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Oakwood Cemetery
Oklahoma County, Oklahoma

aka Myers Cemetery

SE 1/4, Sec. 34, T14N, R2W, I.M.

Survey © 2001-07 by: Robert Farrar
Additions to survey by: John Lehr and Larry Rankin
Submitted & © by: John Lehr
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Oakwood Cemetery is located on S. 15th St., 1.0 mile east of Air Depot Blvd. in Edmond, Oklahoma. From Oklahoma City, take I-35 north to 15th St. {exit 140}. Turn right {east} and go 2 miles. The cemetery is on the left {north} side of the road and just before getting to the Spring Creek Campground at Lake Arcadia.

If you have family buried in this cemetery and would like to add their information, an obit, tombstone photo, funeral home record or memorial card to this website, please send area coordinator an e-mail.

ADAMS Ben 11-07-1879
Northumberland, England
01-25-1952 See photo
ADAMS Infant Daughter and Son     Infants of Mr. and Mrs. B. Adams
See photo
ADAMS Lucretia 10-29-1882 06-10-1948 See photo
AMES Harriett C. 11-04-1845 02-05-1925 See photo
AMES Samuel H.   05-28-1829 Aged 68 yrs
See photo
ANTHONY Nancy 07-28-1816 04-16-1896 See photo
BARE Adaline M. 10-15-1857 07-20-1921 See photo
BARE Infant Daughter     Infant Daughter of Ben & Lula Bare
no dates
See photo
BATES M. W. 10-06-1837 01-04-1895 57 yrs, 1 mo, 29 days
See photo
BEAN A. Ward 1872 1958 Father
See photo
BEAN Clara L. 1877 1948 Mother
See photo
BEAN Eddie 01-18-1908 07-26-1940 See photo
BEAN Johnnie 09-12-1895 06-06-1899 See photo
BEAN Pearl 02-03-1906 02-03-1906 See photo
BEAN Reacie 01-09-1897 02-16-1897 See photo
P. G.     Company I 48th Missouri Infantry
See photo
BONNER Earl Wesley 1899 1899 See photo
BONNER Merle Leslie 1899 1899 See photo
BOONE Flossie Glow 03-31-1911 03-31-1911 See photo
Gary W. 02-03-1932 08-19-1988 PVT U. S. Army Korea
See photo
Kenneth Wonder 05-14-1909 04-04-1987 T2 U. S. Navy World War II
See photo
BOYD Rosa Melba 07-18-1912 06-19-1998 See photo
BRANNICK Dan     See photo
BROWN Elizabeth J. {Lewis} 1837 1922 Wife of Noble H.
See photo
BROWN Freddie 06-28-1893 07-31-1900 Son of Lewis & Esther
See photo
BROWN Noble H. 1828 1897 See photo
BROWN Ralph E. 1878 1936 See photo
BROWN Serena 09-06-1862 01-31-1903 Wife of George Brown
See photo
Herbert 05-22-1892 09-03-1957 PVT Company F 358 Infantry World War I
See photo
Billy John 09-01-1930 11-25-1998 U. S. Army Korea
See photo
CANNON Louella Travis 02-06-1933 04-20-1991 See photo
CANNON Marion G. 06-12-1932 no date See photo
CANNON Ruby {Tiller} 10-06-1926 no date See photo
CHAMBLIN Darious K. 07-28-1842 04-05-1893 See photo
CLINCHY Serene Nicole 05-16-1985 08-03-2001 See fhm
CONN Shirley Mae 01-20-1943 03-28-1943 See photo
COOK L. E. "Judge" 04-04-1910 05-05-1975 See photo
CRABB Paul Edward 1918 1918 See photo
DEAL Kathy 02-04-1950 06-30-2001 See photo
DEAL Pat 08-26-1944   See photo
DOVE John 04-08-1857 09-26-1938 89er
See photo
DOVE Rebecca {Hacker} 08-22-1861 10-05-1911 See photo
ENGLES Infant Son 10-27-1943 10-27-1943 Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Engles
See photo
ESTELL Bessie L. 1898 06-15-1898 2 mo, 26 days
