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Whitebead Cemetery
Garvin County, Oklahoma


From I-35, take the Kimberlin Road exit, exit 74. Turn west and go about 1/4 mile until you see the green cemetery sign. Turn right (north) and go to near the end of the road. The cemetery will be on the right (east) side of the road. It is a well kept and active cemetery

If you have family or friends buried in this cemetery and would like to add their names and information, please send
an e mail to the area coordinator.

Section __BURNSJo Ella "Sue" [Shadden] 11/May/1943
Maysville OK
Pauls Valley OK
W/O Unknown Burns, D/O Mark Jo & Dolley May [Cox] Shadden, Stufflebean~Coffey Funeral Home ~ Pauls Valley OK See obit
Section 1, Row 3 CHAMPLINIva Louise 08/Mar/191005/Feb/1985 
Section 5, Row 4CHAMPLINJoyce [Ridgeway] 01/Aug/193421/Apr/19951st W/O William R. "Bill" Champlin, M 1959 Gainesville TX
Section 5, Row 4CHAMPLINWilliam R. "Bill" 25/Aug/1938
Columbus KS
OK City OK
  US Navy ~ 8 Years H/O [1] Joyce [Ridgeway] Champlin, M 1959 [2] LLinda Lam Moore Chamlin, M 15/Jul/1995 Gainesville TX, S/O Billy Eugene & Ruth [Burr] Champlin See obit
Section 9, Row 20 COCHRANAnn Raquel [Barril] 22/Feb/1941 "Married May 26, 1990 "No Big Deal" SS/W & W/O Terry Ward Cochran
Section 9, Row 14COCHRANBoyd A.02/Jul/1902 04/Sep/1972See photo
EE Cochran Family
Section 9, Row 17
COCHRANEmory Elija24/Mar/188201/Mar/1961H/O Mary Eizabeth Cochan See photo
Section 9, Row 20COCHRANEstelle W.20/Sep/1911 25/Dec/1990"Married Oct 26, 1925" SS/W & W/O Joe R. "Doc" Cochran See photo
RP Cochran Family
Section 9, Lot 16
COCHRANFred E. 21/Sep/1939
Pauls Valley OK
Pauls Valley OK
flag "US Army ~ Korea" H/O Gwendolyn Sue [Simmons] Cochran, M 22/Aug/1964 Pauls Valley OK, S/O Ray Preston & Mary Elizabeth [Williams] Cochran, Stufflebean~Coffey Funeral Home ~ Pauls Valley OK See obit
RP Cochran Family
Section 9, Block 16
COCHRANHoward Odell27/Sep/1933
Garvin CO OK
Garvin CO OK
S/O Ray Preston & Mary Elizabeth [Williams] Cochran
EE Cochran Family
Section 9, Block 16
COCHRANJames E.10/May/191813/Oct/2005
S/O Emory Elija & Mary Elizabeth Cochran See obit & photo
Section 9, Row 15COCHRANJames Ohner   "Father" SS/W & H/O Maud E. Cochran See photo
RP Cochran Family
Section 9, Block 16
COCHRAN James Preston24/Feb/1938
Pauls Valley OK
Ada OK
 "Married June 2, 1962" SS/W & H/O Mary Louise [Howard] Cochran, S/O Ray Preston & Mary Elizabeth [Williams] Cochran See obit & photo
Section 9, Row 14COCHRANJoe Cephus1856 1906See photo
Section 9, Row 20COCHRANJoe R. "Doc" 14/Dec/191017/Jun/1990 "Married Oct 26, 1925" SS/W & H/O Estelle W. Cochran See photo
RP Cochran Family
Section 9, Block 18
COCHRANJudith A.24/Feb/194610/Dec/1965"Daughter" D/O Ray Preston & Mary Elizabeth [Williams] Cochran See photo
Section 9, Row 14COCHRAN L. J.17/Feb/1911 04/Mar/1912"Son of W. G. & Amanda Cochran" "Gone to be an Angel" S/O W. G. & Amanda Cochran See photo
Section 9, Row 15COCHRANLucille1910 1911 
EE Cochran Family
Section 9, Row 17
COCHRANMary Elizabeth21/Dec/188913/Dec/1935W/O Emory Elijah Cochran See photo
RP Cochran Family
Section 9, Row 18
COCHRANMary Elizabeth [Williams]30/Jan/191325/Apr/1984 "Mother" W/O Ray Preston Cochran See photo
RP Cochran Family
Section 9, Block 16
