSarah Ann10 Sep 187614 Jan 1919See photo
R9-1DAVISLena Agnes26 Mar 190208 Aug 1943See photo
UNKDICKENSJerrett Lee11 Jul 200616 Jul 2006See photo
UNKEASLEYRuby M.28 Jun 192720 Aug 2003See photo
R7-2EASLEYStanley D. Sr.11 Sep 193919 Dec 1994See photo
R8-4EASLEYVirginia Katherine Gail "Gina"23 Jan 197507 Dec 1975See photo
R8-5EASLEYJohn W. Sr.22 Dec 189603 May 1956US FlagWW I Pvt Co K 357 Inf 90 Div - See photo
R8-6EASLEYJohn W. Jr.14 Jun 192422 Jun 1984US FlagWW II US Navy - See photo
UNKENNISCody Leland13 Jun 198219 Mar 2006See photo
UNKFESSENDENLinda Marie11 May 196609 Nov 2006See photo
UNKGENZERDarrell Wayne25 Aug 194024 Apr 2008US FlagVietnam AQF2 US Navy - See photo
UNKGONZALEZRoberto Salazar01 Jul 195704 Jan 2008See photo
UNKGREENBilly Charles Jr.27 Oct 196520 Mar 2009See photo
UNKGUERREROJoyce Kaye20 Jan 195919 May 2007See photo
R1-7HALLCharles H.25 Mar 190331 Oct 1985See photo
R1-9HALLOrrin V.14 Feb 188309 Dec 1955See photo
R1-10HALLHenry19 Jan 183608 Feb 1918See photo
R1-16HALLMary R.3/20/18805/3/1966Wife of William V. - See photo
R1-17HALLWilliam V.10 Nov 187022 Mar /1947See photo
R1-19HALLEarlNo dates See photo
R4-6HAMILTONJimmy Dale17 Apr 194817 Apr 1948See photo
R1-18HARRISGraydon M.01 Sep 190926 Aug 1991See photo
R1-18AHARRISMildred I.30 Nov 191217 Feb 2008wife of Graydon M - See photo
UNKHESTERShirley12 Feb 194407 Jan 2006Bill Eisenhour FH - See photo
UNKHILLDavidno dateNov 2004See photo
UNKHILTONAysel Bayraktar07 Nov 193429 Apr 2003See photo
R3-3HOBBSCharlene B. {Kriz}02 Sep 193921 Oct 1995See photo
UNKHOWELLErnest E.04 Jun 196911/4/2007See photo
R4-9HULBERTAlbert K. "Al"10 Apr 195421 Jul 2000See photo
UNKIVIEW. T.  See photo
R2-10JOHNSONVernon L.12 Mar 193508 Nov 1995M Ola Estene 11 Apr 1955 - See photo
UNKKOELSCHGeorge F.21 Apr 191921 May 2002M Helyn Mary 10 Jun 1940 - See photo
UNKKRENCICKIRichard16 Oct 192409 Aug 2002US FlagWW II US Navy - See photo
UNKKRIZGeorge Henry Jr.27 May 193427 Apr 2008husb of Mona Lou - See photo
R5-4 KRIZ Ricky Lee 29 Nov /1952 19 May 1997 See photo
UNK LEE Tyler 10 Aug 1983 01 Jan 2007 See photo
R1-5 LINK Evelyn 19 Mar 1917 03 Feb 2000 Wife of Clyde C. - See photo
R1-6 LINK Clyde Carmon 30 Mar 1917 03 Mar 1989 US FlagWW II MM2 USN - See photo
R2-5 MANGHAM Bethany Helen 01 Jan 2001 05 Jan 2001 See photo
R2-6MANGHAM Brianne Rachel 01 Jan 2001 11 Jan 2001 See photo
R8-3 MASSEY Abram Ford 23 Feb 1976 23 Feb 1976 See photo
R6-1McADAMSAlma18511907Wife of G.W.
