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McGee Cemetery

Stratford, Garvin County, Oklahoma

If you have family or friends buried in this cemetery and would like to add their names and information, please send an e mail to the area coordinator

S Surnames

SALESAllie N.24/Jan/1882 02/Feb/1909 
SALESCalvin Thomas "Tom" 02/Aug/190407/Jul/1985"Wed Nov 26, 1925" SS/W & H/O Nellie [Phillips] Sales
SALESNellie [Phillips] 17/Jul/190920/Jun/1998"Wed Nov 26, 1925" SS/W & W/O Calvin Thomas "Tom" Sales
SALESBetsy [Sam]Abt 1919 03/May/1965Aged 46 Yrs 1 Mo 25 Dys
SANTFORDUnknown   Base only
SANTFORDDora L.17/May/1871 09/Nov/1927W/O G. R. Stantford, M 25/Jan/1884
SANTFORDE. J.20/Nov/1834 09/Sep/1923M/O G. R. Santford
SANTFORDG. R. "Bunk"07/May/1866 01/Sep/1951H/O Dora I. Santford
SANTFORDJames Melton21/Jan/1897 24/Jan/1942Unmarked grave
SANTFORDMattie [Ellis]06/Sep/1865 03/Jan/1921Unmarked grave
SANTFORDPhynous F.27/Oct/1910 15/Mar/1913"Son of G. R. & Dora L. Santford"
SAPPERFIELDLouiseAbt 1853 19/Feb/1920Aged 67 Yrs, unmarked grave
SAVAGEAvis Ilene03/Feb/1933
Dill City OK
Ada OK
 AT&T OK City D/O Othel Avie & Gertrude [Easter] Savage, Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
SAVAGEGertrude [Easter] 127/Aug/190723/Nov/1980W/O Othel Avie Savage
SAVAGEOthel Avie14/Oct/1903
Bells TX
Stratford OK
H/O Gertrude [Easter] Savage, S/O Jesse Jasper & Louella Frances [Amos] Savage, farmer
SAVAGERoyce Wayne12/Aug/1946 03/May/1984flag"S FM 3 US Navy ~ Vietnam" "Father" 
SAVAGEWanda Ruth18/Jul/1929
Dill City OK
Ada OK
D/O Othel Avie & Gertrude [Easter] Savage, Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
SCHREIBEREdith17/Feb/1906 20/Jan/2000 
SCOTTEliza A.13/Jan/189508/Dec/1897 "Daughter of W. M. & A. E. Scott"
SEAHORNAgnes M. [Monroe] 06/Feb/1903
Carbon Hill AL
24/Apr/1994"Have Faith In God" W/O Benjamin Arthur Seahorn, M 15/Apr/1923 Carbon Hill AL
SEAHORNBenjamin Arthur 04/Aug/1902
Russellville AL
Franklin CO AL
"Have Faith In God" H/O Agnes M. [Monroe] Seahorn, S/O Hugh Wallace & Mary Elizabeth [West] Seashorn
SECRESTWalsie Raymond 14/Sep/189106/Jan/1919 
SELBYDean Edward31/Dec/1927 12/Jun/2004H/O M. Jean [Corley] Lacy
SELLERSEdith Caldwell Burleson28/Feb/1929 23/Mar/2019obit
SELPHBonnie [Everet] 06/Mar/190903/Jan/1980W/O Cloma B. Selph, M 16/Ag/1933
SELPHCloma B.31/Aug/1908 06/Oct/1980H/O Bonnie [Everet] Selph
SEWELLJuanita [Cook]31/Jul/1894 02/---/1977 
SHADDENMichael Benjamin Boyd03/Oct/1976 21/Feb/2013"A Damn Good Man Gone Fishin'"
SHANNOND. N.27/Serp/1843 07/Aug/1912"At Rest"
SHANNONMaudie Lee18/Sep/1891 11/Dec/1908 
SHANNONMaudie Lee18/Sep/1891 11/Dec/1908 
SHAPPARDLenord Guy17/Oct/1900 05/Nov/1904"Son of J. A. & R. E. Shappard"
SHELTONLillian Lee [Miser] 10/Aug/1911
Norman OK
"Married Dec 27, 1930" SS/W & W/O Robert E. Lee "Monk" Shelton, D/O Dallas Samuel & Bernettie Agnes "Nettie" [Ramsey] Miser
SHELTONRichie Don06/Jul/1966
Ada OK
S/O Dick Shelton, Bio S/O Ronnie Musgrove & Dorothy Shackleford, B/O CO music star Blake Shelton
SHELTONRobert E. Lee "Monk" 10/Nov/190609/Jun/1995
Norman OK
"Married Dec 27, 1930" SS/W & H/O Lillian Lee [Miser]
SHEPPARDNancy Margarett [Hedrick] 06/Apr/1850Jul/1928 
SHIAnnie B. 24/Aug/188230/Jul/1952
SHI Augustin Henry MD 10/Oct/1873
Ada OK
