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Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens
Oklahoma County, Oklahoma

NW 1/4, Sec. 30, T13N, R4W, I.M.

Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens is located at 8701 Northwest Expressway, 0.9 miles NW of the intersection
of NW Expressway and N. Council Rd. in Oklahoma City.

From Oklahoma City, take I-44 west to I-44 east {exit 147B} and exit right {north}. Go north on I-44 approximately 3.5 miles and continue left on State Highway 74 {do not exit on I-44 east} for another 1.25 miles and exit right on the NW Expressway to the NW 63rd St. exit. At the traffic light, turn left {northwest} and go 6.0 miles. At 4.7 miles, you will see Resurrection Cemetery. Chapel Hill will be 1.2 miles further on the right {north} side of the road.

On April 15, 1948, Edward L. Williams of Jackson County, Missouri in consideration of $1.00, sells and conveys unto the Memorial Gardens Association, an express Trust of Oklahoma County, 161.21 acres, more or less, recorded in Deed Book 1066, page 6.
{Information obtained from OK County Cemetery Index - compiled by OK County HCE Genealogy Group, page 13.}

If you have family buried in this cemetery and would like to add their information, an obit, tombstone photo, funeral home record or memorial card to this website, please send area coordinator an e-mail.

Aitken Arthur E.   29 Nov 1912 23 Aug 2005
Husband of Kathleen Lucille Bressie Aitken.
Alviola Terry S.   8 Feb 1924 30 Jun 2016
WWII - Philippine Army
Son of Pedro and Lutgarda Siokin Alviola.
Husband of Jean A. Johnson Alviola.
Married 2 Oct 1951.
Awtrey Clyde M.   7 Jan 1910 16 Nov 1987
Husband of Olice A. Paden Awtrey.
Awtrey Olice A. Paden 1914 8 Feb 1999
Wife of Clyde M. Awtrey.
Baker Helen Louise Curry 22 Oct 1926 11 May 2016
Daughter of Lee and Clara Johnson Curry.
Barnes Kathryn M.   22 May 1917 unk.
Barnes Lawrence D.   4 Nov 1918 7 Oct 2001
WWII - F1 US Navy
Beesley Arthur E.   1906 1986
Husband of Ona M. Beesley.
Beesley Ona M.   1909 1995
Wife of Arthur E. Beesley.
Briscoe John Clifton   18 May 1918 7 Nov 2000
Son of Barney Edward and Nettie McManus.
Husband of Velma Lee Snell Briscoe.
Briscoe Velma Lee Snell 1 Jan 1919 22 Oct 2000
Wife of John Clifton Briscoe.
Cannon Ethel Maxine   1909 2001
Wife of John A. Cannon.
Cannon John Alvie   1901 1964
Husband of Ethel Maxine Cannon.
Comer John Herbert   13 Aug 1949 28 Feb 2018
Cooksey Edith M. Berry 7 Sep 1920 24 Dec 2000
Daughter of James and Eda Berry.
Wife of Neil Cooksey.
Davis Anna Louise   5 Dec 1920 18 Dec 2014
Davis Barbara June Claunch 19 Aug 1938 16 Oct 2011
Daughter of Bob and Mary June Claunch.
Wife of David Lee Davis.
Davis David Lee   8 Jul 1933 1 Jan 2015
Korea - US Army
Son of Jack Justin and Beulah Effie Mae Davis.
Husband of Barbara June Claunch Davis.
Davis Michael Edward   31 Jul 1948 20 May 2016
Vietnam - US Army
Son of Thomas and Marianna Davis.
Davis Phillip E.   13 Oct 1951 6 Feb 2011
Son of Jack and Ella Harris.
Douglas Billye Ray McMeekan 9 Nov 1929 26 Feb 2015
Daughter of Raymond and Wilma Choate McMeekan.
Married 2nd to Charles Douglas.
Douglas Charles "Kelly"   9 Sep 1928 18 Mar 2014
