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Adventist Cemetery
AKA Seventh Day Adventist
AKA Weiss Cemetery
SEC-15 TWP-20 R-25
Ellis County, Oklahoma

© Donna Barnes

Location: 5 miles south of Shattuck and 1 mile east.

The Seventh Day Adventist Church was organized in the winter of 1901-2 by the local German settlers in the community.

Services were first held in the Kahoe School, 3 miles S. and 1/2 West of Shattuck. The church was planned in 1903. The church land, located 5 miles South and 1/2 E. of Shattuck was donated by Henry SCHULTZ. Conrad C. WEISS Bought the land from Henry SCHULTZ and is shown to be the land owner in 1910. The land for the cemetery 1/2 mile East of the church was donated by David OBLANDER. The first person buried in the Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery was an American woman of Non-German descent who was traveling through the community when she died, no one knew her name. The date of death was not recorded. The first Seventh Day Adventist burial was in 1907.

On several of the 1920'S Death Records, the cemetery was listed as the "Weiss Cemetery" as well as Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery. In keeping with the old world traditions, the burials in the beginning were in order of death, also, the graves were often "stacked", with up to three in a space. In current times, family headstones and places are reserved, but for the most part the graves are still placed in order of death. In cases of a reserved space, depending upon its location, the grave may have to be hand dug.

This information was compiled by the Ellis County Historical Society. The Information was derived from: walking the Cemetery, obituaries and other sources. The Seventh Day Adventist Congregation was very helpful in getting the following records. These records are as correct and complete as any record we have. Our deepest gratitude is extended to all.