  32º "Married Oct 21, 1903" Bessie Mabel [Jackson] Shi, S/O Dr Augustin Henry & Mary Jane [Brawner] Shi
See obit & photo
SHIAugustine Henry MD 15/Jul/1834
Monticello GA
McGee OK
   Physician Confederate Army ~ Civil War "Married Oct 21, 1903" SS/W & H/O Mary Jane [Brawner] Shi, S/O Dr James Hinton Madison & Mary Polina Kirby] Shi
See obit & photo
SHIAugustine Henry Jr 13/Oct/1912
SS/W & W/O Wanda [Winn] Shi
SHIAugustin Henry IV1936
SHIBessie Mable [Jackson] 24/Jun/1888
Jimtown OK
04/Nov/1968"Married Oct 21, 1903" SS/W & W/O Augustin Henry Shi, MD
See obit & photo
SHIBethilda Ann "Annie B." [Eldridge]24/Aug/188230/Jul/1952W/O Lee Perkins Shi, D/O Jesse Taliaferro & Ada Belle [Kollock] Eldridge
SHICena A [Castleberry]02/Aug/191429/Dec/1958 W/O William Brawner Shi, D/O James Sturdy & Minnie Ola [Jackson] Castleberry
SHIInfant Daughter02/Aug/1914 29/Dec/1958"Infant Dau of A. H. & B. M. Shi" D/O Augustine Henry & Bessie Mable [Jackson] Shi
SHILee Perkins "Cap" 25/Feb/1878
Bolingbroke GA
 H/O Bethilda Ann [Eldridge] Shi, S/O Augustine Henry & Mary Jane [Brawner] Shi, Stratford pioneer
SHIMary Jane [Brawner] 20/Oct/184406/Jul/1931"Married Oct 21, 1903" SS/W & W/O Augustin Henry Shi, M 1860 Lumpkin GA
See obit & photo
SHIMolly "Wanda" [Winn] 19/Mar/1912
Garvin CO OK
Garvin CO OK
SS/W & W/O Augustine Henry Shi, Jr
SHIRuth Joyce [Burnett] 07/Aug/191411/Mar/1999W/O Unknown Shi, D/O Madison M. & Maggie L. [Byford] Burnett, teacher
SHIWilliam Brawner 05/Mar/1912
Garvin CO OK
Stratford OK
H/O Cenas A. [Castleberry] Shi, D/O Lee Perkins & Bethildas Ann [Eldridge] Shi
SHILLINGBarbara Lee [Phares] 30/Jun/1926
Littlefield TX
Ada OK
"Married Nov 8, 1958" "In Loving Memory" "Parents of Kay Caroline Karen Michael Troy" W/O [1] SS/W Charles Ray Shilling [2] Seth Q. Womack, D/O Thomas Barson & Nettie Josephine [Fitts] Phares
SHILLINGCharles Ray 27/Apr/192925/May/1994flag"A1C US Air Force ~ Korea" "Married Nov 8, 1958" "In Loving Memory" "Parents of Kay Caroline Karen Michael Troy" SS/W & H/O Barbara Lee [Phares] Shilling~Womack
SHILLINGMelissa Deanne 30/Jan/197831/Jan/1978 
SHIPLEYJ. T. Jr06/Jun/1916 22/Oct/1918"Son of J. T. & Willie Shipley"
SHIRLEYLula Dee05/May/1915 23/Jun/1936 
SHORTWarnie [Winchester]12/Oct/1901 17/Dec/19252 markers
SHULTSAudney20/Dec/1905 30/May/1991"Precious Memories" "Our Loving Mother"
SHULTSDurward22/Feb/1916 08/Dec/1919"Son of Jim & Eddeth Shults"
SHULTSEddeth  07/Jan/1927W/O James Obra "Jim" Shults, unmarked grave
SHULTSFannie Mae [Genrty] 12/Aug/1875
Stratford OK
W/O John Shults, D/O James Obra & Thurman Shults
SHULTSHarold L.1927 2001flag"US Army ~ World War II" "Married Dec 21, 1947" SS/W & H/O Marjorie R. [Grantham] Shults
SHULTSJames Obra "Jim" 16/Oct/12895
McAlester OK
Stratford OK
"He Was A Damn Good Man" S/O John & Fannie Mae [Gentry] Shults
McGee OK
Stratford OK
H/O Fannie Mae [Gentry] Shults
SHULTSLouis Ray25/Feb/1925 13/Jul/1926"Our Darling"
Stratford OK
Pacific Ocean off Iowa Jima ~ KIA
flag"US Navy Submarine ~ World War II" "On Eternal Patrol - USS Gudgeon [SS-211] We bid shipmates farewell with this naval blessing "fair winds and following seas" S/O James Obra "Jim" & Eddeth Shults, Body lost at sea, Purple Heart Presidential Unit Citation, Cenotoph
SHULTSMarjorie R. [Grantham] 1929 "Married Dec 21, 1947" SS/W & W/O Harold Lewis Shults
