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McGee Cemetery
Stratford, Garvin County, Oklahoma

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A Surnames
Section 18 Row 2AARONAlfred James14/Mar/191602/Feb/1978S/O Guy Wesley & Nellie Virginia [Wells] Aaron
Section 18 Row 2AARONEra Lee23/Feb/191429/Jan/2000W/O Herman Lee Aaron
Section 18 Row 2AARONHerman Lee06/May/191017/Nov/1974H/O Era Lee Aaron, S/O Guy Wesley & Nellie Virginia [Wells] Aaron
Section 9 Row 1ABNEYDavid Ernest14/May/1898
Franklin CO AR
"Father" "One of Christ's own" H/O Johnny "May" [Drake] Abney, S/O John Wesley & Maud May [Maxwell] Abney
Section 9 Row 1ABNEYJohnny Mozelle [Drake]19/Apr/190306/Jun/1983
"Mother" W/O David Ernest Abney
Section 8 Row 3ABNEYSusan Renae22/Jan/197213/Dec/1972 
Section 2 Row 5ABSHERDella10/Jun/188324/Jul/1920"Wife of J. W. Absher"
Section 1 Row 2ABSHERDora [Coffey]07/Feb/188027/Jan/1954Mother"
Section 8 Row 5ABSHERJames11/Aug1872Sep/1962"Rest in Peace" 
Section 3 Row 19ABSTONArvel K.05/Sep/191015/Jan/1936"Father" SS/W & F/O Arvelee Abston
Section 3 Row 19ABSTONArvelee13/Sep/193018/Nov/1933"Daughter" SS/W & D/O Arvel K. Abston
Section 15 Row 2ADAMMarigene Toni [Oliver]25/Feb/192119/Mar/1988"May she rest in peace" 
 ADAMIra Banks25/Mar/192103/Sep/1974
Section 20 Row 3ADAMSMartha Agnes [Riley]21/Aug/1912
Stratford OK
W/O William Uriah Adams, D/O Eliphas L. & Nova J. [Owens] Riley
Section 7 Row 3ADAMSNancy Elizabeth1959  
Section 20 Row 3ADAMSWilliam Uriah03/Feb/1907
Greer CO OK
Stratford OK
H/O Martha Agnes [Riley] Adams, S/O John Harve & Audrey Hilma [Hughey] Adams
Section 8 Row 5ADKINSDolly Bell [Eeds]21/Jul/190712/Jul/2000 
Section 3 Row 10AGNEWGeorge22/Dec/191123/Dec/1911"Son of W. N. & B. P. Agnew"
Section 4 Row 1AGNEWPearl28/Jan/188420/Apr/1936 
Section 4 Row 2ALEXANDERBilly Ray01/Aug/193402/Aug/1934 
Section 17 Row 2ALEXANDERDedra Rena06/Jan/198316/Nov/1988 
Section 2 Row 7ALEXANDEREdward W.24/Nov/187717/Ar/192532º  H/O Lula Alexander, S/O Unknown & Sarah Alexander, Hahn Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
Section 8 Row 5ALEXANDERFrances Victoria [Cowley]28/Dec/1900
Co0vington TX
OK City OK
Vondel L. Smith Mortuary ~ OK City OK
Section 2 Row 7ALEXANDERJessie Ruth09/Nov/193310/May/1941 
Section 2 Row 7ALEXANDERMarjorie Sue08/May/190911/Jan/1911"Dau of Jas. B. & Minnie Alexander"
Section 2 Row 7ALEXANDERNell<1881/td>1970 
Section 2 Row 7ALEXANDERP.19/Jan/183126/Jul/1912 H/O Sarah J. Alexander
Section 2 Row 7ALEXANDERSarah J.25/Mar/183806/Jul/1925W/O P. Alexander
Section 2 Row 7ALEXANDERVernon29/Sep/187910/Dec/1924
Section 4 Row 1ALFREDCecil Cyde29/Jul/189725/Dec/1962 
Section 3 Row 10ALFREDIke Henry 08/Jul/1935"Age 70 Yrs 8 Mos 11 Days" 
Section 4 Row 1ALFREDLula May04/May/187601/Jan/1969 
Section 19 Row 2ALLENBenjemin Edgar Cecil "Ed"16/Feb/1903
Lane OK
H/O Iola D. [Beller] Allen
Section 9 Row 1ALLENEdward Elether "Ed"15/Jan/1893
Roff OK
Stratford OK
