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McGee Cemetery
Stratford, Garvin County, Oklahoma

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D Surnames
Section 18 Row 1 DABBSBeulah [Little]17/Feb/190525/Apr/1996W/O Grady Dabbs
Section 18 Row 1DABBSGrady25/Jan/190330/Jul/1979flag"S2 US Navy ~ World War II" H/O Beulah [Little] Dabbs, S/O William "Jack" & Bertie Dabbs
Section 7 Row 1DAKEGeorge Washington23/Feb/1898
Byers OK
"Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit" SS/W & H/O Ovaline "Ova" Dake, S/O William Henry & Lavinia Mae [Hembree] Dake
 DAKEGladys Marie [Cordell]23/Jul/1906
West Plains MO
OK City OK
flag"Rosie the Riveter ~ World War II" "Married Nov 28, 1925" SS/W & W/O William Augustus Dake, D/O George Nathaniel & Mary Lureta [Carr] Cordell, John M. Ireland Funeral Home ~ Moore OK
Section 7 Row 1DAKEHorton Howard13/Nov/191118/Jun/1970"In Memory" H/O Velma L. Massey, S/O William Henry & Lavinia Mae [Hembree] Dake
Section 7 Row 1Ovaline "Ova"21/Jan/189804/Aug/1976 "Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit" SS/W & W/O George Washington Dake
 DAKEVina16/Jun/187920/Aug/1957W/O W. H. Dake
Section 6 Row 3DAKEWilliam August27/Feb/190220/Aug/1957
"Married Nov 28, 1925" SS/W & H/O Gladys Marie [Cordell] Dake
Section 1 Row 8DANESW. H.26/Nov/187105/Jun/1895"Son of S. I. & L. E. Danes "
 DANIELInfant Son 16/Aug/1928
Stratford OK
S/O Mr & Mrs Roy L. Daniel, Hahn Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
 DANIELSylvia Eugenia [Dansby]10/Apr/1912
Stratford OK
Stratford OK
"Mother" W/O Thomas J. Daniel, M 26/Nov/1931 Stratford OK, D/O John & Ollie [Burke] Dansby, Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
Section 7 Row 1DANIELThomas Jefferson25/Mar/1909
Quanah TX
Garvin CO OK
"Daddy" "Jeff" H/O Sylvia Eugenia [Dansby] Daniel, S/O James Madison & Nancy Alma [McDonald] Daniel
Section 7 Row 1DANIELWalter Lee09/Nov/1944
Garvin CO OK
Garvin CO OK
"Son of Mr~Mrs Jeff Daniel" S/O Thomas Jefferson & Sylvia Eugenia [Dansby] Daniel
Section 14 Row 1DANIELSGenevieve H.20/Dec/191527/Dec/1997 
Section 7 Row 1DANIELSWesley J.12/Oct/192508/Dec/1992 
Section 16 Row 2DANLEYBilly Joe19281983flag"1 Sgt US Army ~ Korea ~ Vietnam"
Section 9 Row 2DANNERA. T. "Jack"28/Jan/188416/Jan/1969 
Section 5 Row 1DANNERC. M.21/Dec/188117/Mar/1941 
Section 9 Row 2DANNERCora Mae18/Nov/188422/Jan/1964 
Section 5 Row 1DANNERElla G.22/Jul/188828/Jan/1941 
Section 9 Row 2DANNERJames C.25/Dec/191011/Nov/1975flag"Tec5 US Army ~ World War II"
 DANSBYBeula 22/Jun/1962Unmarked grave
Section 2 Row 5DANSBYEffie21/Mar/189228/May/1913"Sister" W/O Unknown Renolds, D/O Moses Mobley & Maryland Virginia [Jones] Dansby