SHULTSRobert C.02/Jul/1900 10/Mar/1905"Son of W. H. & D. A. Shults"
Stratford OK
Stratford OK
S/O John & Fannie Mae [Gentry] Shults, unmarked grave
SHULTSVernon Lynn06/Nov/1956 11/Aug/1987"Daddy of Zachery & Lindsey"
SHULTSW. Linard03/Dec/1901 10/Mar./1905"Son of W. H. & D. A. Shults"
SIMMONSCarl Wayne08/Aug/1934 15/Jul/1963flag"Oklahoma SN US Navy"
SIMMONSFranklin "Dale" 04/Mar/1933
Stratford OK
SE of Ada OK
flag"US Navy" "Loving Husband And Father" H/O Kay [Shuster] Simmons, S/O William "Earl" & Mattie Pearl [Brown] Simmons, Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
SIMMONSMattie Pearl [Brown] 22/Aug/1900
Belton TX
Stratford OK
"Married Apr 29, 1917" SS/W & W/O William "Earl" Simmons, M Seven Shooter OK, D/O Andrew Newton & Hedwig Heidi "Hattie" Brown
SIMMONSWilliam "Earl" 08/May/1897
McGregor TX
Pauls Valley OK
"Married Apr 29, 1917" SS/W & H/O Mattie Pearl [Brown] Simmons, S/O William Allen & Christeen [Jackson] Simmons, farmer, Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
SIMMONSWilliam Robert "Bob" 20/Aug/1925
Wichita KS
Ada OK
flag"US Navy ~ World War II" "Occupied Germany US Army H/O Unknown Simmons, S/O William "Earl" & Mattie Pearl [Brown] Simmons
SIMPSONBetty Jo25/Dec/1931  W/O J. P. Kenneth Simpson, M 08/Oct/1955
SIMPSONGary Stephan 09/Jan/195002/Jan/1999 
SIMPSONJ. P. Kenneth 26/Apr/192918/Nov/1983flag"Pvt US Army"
SIMPSONMitch L.19/Sep/1984 19/Sep/1984 
SIRMONSDean E.1911 1985"O Death, where is thy sting, O Grave, where is thy victory", 1 Cor 15:55" H/O Jewell Astor [Gentry] Sirmons
SIRMONSJewell Astor [Gentry] 18/Nov/1915
Maxwell OK
Fort Smith AR
W/O Dean Edwin Sirmons, M 02/Mar/1940 OK City OK, D/O James D. & Mary Althea [Wood] Gentry, Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
Ravia OK
Ardmore OK
32º  H/O Helen [Sumner] Skaggs, M 07/Sep/1968 El Reno OK, S/O Frank & Inez Rose Skaggs, Craddock Funeral Home ~ Ardmore OK
SKAGGSDorothy L.22/Jan/1914 13/Nov/1991"Wife of Lester D. Skaggs"
SKAGGSJewell Ann27/Jan/1907 05/Feb/1989"Wife of Virgil T. Skaggs"
SKAGGSJohn S.1942   
SKAGGSLester Dorris27/May/1910 31/Aug/1986"Tec 4 US Army ~ World War II"
SKAGGSVirgil T.26/Nov/1903 08/Sep/1987 
SKELLYAline Lorene [Lewelling] 07/May/1924
Stratford OK
Tecumseh OK
W/O James W. Skelly, M 31/May/1943 Pasuls Valley OK, D/O John T. & Ozella [Dawson] Lewelling
SKELLYJames W.12/Mar/1923 17/Feb/1985flag"US Army ~ World War II" H/O Aline Lorene [Lewelling] Skelly
SKELLYLawetta Ann24/Oct/1947 24/Nov/1947D/O James W. & Aline Lorene [Lewelling] Skelly
SKILESSusie19081970 "Sister"
SKILESTheodore R.1906 1972"Brothers"
SKINNERAltha Jane1887 1980
"Forever With The Lord" SS/W & W/O William Otis Skinner
SKINNERWilliam Odis12/Mar/1891 --/Feb/1974
"Forever With The Lord" SS/W & H/O Altha Jane Skinner
SLATENEunice Mildred [Corban] 24/Jul/1912
Texax CO MO
Garvin CO OK
"Our Beloved Mother" "Mother Of Charles, Pat, *J. W. " W/O John W. Slaten, D/O William Theodore & Elminia [Murr] Corban, *John W. Slaten Jr
SLATENJohn W. Jr27/Oct/1935
Garvin CO OK
Garvin CO OK
"A Loving Son" "Son Of Eunice & John" S/O John W. & Eunice Mildred [Corban] Slaten
SLATENJohn W.16/Sep/1904 29/Mar/1972
Garvin CO OK
"A Loving Father" H/O Eunice Mildred [Corban] Slaten
