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McGee Cemetery
Stratford, Garvin County, Oklahoma

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L Surnames

Section 1 Row 8LACYLula [Pinley]18911940 
Section 19 Row 3LAIRDJefferson Davis09/Jun/190211/Jun/1970H/O Willie Laird
Section 19 Row 3LAIRDWillie07/Oct/190427/Jul/1987W/O Jefferson Davis Laird, M 03/Jun/1922
Section 8 Row 3LAIRSONHattie Lee02/Feb/191229/Apr/1966"My Wife"
 LAMBClifford "Cliff"09/May/192719/Apr/2002H/O Wanda Lee [Farmer] Lamb
Section 4 Row 2LAMBEdgar LeeDec/1930
Garvin CO OK 
"Infant son of Morgan Ray and Effie Jane Brandon Lamb "
Section 4 Row 2LAMBEffie Jane [Brandon]23/Oct/189807/Jun/1977
Garvin CO OK
W/O Morgan Ray Lamb, M 22/Apr/1917
Section 6 Row 1LAMBGeorge Washington04/Jun/1868
Baxter CO AR
Garvin CO OK
H/O Laura Isabelle [Hayes] Lamb
Section 6 Row 1LAMBLaura Isabelle [Hayes]26/Nov/1865
Garvin CO OK
W/O George Washington Lamb
Section 1 Row 8LAMBMolly10/Oct/186313/Nov/1938 
Section 4 Row 2LAMBMorgan Ray20/Mar/1898
H/O Effie Jane [Brandon] Lamb, S/O George Washington & Laura Isabelle [Hayes] Lamb
 LAMBWanda Lee [Farmer]10/Dec/1928
Stratford OK
Ada OK
W/O Clifford Lamb, 16/Jun/1946 Oil Center OK, D/O Virgil Amos & Alva Mae [Isaacs] Farmer, Smith~Phillips Funeral Home ~ Ada OK
Section 3 Row 10LAMBERTAndrew Jackson08/Jun/1845
Colbert CO AL
Stratford OK
H/O Anthem Louisa [Hamilton] Lambert
Section 3 Row 10LAMBERTAnthem Louisa [Hamilton]17/Oct/1944
Stratford OK
W/O Andrew Jackson, D/O Samuel & Tirzah M. [Nelson] Hamilton
Section 6 Row 3LAMBERTEloise [Turner]15/Apr/1919
Garvin CO OK
Ada OK
"Married Sept 19, 1936" SS/W & W/O James Donald "Don" Lambert, M Gaar Corner OK, D/O Albert & Ollie [Shults] Turner, Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
 LAMBERTHenry Russell "Hank"04/Jul/190527/Nov/1993H/O Rilla May Lambert
Section 6 Row 3LAMBERTJames Donald09/May/1919
Hill CO TX
Stratford OK
"Married Sept 19, 1936" SS/W & H/O Eloise [Turner] Lambert, S/O S. A. & Nannie [Crowell] Lambert, Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
Section 5 Row 1LAMBERTLula18/Sep/188305/Oct/1967SS/W & W/O William Lambert
Section 6 Row 3LAMBERTNancy [Crowell]15/Apr/1875
Cherokee AL
Ada OK
"Mom" W/O Samuel Alexander Lambert, M 1891 Allsboro AL, Stratford Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
Section 5 Row 1LAMBERTOttie A.26/Oct/190909/Mar/1938 
 LAMBERTRilla May07/Nov/1908 16/Oct/1990W/O Henry Russell Lambert
Section 6 Row 3LAMBERTSamuel Alexander 11/Aug/1871
H/O Nancy [Crowell] Lambert, S/O Andrew Jackson & Anthem Louisa [Hamilton] Lambert
 LAMBERTTravis Duane02/Jan/1943
Stratford OK
Stratford OK
flag"US Air Force" H/O Caroline [Foshee] Lambert, M 25/Apr/1965 Gilbert AZ, S/O Jack & Vivian Y. [Critchfield] Lambert
 LAMBERTVivian Y. [Critchfield]Jun/1918
Wellston OK
Stratford OK
W/O Jack Lambert, M 74 Years
Section 5 Row 1LAMBERTWilliam1876 1960SS/W & H/O Lula Lambert, S/O Andrew Jackson & Anthem Louisa [Hamilton] Lambert
Section 7 Row 3LANDAlbert H.26/Jun/190028/Feb/1953 W/O Audrey Verna [Rhodes] Land, Henry M. & Nora Almeda [Shelton] Land
Section 7 Row 3LANDAudrey Verna [Rhodes]28/Oct/189402/Jun/1987W/O Albert H. Lamb
Section 13 Row 2LANDGeorge Marion18/Jun/1927
Stratford OK
Ada OK
flag"Tec 4 US Army ~ World War II" H/O Winna Doris [Smih] Land, S/O Albert H. & Audrey Verna [Rhodes] Land
Section 7 Row 3LANDHenry M.20/Aug/186021/Aug/1943"Father" H/O Nora Almeda [Shelton] Land
Section 7 Row 3LANDNora Almeda [Shelton]30/Nov/196623/Jul/1945"Mother" W/O Henry M. Land
Section 13 Row 2LANDWinna Doris [Smith]17/Jun/192704/May/1995
W/O George Land, M 23/Nov/1949
Section 4 Row 2LANEAlice C.29/Oct/189818/Aug/1972 
Section 4 Row 2LANEFloyd O.01/Apr/189908/Nov/1961 
 LANEMaggie M.   
