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Famous Oklahomans


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Allsup, Tommy Douglas Nov 24, 1931 - Jan 11, 2017 Musician and musical producer
BELLMON, Henry Louis
imageUS Marine Corps  WW  II
Sep 3, 1921 - Sep 29, 2009
Billings Union Cem, Noble Co.
OK Governor & US Senator
BELLMON, Shirley Lee (Osborn) Aug 10, 1927 - Jul 24, 2000
Billings Union Cem, Noble Co.
W of Henry (Helping him get elected)
BIGHEART, Chief James
imageCivil War Veteran
1838 - Oct 5, 1908
Buried in Bigheart Cem. Osage Co. OK
Chief of the Osage Nation
Birchall, Edward Phillips
imageUS Army Air Corps WW II
Jul 16, 1923 - Jul 3, 1988
Buried in El Reno Cem, OK
Known as "Ho-Ho the Clown" to Oklahomans
KOCO TV in OK City
Black Kettle ?? - Nov 27, 1868
Buried Black Kettle Museum, Cheyenne, OK
Southern Cheyenne Chief
BOND, Ridgely McClure "Ridge" Jul 12, 1922 - May 6, 1997
Buried in Woodlawn Cem, Claremore, OK
Actor, singer & businessman
BRITTON, Dudley Jordan
imageUS Army  WW II
Apr 23, 1917 - Jan 8, 1992
Oaklawn Cem, Tulsa, OK
Col, US Army, 23rdArmdInf, 7thArmdDiv Sel for OK Military Hall of Fame in 2013    Photo
BUMGARNER, James Scott
"James Garner"

imageMerchant Marine  WW  II
US Army  Korea
Apr 7, 1928 - Jul 19, 2014
Film Actor, TV Actor
CARGILL, Henson Feb 5, 1941 - Mar 24, 2007
Memorial Park, OK Co.
Country Music
CARNES, Clarence "Joe" Jan 14, 1927 - Oct 3, 1988 "The Choctaw Kid"
Champlin-Brittan, Joanna M Nov 15, 1934-Nov 22, 2019
Buried in Rose Hill Burial Park, OK City, OK
News Editor, Documentary Producer
CHENOWETH, Dr. Vida Oct 18, 1928 - Dec 14,2018 Outstanding Musician of the 20thCentury 
CHILDERS, Ernest "Chief"
imageUS Army,  WW II
Feb 1, 1918 - Mar 17, 2005
Floral Haven Memorial Gardens,  Broken Arrow, OK
Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient  WW II
CLARK, Earl Aug 26,1951 - Jun 28,2010 Crown Hill Cem Tulsa,OK Musician, Teacher,
OK Jazz Hall of Fame
CLARK, Joseph James "Jocko" Nov 12, 1893 - Jul 13, 1971
Arlington National Cemetery
1st Native American to graduate from the Naval Academy (1917)
CLARK, Roy Linwood Apr 15, 1933 - Nov 15, 2018
Memorial Park, Tulsa, OK
Singer, Entertainer.
Co Host of TV show "Hee Haw" 
COLMAN, Raymond Leroy Jun 4, 1922 - Sep 18, 2010 Major League Baseball Player (1947-1952)
CONNOR, Albert Alexander Jul 9, 1884 - Apr 3, 1923
Ball Cem, Childers, OK
Member of Al Spencers Outlaw Gang  Photo
imageSSgt US Army Co F 253rdInf 63rdInfDiv  WW II
Mar 8, 1923 - Sep 25, 1999
Resthaven Gardens, Oklahoma City
Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient
DEBO, Angie Jan 30, 1890-Feb 21, 1988
North IOOF, Garfield Co
DOBBS, Glenn Jr Jul 12, 1920 - Nov 12, 2002 Professional Football Player U of Tulsa Head Football Coach
1821 - Nov 9, 1872
Haner Cem, Mayes Co
Principle Chief of the Cherokee Nation
Served in Civil War Photo
DUCK, Bluford Jun 17, 1859 - May 7, 1895
Dick Duck Cem, Catoosa, Rogers Co
Western American Indian Outlaw   Photo & Info
"Pistol Pete"
Oct 26, 1860 - Apr 8, 1958
Perkins Cem, Payne Co
Cowboy, Scout, Indian Fighter & Deputy US Marshall  Photos & Info