SLATTENMattie Hester [Farrs] 25/May/187926/Jun/1960W/O Unknown Slaten, D/O William Jasper & Martha Hester [Southard] Farriss
SLAUGHTERJim T.1879 1947 
SLIGERAlvaleene09/Sep/1915 21/Nov/1920 
SLIGERFred D.1888 1963"Father" "Married Dec 20, 1914" SS/W & H/O Willie Wesley [Hart] Sliger, S/O Fred D. & Mary C. [Keiner] Sliger
SLIGERGrace [Huffman] 25/Feb/1923 "Wed Oct 14, 1961" SS/W & W/O William D. "Bill" Sliger
SLIGERHobart J.1920 1928 
SLIGERMary C. [Keiner] 02/Feb/186214/Jun/21"Wife of William David Sliger"
SLIGEROlgrnian F. "Ott" 25/Jul/189128/Oct/1957flag"Oklahoma Pvt CO B 4 Engineers ~ World War I" H/O Tremillie M. Sliger
SLIGERTremillie M.20/Mar/1899 18/Sep/1932"In Memory OF Mother" W/O Olgrnian F. "Ott" Sliger
SLIGERW. D.14/Feb/1853 17/Feb/1916H/O Mary C. [Keiner] Sliger
SLIGERWilliam D.01/Mar/1917 26/Oct/1992
"Wed Oct 14, 1961" SS/W & H/O Grace [Huffman] Sliger
SLIGERWillie Wesley [Hart]1894 1996"Mother" "Married Dec 20, 1914" SS/W & W/O Fred D. Sliger
SLOANMaggie 03/Mar/188521/Dec/1916
SMARTEdith Cordelia [Simms] 24/Aug/189811/Oct/1934"Mother" SS/W & W/O Robert Lee Smart
SMARTRobert Lee12/Nov/1883 21/Feb/1949"Father" SS/W & H/O Edith Cordelia [Simms] Smart
SMEDLEYCharles Aaron 14/Feb/1898
Rowan CO KY
Clayton OK
H/O [1] Mary Eliza [Elliongton] Smedley [2] Jerrusia A. [Brown] Smedley, S/O Daniel Boone & Mary Eliza [Ellington] Smedley
SMEDLEYJerrusia Arminda [White} Brown 05/Jul/1901
Huntington TX
W/O [1} John Richard Brown
[2] 2nd W/O Charles Aaron Smedley
SMITHAlbert Prentiss 06/Jun/188022/Jan/1932H/O Lula Josephine [Cromer] Smith
SMITHArlie Virgil16/Aug/1905 24/May/1985"Married Aug 25, 1923" "Papa" SS/W & H/O Sarah [Biles] Smith
SMITHCharles Ray31/Jan/1933 12/Mar/1934 
SMITHCharlie B.1898 1964
SS/W Irene O. Smith
SMITHEdna Lee30/Jul/1935 12/Feb/1996"Wed Nov 15, 1950" "Our Son ~ Michael Scott Smith" SS/W & W/O Marion Cordell "Bud" Smith
SMITHEthel23/May/1906 28/Jun/1997W/O Orba Smith, M 1927
SMITHEugene Thomas12/Oct/1896
07/Jun/19872nd H/O Myrtle Louise [Russell] Smith
SMITHInfant Dau04/Aug/1925 09/Aug/1925Aged 5 Days, D/O C. J. Smith, unmarked grave
SMITHInfant Son 06/Aug/1939 S/O Alford Smith, unmarked grave
SMITHIrene O.19021992 SS/W Charlie B. Smith
SMITHJerry Leo23/Aug/1938 18/Jan/2003"Dad" H/O Unknown Smith
SMITHJimmy Robert15/May/1964 26/May/1964"Our Beloved Son" S/O James & Nancy [Griffin] Smith
SMITHKenneth Bret Dr24/Dec/1958
Shawnee OK
21/Jun /2011
Stillwater OK
 OSU flag"Col Oklahoma National Guard" H/O Donna Smith, S/O Jerry & Percilla [Lam] Smith
SMITHL. B. Z.28/Mar/1876 05/Feb/1896"Wife of G. M. Smith" SS/W McGary Smith
SMITHLois Elizabeth [Kerr]26/Mar/186020/May/1931
W/O Prentiss Albert "Peter" Smith, M 17/May/1877 Yalobusha CO MS
SMITHLula Josephine [Cromer] 19/Nov/188603/Aug/1936W/O Albert Prentiss Smith, M 1905
SMITHLuther   Stone marker
SMITHMargaret Lilly08/Apr/1933 02/Feb/2001"Beloved Wife, Mother and -----" Homemade marker
SMITHMarion Cordell "Bud" 28/Jun/1930
Pontotoc CO OK
"Married Nov 15, 1950" "Our Son ~ Michael Scott Smith" SS/W & H/O Edna Lee Smith
SMITHMary Lois05/Mar/1911 08/Dec/1912 
SMITHMcGary12/Mar/1895 21/Jan/1896"Son of G. W. & A. Smith" SS/WL. B. Z. Smith
SMITHMichael Scott12/Feb/1959 11/Aug/1995SS/W & S/O Marion Cordell & Edna Lee Smith
SMITHMittie R.22/Jan/1871 16/May/1953SS/W William T. Smith