Section 9 Row 2DANSBYKent James20/Jul/195701/Apr/1971
"In Loving Memory"
Secion 2 Row 5DANSBYMaryland Virginia [Jones]27/Nov/1854
Itawamba CO MS
Stratford OK
"Mother" W/O Moses Mobley Dansby, M 24/Feb/1882 Itawamba CO MS
Secion 2 Row 5DANSBYMoses Mobley13/Jun/1860
Itawamba CO MS
"Gone but not forgotten" H/O Maryland Virginia [Jones] Dansby, S/O Thomas Roden & Sarah Allen Terrell] Dansby
Secion 2 Row 5DANSBYRuby Mae02/May/1910
Garvin CO OK
Garvin CO OK
D/O John Wiley & Ollie Rachel [Burke] Dansby
Section 1 Row 12DARBYL. J.May/1840 17/Jan/1897 
 DARNELLBilly D.15/Oct/1935
Stratford OK
OK City OK
H/O Unknown Darnell, S/O Homer & Dolly [Fox] Darnell, Resthaven Funeral Home ~ OK City OK
Section 6 Row 5DARNELLDollie02/Dec/191030/Jun/1988W/O Homer D. Darnell
Section 6 Row 5DARNELLHomer D.02/Jul/190530/Jul/1956flag"Oklahoma Pvt HQ Btry 1 Field Arty " H/O Dollie Darnell
 DARNELLJ. W.Abt 186807/Nov/1921Aged 53, unmarked grave
 DARNELLM. J., Mrs 08/Dec/1952Unmarked grave
Section 1 Row 5DARNELLNeil F.20/Apr/187417/Oct/1928 
Section 14 Row 1DAVIDSONCindy Jane27/May/196929/May/1990"Beloved Daughter"
Section 19 Row 4DAVIDSONEretta06/Apr/191616/Nov/2000W/O [1] Warren Nelson[2] Unknown Davidson
Section 6 Row 5DAVIDSONJeff16/Sep/186228/Jun/1949 
Section 6 Row 5DAVIDSONR. E.10/Jul/188609/Jun/1958"Rest in Peace"
Section 6 Row 5DAVIDSONThurman17/Nov/191330/Jun/1988"Uncle"
Section 6 Row 5DAVIDSONVelma Mae22/Jan/191715/Jun/1975"Age 58 yrs 4 mos 23 dys"
Section 2 Row 7DAVISAltha Inez16/Oct/1916
Hart OK
24/Dec/1916"Dau of B. C. & Inez Davis" "Our loved ones" SS/W & S/O Otis Kern Davis, D/O Benjamin Clark & Lela Inez Davis
Section 6 Row 3DAVISBenjamin Clark08/Jan/1885
Silver City AR
SS/W & H/O Lela Inez [Watson] Davis
Section 4 Row 2DAVISBernard Lewis28/Jul/1927
Shidler OK
Section 15 Row 2DAVISCarl Yantis Jr17/Feb/1914
Chicago IL
Strastford OK
H/O Verle "Veri" [May] Davis, S.O Carl Yantis & Ethel [Langrehr] Davis
Section 6 Row 3DAVISCora Alta11/Jun/190309/May/1973"Asleep in Jesus"
Section 2 Row 9DAVISDaniel B.1861 1931H/O Helen Davis
Section 6 Row 3DAVISDoyal Dale14/Jan/192210/Dec/1995flag"Tec5 US Army ~ World War II"
 DAVISEsther R. [Phares]10/Sep/1924
Lula OK
Ada OK
W/O Odis Ephram Davis, M 01/Sep/1951 Erbacon WV, D/O Thomas Barson & Nettie Josephine [Fitts] Phares, Criswell FHM ~ Ada OK
Section 2 Row 9DAVISHelen186619--*W/O Daniel B. Davis, *no year shown
Section 6 Row 3DAVISJoe15/Jul/1899
Rosedale OK
10/May/1988SS/W Walter A. Davis
Section 2 Row 1DAVISJohn Perry27/Sep/189904/Apr/1910 
Section 5 Row 1DAVISL. A. "Little"25/Apr/1936 Death date buried