UNKMcDONALDOscar Charles19272008Primrose FH - See photo
UNKMESSICKJames30 Dec 195922 Oct 2005See photo
R1-11MITCHELLCarol A.19461960See photo
R1-12MITCHELLW. Fern19181959See photo
R1-13MITCHELLDonna M.19481959See photo
R1-14MITCHELLJames E.19571959See photo
R1-15MITCHELLM. Kathern26 Aug 193516 May 1998M Bobby 14 Feb 1958 - See photo
R2-9MITCHELLJames Lewis25 Nov 197025 Nov 1970See photo
UNKMORRISDeWitt12 Oct 193409 Feb /2006See photo
UNKMUNDTTabetha Ann19722007See photo
R2-7MUSGRAVECharley Clifford26 Jul 192718 Jan 1978See photo
UNKMUSGRAVEOleta Pearl27 Feb 193926 Mar 2004See photo
R2-8MUSGRAVEWilliam Riley09 Feb 186911 Oct 1936 
R2-8AMUSGRAVELillie Lee {Mills}10 Dec 187231 Mar 1953Wife of William Riley
R4-2MUSGRAVEDenna AliceSep 1879Dec 1951Wife of Jasper N. - See photo
R4-3MUSGRAVEJasper NewtonFeb 1877Nov 1948See photo
R4-4MUSGRAVELindsay Charley09 Nov 190224 Mar 1978See photo
R4-5MUSGRAVENora I.18 Jan 190304 Mar 1968Wife of Lindsay C. - See photo
R4-8MUSGRAVERay24 Feb 192530 Apr 1927See photo
R8-2 NUNN Dora Elizabeth 09 May 1919 23 Nov 2001 See photo
UNK ORSBURN Shirley Louise 22 Jul 1946 10 Mar 2009 Eisenhour FH - See photo
UNK PARKER Elmer Ray 05 Apr 1936 02 Dec 2006 US FlagTSGT USAF - See photo
R3-1 PAYNE Patricia Lea 17 Mar 1954 03 May 1999See photo
R3-2 PAYNE Ralph Cleo Sr. 07 Dec 1918 03 May 1999 US FlagWW II US Army - See photo
UNK PEREZ Angel Jun 2008 Jun 2008 See photo
R6-4 REITER Amos Leroy 06 Oct 1888 13 Jul 1958 US FlagWW I PVT 162 Depot Bg - See photo
UNK RICE Elmer Jr. 04 Jul 1963 15 Apr 2006 See photo
R10-1A ROBB Glenda S. 06 Jul 1952 29 May 2006See photo
R10-1 ROBB Kenneth D. 09 Aug 1950 30 Jan 2000 Husband of Glenda S. - See photo
UNK SECORE Lyle A. 16 Jan 1936 06 Mar 2005 See photo
R1-8 SHULTZ Flora 04 May 1871 17 Aug 1959 See photo
R4-1 SIGLE Edward A. 15 Jan 1925 16 Aug 1956See photo
UNK SMITH Harry 04 Nov 1834 19 Dec 1940 See photo
UNK SMITH Jennie 04 Nov 1859 28 Oct 1953 Wife of Harry - See photo
R1-1 SMITH Lloyd D. 01 Mar1927 20 Aug 1947 See photo
R1-2 SMITH Baby No dates   
R2-3 SMITH Nettie M. 24 Feb 1892 01 Dec 1971 Wife of Charlie H. - See photo
R2-4 SMITH Charlie H. 21 Dec 1891 02 Feb 1952 See photo
R7-1 STAPP James P. 02 Jan 1939 02 Mar 2001 US FlagUS Army - See photo
UNK SUMNER Johnny Cannon Jr. 21 Mar 1966 05 Apr 1966 See photo
R2-1 THOMPSON Wanda Mae 13 May 1936 14 Oct 2001 
R4-7 UNKNOWN Baby Isabell     See photo
UNK VALDEZ Anselmo 01 Oct 1987 26 Jul 2006 See photo
UNK WILLARD Nathan W. 15 Jul 1937 31 Mar 2000 US FlagVietnam USAF - See photo
R2-2 WILLIAMS Beatrice J. "Tootsie" 19 Sep 1929 04 Nov /2001 See photo
UNK WILLIAMS Paul H. 11 Mar 1923 12 Oct 2006 US FlagWW II USAF - See photo
R7-3 WILLS Etta May 26 Mar 1904 08 Sep 1978 See photo
R9-2 WILLS Winona L. 1934 1934See photo
UNK WILSON James   Feb 2009 See photo
UNK WORLEY Arthur no dates   See photo
UNK WORLEY Tiney Bradley no dates   See photo
UNK WORLEY David     See photo
R2-11 WORLEY Julius Madison 1834 08 Feb 1917 Homestead in land run of 1889 - See photo
UNK WRIGHT George Chun 01 Nov 1958 07 Jul 2006 US FlagA1C USAF - See photo
R11-1 WRIGHT OK Hwa 18 May 1937 01 Oct 2001 Wife of Robert D. - See photo
R11-2 WRIGHT Nathan W. 15 Jul 1937 31 Mar 2000 US FlagVietnam USAF
R5-1 WYNNE W. B. No dates    
R5-2 WYNNE Mattie No dates    
R5-3 WYNNE Martha No dates    

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