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Clabber Flats Cemetery
Garvin County, Oklahoma


© Joyce Meiser

Most entries submitted by: Joyce Meiser

Due to the construction of the Longmeyer Lake, the lovely old Clabber Flats was
dug up and moved to a nearby location. It is now located four miles west, one
mile south, .07 miles west, and 1 1/2 miles south of Stratford. It was named for
an early day school located near the original site.

If you have family or friends buried in this cemetery and
would like to add their names and information, please send
an e mail to the area coordinator.

South Side Row 2
 AIKENJohn Elzie "L. B."14/Mar/189117/Mar/1948H/O Roda Ann "Pinkie" [Parker] Aiken, S/O John Henry & Sarah Elizabeth "Sally" [Burleson] Aiken See photo
South Side Row 6AIKENJohn Henry1859
Butts CO GA
22/May/1928H/O Sarah Elizabeth "Sally" [Burleson] Aiken, S/O William B. & Martha lline [Carr] Aiken See photo
South Side Row 6AIKENL. B.   
South Side Row 6AIKEN Sarah Elizabeth "Sally" [Burleson] 11/Nov/1868
Gonzales CO TX
Pauls Valley OK
W/O John Henry Aiken, M 18/Dec/1889 Lampasas CO TX, D/O Aron & Mary Elizabeth [McVea] Burleson, Stufflebean Funeral Home ~  See photo
South Side Row 6AIKENWillie18981919D/O John Henry & Sarah Elizabeth "Sally" [Burleson] Aiken See photo
North Side Row 3ARMSTRONGWilliam D.20/Oct/184210/May/1907 
South Side Row 5BLAKEJosie Carmel09/Jun/190930/Dec/1916See photo
South Side Row 2BROWNAnnie08/Jul/18611900
Pauls Valley OK
South Side Row 8BURLESONArgie Everett "Ted"25/Sep/1912
Colony OK
Stratford OK
flag"Tec5 US Army ~ World War II" H/O Juanita [Aiken] Burleson See photo
South Side Row 8BURLESONHattie [Krebbs]02/May/186607/Apr/19512nd W/O Walter B. "Phoebe" Burleson See photo
South Side Row 8BURLESONJuanita [Aiken]06/Feb/192323/Sep/1980W/O [1] Unknown Tash [2] Argie Everett "Ted" Burleson, D/O Walter Lee "Lee Buck" & Roxie Maye [Beach] Aiken See photo
 BURLESONLinda May26/Aug/195220/Dec/2000D/O Argie Everett "Ted" & Juanita [Aiken] Burleson, homemade wooden marker See photo
South Side Row 8BURLESONWalter, Jr "Buddy"03/Dec/1906
Garvin CO OK
Garvin CO OK
"At Rest" S/O Walter B. "Phoebe" & Rhoda Ann "Pinkie" [Parker] Burleson See photo
South Side Row 8BURLESONWalter B. "Phoebe"01/May/1875
Garvin CO OK
H/O [1] Rhoda Ann "Pinkie" [Parker] Burleson, M 14/Mar/1903 [2] Hattie [Krebbs] Burleson, F/O Walter "Buddy Burleson, S/O Aron & Mary Elizabeth [McVea] Burleson See photo
South Side Row 5COOPERMariah Louise24/Jun/185823/Oct/1904D/O John & Telitha Cooper
South Side Row 5COOPERSarah A.186202/Mar/1900"In my Father's House are many Mansions" "Wife of C. W. Cooper See photo
South Side Row 5COOPERSarah F.09/Mar/190028/Jun/1900"Dau of C. W. & Sarah A. Cooper" See photo
North Side Row 3CORLEYA. D.14/May/1886
Garvin CO OK
"Dau of J. J. & T. E. Corley" "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven" D/O John Jordan & Telitha Ellen [Benge] Corley See photo