 DAVISLance Eric09/Sep/1969
Mesquite TX
Leander TX
H/O Unknown Davis, S/O Albert Davis & Peggy [Riedel] Davis Sarrett, Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
Section 6 Row 3DAVISLela Inez [Watson]10/Jun/1885
Woodbine TX
Stratford OK
SS/W & W/O Benjamin Clark Davis, M 19/Sep/1906 Wannette OK
Section 9 Row 3DAVISLoy Moses1893 1963 
Section 2 Row 9DAVISLura A.20/Ar/189806/Mar/1909"Dau of D. B. & Helen Davis" D/O Daniel B. & Helen Davis
Section 5 Row 1DAVISMarcus Moses18661945SS/W Mary Susan Davis
Section 2 Row 3DAVISMary Elizabeth01/Dec/185407/Dec/1940 
Section 5 Row 1DAVISMary Susan18691931SS/W Marcus Moses Davis
 DAVISMelvina EmalineAbt 1865 07/Dec/1941Age 76 Years, unmarked grave
 DAVISMyrtle 24/Aug/1959Age 71 Years, unmarked grave
Section 20 Row 2DAVISOdis Ephram08/Apr/191920/Jan/2001
Ada OK
flag"S Sgt US Army ~ World War II" H/O Esther R. [Phares] Davis
Section 2 Row 7DAVISOtis Kern11/Dec/1908
McClain CO OK
18/Mar/1926"Son of B. C. & Inez Davis" "Our loved ones" SS/W & B/O Althea Inez Davis, S/O Benjamin Clark & Lela Davis
Section 2 Row 3
Woodmen Monument
DAVISR. A.25/Jul/185314/May/1908
Section 9 Row 1DAVISRaymond C.09/Jul/191506/Aug/1995
flag"US Army ~ World War II" Pickard FHM
 DAVISRoy 30/Dec/188024/Sep/1962Unmarked grave
Section 3 Row 15DAVISUnknown18611931"Father"
Section 3 Row 15DAVISUnknown18651941"Mother"
Section 15 Row 2DAVISVerle "Veri" [May]13/Feb/1918
Rosedale OK
Pauls Valley OK
W/O Carl Yantis Davis Jr, M 24/Aug/1935 Wynnewood OK, D/O Ira & Serenas [Terry] May, Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
Section 6 Row 3DAVISWalter A.02/Jun/1881
Silver Hill AR
02/Oct/1969SS/W Joe Davis
Section 6 Row 3DAVISWilliam Hiram05/Aug/1912
McClain CO OK
Section 8 Row 5DAVISONF. J. "Dave"29/Aug/189209/Apr/1981SS/W & 1st H/O Lola A. Davison Craig
Section 8 Row 5DAVISON ~ CRAIGLola A. [Bucklew]03/Aug/189928/Apr/1988W/O [1] SS/W F. J. "Dave" Davison [2] James Emmett Craig, buried Willow Springs Cemetery ~ Willow Park TX, D/O Richard Buchanan & Laura Olivia [Rieke] Bucklew
Section 4 Row 2DAYHOFFTerra [Carr]28/Jan/188429/Nov/1930 
 DEANCharles A.13/Oct/189203/Mar/1899"Son of J. M. & L. Dean"
Section 19 Row 2DEANDovie M.15/Jan/190702/Apr/1991flag"Pvt US Army ~ World War II"
Section 7 Row 2DeARMANAndy22/Feb/190704/May/1981H/O Essie May [Marcum] DeArman
Section 7 Row 2DeARMANEssie May [Marcum]21/Jun/1905 W/O Andy DeArman
Section 1 Row 1DEDMONAndrew J.28/Oct/191011/Nov/1984flag"Cpl US Army ~ World War II" 
Section 18 Row 1DEDMONBertie B.17/Feb/1921
Union MS
13/Sep/2012W/O Jess L. Dedmon, M 27/Jun/1948 Reno NV, D/O Albert W. & Emma [Belk] Luby