FLOYD, Charles Arthur Feb 3, 1904 -Oct 22, 1934
Akins Cem, Sequoyah, OK
Bank Robber "Pretty Boy Floyd"
FROST, Lane Clyde Oct 12, 1963 - Jul 30, 1989
Buried in Mt Olivet Cem Choctaw Co, OK
Pro Rodeo Hall of Famer
1987 World Campion
Garriott, Dr. Owen Kay
imageUS Navy
Nov 22, 1930 - Apr 15, 2019
Burial Unknown
GREGG, Dick Alza Jan 30, 1902 -Aug 29, 1929
Ball Cem, Nowata Co
Member of Al Spencers Outlaw Gang   Photo
Hall, James Monroe "JM" Dec 4, 1851 - May 26, 1935
Rose Hill Cemetery, Tulsa
Father of Tulsa 
Photos & Information
HOUSTON, Temple Lea Aug 12, 1860 - Aug 15, 1905
Elmwood Cem. Woodward
Politician, Attorney
TX State Senator
JAMES, Emeritus Overton
image US Navy "Seabees"  WW II
Jul 21, 1925 - Sep 16, 2015 Governor Chickasaw Nation- President of Intertribal Council of the Five Civilized Tribes
Jarrett, Levi Morris "Lee" Nov 25 1883 - Dec 14 1921
Buried in Ball Cemetery, Nowata Co.
Member of Al Spencer's outlaw gang
JARRETT, Walter D Sep 28, 1879 - Oct 12, 1912 Member of Al Spencers Outlaw Gang   Photo
KINER, Harold G
image Pvt, US Army WW  II
Apr 14, 1924 - Oct 2, 1944
Aline Star Cem, Alfalfa Co.
Medal of Honor
KIRKWOOD, Herman Clinton
image OK National Guard 20 years
Dec 31, 1942 - Aug 1, 2015 Historian & Founder of OK Outlaw/Lawmen History Assoc
LAMB, Norman A
imageCol US Army (Retired)
Feb 27, 1935 - Jan 5, 2018 State Senator
LONG, Edwin "Ed" Sep 4, 1934 - Oct 12, 2017 State Senator
MANKILLER, Wilma Pearl Nov 18, 1945-Apr 6, 2010
Echota Cem Adair Co.
1st Woman Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation
MARTINEZ, Orlando "Marty" Aug 23, 1941 - Mar 8, 2007
Green Acres Memorial Gardens, Sperry, Tulsa Co
Major League Baseball Player & Manager 
Maxfield, Albert G "Bud" 1866 - 1923
Buried in Rose Hill, Tulsa
Rode with the Daltons & Henry Starr   
McCLANAHAN, Eddi-Rue Feb 21, 1934 - Jun 3, 2010 Actress, TV, Broadway
"Golden Girls"
McCURTAIN, Jackson Frazier
Mar 4, 1830 - Nov 14, 1885 Gov & Chief of Choctow Nation in 1882.  Civil War Veteran
McSpadden, Clem Rogers
imageUS Navy WW II
Nov 9, 1925 - Jul 7, 2008
Buried in Chelsea Cem, Rogers Co., OK
OK Senate & a US Representative
Rodeo Broadcaster
Meagher, Thomas F
Mar 5, 1878 - Apr 21, 1945 Trumpeter with the Rough Riders
MOSS, Brian Anthony
image US Navy
Oct 28,1966 - Sep 11, 2001
Buried in Arlington National Cemetery
Memorial in Sperry Rest Haven Cem, Osage Co
ET2 US Navy Ceremonial Guard  
NIGH, Robert R Jr Nov 1, 1959 - Sep 24, 2017 Timothy McVeigh's Trial Attorney
O' Neil, James Franklin "Jimmy" Jan 8, 1940 - Jan 11, 2013
Burial Unknown
TV & Radio Personality
Variety Show Host
PARKER, Quanah 1845 or 1952 - Feb 23, 1911
Ft Sill Post Cemetery
The Last Comanche Chief
PRYOR, Capt. Nathaniel
image US Army
1775 - Jun 9, 1831
Graham Memorial Cem Pryor, Mayes Co
US Explorer
Lewis & Clark Expedition
War of 1812  
(Rosenberg, Leonard)
Feb 26, 1920 - May 17, 2004
Westchester Hills Cem, NY
Actor, Comedian
"The Odd Couple"
REED, Jeanne (Kennedy) Dec 30, 1915 - Aug 24, 2009 Poteau Philanthropist
RIGGS, Lynn Aug 1, 1899 - Jun 30, 1954
Woodlawn, Rogers Co.