"Rest in Peace" 2nd H/O Helen Juanita [Stinnett] Allen
Section 9 Row 1ALLENHelen Juanita [Stinnett]12/May/1918
Stratford OK
Stratford OK
 W/O [1] John Leonard McDaniel, M 02/Apr/1937 Tarrant CO TX, div [2] Edward Elether "Ed" Allen, M 15/Jan/1940 Ada OK, D/O Willis Almarine & Mary Belle [Taylor] Stinnett, Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
Section 19 Row 2ALLENIola D. [Beller]01/Feb/1915
Vanoss OK
W/O Benjemin Edgar Cecil "Ed" Allen
Section 2 Row 2ALLENOrba, Pvt14/Apr/189003/Oct/1918flag"CO B 144 Inf" 
Section 9 Row 1ALLENPauline P. [Meador]14/May/191517/Sep/1977"Wed Nov 28, 1935" SS/W & W/O William Woodrow Allen, M Stratford OK
Section 9 Row 1ALLENWilliam Woodrow23/Jun/1917
Tucson AZ
"Wed Nov 28, 1935" SS/W & H/O Pauline P. [Meador] Allen, S/O Helen Juanita [Stinnett] Allen, Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
Section 4 Row 1ALTOMMildred Elizabeth [Qualls]28/Aug/1919
Stepens CO OK
Norman OK
W/O Oscar Aaron "Nuke" Altom, D/O John McKinley & Effie Elizabeth [Sparks] Qualls
Section 4 Row 1ALTOMOscar Aaron "Nuke"10/Jul/191113/Mar/2001H/O Mildred Elizabeth [Qualls] Altom
Section 8 Row 3AMOSHugh W.07/May/189225/Sep/1966 
Section 8 Row 3AMOSMargrete Rita24/Sep/190126/Feb/1966 
Section 3 Row 15ANDERSOND. W.31/Sep/187203/Sep/1926"Weep not, he is at rest"
Section 3 Row 15ANDERSONHenry Clay12/Sep/188023/Mar/1935"He is at rest in heaven"
 ANDERSON MableAbt 190909/Oct/19189 Years, GD/O Mrs. Glance, unmarked grave
Section 9 Row 3ANDREWSBernice W. [Massey]22/Jan/1891
Lynchburg TN
Section 9 Row 3ANDREWSKarl Joseph20/Sep/1886
Morganton AR
Section 20 Row 1ANDREWSSteven B.10/Jun/1891Aug/1970"At Rest" H/O Maude Manonna [Holbrook] Andrews, buried Resthaven Memorial Park Midland TX
 ANGLINJulia Ann [Boyer]07/Jul/1848
Rolla MO
Ada OK
W/O Marcus Sawyer Anglin, M 01/Aug/1872 TN
 ANGLINMarcus Sawyer08/Dec/1847
Hickman TN
24/Se/1931Stratfor OKH/O Julia Ann [Boyer] Anglin, S/O Daniel Benjamin & Sarah "Sallie" [Burnham] Anglin, unmarked grave?
Section 18 Row 2ANSONClara Viola24/Jan/190811/May/1985W/O Clifford Anson
Section 18 Row 2ANSONClifford15/Jan/190827/Aug/1979H/O Clara Viola Anson
Section 13 Row 2ANSONLarry Layton11/Aug/193614/Nov/1994 
Section 6 Row 3ARCHERAdele [Hart]04/Feb/190007/Oct/1992"[Married] May 19, 1918" SS/W & W/O Benjamin Harrison Archer
Section 3 Row 13ARCHERBenjamin Franklin22/Jun/183119/Oct/1916H/O Unknown Archer
Section 6 Row 3ARCHERBenjamin Harrison22/Jan/189306/Aug/1992"[Married] May 19, 1918" 
 ARCHERBonnie J. [Standridge]23/Jul/1922 "Married Oct 7, 1939" SS/W & W/O Robbie Benjamin "R.B." Archer Jr
 ARCHEREdmond M. 09/Apr/186431/Mar/1962
Stratford OK
S/O Benjamin Franklin & Unknown Archer
Section 1 Row 3ARCHERGeorgia11/Jan/187525/Mar/1958 
Section 16 Row 2ARCHERGlenda Sue [Burnett]31/Aug/1940
Stratford OK
Ada K
"Wed Mar 19, 1977" SS/W & W/O Lindell David Archer, D/O Roy Carl & Ida Myrtle [Jones] Burnett
Section 16 Row 2ARCHERLindell David26/Feb/1937
Ada OK