South Side Row 2CUNNINGHAMMary T.22/Mar/186321/Jul/1897"Wife of G. A."
South Side Row 4DAVISCansadia14/Dec/190403/Dec/1906D/O Joe S. & Sarah Elizabeth [Malicoast] Davis, poisonous spider bite
South Side Row 3DAVISDella18951900D/O James Robert & Mary [Blasckwell] Davis
South Side Row 3DAVISInfant19001900 
South Side Row 4DAVISJames Robert Finley13/May/1840
Winston CO AL
Garvin CO OK
H/O Mary [Blackwell] Davis, S/O Harmon III & Nancy [Posey] Davis
South Side Row 4DAVISMary "Millie" [Blackwell]Jan/1848
1901W/O James Robert Finley Davis
 DICKETTJames W.13/Apr/188215/Oct/1899Unmarked grave
North Side Row 2DODDS 08/Jul/1813  
South Side Row 7DODDSBaby  "Dates Unknown" See photo
South Side Row 7DODDSBaby  Broken marker See photo
South Side Row 7DODDSBaby  "C. T. Dodds Baby" See photo
South Side Row 7DODDSBaby  "Charlie Dodds Baby" "Dates Unknown" See photo
South Side Row 7DODDSBaby  "I. T. Dodds Baby" See photo
South Side Row 6DODDSBaby  I. T. Dodds Baby
South Side Row 7DODDSBaby  I. T. Dodds Baby
South Side Row 6DODDSCharlie Thomas17/Aug/180719/Dec/1958S/O I. T. & Martha M. [Brown] Dodds See photo
South Side Row 6DODDSI. T.03/Nov/185014/Jul/1937SS/W Martha Dodds See photo
 DODDSJ.  "Dates Unknown" See photo
South Side Row 6DODDSMartha M. [Brown]04/Oct/186320/Sep/1956SS/W I. T. Dodds See photo
South Side Row 6DODDSSamuel Jackson15/Jun/189120/Sep/1956
Purcell OK
S/O I. T. & Martha M. [Brown] Dodds See photo
South Side Row 3EDSONElla F. [Everett]08/Jan/191319/Nov/1941W/O Paul Aubrey Edson, D/O Edward Jackson & Effie Mae [Ross] Everett
South Side Row 3EDSONLaura   
South Side Row 3EDSONPaul Aubrey26/Feb/190804/Jun/1959"Son of Tom & Laura Parks Edson" H/O Ella F. [Everett] Edson
South Side Row 3EDSONThomas Garfield28/May/188103/Sep/1964"Son of Paul & Rebecca Cox Edson"
South Side Row 3EDSONThomas Jerry07/Aug/194009/Sep/1962
Atoka OK
South Side Row 1GIDDENSDoris M.12/Apr/192312/Apr/1923"Infant Daughter of C. B. & Mattie Giddens" "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven" See photo
South Side Row 1GIDDENSFrancis M. "Fannie"11/Jan/186308/May/1960"Gone but not forgotten" See photo
South Side Row 1GIDDENSWilliam Clark03/Feb/185926/Feb/1929"Gone but not forgotten" See photo
 HILLAnnie [Brown]18/Jul/1861 1900 
South Side Row 2JAMESGeorge H.  flag"CO D 24th Ind Inf"
JAMESJohnny 1900 
South Side Row 2JAMESLula 1900 
 HILLSallie Ann "Annie" [Brown]08/Jul/18611900W/O James Overton Hill, M 04/Dec/1883 Quanah TX
South Side Row 2JAMESSewell 1900 
 LEDFORDAlpha Lee [Aiken~Elliott]30/Oct/1916
Alfalfa OK
Harveys Lake PA
"Married Sept 19, 1933" "Beyond the sunset" SS/W & W/O Andrew Jackson "AJ" Ledford, D/O Walter & Willie [Aikens] Elliott, Stufflebean-Coffey Funeral Home ~ Pauls Valley CA See photo
 LEDFORDAndrew Jackson "AJ"04/Feb/1914
Noxen PA
"Married Sept 19, 1933" "Beyond the sunset" SS/W & H/O Alpha Lee [Aiken~Elliott] Ledford See photo
North Side Row 3LIVINGSTONClara M.16/Aug/189817/Dec/1900"Dau of G. B. & M. L. Livingston"