Author & playwright
ROBERTSON, Dayle Lymoine "Dale"
image US Army WW II
Jul 14, 1923 - Feb 26, 2013
Burial unknown
TV Actor
Rogers, William Penn Adair (Will Rogers) Nov 4, 1879 - Aug 15, 1935
Buried at Will Rogers Memorial Claremore, OK
Humorist, Actor, Author
Rogers, William Charles Dec 13, 1847 - Nov 8, 1917
Buried in Hillside Mission Cemetery, Tulsa
Last Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation 
ROSS, John Oct 3, 1790 - Aug 1, 1866
Ross Cem. Park Hill, OK
Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation
ROWAN, Daniel Hale "Dan"
imageFighter Pilot US Army Air Forces WW II
Jul 22, 1922 - Sep 22, 1987 Actor, Comedian
Rowan & Martin Show
SELLERS, John L "Johnny" 7/31/1937 - Jul 3, 2010
Woodlawn, Rogers Co
Hall of Fame Jockey
SHOULDERS, James Arthur "Jim" May 13,1928 - Jun 20, 2007 Pro Rodeo Hall O Famer
16 world Championships
SHOULDERS, Joe Louis Jr "Coach" Feb 31, 1926 - Apr 8, 2014
Ridgelawn Cem, Tulsa Co
OK Coaches Hall of Fame
Photo & Info
Sloat, Donald Paul
Feb 6, 1949-Jan 17, 1970
Buried Vernon Cem Wagoner Co.
SP4 US Army Vietnam
Medal of Honor Recipient
KIA Vietnam 
SMITH, Jewel Faye "Sammi" Aug 5, 1943 - Feb 12, 2005
Buried Elmhurst Cem Texas Co, OK
County music Singer & Songwriter
"Help Me Make It Trough the Night"  Information
SMYTHE, Jim Oct 14, 1945 - Oct 25,2018 Art/Production Designer
SOUCEK, Apollo
imageNavy Pilot
1897 - Jul 19, 1955
Arlington National Cem
Vice Admiral, US Navy WW I, WW II, & Korean
Spencer, Ethan Allen "Al" 12/26/1887 - 9/20/1923
Ball Cemetery, Nowata Co
Cunning & desperate Bank Robber 
o & info
Starr, Henry 12/2/1873 - 2/22/1921
Dewey Cemetery Washington Co
Criminal, Folk Figure
Stigler, William Grady
imageUS Army  WW  II
Jul 7, 1891 - Aug 21, 1952
Buried Stigler Cemetery, Haskell Co

US Congressman
STIPE, Eugene Edward "Gene"
imageUS Navy
Nov 21, 1887 - Jun 7, 1942
Memory Gardens, McAlester
State Senator
THORPE James Francis "Jim"
May 22 (or 28), 1887 - Mar 28, 1953 Well known Athlete
TINKER, Clarence L
imageUS Air Force
Nov 21, 1887 - Jun 7, 1942 Osage Tribe-1st American General to die in WW II
Tyner, George Washington Mar 30, 1850 - Apr 24, 1907
Buried in Hillside Mission Cem, Tulsa OK
Prominent Cherokee
Vann, Mack "Guyadahi" Mar 6, 1931 - Apr 22, 2019
Buried in Rocky Point Cem, Sequoyah Co
Last Monolingual Cherokee
VanWinkle, Skip  (Kim Knape)  1944 - Nov 27, 2018 Entertainer - "Teegarden & Van Winkle"
WAITE, Frederick Tecumseh Sep 23, 1853-Sep 24, 1895
Pauls Valley Cem, OK
Chickasaw Tribe - Cowboy, Member of Billy the Kid's Gang & Politician
WHITE, Amos Sep 12, 1884 - Feb 22, 1961
Lewis Shawnee Cem, Rogers Co
Last Chief of the Loval Shawnees   Photo
Woods, Donald Kenneth "Don"
imageUS Navy
Feb 5, 1928 - Jun 12, 2012
Buried in Green Acres in Tulsa Co
Oklahoma's 1stTV weatherman
Meteorologist & Cartoonist

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