flag"SP4 US Army ~ Germany" "Wed Mar 19, 1977" SS/W & Glenda Sue [Burnett] Archer, S/O Leonard Bryant & Myrtle Sunshine [Norton] Archer
Section 8 Row 1ARCHERRobbie Benjamin "R.B." Jr09/Jan/1921
Stratford OK
Ada OK
 Big Band radio performer 1930's flag"Boeing Aircraft ~ World War II" "Married Oct 7, 1939" SS/W & H/O Bonnie J. [Standridge] Archer, S/O Robert Benjamin & Zealan Irene [Gray] Archer, Criswell Funeral Home ~ Ada OK
Section 8 Row 1ARCHERRobert Benjamin "Robbie"30/Jan/1898
Stratford OK
Midwest City OK
"They are at rest in heaven" SS/W & H/O Zealean Irene [Gray] Archer, S/O Tennessee & Clarita [Kennedy] Archer
Section 8 Row 1ARCHERZealan Irene [Gray]29/Jul/190208/Dec/1950"They are at rest in heaven" SS/W & W/O Robert Benjamin "Robbie" Archer
Section 3 Row 6ARMSTRONGMartha 25/Dec/183204/May/12900 
Section 19 Row 1ARNRobert Rudolph 10/Oct/193115/Aug/1996 
Section 1 Row 3ARNOLDJennie18551922 
Section 9 Row 1ARRINGTONDora Bell 04/Feb/190707/Apr/2002 
Section 5 Row 1ASBURYE. F. "Frank"05/Mar/190410/Jan/1973H/O Inez Fay [Carr] Asbury
Section 5 Row 1ASBURYElmer Dwane 17/Mar/193417/Mar/1934S/O E. Frank & Inez Fay [Carr] Asbury
Section 5 Row 1ASBURYInez Fay [Carr] 05/Jan/190608/Dec/2001W/O E. Frank Asbury
Section 5 Row 3ASHABRANNERAmos B. 127/Dec/1876
Georgeton TX
23/May/1949 H/O Fleeta Mae [Hart] Ashabranner, Criswell Funeral Home ~ Ada OK
Section 5 Row 3ASHABRANNERFleeta Mae [Hart]13/Feb/1883
Briggs TX
Stratford OK
W/O Amos B. Ashabranner
Section 20 Row 2ASHLEYEugene V.09/Oct/1907
Sulhur OK
H/O Sylvia Ashley, S/O Austin Clifford & Louisa Elizabeth [Wright] Ashley
Section 20 Row 2ASHLEYSylvia M.01/Jun/1907 W/O Eugene Ashley, M 31/Dec/1953
Section 5 Row 1ATCHIONE. B. "Ellis" 27/Mar/190513/Dec/1991"Married Oct 17, 1923" SS/W & H/O Lela V. Willoughby Atchison
Section 9 Row 2ATCHISONEthel Viola [Midgett]04/Jan/1903
Prim AR
W/O John William Atchison, D/O Unknown & Sarah F. [Aldridge] Midgett
Section 9 Row 2ATCHISONJohn William 07/Dec/1900
Waxahachie TX
Pauls Valley OK
H/O Ethel Viola [Midgett] Atchison
Section 5 Row 1ATCHISONLela V. [Willoughby]10/Oct/190207/Jan/1995"Married Oct 17, 1923" SS/W & W/O E. B. "Ellis" Atchison
Section 2 Row 9ATCHISONSara Lou 13/Sep/193513/Sep/1935 
Section 3 Row 18ATKINSLester E.20/Apr/190412/May/1907SS/W Raymond H. Atkins
Section 3 Row 18ATKINSRaymond H. 19/Apr/190624/Apr/1907SS/W Lester E. Atkins
Section 2 Row 9AUSTELLClara20/Nov/190124/Feb/1961 
Section 20 Row 2AUSTINCharley23/Dec/189127/Jul/1970
Stratford OK
H/O Lillian May "Lillie" [McConnel] Austin, Stratford~Pickard Funeral Home ~ Stratford OK
Section 20 Row 2AUSTINLillian May "Lillie" [McConnel]14/May/189715/Jul/1991 W/O Charley Austin
Section 2 Row 3AUSTINPriscilla24/Apr/192225/Apr/1922"Dau of Sol & Haddie Austin"
Section 2 Row 3AUSTINSol25/Apr/189612/Sep/1926
Garvin CO OK
"D. A. V. of W. W." H/O Haddie Will Myrtle Hottel] Austin Payne
Section 20 Row 2AUSTINThomas W.27/Nov/189501/Jan/1991 

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