South Side Row 4MALICOATFanteroy M.1859254/Jul/1927H/O Sarah "Jane" [Barnett] Malicoat
South Side Row 4MALICOATFrank18951896S/O Fanteroy M. & Sarah "Jane" [Barnett] Malicoat
South Side Row 4MALICOATSarah "Jane" [Barnett] Apr/18651905W/O Fanteroy M. Barnett, M 21/Dec/1879 Mt Vernon KY
North Side Row 3McBROOMJohn Brinkley09/Jul/1813
28/Jul/1897H/O Lureta McBroom
 McBROOMSarah Ann "Sally" [Minchy] 06/Mar/1864
Garvin CO OK
W/O Stonewall Jackson McBroom, M 29/Oct/1882 Llano CO TX, Full blood Cherokee?
South Side Row 2McCRAWSelina [Beauchamp]25/Oct/184203/Nov/1904W/O Jesse B. McCraw
See photo
North Side Row 3MORGANAlexanderAbt 179504/Mar/1873"Age 78 Yrs"
 PARKSAngeline 27/Sep/1920 
South Side Row 3PARKSEvalina    
 PHIPPSDonald Ray "Don"22/Aug/192802/Oct/2004 
 RAYBURNInfant   Unmarked grave
North Side Row 2RHODESCalvin29/Oct/190229/Nov/1910 
South Side Row 1ROBINSONGuston   
South Side Row 1ROBINSONNellie   
South Side Row 2SEALYAlbert 1900 
North Side Row 3SULLIVANClarence10/Feb/190625/Apr/1907"Son of C. M. & S. E. Sullivan"
South Side Row 7TASHDoris June29/Jan/194518/Aug/1948D/O J. T. & Juanita [Black] Tash
South Side Row 8TASHJ. T.23/Jul/194323/Jul/1943See photo
South Side Row 5WARDDavid Clark "D. C."25/Dec/18401911"Father" H/O Misseyner M. "Missy" M. [Altom] Ward, buried Nebo Cemetery Nebo OK, S/O Absolom B. & Mary Ann [Holt] Ward See photo
 WATSONClyde Sr16/May/190203/Nov1994"Married May 1, 1984" "Loving Father" SS/W & H/O Mattie J. [Rakestraw] Watson See photo
 WATSONElmer Earl19181939"Our Nephew" "At Rest"
North Side Row 4WATSONFrances Marion20/Dec/185706/Jul/1932H/O Mary Abbigail "Abbie" [Burleson] Watson, M 01/Dec/1889 Lampasas CO TX See photo
North Side Row 4WATSONGeraldine15/Oct/1928 See photo
North Side Row 4WATSONJim  "Uncle Jim Watson" See photo
North Side Row 4WATSONJohn Aron "Earnest"02/Jan/189503/Feb/1953H/O Willie Alma [Leonard] Watson, S/O Frances Marion & Mary Abbigail "Abbie" [Burleson] Watson See photo
 WATSONLeroy "Roy"16/Mar/189911/Jan/1919"Son of F. M. and Abbie Watson" S/O Frances Marion & Mary Abbigail "Abbie" [Burleson] Watson
North Side Row 4WATSONMary Abbigail "Abbie" [Burleson]02/May1871
Lampasas CO TX
Wynnewood OK
W/O Frances Marion Watson, M 02/May/1871 Lampasas CO TX, D/O Aron & Mary Elizabeth [McVea] Burleson See photo
North Side Row 4WATSONMattie J. [Rakestraw]30/May/190406/Feb/1979"Married May 1, 1984" "Loving Mother" SS/W & W/O Clyde Watson Sr See photo
North Side Row 4WATSONOtto F.23/Jan/192519/Apr/1975S/O John Aron "Earnest" & Willie Alma [Leonard] Watson See photo
 WATSONPauline "Polly"08/Jan/1956 SS/W & W/O Roy Dale Watson See photo
North Side Row 4WATSONRoy16/Mar/189911/Jan/1919"Son of F. M. and Abbie Watson" See photo
 WATSONRoy Dale07/Jan/195801/Aug/1995H/O Pauline "Polly" Watson See photo
North Side Row 4WATSONWillie Alma [Leonard]19/Jul/189921/Dec/1971"At Rest" W/O John Aron Watson See photo
North Side Row 3WOOLVERTONFrankln B.23/Jul/1917

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