Section 8 Row 5LARMANHayden19051962"Father" "Married June 24, 1926" "Let's Meet In Heaven" SS/W & H/O Pearl Larman
Section 8 Row 5LARMANPearl03/Dec/190410/Jul/2002"Father" "Married June 24, 1926" "Let's Meet In Heaven" SS/W & W/O Hayden Larman
Section 20 Row 1LAUGHLINJames H.06/Dec/191029/Dec/1972 
Section 8 Row 1LAWAleta M. [Wells]29/Sep/192412/Nov/1997"Wed July 12, 1941" "Parents of John Winfield Jr" SS/W & W/O John Winfield "Pod" Law
Section 8 Row 1LAWElma Pearl06/Dec/190027/Jul/1981SS/W & W/O John Wesley Law
Section 8 Row 1LAWJ. T.28/Jan/1876 17/Aug/1946 
Section 8 Row 1LAWJohn Wesley21/Jul/189917/Jun/1975SS/W &H/O Elma Pearl Law
 LAWJohn Winfield "Pod"01/Aug/1923 "Wed July 12, 1941" "Parents of John Winfield Jr" SS/W & H/O Aleta M. [Wells] Law
 LAWJohn Winfield Jr21/May/194224/Dec/2004"Father of Robin, Eddie,Trey" H/O Unknown Law, S/O John Winfield "Pod" & Aleta M. [Wells] Law
Section 8 Row 1LAWLucy Ann [Ward]20/Jan/1872
McNairy CO TN
 LAWSONPeannien 1985 
Section 18 Row 1
Layne Family Plot
Section 5 Row 1LAYNEBilly Joe02/Apr/192712/Mar/2007 
Section 18 Row 1
Layne Family Plot
LAYNECoeta Jo27/Jul/1933 SS/W & W/O Thomas Robert "Buck" Layne
Section 18 Row 1
Layne Family Plot
LAYNEJames Lindsey06/Aug/193318/Nov/2001flag"US Navy" "[Married] Sept 15, 1962" SS/W & H/O Willie Lea Layne
Section 18 Row 1
Layne Family Plot
LAYNEThomas Robert "Buck"25/Mar/193110/Aug/1997SS/W & H/O Coeta Jo Layne
 LAYNEWillie Lea23/Mar/1933  "[Married] Sept 15, 1962" SS/W & W/O James Lindsey Layne
 LEACHMary B. [Dodson]194814/Apr/2011
Shawnee OK
W/O Unknown Leach, D/O Vester Roy & Dorothy Mae Dodson, Cooper Funeral Home ~ Tecumseh OK
Section 2 Row 9LEDFORDKirt W.18/Jul/187612/Apr/1913SS/W & H/O Mary Timpie Ledford
 LEDFORDLulaAbt 188917/May/1949"Age 60 yrs 2 mos 23 dys" W/O John M. Ledford
Section 2 Row 9LEDFORDMary Timple15/Oct/188023/Aug/1915SS/W & W/O Kirt W. Ledford
Section 2 Row 9LEDFORDMoses M.10/Mar/183923/Jan/1925 "Corpl CO H 14 MO Cav Confederate Army ~ Civil War" H/O Sabra L. Ledford
Section 2 Row 9LEDFORDSabra L.03/Sep/183327/Jun /1900W/O Moses M. Ledford
Section 1 Row 3LEEA. J.03/Sep/1833 24/Mar/1915Homemade marker
Section 18 Row 3 LEEEverett Benjamin14/Jul/190627/Mar/1976H/O Millie May Lee
Section 17 Row 3LEEHugh Oliver08/Apr/195327/Jul/1987S/O Everett Benjamin & Millie May [Chandler] Lee
Section 18 Row 3LEEMillie May [Chandler]04/Feb/1908
Hurley MO
Wynnewood OK
W/O Everett Benjamin Lee, M 04/Feb/1925 Sapulpa OK, D/O Oliver Newton & Sadie [Gross] Chandler, Pickard Funeral Home See obit
Section 1 Row 3LEES. E.27/Jan/181707/Dec/1914Homemade marker
Section 16 Row 1LEETed17/Jul/191724/Jan/1989flag"Sgt US Army ~ World War II" "Daddy's Last Run"