Section 18 Row 1DEDMONJess L.07/May/191411/Aug/1990H/O Bertie B. Dedmon
Section 17 Row 2DEDMONWilliam Henry07/Aug/192521/Jan/1982 
 DENSONT. I.19/Nov/1924
Jacksboro TX
Ada OK
flag"US Navy ~ World War II" H/O Lena Faye [Garrett] Denson, M 06/Jan/1949 Amarillo TX, S/O T. I. Sr & Zettie Cleo [Moore] Denson, Criswell Funeral Home ~ Ada OK
Section 15 Row 2DENSONTara Raye10/Jun/198810/Jun/1988 
Section 9 Row 2DENSONThomas Ivie03/Nov/1886
Stratford OK
SS/W & H/O Zettie C. Denson, farmer, Stratford Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
Section 9 Row 2DENSONZettie C.08/Aug/189007/Mar/1975
SS/W & W/O Thomas Ivie Denson
 DERRICKEliza Lucinda06/Aug/1858
McMinn CO TN
Seminole OK
D/O Absalem Glossup & Sarah Ann [Smith] Derrick
 DEWEdward L "Ed"03/May/193905/Dec/2005
Section 6 Row 4DILLONAda D.28/Dec/191001/Jan/1958 
Section 4 Row 2DILLONAlice M.17/Feb/188223/May/1951 
Section 6 Row 4DILLONHarvey D.06/Mar/190603/Mar/1972"Awaiting the Resurrection"
Section 5 Row 4DILLONJames Carroll25/Oct/193814/Oct/1988 
 DILLONJames Carroll17/Jan/187226/Jan/1934 
Section 4 Row 2DILLONJessie C.17/Jan/187226/Jan/1934 
Section 4 Row 2DILLONLuther J.02/Oct/191707/Feb/1935 
Section 20 Row 2DODSONDorothy Mae [Harper]05/Feb/191717/Sep/1976W/O Vester Roy Dodson, M 05/Sep/1935 Byers OK
Section 20 Row 2DODSONTerry Wayne12/Jun/195403/Sep/1973S/O Vester Roy & Dorothy Mae [Harper] Dodson
Section 20 Row 2DODSONVester Roy02/Apr/191
Washington OK
22/Jul/2002H/O Dorothy Mae [Harper] Dodson, S/O Frank & Myrtle Dodson, Pickard~Stratford Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
Section 2 Row 1DONAHOBrackston18431919H/O Mahala E. Donaho
Section 2 Row 1DONAHOMahala E.1840 W/O Brackston Donaho
Section 7 Row 1DONAHOMary Alice [Britt]11/Nov/187813/Apr/1954
Stratford OK
W/O Robert Erwin Donaho, M 1/Jan/1897 Dolburth OK
Section 7 Row 1DONAHORobert Erwin06/Apr/1874
Stratford OK
H/O Mary Alice [Britt] Donaho
 DONHAMDortha Faye Jul/1928
burial 31/Jul
Aged 1 Year, unmarked grave
 DONNELLLeona Belle24/Feb/190303/Sep/1916 
Section 2 Row 3DONNELLLillie Belle03/Dec/187529/Feb/1940W/O William H. Donnell
Section 2 Row 3DONNELLWilliam H.23/May/187503/Mar/1945H/O Lillie Belle Donnell
Section 20 Row 3DORGANEd Howard16/May/192307/Oct/1982flag"AS US Navy ~ World War II" H/O Lenora Fay [Moore] Dorgan
Section 20 Row 3DORGANEuel B.22/Nov/189820/Jul/1971 
Section 20 Row 3DORGANLenora Fay [Moore]14/May/1929
Ada OK
W/O Ed Howard Dorgan, M 07/Nov/1943 CA, D/O Mr Mrs Milton Moore, Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
Section 20 Row 3DORGANMaud18/Feb/190202/Apr/1985 
Section 9 Row 2DOSHIERForrest H.11/Jul/188418/Jul/1961 