Son of Harry and Jessie McGinnis Douglas.
Husband of Billye Ray McMeekan Douglas.
Married 4 Nov 1992.
Duerksen Elliott L.   12 Dec 1924 25 Jul 2011
Sonof Pete R. and Helen Harder Duerksen.
Husband of Nadine Mitchell Speer Duerksen.
Elliott Terry Dwayne   5 May 1952 2 Aug 2000
Vietnam - US Army
Fern Hilda Lucille Beeler 5 Nov 1911 4 Jul 2000
Daughtet of Charles Joseph and Jessie Gerald Warr Beeler.
Wife of Kenneth Blayne Fern.
Floyd Ava Morgan 4 Jun 1933 14 Jun 2016
Daughter of Quintin and LeLora Simmons Morgan.
Wife of Robert William Floyd.
Floyd Robert William   5 Feb 1923 21 Jun 2002
Husband of Ava Morgan Floyd.
Franklin Del Roy, Jr.   5 Jan 1926 20 Jan 1979
WWII - EM3 US Navy
Gandy Arlie P. Taylor 31 May 1921 6 Feb 2015
Daughter of Joseph Octor and Julia Wesson Taylor.
Wife of Alvin Gandy.
Gilbert Dorothy McClure 3 Sep 1937 20 Dec 2000
Daughter of Jim and Audra McClure.
Wife of Dan Gilbert, Sr.
Glasgow Imogene "Jean" Kay 28 Jan 1931 9 Jun 2016
Daughter of Charles and Laura McDaniel Kay.
Wife of Nolan Gerald Glasgow.
Glasgow Nolan Gerald   19 Dec 1925 15 Apr 2016
WWII - US Army
2 Bronze Stars
Purple Heart
French Fourragere Distinguished Unit Award
Husband of Imogene Kay Glasgow.
Goff Ronnie Dale   14 Mar 1951 31 May 2000
Son of Ray and Lillian Goff.
Husband of Carol Goff.
Golden Uriah Jeremy "Spanky"   3 Jul 1980 11 Nov 2000
Son of William and Kathy Brown.
Griffin-Guinn Doris Marie "Dottie" Poyner 19 May 1938 4 Jun 2014
Grover Blanche I.   1913 2002
Wife of Harley D. Grover.
Grover Harley D.   1912 1992
Husband of Blanche I. Grover.
Heidebrecht Allen B.   5 Jan 1920 4 Nov 1996
WWII - TEC 4 US Army
Heidebrecht Dale R.   30 Dec 1946 2 Sep 1969
Vietnam PH - L CPL CO B 7 MAR 1 MAR DIV
Henson Jeanne Iris Bulla 17 Jun 1918 25 May 2000
Daughter of Shelby and Gladys Bulla.
Wife of Robert Eugene Henson, Sr.
Hester A. Kenneth   6 Jul 1919 19 Oct 1992
WWII - S SGT US Army Air Corps
Hill Charles Edward   28 Jul 1932 5 Feb 2015
Korea - SGT OK National Guard
45th 179th M Co OK National Guard
32nd Degree Mason
Boy Scouts of America
Son of Robert E. and Alma Hill.
Husband of Mary Lou Conwell Hill.
Married 30 Jan 1953.
Imhoff Kenneth Leroy   4 Dec 1923 26 Jun 2016
WWII - US Army
32nd Degree Mason
Son of Michael and Ethel Phipps Imhoff.
Husband of Evelyn Imhoff.
Kemp Vern Lemuell   8 Oct 1919 17 Sep 1999
Husband of Virginia Melba Wilson Kemp.
Kemp Virginia Melba Wilson 4 Oct 1922 27 Jan 1999
Wife of Vern Lemuell Kemp.
Kunkel Carl H.   12 Jan 1897 22 Jun 1984
WWI - US Army
Kunkel Jeanette G.   2 Feb 1905 12 Aug 1992
Largent Addie   1907 2000
Largent Verdie F.   1902 1974
Larson Linda Carol Wright 19 Oct 1943 20 Oct 2005
Lawson Vincent Mitchell   30 Mar 1931 21 Jun 2016
US Marine Corps Reserves
Son of Charles Wesley and Elva Naomi Wiggins Lawson.
Married 1st to Olla Janice Wilkins Lawson.
Lester Rev. William Henry   15 Sep 1943 9 Jul 2000
Son of Absolam and Mae Ellis Lester.
Husband of Patricia Thorn Lester.
Logan Arleen J.   23 Aug 1937 31 Aug 2015
Wife of Lynn Welker Logan.
Logan Joan Eva   2 Sep 1965 2 Jun 2016
Daughter of Olie Richard and Maurine Logan.
Logan Lynn W.   20 Jul 1940 28 Mar 2016
Logan Olie Richard   26 Nov 1931 13 May 2011