ESTELL Emory Leotis 04-23-1899 04-20-1893 3 yrs, 11 mo, 28 days
See photo
ESTELL Rhoda V. 05-15-1852 04-15-1905 See photo
ESTELL William H. 04-16-1843 02-07-1918 See photo
FAULK Charles Leroy 02-24-1924 06-06-1999 See fhm
FAULK Earl     See photo
FAULK Elizabeth E. 05-16-1842 12-08-1928 See photo
FAULK Guy G. 04-25-1888 01-19-1967 See photo
FAULK Jettie 08-21-1886 06-29-1918 Wife of Guy G. Faulk
See photo
FAULK Rev. Joseph 05-13-1837 03-06-1907 See photo
FAULK Madeline {Roff} 08-08-1895 10-07-1920 See photo
FELLOWS Harriet A. 09-17-1860 07-29-1895 Wife of G. W. Fellows
See photo
FELLOWS William L. 10-13-1883 02-07-1900 Son of G W. & H. A.
See photo
FENTER Ida Alice 01-13-1875 11-25-1918 & 3 babies
See photo
FENTER Lawrence P. 07-06-1872 01-01-1927 See photo
GOSLING Hanna 12-06-1835 07-19-1899 See photo
HABBEN Emma C. 04-24-1867 03-24-1900 Wife of Henry Habben
32 yrs 11 mo 1 da
See photo
HAGGARD Alice B 1895 1974 Mother
See photo
HELMAN Andrew 09-16-1844 08-27-1915 See photo
HIATT C. Ellis 11-01-1872 08-12-1907 See photo
HIATT Eliza 02-21-1879 02-17-1974 See photo
HORNE Mary A. 12-02-1873 09-19-1954 Our Mother
See photo
JACOBS Daniel Leroy 1868 1933 See photo
JACOBS W. E. 03-16-1825 01-10-1897 See photo
JONES Kate     See photo
KARR Mara Ann 02-18-1944 02-27-2001 See fhm
KENNEDY Baby   09-05-1915 See photo
KENNEDY Daniel Boone 10-10-1823 01-07-1903 Unmarked grave
next to Mary Elizabeth
KENNEDY Mary Elizabeth {Enlow} 02-15-1828 04-15-1907  
KINCAID Mary J.   08-10-1903 63 years
See photo
KINGSLEY David Lee Sr. 11-15-1944 01-01-1999 Married Oct 16 1964
See photo
KINGSLEY Janet Mae {Milson} 12-25-1945   Wife of David Lee Kingsley Sr.
See photo
KLINE Freda 02-25-1875 01-09-1943 See photo
KLINE Jacob A. 11-08-1867 05-15-1938 See photo
KNOX Mary {Swartz} 02-13-1874 03-26-1953 Mother
See photo
KNOX S. G. 10-05-1911 08-24-1918 See photo
LEVISEY Fount 04-07-1876 12-30-1915 See photo
LORD Robert R. 08-11-1891 09-08-1992 See photo
LOWDER Charles R. 1898 1966 See photo
LOWDER George W. 1856 1939 Father
See photo
Marion M.   Aug 4 1919 Oklahoma 80th Infantry 15th Division
See photo
LOWDER Mary E. 01-16-1864 09-07-1904 See photo
LOWDER Pressley W. 1891 1929 See photo
LUMAN Gregory Alan 03-09-1964 11-01-1991 See photo
LUNK William F.     See photo
MARTINDALE Bobbie Mae {Wilson} 11-18-1921 08-04-2000 See photo
McCOY Goldie D. 02-23-1914 12-28-1991 See photo
McCOY Joseph H. 11-12-1908 12-02-1980 See photo
McGINNIS Polly 08-30-1920 10-01-1997 Our Angel
See photo
McKEE John Stewart Jr. 07-19-1886
Stewartsville, Missouri
11-18-1907 Son
See photo
McKEE John Stewart 01-14-1835
Tompkins County NY
03-18-1906 Father
See photo
MILLER Gregory Allen 12-11-1959 12-14-1959 Twin of Jeffrey Mark
See photo
MILLER Jeffrey Mark 12-11-1959 12-14-1959 Twin of Gregory Allen
See photo
MOORE Garry Don 03-09-1953 06-08-1998 Job 42:5
See photo
MYERS Charley 12-27-1872 01-04-1913 Son
See photo
MYERS Eliza Ann 11-17-1841 07-11-1922 Mother
See photo
Samuel T. 10-25-1844 08-29-1935 PVT Company I 14th Regiment
Illinois Volunteer Infantry
See obit
See photo
N. Y.      
NEIGHBOURS C. D. "Bud" 11-25-1917   See photo