SMITHMyrtle Louise [Russell] 09/Jun/1898
15/Jul/1943W/O [1] Jo Pete Staats [2] Eugene Thomas Smith
SMITHMyrtle M. [Hill] 18/Dec/190124/May/1978"Wife of Ralph W. Smith"
SMITHNorton H.12/Jun/1861 03/Apr/1947 
SMITHOrba L.11/Aug/1889 24/Mar/1977flag"Pvt US Army ~ World War I" H/O Ethel Smith
SMITHOrba Noris 1928 
SMITHOttie Eugene22/Oct/1919
Ada OK
Ardmore OK
flag"US Army ~ World War II" H/O Marie [Ethridge] Smith, M 02/Dec/1945 Stratford OK, S/O Leo & Amy [Chapman] Smith
SMITHPrentiss Albert "Peter"21/Sep/185602/May/1931
H/O Lois Elizabeth [Karr] Smith
SMITHRalph W.08/Dec/1900 03/Jul/1982H/O Myrtle M. Smith
SMITHRuby Ellavern "Nanna" [Smith] 13/Apr/1936
Maysville OK
Tulsa OK
W/O Jack R. Freeman
SMITHSallie May17/Feb/1905 15/Apr/1905"Daughter of M. G. & E. M. Smith"
SMITHSarah Velma [Biles] 19/Jun/190710/May/1999"Married Aug 25, 1923" "Grandma" SS/W & W/O Arlie V. Smith
SMITHSintha Ellen [Bennett] 29/Jul/186506/Jun /1942"Wife of Norton AS. Smith"
SMITHWilliam Kenneth 03/Sep/1922
17/Aug/1999"Wed June 16, 1943" SS/W & H/O Willie Mae [Fox] Smith
SMITHWilliam T.16/Mar/1867 06/Jul/1955SS/W Mittie R. Smith
SMITHWillie Mae Fox24/Aug/1923
Stratford OK
Stratford OK
"Wed June 16, 1943" SS/W & W/O William Kenneth Smith
SMOOTWilliam A.26/Jun /1913 30/Dec/1976flag"US Navy ~ World War II"
SMOOTWinona [Muncy]18/Oct/1916 14/Dec/1974 
SNEEDBaby23/Ag/1967 23/Aug/1967 
SOUTHARDMarin Montgomery06/Jun/1857
Sparta TN
Stratford OK
 H/O Mary Conquez [Dinges] Southard
SOUTHWARDHenry10/Feb/1826 09/Mar/1896 
SOUTHWARDWilliam25/Jul/1879 20/Oct/1895 
SPEARMANDaisy11/Jan/1907 24/Nov/1922 
SPEARMANDona03/Feb/1870 11/Feb/1938 
SPEARMANDona Marie1921 1924 
SPEARMANInfant Dau  1918 
SPEARMANNapolean B.04/Feb/1859 16/Aug/1915S/O Lorenzo Miller & Margaret [Shaw] Spearman
SPEARMANRobert M.24/Dec/1896 31/Mar/1942 
SPEESNoble 13/Feb/188914/Jan/1919
SPROULJ. B.15/Aug/1931  "Married June 3, 1951" "Devoted Father" SS/W & H/O Wanda Helen [Potter] Sproul
SPROULJohnna Beth20/Jun/1961 20/Jun/1961"Our Baby" D/O J. B. & Wanda Helen [Potter] Sproul
SPROULWanda Helen [Potter] 30/Jan/1932
Stratford OK
Ridgedale MO
"Married June 3, 1951" "Loving Mother" SS/W & W/O J. B. Sproul, D/O Calvin A. & Lorena Mae [Gray] Potter
STAATSJoe Pete 20/Nov/1890
Denton TX
19/Oct/1918 1st H/O Myrtle Louise [Russell] Smith, S/O John Talbot & Mary D. [Lanham] Staats
STAATSJohn Talbot19/Nov/1862
Greene CO IL
 H/O Mary D. [Lanham] Staats, homemade marker
STAATSMary D. [Lanham]1855
1939W/O John Talbot Staats, D/O Perry Green & Amanda Malvina [Anderson] Lanham
STANDRIDGEBessie [Evans] 13/May/189626/Oct/1978"At Rest" W/O Jesse Alfred Standridge
STANDRIDGECordelia [Watts] 29/Feb/188419/Dec/1962"Mama" W/O George Washington Stanridge
STANDRIDGEElmo Dugan10/Nov/1913 02/DFec/1933"Age 20 Years 22 Days" S/O Jesse Alfred & Bessie Evans Standridge
STANDRIDGEGarvin 03/Feb/1923 Aged 19 Yrs, unmarked grave
STANDRIDGEGeorge Washington 09/Aug/188307/Jan/1959"Papa" H/O Cordella [Watts] Standridge, S/O James Henry Jr & Ruth Adeline [Southern] Standridge
STANDRIDGEJames Henry Jr 15/Dec/1847
Habersham CO GA
McGee OK
 "Pvt CO C 124 Ark Inf ~ Confederate States Army" H/O Ruth Adeline [Southern] Standridge
STANDRIDGEJesse Alfred 03/Jan/1892
Mena AR