COCHRANMary Louise [Howard]18/Sep/1934
Wynnewood OK
Ada OK
 "Married June 2, 1962" SS/W & W/O James Preston Cochran, M 02/Jun/1962 Pauls Valley OK, D/O Paul W. & Louise [Nichols] Howard See obit
Section 9, Row 15COCHRANMaud E.1889 1930"Mother" SS/W & W/O James Ohner Cochran See photo
RP Cochran Family
Section 9, Row 18
COCHRANRay Preston13/Dec/1909
Garvin CO OK
Garvin CO OK
"Father" H/O Mary Elizabeth [Williams] Cochran, S/O Emory Elija & Mary Elizabeth Cochran See photo
Section 9, Row 14COCHRANRobinson1894 1906See photo
Section 9, Row 15COCHRANRuth19121921 See photo
Section 9, Row 14COCHRANSarah Elizabeth1858 1905See photo
Section 9, Row 20COCHRANTerry Ward17/Dec/1946 02/Sep/1993
"Married May 26, 1990" "No Big Deal" SS/W & H/O Ann Raquel [Barril] Cochran, S/O Joe R. & Estelle [Ward] Cochran See obit & photo
Section 6, Row 10COLSONWilburn Jr17/Jun/1943
Pauls Valley OK
Norman OK
H/O Patricia Current [Stewart] Colson, M 18/Oct/1997 Norman OK, S/O Wilburn Sr & Hazel LaVera Colson See obit
Section __COTTRELLNona Faye [Claborn] 26/Dec/1939
Glover OK
Branson MO
W/O Charles Ray Cottrell, D/O Ernest & Ella Bell [Cruse] Claborn See obit
Section 7, Row 6COWLEYNarcissa Kturah "Narrie" 09/Jun/186122/Nov/1945W/O William Spencer Cowley
Info from Dean Guthery
Section 7, Row 6COWLEYRaymond Lee17/Feb/1897 07/Mar/1904"Son of W. S. & N. K. Cowley " S/O William Spencer & Narcissa Kturah "Narrie" Cowley
Section 7, Row 6COWLEYWilliam Spencer02/Apr/1864 15/Jan/1953H/O Narcissa Kturah "Narrie" Cowley
Info from Dean Guthery
 ETHEREDGEEdith Bell20/Aug/1921 09/Sep/2007W/O Jack C. Etheredge, marr. June 17, 1939
 ETHEREDGEJack Chamlee03/Jul/1916 28/Mar/1988 flag U S Navy
See grave marker
 ETHEREDGEWilliam Andrew "Bill"27/Feb/1948 23/Jul/2019 flag U S Army Reserve
See obit
Section 5, Row 8FERRELLEarl20/Jul/1909 12/Oct/1920S/O John William & Myrtle Della Ferrell
Section 5, Row 8FERRELLJohn William1873 1958 
Section 5, Row 8FERRELLMyrtle Della1886 1955W/O John William Ferrell
Section 9, Row 13GUTHERYJ. M.28/Feb/1860 04/Jan/1913"He was the sunshine of our home"
Section 7, Row 6GUTHERYNathaniel Bunyon [Bun] 30/Jun/188307/Jun/1932Info from Dean Guthery
Section 7, Row 3GUTHERYNathaniel Hagan18/Oct/1833 10/Dec/1918flag "CO D 10 Kansas Infantry"
Info from Dean Guthery
Section 7, Row 4GUTHERYSarah Jane Holt22/Nov/1841 12/Feb/1889W/O Nathaniel Hagan
Info from Dean Guthery
 HURLEYCharles12/Jul/1934 10/Apr/2019flag U S Army
Section 4JONESDale29/Jul/1963
Bridgeport CA
16/Aug/2003H/O Brenda Turner
Section 4JONESToby Dale20/Jan/1991 16/Aug/2003S/O Dale & Brenda Jones
Section __LANDERSMisty Rochelle [Berry] 21/Mar/1979
Porterville CA
D/O William Kurt & Judy Berry, Surgeon Technologist, Stufflebean~Coffey Funeral Home ~ Pauls Valley OK  See obit
Section 2, Row 3LOPERDolly Mae [Cox]22/Dec/1920 02/Aug/1985"Mother" "In loving memory" See obit
Section 2, Row 3LOPERHerbert Ray18/Aug/1920 29/May/1975flag "Pfc US Army" See obit
Section 6, Row 9MANESSMartin Roland 13/Mar/1948
Pauls Valley OK
Kon Tum, Vietnam
flag "Pvt US Army ~ Vietnam ~ KIA" S/O Earl & Vivian Oleta [Evans] Maness, Panel W61 Line 4 ~ Vietnam Wall See photo
Section 3
Row 6
MAULDINLillian08/Sep/1910 04/Feb/1988SS/W & W/O Vernon Mauldin See photo
Grandmother of: Ken Jeffries
Section 3
Row 6