Section 9 Row 1DOUGLASClarence Lloyd18/Apr/190825/Jul/1984flag"Tec 5 US Army ~ World War II" "Married July 20, 1946" SS/W & H/O Virginia Thelma [Coffey] Douglas
Section 2 Row 2DOUGLASIda Florence [McClung]19/May/1874
Smith CO TX
Stratford OK
SS/W & 2nd W/O William Solomon Douglas, D/O Franklin & Ella M. [Holston] McClung
 DOUGLASRosa Lee24/Mar/1928 28/Dec/1932 
Section 9 Row 1DOUGLASVirginia Thelma [Coffey]11/May/190606/Aug/1984"Married July 20, 1946" SS/W & W/O Clarence Lloyd Douglas, D/O Austin Julian & Nancy Louetta [Yell] Coffey
Section 2 Row 2DOUGLASWilliam Solomon14/Apr/186228/Jul/1927H/O [1] Loula [Davis] Douglas [2] SS/W Ida Florence [McClung] Douglas, S/O William Lee & Margartet Jane "Jennie" [Isenhour] Douglas
Section 6 Row 4DRAKEBetty A.03/Aug/1941 "[Married] Oct 3, 1959" SS/W & W/O Marion G. Drake
 DRAKEBillie A.03/Dec/192429/Feb/2008H/O Lora Etta [Wood] Drake, S/O Luke Leander & Minnie Ethyl [Best] Drake
Section 11 Row 2 DRAKEClaude Burl25/Feb/1916
Shawnee OK
H/O Marie Inez [Bailey] Drake, M 12/Dec/1941 Stratford OK, S/O Lucas Leander "Luke" & Minnie Ethel [Best] Drake See obit
Section 6 Row 4DRAKEDelta Jean31/Dec/1958
Garvin CO OK
01/Jan/1959"Infant Daughter of Marion & Jean Drake"
Section 6 Row 4DRAKELafayette "Fate"25/Jan/1911
Shirley AR
Ada OK
SS/W & H/O Thelma L. [Bratcher] Drake, S/O Luke Leander & Minnie Ethyl [Best] Drake
Section 4 Row 3DRAKELawrence Monroe08/Mar/1916
H/O Verna Mae Drake
 DRAKELora Etta [Wood]28/Sep/192616/Jun/2005Billie A. Drake
Section 6 Row 5 DRAKELuke Leander05/May/1886
Stratford OK
H/O Minnie Ethyl [Best] Drake, Criswell Funeral Home ~ Ada OK
Section 11 Row 2DRAKEMarie Inez [Bailey]02/Jul/191523/Dec/2000W/O Claude Burl Drake
Section 6 Row 4DRAKEMarion G.07/Nov/193804/Jul/2002
"[Married] Oct 3, 1959" SS/W & H/O Betty A. Drake
Section 4 Row 3DRAKEMary D. [Byler]08/Jan/1887
Izard CO AR
Stratford OK
SS/W & W/O Norman Drake
Section 6 Row 5DRAKEMinnie Ethyl [Best]11/Aug/1892
17/Aug/1952SS/W & W/O Luke Leander Drake
Section 4 Row 3DRAKENorman26/Jun/1880
Grundy CO TN
Stratford OK
SS/W & H/O Mary D. [Byler] Drake
Section 4 Row 3DRAKENorman Elmer23/Dec/1921
Batesville AR
Midwest City OK
SS/W Coonie W. Drake
Section 4 Row 3DRAKEVerna Mae13/May/192006/Jul/1995
W/O Lawrence Monroe Drake
Section 15 Row 1DUDLEYJerry D. Rev02/Oct/1927
Garvin CO OK
"US Military ~ World War II" H/O Bea Dudley, S/O Elbert W. & Eula C. Dudley
Section 8 Row 5DUKEC. Winsea22/Apr/190503/Apr/1969"Married Jan 2, 1926" SS/W & H/O Donas P. Duke
Section 3 Row 11DUKECharles T.29/Jul/193630/Jul/1936S/O Glen Fred Duke & Leona Magdalin [Jones] King Duke Maner