"At Rest" "Age 20 Years 22 Days" H/O Bessie [Evans] Standridge, S/O William Lorenzo & Amanda Melvina [Lewis] Standridge
STANDRIDGELester L. 12/Apr/190114/Oct/1986"Wed Dec 26, 1919" "From Here To Eternity" SS/W & H/O Nettie V. Standridge
STANDRIDGENettie V. 12/Feb/190503/Sep/1980"Wed Dec 26, 1919" "From Here To Eternity" SS/W & W/O Lester L. Standridge
Stratford OK
McGee OK
D/O William Lorenzo & Amanda Melvina [Lewis] Standridge
STANFIELDInfant20/Aug/1901 20/Aug/1901"Son of W. M. & N. L. Stanfield" 
STANFORDGolda Lenus 12/Mar/190119/Apr/1994
SS/W Joel M. Stanford
STANFORD Joel M.29/Oct/1898 11/Aug/1970SS/W Golda Lenus Stanford
STANSBURYDonnie Mae [Tucker] 23/Feb/1923
Center OK
Ada OK
"Married Aug 26, 1919" "Mom" SS/W & W/O Enoch Eli Hugh Stansbury, D/O Everett Afton & Ida Melinda [Wood] Tucker, Criswell Funeral Home ~ Ada OK
STRANSBURYEnoch Eli Hugh 21/Aug/1913
Neosho MO
Ada OK
"Married Aug 26, 1919" "Dad" SS/W & H/O Donnie Mae [Tucker] Stansbury
STANTONEarl Ray09/Feb/1931
Pauls Valley OK
Pauls Valley OK
H/O Molena May [Suggs] Stanton, M 07/Julu/1951 Lovington NM, S/O Thomas Jefferson & Zola [Jones] Stanton, Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
STAPPCallie H.10/Feb/1896 17/Aug/1968 
STEPHENSArie [Van Pelt] 13/Jul/1889
Greenville TX
Pauls Valley OK
"The Lord Is My Shepherd" SS/W & W/O Edwin L. Stephens, Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
STEPHENSEdwin L.1880
Stratford OK
"The Lord Is My Shepherd" SS/W & H/O Arie [Van Pelt] Stephens, S/O W. A. & Amanda J. Stephens
STEPHENSW. A.20/Aug/1844 24/Aug/1928 H/O Amanda [McMillan] Stephens
STEPHENSONForis Charmian 26/Aug/190720/Aug/1909 
STEWARTMadge Irene18/Jan/1911 09/Jul/199382 Yrs Old
STOCKTONCarl K.24/Dec/1915 26/Feb/1916"Son of J. G. & Ollie Stockton"
STOCKTONJ. G.03/Jul/1874 28/Dec/1923
STOCKTONOlie G. 23/Aug/188826/Dec/1918
STOCKTONWendell G.23/Feb/1912 12/Jul/1962flag"Oklahoma PHOM 3 USNR ~ World War II"
STOKESClora Evelyn [Hill] 15/Apr/190109/Jan/1976W/O [1] Bud Lawrence [2] 2nd W/O Thomas Jefferson Stokes, D/O Effie Mae Blackfish, on Dawes Indian Roll
STOKESLeonard Tom01/Jul/1908 08/Dec/1970S/O Thomas Jefferson & Ida [Briscoe] Stokes
STOKESThomas Jefferson 10/Jan/188830/Dec/1971H/O [1] Ida [Briscoe] Stokes [2] SS/W & 2nd H/O Clora Evelyn [Hill] Stokes
STOKESWillie Nath25/Nov/1923
Marshal CO OK
Ardmore OK
flag"US Marine Corps ~ World War II" H/O Rosie M. [Rein] Stokes, M 20/May/1944 Perry OK, S/O Trixie Bland & Myrtle E. [Waterson] Stokes, Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
STONEAmanda Myrtle [Keener] 25/Dec/189402/Nov/1954
STONEBobbie J.1926 1967"Married Mar 20, 1943" "Mother" SS/W & W/O Loyd Anderson Stone
STONEEdna Lee [Mullins] 08/Jun/190007/Jul/1979"Asleep In Jesus" "Mama" SS/W & W/O Floyd L. Stone
STONEEuel Dean12/Sep/1938  H/O Tommie Karen [Burleson] Stone
STONEFloyd L.22/Jun/1896 05/Jul/1969"Asleep In Jesus" "Papa" SS/W & H/O Edna Lee [Mullins] Stone
STONEFloyd Neal25/Nov/1951 25/Nov/1951"Son"
STONELoyd Anderson "Buster" 07/Oct/1923
Stratford OK
Married Mar 20, 1943" "Father" SS/W & H/O Bobbie J. Stone, S/O Floyd L. & Edna Lee [Mullins] Stone, Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
STONEMcKinney Dean "Kin"03/Nov/1962
Pauls Valley OK
Eufaula OK
"Age 52" S/O Euel Dean & Tommie Karen [Burleson] Stone, Pickard FHM