US Army
Son of Lemuel A. and Opal Wheeler Logan.
Husband of Maurine Logan.
Lowery Mildred Neff 12 Mar 1916 23 Jul 2006
Wife of George Lowery.
McKee Nina E. Smith 9 Apr 1916 24 Aug 2000
Massey Earl Raymond   23 Nov 1919 7 Sep 1965
WWII & Korea - Kansas - S SGT US Air Force
Parsons Arthur G., Jr.   8 Aug 1918 13 Aug 1974
2nd LT US Army
Payne Jimmy Neil   30 Nov 1936 26 Apr 2016
Oklahoma National Guard
Son of Luther and Clotilde Lee Kyle Payne.
Husband of Mona Marie Marvel Payne.
Piatt Paul   16 Sep 1915 5 Jun 2014
Ragsdale John   3 Dec 1960 16 Mar 2015
Son of Thomas M. Ragsdale, Jr. and Emma Lou Ragsdale Corder.
Robertson Kenneth Edward   7 Feb 1928 15 Dec 2000
Korea - US Army
Son of Ed and Bessie Robertson.
Husband of Syble Robertson.
Robinson Charles Barton   1914 1980
Husband of Coina Mae Dawson Robinson.
Robinson Coina Mae "Babe" Dawson 29 Aug 1919 24 Oct 2000
Daughter of R.M. and Fannie Mae Dawson.
Wife of Charles Barton Robinson.
Rosecrans Charity Amy Brown 9 Sep 1909 4 Oct 2000
Daughter of Frank and Annie Brown.
Married 1st to Marvin Hedge.
Married 2nd to Alvie Rosecrans.
Salladay Ronald Keith "Ronnie"   5 Nov 1955 28 Nov 2012
Saunders Coy B.   18 Jul 1920 11 Nov 1995
Sante George Alvin   1923 1976
WWII - Tec 3 US Army
Sante Marjorie Fern   3 Feb 1904 30 Jun 1996
Sante Purnell Alvin   3 Mar 1897 17 May 1984
Shultz Roy "Pete"   14 Sep 1913 30 Jul 2000
WWII - US Army
Son of Samuel Van Buren and Bertha Johnson Shultz.
Husband of Faye Shultz.
Smith Leeman B.   4 May 1930 8 Sep 2000
Korea - US Army
Son of Hob and Roxie Smith.
Husband of Emma Jean Prewitt Smith.
Stoops Kenneth   8 May 1921 20 Nov 2000
Husband of Rosalie Stoops.
Stringer Leveta Louise "Effie" Peak 26 Jun 1918 20 May 2000
Daughter of Omer Babylon and Alpha Omega Webb Peak.
Wife of Lt. Paris Gelnn Stringer.
Team Joe W.   1916 1995
Team Z. Kathryne   1920 unk.
Thompson Rosa Mae Faulkner 25 May 1916 4 May 2015
Daughter of James Hillyard and Ethel Winnie Cook Faulkner.
Wife of James Allen Thompson.
Towne Grace Mae   1879 1954
Wife of Ira E. Towne.
Trumbly Valerie Lane Humphries 7 Apr 1955 3 Aug 2016
Daughter of William Herman and Wanda Raye Ernhart Humphries.
Wife of Raymond Eugene Trumbly.
Turner Doris Alberta Ford 9 Apr 1923 30 May 2016
Daughter of Albert L. and Ida Inez Nelson Ford.
Wife of Joe Turner.
Webb Luna Edgar Grayson 12 Jul 1940 6 Jan 1989
Sp4 US Army
Welch Calvin Lee   21 May 1928 23 May 2016
Son of Nestor Clinton and Emma Welch.
Husband of Pauline Vonetta Wood Welch.
Married 5 Sep 1947.
Welch Phillip M.   29 Aug 1950 26 May 2013
Son of Alvah and Shirley Smith Welch.
Husband of Vanda Welch.
White Hazel J.   23 Jun 1924 unk.
White Louis E.   4 Mar 1922 19 Feb 2000
White Marguerite Elizabeth Shaw 22 Aug 1920 7 Jul 2015
Daughter of Clarence Edward and Mable Agnes Cole Shaw.
Married 1st to Homer Allen Cook.
Married 2nd to Roy E. White.
Wilson Gilbert C.   23 Apr 1885 1960
Wilson Harold Eugene   20 Aug 1925 2 Mar 1977
US Army
Wilson Kenneth H.   1916 1975
WWII - Tec 5 US Army
Wilson Nona Mae Moore 14 Oct 1887 10 Nov 1974
Wife of Gilvert C. Wilson.
Wilson William R.   31 Dec 1928 6 Dec 1991

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