Arnbrecht Anna Schultz07 Oct 1926 
Arnbrecht Johannes30 Mar 1925 
Baker Fred Walter18 Aug 1980 
Baker John N.29 Jan 1924 
Baker Leon Allen18 Sep 1921 
Baker Marie Ehrlich12 Dec 1934 
Ballew Daniel07 Dec 2008 
Becker Bertha11 Apr 1911d/o Peter & Katie
Becker Fred  
Becker Infant  
Becker Jacob12 Nov 1929 
Becker Jacob Samuel19 Apr 1949 
Becker Kathern Hersch01 May 1946 
Becker Peter29 Nov 1924 
Bender Adam07 Mar 1946 
Bender Adam27 Mar 1923 
Bender Adam Glen00 000 1973 
Bender Alexander13 Apr 1935 
Bender Esther21 Jan 1992 
Bender Eva09 Apr 1943 
Bender Huldrich25 Sep 1904 
Bender Infant  
Bender Mary23 Jan 1932 
Bender Mary K.14 Nov 1959 
Berry Imogene Schiffner03 Jun 1951 
Blehm Lydia  
Busch Herman12 Apr 1923 
Busch Ida15 Dec 1927 
Busch Jacob29 Jan 1953 
Busch John04 Aug 1983 
Busch Kathrine Ruf24 Jan 1953 
Carter Arlin Laverne10 Jan 1935 
Carter Laroma  
Dewalt Christ  
Dewalt Christina  
Dobrinski John00 000 1915 
Dobrinski Marianna Reis00 000 1920 
Ehrlich Alexander D.03 Dec 1928 
Ehrlich Amelia Meier09 Jan 1978 
Ehrlich Anna Elizabeth Bender18 May 1975 
Ehrlich Carrie Kerbs23 Nov 1947 
Ehrlich Charley Carl07 Feb 1956 
Ehrlich Charley Carl25 Nov 1959US FlagWW II
Ehrlich Elizabeth Haffner28 Apr 1945 
Ehrlich Eva Ehrlich09 Dec 1930 
Ehrlich Eva Haffner17 Nov 1924 
Ehrlich George08 Aug 1913 
Ehrlich George Alexander17 May 1964 
Ehrlich George Friedrich30 Apr 1946 
Ehrlich George G.14 Aug 1924 
Ehrlich Hannah Weis20 Jun 1974 
Ehrlich John D.02 Jan 1906 
Ehrlich John D.28 Oct 1922 
Ehrlich Katherine Ehrlich10 Jan 1915 
Ehrlich Lenora L.00 Dec 1920 
Ehrlich Willie G.21 Nov 2002 
Ensminger Christian17 Aug 1925 
Ensminger Rosina Ensminger08 Feb 1917 
Epp Anna Winter06 Feb 1907 
Epp Peter J.31 Jul 1946 
Gantz Ethel Wolf18 Dec 1979 
Gantz Frederick William16 Oct 1978 
Haffner Barbara Rupert  
Haffner Fredrich01 May 1915 
Haffner Gottfried F.01 Oct 1920 
Haffner Harry H.19 Oct 1903 
Haffner Hulda Spomer04 Oct 1999 
Haffner John13 Oct 1944 
Haffner John William22 May 1990 
Haffner Katherine Ehrlich23 Jun 1948 
Haffner Katie Steinle03 Jul 1957 
Haffner Ophelia21 Dec 1975 
Haffner William J.17 Oct 1972 
Hardin William Sherman03 Oct 1952 
Helzer Henry Peter02 Nov 1918 
Herber Alex13 Jul 1913 
Herber David G.04 Sep 2002 
Herber Emma Kraft13 Jul 1944 
Herber Jewell Seale19 Jul 1977 
Hill Carl Robert30 Nov 1985 
Houser Mrs.  
Kelln Adam08 Mar 1947 
Kelln Amelia Ehrlich30 Apr 1908 
Kelln George F.22 Jan 1967 
Kelln Heinrich A.17 Jan 1916 
Kelln Infant00 000 1918 
Kelln Katherina Schoeladder21 Jan 1922 
Kelln Marie  
Kelln Mary Bender25 May 1980 
Kelln Mary Krenze00 000 1918 
Kelln Mary Lou  
Kelln Mary Wunsch05 May 1939 
Kelln Viola00 Apr 1928 
Kerbs Adam27 Sep 1941 
Kerbs Alexander00 000 1910 
Kerbs Alma Sophia Gantz01 Jul 1970 
Kerbs Mary Beitz13 Nov 1940 
Kerbs William29 Nov 1990 
Kraft Arlan00 000 1985 
Kraft Beth  
Kraft Cornelia Fay31 Dec 1926 
Krenz David08 Mar 1920 
Kretz Mary Meier15 Aug 1924 
Krieger Conrad30 Dec 1943 
Krieger Eva Krieger28 Dec 1943 
Krieger Miles Mortraville13 Jun 1924 
Laubhan George26 Jul 1922 
Laubhan George E.08 Feb 1911 
Laubhan Mollie Ehrlich12 Aug 1964 
Lemon Nathalia30 Apr 1921 
Link Anna00 000 1946 
Link Anna  
Link Elizabeth Andrest26 Oct 1926 
Link Fred04 Sep 1938 
Link John G.02 Nov 1940 
Link Lillie  