Section 6 Row 1LEEWRIGHTAnna Belle10/Aug/187624/Jun/1966SS/W Charley Leewright
Section 6 Row 1LEEWRIGHTCharley09/Jan/186811/Apr/1938SS/W Anna Belle Leewright
Section 6 Row 1LEEWRIGHTJewell O.03/Mar/190026/Jun/1983 
Section 3 Row 1LEEWRIGHTMinor02/Mar/184610/Apr/1917 
Section 8 Row 1LeFORCEOlive V. "Ollie" [Underwood]16/Aug/187323/May/1949"Mother" W/O [1] Charles Harris [2] Andrew Starling [3] James Archiles LeForce, D/O Robert K. & Susanna ER. [Hays] Underwood
Section 5 Row 3LEWELLINGBeatrice C.06/Aug/1917 W/O Harvey O. Lewelling, M 19/Jan/1935
Section 9 Row 2LEWELLINGCarl30/Mar/191316/Nov/1994
SS/W & H/O Daisy M. Lewelling
Section 9 Row 2LEWELLINGDaisy M.06/Aug/191317/Dec/1995
SS/W & W/O Carl Lewelling, M/06/Aug/1940
Section Row LEWELLINGDonald Wayne07/Dec/1940
Stratford OK
Purcell OK
 Guitar player"Don" "Glad You Got To See Me" S/O Harvey O. & Beatrice [Heimer] Lawelling
Section Row LEWELLINGHarvey O.13/Jan/190717/Jan/1990H/O Beatrice [Heimer] Lawelling
Section 10 Row 1LEWELLINGJames Otho06/Feb/191118/Sep/2001H/O Veda [Bostic] Lewelling
Section 7 Row 2LEWELLINGJohn T.22/May/187922/Jul/1949SS/W & H/O Oella "Annie" Lewelling
Section 7 Row 2LEWELLINGOella "Annie"15/Oct/188626/Jan/1978SS/W & W/O John T. Lewelling, M 1902
Section 10 Row 1LEWELLINGVeda [Bostic]20/Oct/1920
Pauls Valley OK
Stratford OK
 Nurses AideW/O James Otho Lewelling, M 20/Jul/1940 Purcell OKD/O Jim & Fannie [Ward] Bostic
Section 1 Row 5LEWISDonald L.13/Jun/191620/Jun/2006SS/W Pauline R. Lewis
Section 7 Row 1LEWISFrances Ann [Lumpkin]29/Nov/1881
Hot Springs AR
OK City OK
W/O Louis Eugene Lewis, D/O John Henry & Frances Ann Cash [Hagin] Lewis
Section 19 Row 5LEWISJessie E.22/Jun/191514/Feb/1971"Husband & Father"
Section 7 Row 1LEWISLouis Eugene "Gene"28/Feb/187210/Feb/1954 H/O Frances Ann [Lumpkin] Lewis, S/O William Clark & Elvira Merrett [Myrick] Clark
 LEWISMattie E.18791965Unmarked grave
Section 19 Row 5LEWISOllie Florence25/Mar/191802/Mar/1995"Wife & Mother" W/O Jessie E. Lewis, M 02/Mar/1995
Section 1 Row 5LEWISPauline R.22/Sep/192223/Feb/2010SS/W Donald L. Lewis
Section 2 Row 10LIGHTBaby  "Baby of Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Light"
Section 19 Row 4LIGHTDessie E.08/Feb/188908/Aug/1980 
Section 2 Row 10LIGHTEmmet H.10/Jan/188603/Oct/1966 
Section 5 Row 1LIGHTJewell [Hallum]15/Aug/190123/Jun/1994"Mother" W/O [1] next to Fred Jackson [2] Unknown Light
Section 2 Row 10LIGHTJohn C.18581916 
Section 2 Row 10LIGHTLaura L.18601938"Wife of John C. Light"
Section 19 Row 4LIGHTOrin E.21/May/191029/Mar/1984"Husband & Father"
Section 18 Row 1LINDLEYFred20/May/190523/Feb/1980H/O Jewel Lindley
Section 18 Row 1LINDLEYJewel27/Mar/1909 W/O Fred Lindley, M 13/ Oct/1936
Section 6 Row 4LINDSEYAddie Mary21/Oct/190518/Jul/1994 