Section 8 Row 5DUKECoy Ralh27/Feb/190705/Apr/1958SS/W Rhoda C. Duke
Section 8 Row 5DUKEDona P.21/Jun/191023/Fe/2007
Married Jan 2, 1926" SS/W & W/O C. Winsea Duke
Section 5 Row 4DUKEGlen "Fred"18/Aug/190525/Feb/1939"We Will Meet Again" SS/W T. F. & Nettie Duke
Section 5 Row 4DUKENettie08/Feb/188727/Jul/1941"We Will Meet Again" SS/W Glen Fred & T. F. Duke
Section 8 Row 5DUKERhoda C.19101983SS/W Coy R. Dke
Section 5 Row 4DUKET. E.05/May/188417/Sep/1983"We Will Meet Again" SS/W Glen Fred & Nettie Duke
Section 3 Row 16DULWORTHMargaret Jane15/Apr/185628/Apr/1946SS/W & W/O William Burl Dulworth
Section 7 Row 1DULWORTHMinnie Louise [Craig]02/Jan/1918Jul/2008 
Section 7 Row 1DULWORTHRoss04/Dec/191114/Jan/1997 
Section 3 Row 16DULWORTHThomas "Tom"04/Apr/189323/Sep/1918"Son of W. M. & Jane Dulworth" S/O William Burl & Margaret Jane Dulworth
Section 3 Row 16DULWORTHWilliam Burl "W. M."27/Feb/1850
18/Oct/1938 H/O Margaret Jane Dulworth
Section 2 Row 2DUNAGANIsabell P.12/Apr/185522/---/1924W/O J. F. Dunagan
Section 2 Row 9DUNAWAYJ. M.06/Feb/184205/Jun/1917 
 DUNAWAYLillian  Unmarked grave
Section 4 Row 1DUNAWAYMartha04/Aug/188421/Aug/1951"At Rest"
 DUINCANAlene [Rowland]30/Aug/190913/Jul/1949 W/O Pete Bryant Duncan, D/O Ben F. & Nora [Clifton] Rowland
Section 4 Row 3DUNCANBertie Mae03/Nov/188026/Nov/1977SS/W & W/O Bryant David Duncan
Section 4 Row 3DUNCANBryant David "Dave"23/May/1879
Linden TX
Pauls Valley OK
 Stratford Lodge 118  "Santa Fe RR" SS/W & H/O Bertie Mae Duncan, Stratford Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
 DUNCANFrances Lucy09/Oct/1886
Erath CO TX
D/O Henry Newton & Sarah Ann Robinson] Duncan
 DUNCANHenry Newton22/Mar/1848
Vandalia IL
Pauls Valley OK
H/O [1] Mary Adeline [George] Duncan [2] Sarah Ann [Robinson] Duncan, S/O Charles Browning & Louisa Ann [Howell] Duncan
 DUNCANJames Marion29/Jan/1885
Erath CO TX
S/O Henry Newton & Sarah Ann [Robinson] Duncan, fell from utility pole
 DUNIGANJ. F. Mrs12/Apr/185522/Oct/1924Unmarked grave
Section 16 Row 2DUNKINDora Mae [Clay]12/Nov/192712/Apr/1987W/O John Edwin Dunkin
Section 16 Row 2DUNKINJohn Edwin10/May/192422/Sep/2000H/O Dora Mae [Clay] Dunkin
Section 16 Row 2DUNKINKenneth J.28/Sep/1927  
Section 16 Row 2DUNKINWanda J.23/Nov/193007/Apr/1993 
 DURHAMJ. R.Nov/188310/Apr/1933Unmarked grave
Section 13 Row 1DYKEMANBernice [Skelly]26/Jan/1918
Bentley OK
Tulsa OK
W/O Sam Dykeman, M 31/May/1935
Section 17 Row 1DYKEMANJake W.12/Sep/190322/Sep/1981 
Section 13 Row 1DYKEMANSam04/Nov/191206/Apr/2004H/O Bernice Skelly] Dykeman
Section 17 Row 1DYKEMANZula M.01/Apr/190715/Apr/2000 

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