Longhofer Wilburt  
Lorenz Henry03 Mar 1933 
Lorenz Mary Lorenz00 000 1935 
Meier Adam18 Nov 1927 
Meier Alex  
Meier Alex G.10 Oct 1962US FlagWW I
Meier Alexander25 Sep 1954 
Meier Anna11 Jun 1932 
Meier Eva Meier08 Aug 1922 
Meier Fred G.01 Nov 1963 
Meier George F.31 May 1941 
Meier Henry  
Meier Katherine00 Sep 1909 
Meier Leon George22 Feb 1981 
Meier Lucille27 Nov 1996 
Meier Marie09 Feb 1989 
Meier Mary01 Aug 1945 
Meier Mollie21 Apr 1932 
Meier Susanah Kerbs23 Jan 1919 
Melzer Katie Krenz15 Oct 1925 
Oblander Bertha Roemer02 Sep 1986 
Oblander David14 Sep 1944 
Oblander Huldrich H.12 May 1977 
Oblander Janet25 Aug 1952 
Oblander Janice Marie13 Jan 1951 
Oblander Julie Schultz12 Aug 1960 
Oblander Lillie Baker20 Jun 1919 
Oblander Mary Anne27 Dec 1928 
Orman Annabelle Rauh31 Jul 1996 
Rauh Carl26 Mar 1982 
Rauh Infant  
Rauh Rachel Link28 Jan 1982 
Riffel Anna Meier10 May 1969 
Riffel George Henry06 Nov 1941 
Riffel Infant28 Oct 1917 
Riffel Pauline Appel09 Dec 1995 
Riffel Theodore Earnest25 Feb 1939 
Riffel Victor26 Jun 1981 
Ruf Anna E.00 000 1928 
Ruf Anna Kelln16 May 1960 
Ruf Caroline J.30 Mar 1932 
Ruf Donald Gilbert07 Jul 1934 
Ruf Fred23 Aug 1942 
Ruf Fred John30 Jan 1936 
Ruf Jacob06 Jul 1923 
Ruf Karl03 Sep 1999 
Ruf Karl28 Dec 1999 
Ruf Katharina04 Feb 1908 
Ruf Laura Bender13 Sep 1958 
Ruf Roy Alexander20 Sep 1915 
Scarbrough Letha L. Meier20 Jan 1999 
Scheibert Mrs.  
Schiffner Carl J.00 000 1918US FlagWW I KIA
Schiffner Diana Ehrlich24 Feb 1980 
Schiffner William C.03 Apr 1980 
Schmidt Ezra00 000 1930 
Schmidt Jacob03 Feb 1910 
Schriener Fred  
Schriener Gotfried  
Schultz Alice Kelln20 Dec 2001 
Schultz Carl13 Sep 1983 
Schultz Dave  
Schultz Effie Kerbs08 Mar 1953 
Schultz Elizabeth10 Apr 1917 
Schultz George  
Schultz George Frederick III04 Feb 1937 
Schultz Henry M.09 Aug 1941 
Schultz Jonas10 May 1998 
Schultz Katherine  
Schultz Mary Beisel24 Aug 1943 
Schultz Mary Meier09 Feb 1918 
Schultz Mollie Laubhan26 Feb 1974 
Schultz Pearl  
Schultz Stanley Gene18 Jan 1945 
Schultz Wilbur  
Schwab John Fred05 Jul 1936 
Siebenlist Amelia Laubhan25 May 1956 
Siebenlist David D. Jr.07 Dec 1941 
Siebenlist David Henry10 Mar 1955 
Siebenlist Heinrich Henry09 Dec 1916 
Spomer Alice  
Spomer Conrad23 Mar 1948 
Spomer Eva Elizabeth Bender20 Mar 1960 
Spomer Huldrich H.03 May 1979 
Spomer Laruma H. Stabel20 May 1998 
Spomer William16 Dec 1963 
Stabel Christian18 Jun 1950 
Stabel Sarah Lorenz01 Jan 1931 
Steinert Amalia Schultz07 May 1910 
Steinert David George10 Sep 1963 
Steinert Eva Margaret Steinert06 Oct 1928 
Steinert George S.10 Apr 1966 
Steinert Hannah Ehrlich23 Jun 1947 
Steinert Johann George10 Jul 1929 
Steinert Mary Wagner12 Apr 1960 
Steinert Vira Jean12 Oct 1933 
Steinert Vivian Evelyn29 May 1999 
Steinle Jacob05 Oct 1928 
Unknown Female  
Unknown Infant  
Utt Max Ernest01 Aug 2002 
Voss Hannah00 000 1918 
Weis Daniel24 Apr 1915 
Weis Infant Twin  
Weis Infant Twin  
Weis Maria14 Oct 1909 
Wheeler Carolyn15 Feb 1968 
Wilshire Infant Son  
Winters Amelia00 000 1915 
Winters David08 Jan 1940 
Winters Fred  
Winters Fredrich00 Jan 1912 
Winters Katherine30 Apr 1928 
Youck Hannah Bender31 Jul 1975 
Youck Henry15 Apr 1999 
Youck Pauline Caroline08 Mar 1941 

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