STONENuel D.18/Jul/1927 05/Jan/1972flag"Pvt US Army ~ World War II"
STONERandy Joe27/Feb/1959 18/Jul/1976"One of our precious children is asleep in Jesus" S/O Eeul Dean & Tommie Karen [Burleson] Stone
STONETommie Karen [Burleson] 15/Jan/193807/May/2000W/O Eeul Dean Ston, D/O Thomas Joe & Thelma Estella [Crawford] Burleson
STONEVada Marie [Morris] 04/Jun/1933
Lamesa TX
Ardmore OK
W/O Nuel D. Stone, 25/Aug/1951 Hereford TX, D/O William Ross & Vivian Aladean [Turner] Morris, Griffin Funeral Home ~ Ardmore OK
STONECIPHERAndrew M. 10/Dec/1868
Marion CO AR
Stratford OK
"Gone but not forgotten" SS/W & H/O Sarah Jane [Lowery] Stonecipher, S/O James Haywood & Unknown Stonecipher
STONECIPHERCharles L. "Chuck"15/Feb/1937 28/Jan/2005 
STONECIPHERE. Doyle08/Sep/1923 31/Jul/2002"Gone Fishing"
STONECIPHERFranklin Augusta "Gus" Rev 20/Oct/1908
Pyatt AR
Pauls Valley OK
"Married Oct 7, 1938" SS/W & H/O Inez Nellie [Griffin] Stonecipher, S/O Andrew Mattson & Sarah Jane [Lowery] Stonecipher., Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
STONECIPHERIna E.04/Feb/1922  "Married Sept 28, 1940" "Together Forever" SS/W & W/O Oliver M.. Stonecipher
STONECIPHER Inez Nellie [Griffin] 26/Feb/1919
Gilbert AZ
Pauls Valley OK
"Married Oct 7, 1938" SS/W & W/O Rev Franklin Augusta Stonecipher, M Vanoos OK, D/O Charles Lot & Hannah Novella [Golden] Griffin, Stufflebean~Coffey Funeral Home ~ Pauls Valley OK
STONECIPHERIva J.29/Oct/1909 01/Aug/1967"Married July 31, 1926" SS/W & W/O Marion G. Stonecipher
STONECIPHERLuther Chester 27/Aug/190601/Feb/1992
"Father" SS/W & H/O Myrtle Ellen [Buffer] Stonecipher
STONECIPHERLuther D. Rev 29/May/1917
Garvin CO OK
Stratford OK
"Married Apr 10, 1937" "Daddy" "Our children - Roger, Charles, Judy, Kim" SS/W & H/O Mildred Marie [Gentry] Stonecipher, S/O Marion C. & Iva J. Stonecipher
STONECIPHERMarion C.29/Nov/1892 04/Apr/1975"Married July 31, 1926" SS/W & H/O Iva J. Stonecipher, S/O Andrew M. & Sarah Jane [Lowery] Stonecipher
STONECIPHERMildred Marie [Gentry] 09/Feb/1922
Stratford OK
Ada OK
"Married Apr 10, 1937" "Mama" "Our children - Roger, Charles, Judy, Kim" SS/W & W/O Rev Luther D. Stonecipher, M 10/Feb/1937 Yeager OK, D/O Forrest M. & Annie [Jones] Gentry, Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
STONECIPHERMyrtle Ellen [Buffer] 03/Apr/191212/Apr/1990
"Mother" SS/W & W/O Luther Chester Stonecipher
STONECIPHEROliver M. 14/Aug/191908/Jul/2012
"Married Sept 28, 1940" "Together Forever" SS/W & H/O Ina E. Stonecipher, Smith~Phillips Funeral Home ~ Ada OK
STONECIPHERRoger Wayne 21/Mar/194021/Mar/1940"Our darling one hath gone before to greet us on the blissful shore"
STONECIPHERSarah Jane [Lowery] 12/Jan/1874
Marion CO AR
Ada OK
SS/W & W/O Andrew M. Stonecipher
STONECIPHERVernie Vester 15/Apr/1904
Wichita Falls TX
S/O Andrew M. & Sarah Jane [Lowery] Stonecipher
STONECIPHERWanda19/Aug/1942 22/Apr/1966
near Ardmore OK
 "Stewardess American Flyers" "She Was The Sunshine Of Our Lives" air plane crash
STOUTWalter12/Mar/198809/May/1988 Aged 64 Years, FHM
STOVERM. E.30/Jan/1905
McGee OK
McGee OK
D/O William Jacob & Eliza Ann Malinda [Burkart] Stover
McGee OK
McGee OK
""Little Sister"" D/O William Jacob & Eliza Ann Malinda [Burkart] Stover, unmarked grave