 LINDSEYElija Millard "E.M."07/Feb/1857
Montevallo AL
Stratford OK
H/O [1] Mary Elizabeth [Bradberry] Lindsey [2] Minerva Catherine [Wilburn] Lindsey, Unmarked grave
Section 6 Row 4LINDSEYShirley R.21/Feb/1939  
Section 6 Row 4LINDSEYW. L. "Laloo"07/Jul/189313/Sep/1975
Section 6 Row 4LINDSEYWilliam Randall20/Aug/1933  
 LINGLEAnna Elizabeth [Roberts]30/Oct/1844
12/May/1924W/O Jacob Cornelius Lingle, Unmarked grave
 LINGLEJacob Cornelius Dec/1837
Stratford OK
H/O Anna Elizabeth [Roberts] Lingle, founded Lingleville TX 1884
Section 2 Row 1LITTLEA. T.02/Jan/186728/Feb/1932
Section 20 Row 1LITTLEBruce28/Jun/189916/Feb/1974H/O Mary "Estelle" [Lamb] Little
Section 2 Row 1LITTLEIda Mae26/Jun/192024/Aug/1972 
Section 1 Row 7LITTLEJennie10/Mar/187216/Apr/1918"Wife of A T Little " See photo
Section 4 Row 2LITTLELinzey26/Oct/189926/Dec/1970"Asleep with Jesus"
Section 1 Row 7LITTLELouisa22/Jul/184925/Jun/1916"Mother of A. T. & J. L. Little" "Gone But Not Forgotten " See photo
Section 20 Row 1LITTLEMary "Estelle" [Lamb]29/May/1904
Baxter CO AR
23/Nov/2005"Daughter of George W. and Laura Hayes Lamb" W/O Bruce Little, M 25/Dec/1926, D/O George W. & Laura Isabelle [Hayes] Lamb
Section 4 Row 2LITTLERuby03/Feb/190327/Mar/1981"Asleep with Jesus"
Section 19 Row 1LOBAUGHBernice [Griffin]15/May/1917
Civit OK
Stratford OK
"Wed Dec 24, 1936" SS/W & W/O Granville A. Lobaugh, D/O Charles L. & Hannah Novella [Golden] Griffin
Section 2 Row 4LOBAUGHElizabeth House [Hamilton]21/Nov/1837
Ripley CO MO
Stratford OK
W/O [1] William Riley Hamilton ~ killed Civil War 1863 [2] Ephraim Lobaugh, M 1867, D/O Jacob & Mary House
Some info provided by:James
Section 19 Row 1LOBAUGHGranville A.05/Aug/191318/Mar/1978"Wed Dec 24, 1936" SS/W & H/O Bernice [Griffin] Lobaugh
Section 2 Row 3LOBAUGHHaskell Taylor L.02/Mar/191123/Jan/2004
Ada OK
"In Loving Memory" H/O Vernell [Frye] Lobaugh, S/O Henry Taylor & Ada Minerva [Rutledge] Lobaugh
Section 2 Row 3LOBAUGHHenry Taylor05/Apr/1872
Barry CO MO
Stratford OK
H/O [1] Emma [Johnson] Lobaugh [2] Ada Minerva [Rutledge] Lobaugh, S/O Ephraim & Elizabeth House [Hamilton] Lobaugh
Section 2 Row 3LOBAUGHIra Emanuel26/Oct/189614/Sep/1916"Son of Mr & Mrs H. T. Lobaugh" S/O Henry Taylor & Ada Minerva [Rutledge] Lobaugh
Section 2 Row 4LOBAUGHJohn Franklin "J. F." 26/Mar/187002/Aug/1921H/O Jessie Elizabeth [Freeman] Lobaugh, S/O Ephraim & Elizabeth House [Hamilton] Lobaugh
Section 2 Row 3LOBAUGH~JACKSAda Minerva [Rutledge]04/May/1878
Stratford OK
W/O [1] Henry Taylor Lobaugh, his 2nd [2] Oscar F. Jacks, buried Hennepin Cemetery Murray CO OK
Section 7 Row 2LOBDELLRoy Wayne11/Oct/191321/Feb/1991flag"US Army ~ World War II" "Wed Oct 11, 1951" SS/W & 1st H/O Mildred V. [Strickland] Lobdell Sims