MAULDINMary J.31/Oct/1877 24/Jan/1972SS/W & W/O William W. Mauldin
Section 3
Row 7
MAULDINRalph12/Aug/1932 29/Mar/1954flag "Airman 2C US Air Force" See photo
Uncle of: Ken Jeffries
Section 3
Row 6
MAULDINVernon Yates 15/Oct/190608/Mar/1902SS/W & H/O Lillian Mauldin See photo
Grandfather of: Ken Jeffries
Section 3
Row 6
MAULDINWilliam W. 25/Apr/186628/Oct/1933SS/W & H/O Mary J. Mauldin
Section 3
Row 6
MAULDINWilliam Wesley 16/Sep/193623/Aug/2001Stufflebean~Coffee FHM ~ Pauls Valley OK
 MEELYBruce Duane 19/Nov/1974 09/Dec/2018obit
 MCCURLEYBuford Allen 17/Nov/1933 9/Mar/1985photo
 MCCURLEYByrl DeWayne09/Sep/1938 29/Apr/2012photo & obit
 MCCURLEYClaude D.7/Feb/1891 20/Apr/1961H/O Ethel May McCurley
 MCCURLEYClaud Donald "Mickey"15/Feb/1936 12/Feb/2011photo & obit
 MCCURLEYEthel May (Walker)7/Sep/1901 17/Jun/1972W/O Claude D. McCurley
 MCCURLEYHerman D.20/Jul/1931 14/Feb/1976flag U S Army
Section 5, Row 8 MCCURLEYJames William “Wil” 9/Jan/1873
Bowie, Montague County, Texas, USA
Pauls Valley, Garvin County, Oklahoma
H/O Amanda Elizabeth “Mandy” Pringle McCurley
 MCCURLEYJohn Brown 1877 1939H/O Willie Hyatt McCurley
 MCCURLEYLarry Gene 22/Dec/1943
Pauls Valley
8/Dec/1997flag U S Army
 MCCURLEYLavada (Shirley)24/Aug/1937 23/Jun/2003W/O Herman Dale McCurley
photo & obit
 MCCURLEYMichael Scott 14/Nov/1970 14/Nov/1970photo
 MCCURLEYQuania Jean 1/Jul/1955 22/Aug/2000Mother of Michael Scott McCurley
 MCCURLEYRodney Dale 16/Apr/1957 9/May/1957son of Herman and Lavada, brother of Quania
 MCCURLEYRonald Allen12/Oct/1958 9/Jan/1960photo
 MCCURLEYWillie Hyatt 1880 1916 
Section 7, Row 7MORRISJonathan16/Feb/1814 24/Sep/1898 
Section 7, Row 7MORRISMary P.10/Apr/1822 16/Apr/1903 
Section __MORSEJohnny Wayne27/Sep/1963
Pauls Valley OK
Pauls Valley OK
H/O Penni [Potter] Morse, M 2006 Pauls Valley OK, S/O Melvin Lewis "Butch" Morse & Janie Sheppard Morse-Gregory, Stufflebean~Coffey Funeral Home ~ Pauls Valley OK See obit
 NEERMaudie Ann (Tucker) 22/Sep/194731/Jul/2019See obit
Section 7, Row 11O'NEALEarnest "Calvin" 17/Apr/193818/Jan/1995H/O Ira Mae O'Neal
Section 7, Row 11O'NEALIra Mae17/Nov/1945  W/O Earnest "Calvin" O'Neal, M 17/Feb/1964
Section 7, Row 13O'NEALLorene [Carnell] 27/May/1920
Garvin CO OK
Pauls Valley OK
 W/O Marion O'Neal, M 14/Aug/1937 Purcell OK, D/O Ernest Lee & Ida Mae [Carruthers] Carnell, teacher, Stufflebean~Coffey Funeral Home ~ Pauls Valley OK See obit
Section __PEERYLena Mae [Loper]29/May/1954 28/Nov/2006See obit
Section 5, Row 8PHIPPSBuster12/Sep/1911 16/Mar/1989 
Section 5, Row 8PHIPPSJames S.12/May/1868 08/Jun/1945 
Section 5, Row 8PHIPPSLucille18/Aug/1918 15/Sep/1975 
Section 5, Row 8PHIPPSMary Anna26/Mar/1874 10/Mar/1963 
Section 4, Row 11SPAINMrytle01/Jul/1903 11/Sep/1904 
Section 3, Row 2STEWARTWilliam T.29/Aug/1869 07/Feb/1942 
Section __WOLCOTTAndrew Jackson "Jack" 09/May/1915
Fort Worth TX
Paoli OK
"[Married] Apr 14, 1938" SS/W & H/O Blanche [Gates] Wolcott, S/O James Andrew & Carmen [Key] Wolcott, Stufflebean~Coffey Funeral Home ~ Pauls Valley OK See obit
Section __WOLCOTTBlanche [Gates]28/Jan/1919
Maud OK
Pauls Valley OK
"[Married] Apr 14, 1938" SS/W & W/O Andrew Jackson "Jack" Wolcott, D/O Frank & Anna [Montgomery] Gates, Stufflebean~Coffey Funeral Home ~ Pauls Valley OK See obit

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