STRICKLANDBryan09/Mar/1897 12/Oct/1906"Son of W. W. & Carrie Strickland" S/O Walter Winchester & Caroline Collins "Carrie" [Archer] Strickland
STRICKLANDCaroline Collins "Carrie" [Archer]06/Feb/1873
Burwin OK
Pauls Valley OK
"Wife of W. W. Strickland" "The Lord Is My Shepherd" W/O [1] CO Judge Joseph Anderson Edwards [2] Walter Winchester Strickland, D/O Benjamin Franklin & Unknown Archer, Stufflebean Funeral Home ~ Pauls Valley OK
STRICKLANDFlorence1896 1972SS/W & W/O Homer Strickland
STRICKLANDHomer1895 1957"Dad" "Until We Meet Never To Part" SS/W & H/O Florence Strickland, S/O Walter Winchester & Caroline Collins "Carrie" [Archer] Strickland
STRICKLANDJohn Walter 17/Nov/189322/Sep/12951  
STRICKLANDKatherine26/Oct/1905 05/Jul/1967
W/O Tom Ed Strickland
Stratford OK
"Daughter of Walter & Carrie" D/O Walter Winchester & Caroline Collins "Carrie" [Archer] Strickland
STRICKLANDSarah Florence [Gray]1896
Gassville AR
OK City OK
W/O Unknown Strckland, Bill Eisenhour Funeral Home ~ Del City Oklahoma
STRICKLANDTom Ed18/Feb/1903 07/Oct/1970H/O Unknown Strickland, S/O Walter Winchester & Caroline Collins "Carrie" [Archer] Strickland
STRICKLANDVineta13/Feb/1905 23/Mar/1905"Dau of Walter & Carrie Strckland" D/O Walter Winchester & Caroline Collins "Carrie" [Archer] Strickland
STRICKLANDWalter Winchester "W. W."22/Jan/1871
Guthrie CO IA
30/Jan/1919 2nd H/O Caroline Collins "Carrie" [Archer] Strickland
STROUDC. E.16/May/7 26/Nov/1936 
SUITNola M.10/Oct/1909 09/Aug/1981SS/W & W/O Rixie H. Suit
SUITRixie H.12/May/1906 21/Feb/1991SS/W & H/O Nola M. Suit
SULLIVANBeulah25/Feb/1905 09/Oct/1994 
SULLIVANBilly Don09/Jun/1933 06/Mar/1960Next to Ruby Lou Sullivan
Garvin CO OK
 "6th Texas Cavalry ~ CSA" Accident
SULLIVANRuby [Greenlee] Jones20/Jul/1913 02/Jan/1997 
SULLIVANRuby Lou21/Nov/1929 31/Jul/1940Next to Billy Don Sullivan
SULLIVANTommy F.18/Mar/1925 28/Oct/2000 
SUMMERSInfant Son25/Aug/1897 25/Aug/1897"Our Darling Inf Son of Mr Mrs Ed Summers" "Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven" Homemade marker
SUMMERSInfant Son06/Oct/1899 06/Oct/1899"Our Darling Inf Son of Mr Mrs Ed Summers" Homemade marker
SUMMERSRachel Josephine [Moody] 25/Feb/1913
Byars OK
Tucson AZ
W/O [1] Loyd Hargis [2] David Clark [3] Unknown Deathridge [4] Forrest Summers, D/O Joel Elisha & Hattie Eugenia [Moody] Moody, Cremains placed at foot of parents marker
SUMNERDonna [Ferguson]12/Jul/1932
St Cloud MN
Ardmore OK
W/O Jack Sumner, M 31/Ag/1973 Maize KS, D/O Albert Failes & Rose Baker] Ferguson, Craddock Funeral Home ~ Ardmore OK
SUMNERErnest Lee08/Jul/1897 12/Dec/1965"Oklahoma Cpl Btr A 46 Artillery CAC ~ World War I" "Wed Nov 6, 1923" "Parents of Helen ~ 1924, Dell ~ 1929, Jack ~ 1930, Joan ~ 1933, Dixie ~ 1935" SS/W & H/O Verda Viva [Cowan] Sumner
SUMNERVerda Viva [Cowan] 27/Jul/190603/Apr/1994"Wed Nov 6, 1923" "Parents of Helen ~ 1924, Dell ~ 1929, Jack ~ 1930, Joan ~ 1933, Dixie ~ 1935" SS/W & W/O Ernest Lee Sumner
SUTHERLANDHaskell20/Sep/1920 28/May/1926"Son of J.T.& L.B. Sutherland"
SUTHERLANDJ. C.02/Mar/1926 14/Dec/1928"Son of J.T.& L.B. Sutherland"
SWALLOWBessie Laverne [Gray]04/Jan/1943
Stratford OK
Ada OK
W/O Ronald Swallow Sr, M 07/Nov/1969 Henryetta OK, D/O Barney & Myrtle Mercer] Gray

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