Section 7 Row 2LOBDELL SIMSMildred V. [Strickland]23/Jan/1924
Stratford OK
Shawnee OK
W/O [1] SS/W Roy Wayne Lobdell [2] A. C. Sims, D/O Homer Henderson and Sarah Florence [Gray] Strickland, Cooper Funeral Home ~ Tecumseh OK
Section 5 Row 4LONGJim R.31/Dec/1933 "Daddy"
Section 5 Row 4LONGMary Lou [Burleson]20/Jun/1943
Pauls Valley OK
Pauls Valley OK
"Mother" W/O Unknown Long, D/O Thomas Joe & Thelma Estella [Crawford] Burleson See photo
Section 17 Row 3LONGRoy Dean01/Mar/195519/Apr/1975H/O Kathy Long, F/O Danny Paul Long, S/O Ralph Long & Dana Barrington, B/O Rex, Randal & Russell Long, Died in a motorcycle accident on the family farm See photo
 LOVINClyde Viller15/Mar/1911 17/May/2005H/O Dorothy Lovin, S/O John Wesley & Dora Ellen [Ship] Lovn
Section 14 Row 1LOYDCharley Knute10/Jun/19121992H/O Minnie May Loyd
Section 14 Row 1LOYDMinnie May25/Mar/191205/Nov/1991W/O Charley Knute Loyd
Section 4 Row 1LUCASJames Garner10/Jan/1922
Garvin CO OK
Pauls Valley OK
flag"S1 US Navy ~ World War II" "Wed Jan 8, 1927" "Parents of Lisa" H/O Patsy A. Lucas, S/O John D. & Mary Ann Lucas
Section 4 Row 1LUCASPatsy A.28/Jan/1933
Pauls Valley OK
"Wed Jan 8, 1927" "Parents of Lisa" SS/W & W/O James Garner Lucas, M 13/Aug/1960
 LUCEROJudy01/Jun/195017/Jul/2007Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
Section 7 Row 1LUNSFORDAlger30/Dec/191714/Jul/1995H/O Maude [Heath] Lunsford
Section 9 Row 1LUNSFORDAudie [Eeds]20/Jul/190617/Jul/1997
"Wed Jan 8, 1927" SS/W & W/O Melvin F. Lunsford
Section 7 Row 1LUNSFORDBrenda Sue17/Sep/194330/Oct/1945
 LUNSFORDBrian Lee24/Nov/194402/Sep/2006H/O Venita Faye [Dennis] Lunsford, S/O Alger & Maude [Heath] Lunsford, Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
Section 7 Row 1LUNSFORDMaude [Heath]01/Jun/191911/Feb/2008W/O Alger Lunsford
Section 2 Row 5LUNSFORDMeldeane19311931D/O Melvin F. & Audie [Eeds] Lunsford
Section 9 Row 1LUNSFORDMelvin F.09/Feb/190503/Sep/1996
"Wed Jan 8, 1927" SS/W & H/O Audie [Eeds] Lunsford
 LUNSFORDVenita Faye [Dennis]25/Feb/193903/Aug/2009W/O Brian Lee Lunsford, M 14/Feb/1982, D/O Marvin Monroe & Lillian Vera [Roe] Dennis, Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
Section 14 Row 1LUSKEwing Willard24/Jul/1915
Shiloh AR
Stratford OK
H/O [1] Zetella "Ted" [Smith] Lusk [2] Jacqueline Carol "Jackie" [Canida] Lusk, S/O Clete Monroe & Mary Belle [Casey] Lsk
Section 13 Row 2LUSKJacqueline Carol "Jackie" [Canida]194320002nd W/O Ewing Willard Lusk
Section 14 Row 1LUSKZetella "Ted" [Smith]30/Oct/191710/Jul/19901st W/O Ewing Willard Lusk, M 17/Jun/1939
 LYNCHHattie 28/May/1919
W/O Unknown Lynch
 LYNCHLeoAbt 189105/Dec/1969"Age 78 yrs 9 mos 12 dys"

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