NEIGHBOURS Edith "Bill" 09-22-1915 10-17-1994 Wife of Bud Neighbours
See photo
NELSON Elbert "Bud" 02-05-1877 02-23-1940 Father
See photo
NELSON Lula J. 11-19-1884 01-25-1971 Mother
See photo
OWEN Frank L. 05-15-1917 11-06-1994 Married Nov 2 1940
See photo
OWEN Winifred P. 05-19-1920   Wife of Frank L. Owen
See photo
PAINE A. V. 1852 1927 Father
See photo
PAINE Fannie B. 1885 1971 See photo
PAINE Guy Cecil 1882 1963 See photo
PAINE Guy Cecil Jr. 1913 1965 See photo
L. E. 01-24-1897 03-05-1984 Cpl U. S. Army World War I
See photo
PAINE Margaret 1909 1974 See photo
PAINE Robert 1919 1967 See photo
PAINE Ruth Z. 1920   See photo
PAINE Sarah Ann 1857 1940 Mother
See photo
PHELPS Bobby Edward "Bob" 12-14-1960 03-07-1992 See photo
POST George W. 04-19-1922 08-29-1989 See photo
REVELL Louie T. 06-24-1929 10-03-1993 Husband & Father
See photo
RUBLE Infant son of Bill & Eva Ruble   1932 See photo
SCHMIDT Herman 02-02-1869 03-28-1939 See photo
SCHMIDT Mary C. 03-29-1875 06-08-1954 See photo
SCHMIDT Rosie 02-27-1841 05-26-1926 See photo
SCHWARTZ Christian 03-25-1834
09-01-1900 See photo
SEABOLT Faye {Holmes} 10-31-1898 07-18-1986 Mother
See photo
SHANNON E. C. 01-08-1860 01-09-1945 See photo
SHANNON J. L. 01-11-1865 11-12-1930 See photo
SHANNON Robert 1836 1907 See photo
SHANNON W. R. 1863 1929 See photo
SHELL Mary 07-04-1815 03-11-1892 Wife of S. Shell
See photo
SHUCK Beuletta 08-08-1930 08-09-1930 Baby
See photo
SHUCK Hazel M. 1913 1973 Mother
See photo
SHUCK Samuel C. 1864 1948 See photo
SIGLER Irene   04-22-1906 Aged 3 months
See photo
SIGLER Lena G. 04-06-1887 02-19-1915 Wife of M. T. Sigler
See photo
SIGLER Willard 06-25-1909 11-15-1968 Our Father
See photo
SMITH Ernest G. 03-23-1900 03-23-1900  
SMITH Tilden H. 05-28-1876 07-25-1956 Dad
See photo
SOLOMAN Baby 09-19-1929 09-19-1929 See photo
SOLOMAN Opal {Bean} 10-30-1898 08-31-1935 See photo
STEVENS Serena 06-04-1868 05-04-1968 Wife of William Stevens
See photo
STEVENS William 12-05-1867 12-02-1923 See photo
SWARTZ Christian 1869 1945 See photo
THORNTON Alma G. 02-03-1900 05-11-1983 Wife of Lester L. Thornton
See photo
THORNTON Lester L. 04-06-1897 05-23-1951 See photo
THORNTON Louis Ellis     Age 21 months
See photo
TURNER Durwood     See photo
Wayne H. 09-29-1920 10-03-1998 U. S. Army World War II
See photo
UNKNOWN GRAVES       See photos
WALL Art 09-11-1890 04-01-1972 Married Oct 30 1912
See photo
WALL Lillie 04-24-1896 06-24-1985 Wife of Art Wall
See photo
WALLACE Chauncy 11-03-1902 10-08-1907 See photo
WALLACE John W. 01-13-1868 07-02-1957 Father
See photo
WALLACE Kate 02-07-1873 07-18-1949 Mother
See photo
WALLACE Mack H. 1906 1939 Son
See photo
WATERS Loid 05-21-1892 04-13-1899 Infant son of C. L. Waters
See photo
WOMACK James Thomas 04-27-1940 10-23-1940 See photo
YOUNG Elizabeth 1875 1911 Wife of Ira E. Young
See photo
YOUNG Erkie F. 12-23-1887 05-16-1923 See photo
YOUNG Ira 1915 1915 See photo
YOUNG Ira Ethelbert 1873 1957 Father
See photo
YOUNG Vernon S. 12-09-1907 08-09-1908 Son of E. B. and S. E. Young
See photo
ZEGAFUSE Addie 08-04-1864 06-15-1936 See photo

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